MLM Herbalife - My True Story by Louis634Boley


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									MLM Herbalife - My True Story
I am sure at some stage you must have a come across the Herbalife mlm opportunity. The reason for
this is that there are over a million Herbalife distributors and the company exists in nearly every
country. With so many distributors world wide most people that I have come across have been invited
at some stage or another to attend a Herbalife mlm opportunity meeting.
I was one day browsing the internet and I came across this professional web site that was promoting
a work from home business opportunity. I immediately ordered the cd as it said that this contained the
information about the business. I completed the cd and completed a survey. Next I ordered the starter
kit and attended a success training seminar. I was taken in by the speakers and the testimonials.
Every body claimed that they were earning a lot of money and that they were experiencing fantastic
health results.
I immediately went to the supervisor position - the highest position that you can start in the company.
I ordered a recruiting, a retail web site and the training web site. I started retailing the products and
recruiting people. I learnt so much about marketing and mlm by doing this.
Was I successful? Not really, the main reason being that I do not really like to call people and don't
like rejection. Now I think this is why most people fail in mlm programs.
I really learnt a lot about mlm marketing from this experience and it has helped me tremendously. I
would definitely recommend it to someone else to learn about marketing. Sometimes there are things
that you cannot learn from reading ebook. I still use some of the products as I found them to be of
very good quality. However I would stick to an internet business where I do not have to call any leads.

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