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OXFORD ALTERNATIVES PICK-UP ICE HOCKEY CLUB RISK ASSESSMENT                                                 DATE: 21/02/07
Activities usually carried out by the club.
Developing and promoting ice hockey within Oxford University by operating mixed non-contact ice hockey sessions at Oxford Ice Rink
on a social, 'turn up and play' basis, giving beginners to intermediates a chance to learn the sport and have fun. Also an annual cuppers
event which is very similar, except that games are in a tournament structure and the games are directly refereed.
             HAZARD                     CONTROLS MEASURES IN PLACE                   RISK FACTOR    FURTHER CONTROL MEASURES
                                                                                     Likelihood x
General Hazards
Poor quality ice                        Committee check ice before playing. If       low x low
                                        it is dangerous do not play and consult
                                        with ice rink.
Goalposts: sharp edges / exposed        Checked by committee before playing.         low x low
netting leading to risk of tripping /   If they are dangerous do not play and
do not budge when hit hard              consult with ice rink.
Poor lighting/lighting failure          Do not play if insufficient lighting;        low x medium
                                        consult with ice rink.
Players electrocute or otherwise        Only committee members permitted to          low x low
injure themselves on control            enter the box (where such equipment is
equipment (music equipment,             installed). Consult with ice rink over
display control panel etc.)             any dangerous wiring etc.
General facility issues                 Refer faults/defects to the ice rink         low x low
Fire at the ice rink                    In the event of a fire follow instructions   low x high     Committee members are required to
                                        of ice rink staff.                                          learn the evacuation routes.
Inappropriate equipment                 Ensure that goalkeepers wear a
                                        suitable helmet (provided by the club)       low x medium
                                        at all times during play. Encourage
                                        players to bring gloves.
Inexperience, lack of knowledge         Committee to explain basic rules.            high x low
of the rules of the game                Maintain a non-competitive atmosphere
                                        (except during cuppers).
Players injure themselves               Ice rink rule: Skates may only be worn       low x low
(particularly ankles) walking in        on the rubber-surfaced areas (to
skates off the rink itself              prevent slipping).
Sharp jewellery, watches etc.           Players advised to remove these to           low x low
                                        prevent scratches (lockers are
                                                                                  Likelihood x
Players leaving the rink late at    Encourage players not to walk home            high x low
night                               alone. Make sure players have the
                                    number for the safety bus if
                                    apprehensive of walking home.
Injuries During Play                At least one committee member                                The procedure for all accidents at the
                                    supervising from the box at all times                        Ice Rink is:
                                    during play.                                                 1. Report the accident/injury to the
                                    The rink is required to maintain a                               nearest member of the ice rink
                                    qualified first aider on site.                                   staff.
                                    Players with relevant medical                                2. Ice Rink staff to provide First Aid
                                    conditions are asked to fill out medical                         and/or contact the Emergency
                                    forms, which are kept to hand.                                   Services.
                                                                                                 3. An Accident Report form is
                                                                                                     completed by the Ice Rink Staff.
Players getting hit by sticks       “High sticks” rule to prevent more            medium x
                                    serious head injuries; deliberate             medium-low
                                    slashing banned; sticks aimed at
                                    ground level should just glance off
                                    skates. Shouldn’t be more dangerous
                                    than field hockey in this respect.
Players getting hit by puck         “No lifting the puck” rule; goalkeepers       high x low
                                    (especially) prohibited from lying on
                                    the ice; use of light, flexible puck so
                                    much weaker impacts, comparable to
Collisions between players          Aggressive contact strictly prohibited;       medium x
                                    no more than 24 on the ice at any             medium-low
                                    time. Collisions shouldn’t be
                                    significantly more dangerous than in
                                    open ice skating sessions.
Dangerous play; fighting            Strictly forbidden, although unlikely         low x high
                                    due to non-competitive atmosphere;
                                    committee members may ban players
                                    initiating or taking part in fights if they
                                    see fit.
Disorderly drunken players          Turned away at the door.                      low x medium
Players tripping over sticks/legs   Deliberate tripping is prohibited and will    medium x low
                                    be punished.
                                                                                  Likelihood x
Players falling and injuring           Gloves recommended; skating lessons        medium x low
themselves on the ice                  suggested to weak skaters. Falls
                                       shouldn’t be much more dangerous
                                       than in open ice skating sessions.
Fallen players getting run over by     Gloves recommended.                        low x medium
Not warming up and cooling down        Maintain a non-competitive atmosphere      high x low
properly                               (except during cuppers). Players are
                                       expected to be responsible.
Exhaustion                             Short 3 minute games; vending              low x low
                                       machines available.
Waiting players or spectators          The netting around the rink is always      low x low
getting hit by pucks                   extended, preventing pucks leaving the
                                       rink. This may be raised from the wall
                                       at the gates to the ice, however players
                                       will be asked to move away from these
                                       during games.
Sticks breaking                        Committee monitors sticks and              medium x low
                                       disposes of broken ones.
Additional risks during
More competitive atmosphere            Blues team players refereeing,             medium-low     Teams will be disqualified if necessary.
                                       dangerous play will be strictly            severity
Finishes later so players less alert                                              low severity
Large number of inactive players       Make sure fire safety regulations are      low severity
spectating                             well understood by committee.

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