Stefano Lorenzetti is a native of Florence and earned his Ph by Yoml3sEY


									       Stefano Lorenzetti is a native of Florence and earned his Ph. D. in History and Civilization
at the European University Institute. He is professor of the History of music at Conservatory of
music of Vicenza and at Kent State University. Lorenzetti is on the advisory board of Recercare, a
journal for the study and practice of early music. His scholarship includes numerous journal
articles, and conference presentations on renaissance and baroque music. He edited "Histories of
Music in Renaissance and Early Modern Italy," Italian History and Culture, V (1999) and among
his recent publications is the monograph. Musica e identità nobiliare nell’Italia del Rinascimento.
Educazione, mentalità, immaginario.
       Lorenzetti has concentrated his research activity on the history of education, on the history of
ideas, and on the history of the italian oratorio. Actually, he has initiated to work on the relationship
between music and the art of memory in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.
As a musician he studied harpsichord at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena. He is founder of the
ensemble on original instruments, Musica Figurata. With this ensemble, he has recorded a dozen
compact discs of Italian masters (Giovanni Dalla Casa, Giovanni Gabrieli, Giovanni Paolo Cima,
Giovanni Bassano, Cristoforo Malvezzi, etc.), which have found favour with the international

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