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                      How 2 Format Your E-book in Word & Convert to a PDF File – Part 1
                                                    By David O Connell

   Writing an e-book is not as difficult as it may sound - in fact, anyone can do it! Most people write
e-books for marketing purposes, for example, to spread the news about their website or product
promotion. Of course, e-books are also a great idea for any author who cannot get published the
traditional way.

So how do you format an e-book yourself if you are not working with an online publisher that usually
handles all the formatting issues for you? Luckily, it's very easy to prepare a manuscript for e-book
distribution. Most people use Microsoft Word and then convert the file to PDF format.

The Majority of e-books are sold in Adobe Acrobat's PDF file format, however, the designing of your
e-book will first be done in Word (some people may have to use Pagemaker or Quark for more
complicated designs containing illustrations).

The good news is that you don't have to own a version of Adobe Acrobat to convert a Word file into a
PDF format. At the same time, owning the Adobe Acrobat program will allow you to add neat features
to your e-book, such as hotlinked URLs, forms, and pages imported from other programs. This gives
an e-book a higher quality appearance. Adobe costs about $200.

The Design

A good e-book has to be well designed and well organized - you don't want it to come off looking
cheap and unprofessional. Fortunately, it's very easy to use the features available in Word for proper

Page size. e-book pages are usually between 5x7 and 6x9 (5.5x8.5 is the typical format). Set the
custom page size in the Page Setup menu of Word.

Margins. Use the Format: Document command and set margins to at least three quarters of an inch on
all sides. If you want to include a header or footer in your e-book, set the top and bottom margins a bit
larger. Turn off the Mirror Margins option as well.

Headers and footers. Your e-book should have a running header at the top of the page for most people
this is the book's title and the page number. Input this information flush left, flush right, or center. There

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are a few different combinations, so choose something you like. It's recommended to use a smaller
font for the header/footer and italic or bold to make it stand out a bit. Make use of the Border command
to create a line between the header and text this comes out looking quite nice.

Font. Stick to standard fonts such as Times, Times New Roman, Century New Century Schoolbook, or
Palatino. Arial or Helvetica are a good choice for chapter headings and subheads. As far as size goes,
use 11 points for the main text, and 12-14 for subheads. Test the fonts you're considering before
making a final choice to find a winning combination some fonts look better on the screen than when
they are printed.

Formatting is rather easy, so don't let it intimidate you. Play around with Word and your e-book will turn
out great.

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                                       Why There’s A Need To Convert PDF To Doc
                                                        By Sam Miller

The PDF file, or the Portable Document Format file, has been popularized by Adobe Systems for faster
document exchange. In particular, this file format is used when it comes to large files, especially when
the file contains a lot of graphics or images. However, as convenient as this format strives to be, it still
presents quite a downside, especially when you are opening this file format. This is because using the
Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is the software that specializes in accessing PDF files, can take a toll on
your system's operations. Specifically, opening the Adobe Acrobat Reader can cause your computer to
experience freezes or hang-ups. Thus, there comes a time to know just how to convert PDF to Doc

 System hang-ups are not the only reasons as to why it is important to know how to convert these PDF
files into Doc files. There are still so many other reasons. For instance, it is actually very difficult to cut
or copy a portion of any PDF file and then paste it to another file format. Moreover, this problem
presents another problem, which is the difficulty that comes with editing PDF files. Just how can you
edit a portion of a file format that you cannot even piece together through simply copying and pasting?

 Just think of the PDF file as a typical picture. You cannot really just choose whichever part of the
picture and edit it according to your preference, right? The same scenario happens when you deal with
PDF files. Thus, it would make more sense to convert PDF files to Doc files, so that you can do
whatever sort of editing you want to do.

Fortunately, there are so many software applications that can efficiently convert these PDF files into
Doc files. The problem here would then lie in choosing which of the many applications you should get.
But before you go on and choose amongst these many applications, it is a must to know a little bit
more about the file format that you are about to convert.

 There are actually eight object types that can comprise a PDF file. Numbers, arrays, strings, streams
of large data, names, items grouped according to names, Boolean values, and the null object are the
object types that a PDF file can contain. What the converter software does is it actually analyzes the
language that any of these eight different types represent. This is the first step towards successful file

 Of course, there are also other ways of converting a PDF file into an ordinary text file without having to
use the converter application. One way of doing this is to copy the contents of the PDF file in question
and paste them into ordinary text file format. However, since the PDF file pretty much operates like
your regular photograph, you cannot really lift just a portion. You will have to copy all of the contents.
This is the major downside here because the process can be very tedious when you are dealing with a
lot of PDF files. Thus, the usage of converter software still rules over this simple method.

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