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									EXTRA DATES FOR YOUR CALENDAR – Full calendar printed again next week!                                                         HOLY NAME SCHOOL
9 November - Grade 4 Disco evening in the hall                                                                                  NEWSLETTER NO. 30
18 November - Grade 2 Outdoor Education night – held at school                                 School W
                                                                                                                                 20 OCTOBER 2011
1 December - MOM Exams                                                                                                 School website www.hnpe.catholic.edu.au
                                                                                               Email address to report absences: office@hnpe.catholic.edu.au
Icy poles are on sale from TOMORROW. Thank you to those parents who put their                  Hello Everyone,
name on the roster to help sell during T4 during first lunch 11.00am to approx 11.35am.
A roster has been sent home today.                                                             Year Four Camp
This is the price & product list:                                                              Our Year Four students left for Sovereign Hill today for their overnight camp. They will be
**Paddle pop chocolate, banana, rainbow $1.20          **Paddle pop bubblegum $1.50            riding in carriages, panning for gold, watching various demonstrations, going into the mine
**Mini calippo lemon or rasp/lime $1.00                **Icy twists $1.20                      and watching the fantastic ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’ among other things. We look
Please note each child is only allowed 1 treat per day. Contrary to what your child may tell   forward to hearing all their news on their return. It looks like the weather should hold out!
you, not all students have money each day, and you do not have to give your child money
each day. Once or twice a week is fine. Do not drop money in at school, we do not pass on      Classroom Furniture
icy pole money! Students are not to buy icy poles or ice creams for any other                  Anyone who has been in the classrooms this week will have noticed the bright and colourful
child! As some children have severe allergies to food, we would appreciate your                furniture that we are now using. A big thank-you to Mr Ian Edwards and Mrs Agar for co-
help in explaining the importance of this rule to your own child.                              ordinating the distribution and collection of furniture to and from classrooms. It was a
                                                                                               mighty effort and the results speak for themselves.
Could all Coles vouchers and Woolworths receipts please be sent in to the office               “Victoria Walks to School” Day
TOMORROW so that we can tally them. A huge thanks to everyone who has been collecting          It was wonderful to see so many families making the effort to walk to school yesterday.
these. Hopefully, we will have a final total of each in next week’s newsletter.                Thanks to Mrs Zannoni for tallying our numbers of walkers which showed that we had a
A BIG huge thank you also to Miss Torney who has been feverishly counting the Coles            massive increase in walkers between Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday we had 123 and
vouchers every day (and even taking them home to while away the TV ad breaks!!). Mrs           on Wednesday 279. Well done to everyone. With the weather as beautiful as it is at the
Fraser could not have managed without her fantastic help!                                      moment, it’s a great way to start the day.

MINI VINNIES RAFFLE RESULTS                                                                    Trivia Night
Congratulations to George C in 3D and Vivian L in 1F who are the winners of the Mini           HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF NUMBERS – see P & F report
Vinnies raffle. Thanks to all for your support.
                                                                                               Active After School Sport - Hockey
MAD ON MUSIC LESSON ENROLMENTS FOR NEXT YEAR – 2012                                            We have approx 12 vacancies for Hockey which begins next Monday after school. If you
MOM have opened enrolments for Term 1 2012 for Gr 2 to 6 to learn keyboard or guitar.          would like to participate please see Leanne in the office.
Pick up an enrolment from the school office OR email MOM mom@madonmusic.com.au,                Just a note from the Co-Ordinator. All hockey participants MUST wear a hat.
fill out the form and post with payment DIRECTLY to MOM by the end of Term 4, 2011.            ALSO
(NB The school does NOT take any payments for MOM) ** For students in Grade 1 next             Visit www.hockeyvictoria.org.au to see a great write up about last term’s involvement of our
year, your lessons commence in Term 2. Your form/payment is due by Fri 16 March 2012.          children in the hockey program. The sessions culminated in an Olympic inspired event “The
                                                                                               Holy Name Junior Olympics Carnival”. All the participants thoroughly enjoyed their hockey
AFTER SCHOOL CARE NEWS For bookings and / or cancellations :- Phone to leave                   experience.
message on 9470 6371 or email to hnpe_oshc@live.com for bookings and /or cancellations.
      On Thurs 27 October, ASC will hold a ‘Halloween Party’ - book in early!                  Lunches to Grow
                                                                                               We have just been advised today by letter that the Lunches to Grow ‘canteen’ service is
                                                                                               closing it’s doors after 4 years of providing a lunch service to lots of schools, due to lack of
                         Reflection of the Week
                                                                                               orders and viability. This service started from humble beginnings in a school canteen and
            God demands a whole heart, but cradles a broken one.                               eventually grew to larger purpose built premises. We were actually the second school who
  With today’s newsletter the attachments are:                                                 joined the program with a 3 day a week service in 2007, so it is a pity to see it finish. The
  - Parish News to eldest (white)                                                              last day to order lunches is Friday 11 November. LTG will refund prepaid order families.
  - Book Club order forms
                                                                                               Geraldine Sloan, Acting Principal
FROM THE OFFICE OF THE BURSAR                                                                      STUDENT STATIONERY ORDER FORMS FOR 2012 - CUT OFF IS TUES 25/10!
I am waiting for the Parish list of thanksgiving contributors which should be supplied to my       Reminder: You can order online through Officemax or send your order back to school.
office early next week, so I can remove the non-thanksgiving surcharge ($460) from school          DO NOT SEND ANY CASH. Prepayment may only be made by money order or credit
accounts. Fee statements will then be posted to your home.                                         card details. HOWEVER, you can pay cash, EFTPOS or credit card on the day of stationery
If you have not yet finalised your $364 thanksgiving payment to the Parish, please do so.          collection which is Tuesday 22 November from 9.30am to 12noon.
Carolyn is at the parish office on Tues, Thurs & Fri from approx 9.00am to 2.30pm. She             YOUR ORDER IS DUE BACK BY NEXT TUESDAY FOR COLLECTION BY
takes payment by cash, cheque (made out to Holy Name Parish) or credit card.                       OFFICEMAX.            Late forms cannot be accepted.
Rosemarie Zihlmann,                                                                                Even if you don’t order through Officemax, your child MUST have all items on the list.

REGION ATHLETICS                                                                                                    BOOK CLUB
                           On Tuesday (18th October), Grade 5 students Matthew Cucinotta,                           Book Club forms were sent home today. If you would like to order, please
                           Olivia Jurgens, Sabina Kairouz and Gianni Perre represented Holy                         send your form and money back to school by NEXT Friday 28th Oct.
                           Name proudly in the Northern Metropolitan Regional Athletics
                           stage held at Meadowglen Athletics Track. All four students
                           competed brilliantly, with Matthew (u/11 boys 200m) competing           PERFORMING ARTS REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE
                           gallantly in his heat, Olivia (u/12-13 girls 200m) placing 4th out of   Assistance needed with assembling keyboard stands!!! If you have an Ikea Assembling type
                           16 starters, Sabina (u/11 girls triple jump) placing 6th out of 10      of brain and some free time I would love some help putting together some new and old
                           starters and Gianni (u/11 boys 100m) placing 3 rd out of 16 starters.   keyboard stands please. When is negotiable. If you can help please leave details with the
                           A big congratulations must go to the four students who competed         Office and I will contact you. Thanks in anticipation of your assistance.
                           against some great junior athletes and held their own brilliantly!
                           Mr Ryan Hartnett                                                        CONCERT DVD UPDATE
                                                                                                   "There's a Hero Inside Us All" Concert DVD's will be available soon. We are waiting on a
                                                                                                   new cover insert. As soon as we receive it, they will be sent home.
P & F TRIVIA NIGHT - CANCELLED!                    CANCELLED!            CANCELLED!                Thank you for your patience.
Unfortunately, due to insufficient numbers, the Trivia Night scheduled for this Saturday 22nd      Naomi Marron
October is now cancelled. Without additional support from the whole school community it is         Performing Arts Teacher
not financially viable to host the event. Our thanks go to the people who booked a table, and
their willingness to support their children's school and have fun at the same time! Your           BOUNCE BACK AWARD WINNERS
money will be refunded immediately.                                                                Congratulations to this week’s bounce back winners:-
The Parents and Friends Committee includes every member of every family in the school.             PrepB             Makaio De Thomasis
The few people who get involved work hard to, amongst other things, raise money to help the        PrepS             Max Racovalis
school purchase such items as airconditioning, synthetic turf, playground equipment and the        1C                Nikolas Mitsinikos
new tables that each class received last week. Without their efforts, our children would either    1F                Julian Napoletano
go without, or the cost of purchasing these items would be reflected in our fees.                  1H                Kliment Trajceski
If you can think of alternative ways of fundraising, we look forward to seeing you at the next     2L                Rani Cucinotta
meeting Tuesday 8th November.                                                                      2T                No award this week
Parents and Friends Committee                                                                      3D                Julian Toniazzo
                                                                                                   3Z                No award this week
HOWEVER           THE RAFFLE IS STILL ON!                                                          4B                No award due to camp
The raffle end date has now been extended to 5th November. We have some great prizes.              4C                No award due to camp
ALL families received a sheet of 5 raffle tickets with last week’s newsletter. Please get          5C                Natalie Sinikoska
behind this fundraising effort.                                                                    5G                Leah Papadopetros
                                                                                                   6A                Jake Molinaro
                                                                                                   6M                Ben Mercuri
We will have a final total of money raised and the winners of ‘the most boxes sold’ in next        Good Sport award – Congratulations to Ivy Wang (1C) & Michelle Nguyen (5G) who are
week’s newsletter. Stay tuned!                                                                     this week’s GS winners.

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