Certified Development Financial Intuitions by 0zZ7p2


									Board Meeting                                                                            Agenda Item 14
August 20-21, 2002                                                                         Attachment 4

                             Certified Development Financial Institutions
Downey, Ca.
     1. Oregon Trail Corporation
Fresno, Ca.
     2. Valley Small Business Development Corporation (also is a state FDC)
Glendale, Ca.
     3. California Community Reinvestment Corp.
Lake Forest, Ca.
     4. The CDFI Clearinghouse
Los Angeles, Ca.
     5. Asian Pacific Revolving Loan Fund of Los Angeles
     6. Community Commerce Bank
     7. Comunidades Federal Credit Union
     8. Episcopal Community Federal Credit Union
     9. Fame Assistance Corporation/Fame Renaissance
     10. Los Angeles Community Reinvestment Community d.b.a. CFRC
     11. Vernon Slauson Local Development Corporation, Inc.
Oakland, Ca.
     12. Community Bank of the Bay
Pasadena, Ca.
     13. Pasadena Development Corporation
Sacramento, Ca.
     14. Sacramento Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.
Salinas, Ca.
     15. California Coastal Rural Development Corporation (also is a state FDC)
San Diego, Ca.
     16. ACCION San Diego
     17. Bankers’ Small Business Certified Development Corporation of San Diego
     18. Neighborhood Bancorp
     19. Neighborhood National Bank
San Francisco, Ca.
     20. Mission Area Federal Credit Union
     21. Northeast Community Federal Credit Union
     22. Northern California Community Loan Fund
San Jose, Ca.
     23. Lenders for Community Development
San Luis Obispo, Ca.
     24. Mission Community Bancorp
     25. Mission Community Bank. N. A.
Santa Ana, Ca.
     26. Bankers’ Small Business Certified Development Corporation of Orange County
Santa Barbara, Ca.
     27. Women’s Economic Ventures of Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz, Ca.
     28. Santa Cruz Community Credit Union
West Sacramento, Ca.
     29. Rural Community Assistance Corporation (specializes in lending to Indian tribes and local government

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