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                                  Why You Should Create Your Own Resalable Ebook?
                                                             By GOVIND SINGH

   If you have been selling resalable ebooks on eBay for some time, then it is likely that you adopt a
method similar to many ebook sellers. You source cheap or free ebooks with resell rights and then
resell these in your eBay store. Now there is nothing wrong with this method. It means that obtaining
the ebooks is cheap or even free, you don't have to spend time creating a product and a lot of the time
you even get a ready made sales page and download page or visit

If you have been selling resalable ebooks on eBay for some time, then it is likely that you adopt a
method similar to many ebook sellers. You source cheap or free ebooks with resell rights and then
resell these in your eBay store. Now there is nothing wrong with this method. It means that obtaining
the ebooks is cheap or even free, you don't have to spend time creating a product and a lot of the time
you even get a ready made sales page and download page or visit For next to no money, you have a digital product that can be sold
again and again, for very little effort. I used to rely solely on this method when reselling ebooks on
eBay and achieved reasonable success with it. I even wrote a newsletter article last year on sourcing
free ebooks that can be resold on eBay. To this day I still resell other people's ebooks in my eBay
store. However, the difference is that I now also create and sell my own resalable ebooks.

Now you may be thinking; 'Why would you want to go to all the time and effort of creating your own
resalable ebooks, which are likely to depreciate in value very quickly? Surely it is much more time and
cost effective to resell ebooks that are already available with resell rights?' If these are your thoughts
then you are thinking about resalable ebooks in the wrong way. Let me put it into perspective and
hopefully change your thinking on the issue with the example below.

Let’s say for this example you are selling your own ebook and someone else's ebook, both for £1.99 in
your eBay store. Now when you sell someone else's ebook you make £1.99 which is all well and good.
However, when you sell your own resalable ebook you make £1.99 from the sale AND after the sale
you have the potential for much more. What potential you may be asking? Well let me explain below
just what your own resalable ebook can do for you.

1) Promote:- Your own ebook can be a very valuable promotional tool for your eBay store, your
website or whatever else you want to promote. If you want to promote your eBay store simply write a

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

little note such as "brought to you by" Or you could even write a small
paragraph about your eBay store, what it sells etc, and then provide a link to it if people want to find out
more. If you have your own website, write an ebook that contains similar content and of course provide
a link to your website somewhere within the ebook.

As you continue to sell your ebook with resell rights, some of your customers will also start to sell it and
eventually their customers will sell it too. As time goes by your ebook will continue to be distributed,
creating an increasing amount of traffic - your very own viral traffic tool. The more your ebook is
distributed, the greater the potential for traffic to your eBay store/website.

2) Sell your Premium Product:- If you have a premium ebook then resalable ebooks can be used to sell
it. For example, if you have a cooking recipes ebook that you have wrote containing 1000 recipes this
could be your premium ebook. You could then use 10 or 20 of these recipes to create a resalable
ebook. At the end of this resalable ebook you could leave a note such as "Want to get 1000 recipes
just like this? Then Click Here." The Click Here will link to your premium ebook. If people like the
recipes in your premium ebook then they are likely to go on and purchase the full 1000 recipe premium

As before the same principles apply, and as time goes by your resalable ebook gets seen by an
increasing number of readers and should generate an increasing amount of sales. Obviously, the
above recipe ebook is just an example. The principles above can be applied to almost any
product/genre, allowing you to use your resalable ebook to promote and sell a premium product.

3) Sell an Affiliate Product:- If you don't have your own premium product then the same principles from
above can be used to sell a product as an affiliate. An affiliate (if you do not know) is someone who
sells a product in exchange for a commission on the sale. The one thing I would recommend if you are
selling products as an affiliate is to make sure that you have sampled the product before you promote
it. Not only will it allow you to promote the product better (as you will actually know what you are talking
about) but you will also be able to avoid products that are of a low quality.

If you are looking for a premium ebook to promote as an affiliate then ClickBank is a good place to
start. It has ebooks on almost every topic you can imagine and the commissions are as generous as
75% in some cases. All you have to do is sign up and then generate affiliate links (through ClickBank)
to promote each product. If buyers click and buy through your link, you will get a commission on the

If you are looking for physical products to promote I would recommend Commission Junction. Again
they have a very wide range of products and commissions vary from product to product. Like with
ClickBank you can generate affiliate links via the Commission Junction website, and if a customer
purchases through your affiliate link you get a commission on the sale.

4) Generate Leads:- If you don't have your own mailing list yet and are serious about doing business
online then I have one simple suggestion. GET A MAILING LIST. It is quite possibly the most valuable
asset you can possess in Internet Business. To explain the very basics of list building, you first need to
sign up for an autoresponder programme (I use and recommend Weber), build your list (using a variety
of methods) and also maintain it (by providing value to your subscribers). Please bear in mind that this
is a very, very basic analysis of list building and I would recommend you did some research on the
topic before getting your own list. I will be covering list building in one of my future 'Ebay Ebook
Success' articles but if you cannot wait till then I would recommend Jim Cockcrow’s How to turn

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Auction Traffic into Cash. This is the ebook that I used to research and build my mailing list with the
help of eBay traffic. Anyway, I'm going off topic here.

Once you have a mailing list, a resalable ebook can be a valuable source of leads. All you have to do
is place a link inside the ebook for customers to sign up for your mailing list. Like before as distribution
of your ebook increases, the number of leads it generates should also increase.

I hope this article has shown you the potential creating your own resalable ebook provides. Whereas
someone else's resalable ebook can bring sales revenue, your own resalable ebook can bring these
plus additional sales of your premium products, extra traffic, affiliate commissions and valuable leads. I
am not suggesting that you cease to sell other people's resalable ebooks. In fact other people's
resalable ebooks probably still comprise the majority of my eBay store inventory. However, even one
or two of your own resalable ebooks can make a huge difference.

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                                     How To Get The Most From Your Free eBook
                                                         By Adrian Kennelly

How To Get The Most From Your Free eBook by Adrian Kennelly

How To Get The Most From Your Free eBook
Marketing Campaign

First, your ebook needs to have an attractive title. The title should grab the attention of your intended
target audience. The more appealing the title, the more your ebook will be downloaded.

Your ebook needs to have quality content. You can write your own content or ask permission to use
another author's content. Your ebook will be
read more if the content is original.

You will want to put your ad on the title page or on the table of contents. This will give the most
exposure for your web site or the products you're

It's important to put your ebook in as many formats as possible. Most ebook software only allows the
ebook to be read by certain browers and software.
People may not take the time to download a new software program in order to read your ebook. Other
versions of your ebook could be in HTML,
auto responder and downloadable text format.

You can contact other business owners and ask them if they would like to include their ad in your
ebook. Just ask them in return to advertise your
free ebook on their web site or in their e-zine for a set period of time. This method will get your free
ebook marketing campaign off to a fast start.

Allow the people who download your ebook to give it away to their visitors. This will multiply your free
ebook's exposure. Submit your ebook
to the growing number of free ebook directories on the internet.

These web sites also offer more information about ebook marketing. Some of them also have ebook
discussion forums where you can ask questions
and learn more about ebook marketing.

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