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									         Cooperative Learning Principles and Practices:
            Why Should We Learn About Them?

• What trend(s) in the workplace point to the need for IDers/Pters to
  know about cooperative learning?
• What trends in classroom and training setting point to the need for
  IDers/PTers to know about cooperative learning?
        - emphasis on learner-centered instruction*
       - emphasis on social interaction/ social negotiation*
       - emphasis on learning from peers*
       * these notions are linked to several other trends, including
       constructivism and distance learning
         Cooperative Learning
            Group Tasks:
• Use questions 1 - 7 on the first handout to guide
  your discussion of cooperative learning principles.

• Record (on the handout) your group’s answers to
  questions 1 - 7
  - as noted on the handout, each section of the
  handout should be filled-in by a different group
         Principles of Cooperative Learning
                    (Johnson & Johnson)

• Positive interdependence: The success of the group is dependent on
  performance of each group member.
• Face-to-face promotive interaction: Group members encourage and
  facilitate each other's efforts to achieve group's goals.
• Individual accountability: The performance of each group member
• is assessed, and each member is held responsible for contributing to
  group success.
• Social skills: Group members must use appropriate interpersonal and
  social skills (e.g., getting along with others, building trust, etc.).
• Group processing: Group reflects upon processes they employ and
  works toward improving them.
     Cooperative Learning Principles and Practices
                  Johnson &       Our              1998 Study: 21 Teachers
                   Johnson        Class   Slavin   who use coop. learning
Interdependence   X           4 (of 4)     X             95%

Interaction       X           3                          86%

Accountability    X           3            X             24%
Skills            X           4                          86%

Processing        X           3                          33%
  Using Performance Technology and Cooperative
   Learning to Help Solve a Performance Problem

Group tasks:
   • Select 3 - 5 performance technology interventions
     that could be used to help solve this problem

   • Select 2 -3 cooperative learning principles
     and discuss how they could be used to
     help solve this problem
         - these may be used in conjunction with, or
            independent of, the PT interventions

    • On poster paper:
         - list the PT interventions and cooperative
           learning principles your group would employ
Solutions actually employed by MK Corp
 teambuilding (team of engineers prepares
       and delivers the presentation)
            - involves positive interdependence
              and individual accountability
    • coaching (by expert in preparation and
       delivery of presentations)
    • modeling (via videotapes of winning presentations
      and accompanying documents)
    • job aids to assist proposal preparation process
    • feedback (with specific criteria) on practice and
        real presentations
            - via coach
            - via other team members (involves
               promotive interaction )
              - via self-review of videotaped practice presentations
  Results of MK Corporation's
Participants felt that new approach was:
  - more systematic
  - more focused on results

• Clients indicate that presentations were
  "some of the best they had ever seen"

• Percentage of contracts received after presentations
  went up by 250% (e.g., from 10% to 35%)

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