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Improve Internal Staff Communications by 8XM4Z4x5


									Section 1: Three Year Plan Summary - Year 1 - Year 3:

Some items are ongoing initiatives and intentionally appear yearly on the plan to ensure that the organization stays continually focused on
the objective.

Improve Internal Staff Communications
       A. Review Internal Communication among team leaders, within teams, among teams. Review communication methods, technology.
       B. Evaluate existing personnel skillsets, training and compare to today’s technology support needs. Evaluate gaps, establish plan.
            Effectively communicate our vision, the bigger picture.

                      o   These items are ongoing initiatives and appear yearly on the plan to ensure that the organization is continually
                          focused on them
                              o Promote communications within and among EduTech teams; Review communication vehicles and use
                                   email, web, meetings to improve communications among and within all teams
                              o Review staffing in all areas to ensure correct staffing levels and correct skillsets; ensure proper training in
                                   new technologies, VMWare, .NET, Windows 7, SUSE Linux, technical training required to support new
                                   applications; stay current with new instructional technologies
                              o Attention to staff retiring over the next 5 years, proactively plan for next generation of staff NOW.

Improve External Communications
       A. Use Existing Technologies to Improve External Communications and Standardization of Shared Documentation and Technology
       B. Develop an action plan to promote/market/improve EduTech service offerings, value added services – communicate
           maximization RIC services versus duplication of district services.
       C. Educate our customers on EduTech technology guidelines; ensure that they are in-sync with today’s needs.

                 o    These items are ongoing initiatives and appear yearly on the plan to ensure that the organization is continually focused
                      on them
                               o Review communication vehicles, determine their success and recommend additions, deletions;
                                         Ensure that ‘face to face’ communications is always a part of the process, along with
                                         Web page information, standing meetings, committees, informational broadcast emails, districts
                                            portfolio of services
                               o Review process by audience, - Superintendents, Business Managers, Technology Coordinators, Data
                                   Administrators and
                                         Review by subject, Service areas, R & D
                               o Are we articulating our value clearly enough, especially in tight financial times
                               o Create surveys on targeted Help Desk ticket closures,
                               o Review the need for staff customer service training
                               o Use these communications vehicles to educate districts on technology guidelines, state, regional,
                                   established guidelines for delivery of services

Establish and/or Improve Service Delivery Standards
        A. Improve service delivery standards by fostering individual accountability for quality and timeliness of service.
                     o Managers assist staff in developing clear goals
                     o Create service delivery standards where there are none
        B. Review problem resolution process, Improve response time, Review Help Desk.
                     o Study Help Desk benchmarks, break down detail by call type, identify gaps in desired state
                     o Communicate to staff
                     o Meet monthly with EduTech managers to review changes to operation
                     o Model best practices by visiting other help desk operations.
        C. Continue to review the configuration, procurement and installation process
                 o Review, evaluate customer expectations
                 o Continue to review process, improve where possible
                 o Begin analysis of EDI interface with major vendors
        D. Continue to be responsive to new service needs initiated through EduTech or the region; initiate these services in conjunction with
        NYSED CoSer guidelines

        E. Review potential Audit risk areas for controls and policy needs

        F. Provide Cost Effective Services
                 o Review opportunities for shared services both within EduTech and among other RICs

        G. Continually review EduTech’s Pricing Structure
                o Update Final Request for Services
         H. Maximize Vendor relationships.
                o Meet with major vendors routinely
                o Evaluate need for Smartboard maintenance plan

Promote and Institutionalize Innovation / Use Technology to Change the Current State and Understanding of
    A. Help School Districts Prepare for Changes in Technology - Instructional, Administrative
               o Share relevant information by EduTech staff to districts
               o Expand Joint Technology meeting for focus in instructional technology
                        o Introduce emerging technologies were possible
                        o Conduct district technology where advisable

    B. Maintain an awareness of Technology available in the marketplace
               o Create opportunities for staff to participate in conferences, workshops, seminars, vendor presentations, focus on
                    technology for new service options, service that provide efficiencies
               o Provide for training both of EduTech staff and district staff (Windows 7, .NET, SQL, SUSE Linux)
               o Provide for training on mobile handheld management and support
               o Allow for conferences where the value far exceeds the cost(Gartner)

    C. Maintain and improve knowledge of existing and emerging technologies by overseeing an effective R & D process
               o Continue to improve the R & D process,
               o Improve the organizational documentation process, review the communication process internally and externally
               o Determine how to staff (esp. MTS)
               o Areas for considerable – mobile devices(and management), managed central services, Google, BYOD, private/public
               o Involve instructional technology staff where appropriate (esp. items like mobile learning devices)

    D. Improve LAKENet environment, network topology, environment, redundancies, disaster recovery
               o Bid for enhanced fiber services (determine how we can leverage county-wide projects)
               o Evaluate Cloud future potential, risks
               o Participate in the Statewide Telecommunications Vision for K-12
               o Participate in Directors Technical Committee projects
               o Improve Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Preparedness
                      o Implement testing plan
                      o Develop and document communications and logistics plan
                      o Continue to expand ‘rebuild plan’
                      o Continue to review for gaps and adjust accordingly

                 o    Provide for web based classes for students and staff
                 o    Implement DL grant

    E. Continue the process of expanding Administrative, Management computing by analyzing and implementing the next generation of
       web-based student systems, accessible for staff and parents from all locations
               o Continue to demo and migrate districts on student systems
               o Plan for the rollout of the new version of Finance Manage
               o Continue to add districts to Nutrikids, QueCentre

    F.   Secure grants/partnerships and other Funding sources for software and hardware acquisitions
                 o Take advantage of additional federal programs

Coordinate Plans and Strategies for Raising Standards to Ensure Student Success

    A. Support the state’s Assessments,
                o Continue to preprint, scan, process ELA and Math in timeframe required
                o Support SED in their evaluation of distributed scoring of 3-8 extended response questions
                o Support SED’s move to PARCC testing and online Testing,
                o Support SED’s training, support, rollout of Data Portal initiatives
                o Continue to rollout Regents In-district scanning – partnering districts where desired

    B. Continue to rollout EduTechs Assessment Scoring and Analysis Program
               o Maintain as needed, Support RICs as needed
    C. Support Statewide BOCES and Regional Student Data Warehouse and Reporting efforts;
               o Support the state to continue to expand data elements captured for the Warehouse; communicate to districts
               o Expand data analysis tools, reporting, training and requests
               o Adjust source systems as needed to support data gathering
               o Continue to expand the Shared Data Coordinator Service, make adjustments where necessary
               o Support state’s RTTT initiatives – Network Teams, APPR needs, Teacher Evaluation software
               o Participate in Statewide meetings

    D. Support NYSEDs Test Integrity initiatives.

    E. Support for selected software that supports student achievement.
                o Provide support for a variety of instructional software titles
                o Continue to review instructional technology available for implementation

Provide Instructional Technology Initiatives to support Integration of Technology in the classroom.

    A.   Create and administer BOCESwideTechnology Needs Assessment
    B.   Explore the instructional uses of emerging devices
    C.   To use video conferencing instead of traveling to meetings workshops
    D.   Staff is trained in and able to demonstrate existing and emerging technologies
    E.   Research design deliver web based professional development courses
    F.   Develop and refine models for developing communities of learners that effectively utilize technology
    G.   Support web-based initiatives such as TechPath, Springboard, iObservation
    H.   Implement conference registration system
    I.   Leadership and Management of Statewide resources focused on NYS Standards resources
    J.   Deliver Online learning opportunities for students
    K.   Prepare teachers technically to utilize instructional resources on the web
    L.   To provide districts with digital media at the desktop
    M.   To provide leadership for the regional joint technology group
    N.   To participate in statewide consortium on Virtual High School
    O.   BOCES staff will increase their knowledge of viable VHS models

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