YOUR FUNDRAISER
                                                 PROJECT WORKSHEET
1. How much money do you need to raise? __________________________
      Your goal should be based on your group’s needs – not just one that sounds good.
      If you need to raise over $3,000, you may want to use a presale fundraiser.
      If your group needs to raise a few hundred dollars, a direct doughnut sale would work well.
2. How soon do you need the money? _______________________________
      If you need to raise funds within 1-2 weeks or less, you should choose a direct sale.
      If you have 3-4 weeks or more to run your fundraiser, a presale will be the best option for you.
3. How many people are in your selling group? _______________________
4. What products do you want to sell?
     Fresh Original Glazed Doughnuts _____ Fresh Chocolate Iced Doughnuts ______
          Fundraising Certificates ________                   Partnership Cards ___________
          Fresh Coffee by the Package ________                Coffee Certificates __________
5.    Krispy Kreme is unique – we allow you to set your own selling price to match the price of your products to the
      income level of your community. Our presale forms come pre-printed with our “suggested retail selling prices”, however you
      may customize your own on our website and print as many as you need. We also provide custom templates for you.
      I will use Krispy Kreme suggested pricing: _________
      I want to set my own prices. I’ll print the forms from the website: ____ I need a custom template:____
6. Do you want to participate in our Individual Incentive Program?
      We will provide you with our “Fundraiser XL Spreadsheet” to calculate your totals.
      Email or fax the completed spreadsheet to us the same day you place your order-we’ll add the bonus
        dozen to your order at no charge.
7. Ready to get started? Great!
      Send us your fundraiser application via email or fax or call us at 813-299-7488 for help.
      You will be contacted by a fundraising representative to answer all your questions, provide advice & help
         to ensure that you achieve your fundraising goals.
      Your materials will be sent to you, you can pick them up at one of our retail stores, or you will be given
         instructions for printing them.
8. Ready to place your order? It’s fast and simple:
      Logon to our website and select “Fundraising”, “Place Order Online”.
      Delivery orders have an 8 day lead time requirement. Pick up orders have a 48 hour cut off time.
      Min. order quantity: 25 items for each order placed. Can’t meet the minimum? See a store manager.

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