NOVEMBER REP TOURNAMENT

                            Novice to Juvenile Players

                         November 20, 21, and 22, 2009

Aylmer Minor Hockey Association would like to invite you to attend our Season opener Rep
Hockey Tournament to be held at the East Elgin Community Complex.

The tournament is open to all divisions in B and below. This tournament follows all O.M.H.A.

Each team is guaranteed three games. The cost is $600.00. There will NOT be a gate fee and
lunches are provided for players and coaches. Please make cheques payable to Aylmer Minor
Hockey Association. Teams will be accepted on a first come basis with payment. You are not
considered accepted in the tournament until payment has been received by AMHA.

Please return the attached information sheet and roster to:

                              Aylmer Minor Hockey Association
                                       P.O. Box 122
                                     Aylmer, Ontario
                                         N5H 2R9

                                   Phone / Fax # 519-765-3735

       For more information e-mail amha@aylmerflames.com or check out our website at

                             INFORMATION SHEET

Tournament Date: ____________________________________________________

Team Name: ________________________________________________________

Division: ______________________________

OMHA Classification:____________________

Team Contact:__________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________



Phone: ________________________________

Cell Phone:_____________________________

Fax: __________________________________

E-mail address:__________________________

Please send this information sheet to:

                                Aylmer Minor Hockey Association
                                         P.O. Box 122
                                        Aylmer, Ontario
                                            N5H 2R9
                                    Phone / Fax 519-7653735

     For more information e-mail aylmerflames@amtelecom.net or check out our website at

               All Games Played Under O.M.H.A. Rules
   1. All teams must have their player’s official team roster to register. Aylmer tournaments are
      sanctioned for centers “B” division or lower.
2. Teams are not considered entered into the tournament UNTIL payment is received in full by
   Aylmer Minor Hockey.

3. All teams must be at the arena 30 minutes before game times and be ready to go on the ice 15
   minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the game. Inability to be on the ice on time will
   mean automatic forfeit of the game.

4. All Periods are 10-10-10 minute stop time. Finals are 10-10-15. No time outs.

5. Teams will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 games (except Dec tournament = minimum 2 games).

6. All teams to have home and away sweaters.

7. All games except finals and semi-finals will be played on a point per period basis. Each team
   will get two points for every period they win, 1 point for each period tied. A team will get 4
   points for winning the game – if tied, each team gets 2 points. If two or more teams are tied, this
   is how the tie will be broken and in this order.
                 i. The record against each other (if the two teams played each other)
                ii. The team with the best +/- in all games
               iii. The team with the most goals scored
               iv. The team with the fewest goals scored against them
                v. The team with the fewest penalty minutes
               vi. The team that scored the earliest goal in any game of the tournament
              vii. Flip of a coin

8. Depending on the amount of teams in the tournament, the top teams will move on to the semi-
   finals or finals (semi-finals in any division are not guaranteed)

9. Any protest must be handed in within 15 minutes from when the game ended with a $50.00 fee.
   Fee will be returned if you win the protest.

10. All decisions made by the tournament committee are FINAL.

11. Any major penalty will be according to OMHA rules.

12. Abuse of players, other coaching staff, officials, or tournament officials will not be tolerated and
    will result in the person and/or persons of the team being ejected from the tournament without
    refund. This includes abuse by players, coaches, or parents.

13. No roster – no playing – no exceptions.

14. Overtime for finals and semi-finals is sudden death, 5 minutes with 4 on 4 with goalies, 10
    minutes of 3 on 3 with goalies. If during the 3 on 3 a penalty is called, the non offending team
    will add a fourth player (4 on 3). When the penalty is over the offending player will come on ice
    (4 on 4) until the next whistle and then resume 3 on 3. If still tied after 15 minutes, 3 on 3 sudden
    death play will continue until there is a winner.

15. Although this is a tournament, the main goal is to have fun.

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