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					Berlin Blockade

Doug Jones
The Cold War
Berlin Blockade
 As we have learned,
  Germany was divided
  following the end of the
 Additionally, Berlin, the
  capital was divided (East
  and West Berlin)
 The Soviets, French,
  British, and Americans
  were all in charge of the
  different “zones”
Berlin Blockade

 Berlin was deep inside the Soviet zone
 In June 1948, Stalin decided to blockade West
  Berlin. Why?
 Stalin is upset because the British, Americans,
  and French are ready to combine their zones
  and form West Germany
 Why would this upset Stalin?
 He doesn’t want to see a strong Germany again
  (WW1 and WW2). Additionally, the Soviets
  want to control Germany and get them a part of
  their communist bloc
Berlin Blockade

 How had West Berlin
  been supplied?
 Trains, trucks and
 Stalin shuts those
  down: can’t use
 Crisis begins
Group Brainstorming

 In groups of four, brainstorm ALL
  possible solutions to this crisis. In
  addition, each group needs to come up
  with at least two advantages and
  disadvantages to each solution
Document Analysis

 Each group member will now analyze a primary
  document over the four possible solutions. You
  will need to read the document then fill out your
  “Written Document Analysis Worksheet”
 When all group members are finished, you will
  need to teach your group members about your
  document. Focus on type of document,
  intended audience, what option is covered, and
  specifically what the document said about that
The Four Options

 Negotiate: Send representatives to Soviet
  Union and try to settle dispute peacefully:
  “Make a deal”
 Break thru Blockade: Using armed convoys,
  continue to use roads to get supplies to W.
 Pull out of Berlin: Would the Soviets gain
  control of the entire city?
 Airlift: Send in supplies via airplane. Can we
  supply a city of over 2 million people w. enough
Homework Assignment

 Write a one page paper defending the option
    you feel is in the best interest of the United
   Explain why the option you are choosing is the
    best one
   Need to have three different arguments which
    make sense and are realistic
   Predict what the Soviet response will be to your
   Due tomorrow

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