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									                           New Hampshire Soccer Association
                                             Meeting Minutes
                                             October 3, 2007

Attendance: Bill Thornton, Ric Marion, candia campbell, Mark Ruest, Doug Thomas, Sonja Snellgrove,
Kathee Doran-Goulet; Liz Thomas, Mark Sadler, John Ferreira

Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm

Secretary Report: September minutes presented. Bill corrected the spelling and name of the World Cup
American Female referees from September minutes .Spelling correction is Kari Seitz and the name
substitution is Jen Bennett not Rachel Woo. No quorum.

Treasurers Report: Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, NHSA Referee Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss
submitted by bookkeeper.

Executive V.P.: Written Report Submitted

V.P. of Recreation: Written Report Submitted
Doug stated he needs a detailed accounting of all itemized expenses for the U10 Festival as well as a list of
the Referees so it can be authorized for payment.
 Doug mentioned that a letter was drafted to Pullen Insurance to request the customary annual donation but
the letter was never sent. He requested that the letter be sent as a verbal commitment was made and
possibly their name could be used as a sub sponsor for the Kohl’s American Cup. It was suggested to have
the request be for the U10 Festival/American Cup.
Doug stated that he forwarded an email from Andrea Duffy regarding a proposal to try and institute a
Recreation Certification Program in each State. Ideas would be discussed at the upcoming Region I
meeting. Doug requested any suggestions be submitted to him.

V.P. of Competitive: Written report submitted.
Sonja asked Bill to verify the number of teams for the 8 V 8 teams entered for the Fall Finals.
candia arrived later in the meeting to state that she would verify with Seacoast as to the number.

V.P. of Adult: Written report submitted

V.P. Indoor: No report

President: Bill stated that Seacoast United will be playing as a Super Club. For them to participate in that
league they will have 3 rosters:
     1. Team Roster: consists of the core 18 players. These players cannot play or be on any other team
          rosters. These players are ineligible for State Cup.
     2. Development Roster: consists of players that can float back and forth.
     3. Game Roster: allows guest players. Game roster players who are not part of the team roster can
          play in other leagues or teams.
 The theory of the league is to have players committed to the league. Currently there are 2 age groups: 15’s
and 17’s. Boys only although most likely girls will be added next year.
Bill stated that the Region I meeting is in Crystal City, Virginia on Oct 12 and 13.
Massachusetts had its grand opening of their Soccer Complex. There are a total of 16 fields, 5 of them are
turf with the possible development of some of the remaining land.
Bill stated that he spoke with some people regarding the development of land in Merrimack and a possible
partnership with NHSA. Bill is looking for someone to act as liaison for NHSA and has requested that they
not be a member of NHSA. Board members may be involved but not in charge. Candia stated she knew
several people that would like to be involved and would give Bill the names and contact information.
State Coach of Education: Written report submitted.
Mark stated that the State car is in need of brake repair for an estimated charge of $ 300.00.
State Coach of ODP: Written report submitted.
Bill stated that Tom Niedzwiecki, ODP Administrator, will be stepping down this year and a replacement is

State Referee Administrator: Committee Report submitted
Mark nominated John Breeder for the open SDA position. Bill concurred with no objections from the
board. John Breeder is appointed the SDA.
Mark stated that due to a mix up, NH Referees will not be receiving registration forms by mail. Instead they
will be instructed to go to the website to register and encouraged to pay online.
Bill presented a pie chart he received detailing the Referees in the State
Female Referees: 24%
Male Referees: 76%
Under the age of 17: 61%
Age 18-30: 14%
Over 30 under 55: 18%
55 and over: 5%
Bill stated that he would like to see the break down of the Competitive Refs vs. Recreation Refs in these

SYRA: included in Committee Report

SDI: included in Committee Report

SDA: No written report

State Registrar: Written Report submitted.
Ric stated that Recreation numbers have declined. Possible reasons were that other sports are becoming
more popular.

State Administrator: Written report submitted

Risk Management Report: Written Report submitted.
Ric stated his displeasure with working with E7. Liz and Ric will coordinate and discuss on how to move
Bill stated that Referees will be charged $ 5.00 each year for Kid Safe.

Old Business: Bill stated that Bedford Soccer League has voted to go with Blue Sombrero.
Sonja inquired how having Blue Sombrero would effect the leagues. Bill explained that because NHSA
will be making online registration mandatory this will increase accountability which should offset any new

New Business: Bill stated that an announcement was sent out regarding the New Hampshire Soccer
Alliance. This is an agreement between Bedford and the Phantoms. The idea is to bring as many players in
one place and eventually represent the State better and have more success at Regionals.

Good of the Game: US Referee’s did well in the World Cup.

Next meeting is on Wednesday, November 7 at 6:30 at the State Office.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 with no quorum.

Respectfully Submitted
Kathee Doran-Goulet

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