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               Hazeldene Nursery School

Establishment Name         Hazeldene Nursery School
                           9 Rosemount Avenue
                           Newton Mearns
                           East Renfrewshire
                           G77 5TN

Telephone Number           0141 570 7530
Fax Number                 0141 570 7531

e-mail       - hazeldenenursery@ea.e-renfrew.sch.uk

Website      - www.ea.e-renfrew.sch.uk/hazeldene


We aim to create, maintain and develop a welcoming, safe and prejudice free
Nursery School wherein children, parents, staff and friends are valued, offered
support and given the opportunity to learn for life.

                 The School should be seen as a community
                        Let us live with our children
                           Let them live with us
                       So we shall gain through them
                            What all of us need

In our establishment we aim to offer the highest quality service.

   1. We aim to create a safe, healthy, caring and achieving environment

   2. We aim to develop close relationships so that together we can enjoy
      learning experiences in an atmosphere in which we feel valued,
      supported, confident and secure and have a sense of belonging.

   3. We aim to educate the whole child by making provision for learning
      based on knowledge and understanding of all aspects of a child’s
      development supported by appropriate resources. Provision which will
      enable every child to be an active learner and which will challenge and
      consolidate every child’s progress.

   4. We aim to maintain an environment which promotes equality.

   5. We aim to develop within each child positive attitudes. Attitudes of
      respect for self, other people, other peoples needs and opinions,
      respect for property and the environment.

   6. We aim to develop good relationships within our Community.

In particular we would like you to note the following:

Non denominational policy of the nursery

The nursery is non denominational. We respect and welcome children and
parents of all religions, faiths and beliefs.

Our policies

Hazeldene Nursery School has policies in place so that staff, parents and
visitors to our nursery are clear on our work practices and our standards. Our
policies are written in line with school and Local Authority guidelines and our
self- evaluation tool Child at the Centre 2 and the Scottish Care Standards.
These policies will be available to parents in our foyer.

                        Age range covered: 3-5 years

                        Number of Places: 100 Morning
                                          100 Afternoon

The Staff

Mrs Sheona Moore                       Head Teacher DCE, ITQ, SQN
Mrs Brenda Meikle                      Teacher DCE
Miss Karen Bolton                      Teacher B Ed, Chartered Post Grad Dip,
                                       in EAFL. Post Grad Dip. In S for L
Mrs Jean Stewert                       Senior Child Development Officer
Mrs Leeanne Dunnet                     Child Development Officer
Mrs Fiona Sweeney                      Child Development Officer
Mrs Margaret Brown                     Child Development Officer
Mrs Hazel Pert                         Child Development Officer
Mrs Brenda Guarino                     Child Development Officer
Miss Gillian Cooke                     Child Development Officer
Mrs Joanne McKeown                     Child Development Officer
Mrs Elspeth Gladstone                  Clerical Assistant
Mr Tommy Burns                         Janitor/Cleaner
Mrs Jill Syme                          Pupil Support Assistant
Mrs Kathryn Shedden                    Pupil Support Assistant
Daily Sessions
Hazeldene Nursery School is open during the school term from 9.00-3.45

      Morning:       9.00 – 12.00

      Afternoon:     12.45 – 3.45

Wraparound Care

Our aim is to respond to parental demand that their work and living patterns
can be supported. East Renfrewshire Council operate a system called
‘Wraparound Care’. This facility means that a child who has a place in
Hazeldene Nursery School can be accommodated for extra hours over and
above his/her funded session. Additional hours within the nursery day and
lunchtime provision can be bought provided there are places available.
Also children can be cared for during extended hours, from 8am in the
morning and until 5.45pm in the evening. Each hour will be charged at £4.40.
Parents will choose a regular care package and the charges will be invoiced
four weekly in advance. An Account will be sent to you from East
Renfrewshire Council.

If you are interested in using this service you should speak to the Head

Further information about this service can be sought from the Childcare
Information Service on 0141 577 3990.

Length of year including details of holidays

See attached sheet

Register of applicants

A register of all applicants will be kept by East Renfrewshire Council and the
information contained in the applications will be considered to assist in the
allocation of places. An Application can be made for a nursery place for your
child, on and from her/his second birthday by calling the Education
Department on 0141 577 3288

Parents can ask to see their application form at any time. If circumstances
change which affect the application you should inform the Council as soon as
Admissions Policy

All nursery places are allocated in line with the Council’s admissions policy
and the staff will be happy to advise you of how this policy operates when you
apply for a place for your child. A leaflet detailing the Council’s policy is also
available from all establishments.

Nursery places will be allocated by officers of the Council at the Headquarters
in Barrhead.

In addition a panel consisting of a Head Teacher of a pre-five establishment in
the area, a representative from the Education department offices and
representatives of the other agencies involved in supporting children and their
families e.g. Social Work Department, Health Board meet to decide on
additional placements.

Enrolment procedures

Once your child has been allocated a place in the nursery school you will be
contacted to arrange a visit and a starting date.

When your child starts nursery it is important that they are given time to settle
into this new environment. This means that a parent, relative or friend will
stay with the child until they are familiar with their new surroundings. At first
the adult will leave the child for a short time only and be close at hand; then if
the child is settling the time will be extended each day until the child can be
left for the whole session. You are most welcome to stay with your child at any

Every child is an individual and some take longer than others to settle. The
settling procedure is very important and ensures that your child is happy and
secure in the nursery school.
What Children need to bring

      When you bring your children to nursery, we expect you to help them
       take off their outdoor clothing and change into their sandshoes.
       Sandshoes must be worn every day. Please label all items of
       clothing that your child will take off in nursery
     Your children will be given their own peg and bag with their name
       beside it.
Nursery is about discovering, creating and experimenting and a lot of this
entails working with messy materials. Parents are asked to bring their children
to nursery in “play clothes” i.e. easily washed, sleeves which roll up easily and
trousers which allow independence. Hazeldene Nursery has its own Polo Shirt
and Sweatshirt which are ideal for nursery “adventures”. Even if you come by
car always supply outdoor clothes for your children as the “outdoors” is
an area of our play.


Regular attendance will ensure that your child gains maximum benefit
from the nursery. If your child is going to be absent from nursery, we ask you
to contact us before 9.30 a.m. on the day of her/his absence either by
telephone 570 7530 or by e-mail hazeldenenursery@ea.e-renfrew.sch.uk
In the interest of your child’s safety you should make a point of telling the
head teacher if he or she is to be collected by someone not known to either
the head teacher or staff members. This avoids difficult situations when a
child cannot be allowed to leave with an adult who is a stranger to the staff.


Sometimes children like to bring something special or new to nursery for their
friends to see. However, parents should ensure that valuable items are not
left at nursery, particularly as the authority has no insurance to cover the loss
of such personal items. Claims submitted are likely to be met only where the
authority can be shown to have been negligent.

Excursions and Consent Forms

When outings or excursions for children are planned, the head teacher or a
member of staff will advise you in advance. You will be asked to complete
consent forms which give your permission for your child’s participation.
Please note that children cannot take part in outings unless completed
consent forms have been submitted by their parent/guardian.
Emergency Closure Arrangements

We make every effort to maintain a full educational service, but on some
occasions circumstances arise which lead to disruption. Schools may be
affected by, for example, severe weather, dislocation of transport, power
failures or similar emergencies. In such cases we shall do all we can to let
you know about the details of closure or reopening. We shall keep you in
touch by using letters, notices in local shops and community centres,
announcements in the press and on local radio.

Emergency Contacts

Parents whose children are in the nursery are asked where possible to
provide the establishment with the names, addresses and telephone numbers
of two contact persons for use in case of an emergency.
You are also asked to keep the nursery up-to-date with any change in this


Most children attend nursery for a half day, therefore, meals are not generally

Snacks and the promotion of healthy eating in the Nursery School

       At each morning and afternoon session the children have a snack of
        milk and fruit.
       If your child is staying for lunch we ask that you supply her/him with a
        healthy lunch – no sweets, chocolate, biscuits, crisps, sugary/fizzy
        drinks etc
       Each week we will be rewarding the children with a “healthy lunch box”
        sticker which they can display on their sweatshirts.
       The Nursery School has a policy that any food which we may supply
        will be as nutritional as possible. In keeping with this we do not give
        the children sweets or cakes unless it is a special occasion.
       Baking is an activity which takes place most days in the nursery.
        Children develop many skills in this most enjoyable activity as well as
        taking home sandwiches/fruit and vegetable kebabs/pizza/bread at the
        end of the session!
       If your child is on a special diet or if there are any foods which
        your child should not have please consult the Head Teacher as
        soon as possible

Transport is not normally provided for children attending a pre-five
establishment. The council may, however, provide transport to and from
nursery for children with special needs who may require to travel some
distance to take up their placement.

No smoking policy

Smoking is not permitted in the nursery building or playground areas.

Any other general information

On occasion, due to emergency situations, we may encounter staffing
difficulties. In such situations you may be asked to remain with your child until
the situation has been resolved.

If your child is in need of medication during his/her time at nursery you should
discuss his/her requirements with the Head Teacher. Prescribed drugs will be
given at the discretion of the Head Teacher and you will need to fill in a form
which authorises nursery staff to administer the drugs to your child. The Head
Teacher will give you the necessary form to complete .

If your child becomes ill or has an accident

If a child takes ill or has an accident in the nursery we try to contact the parent
or the agreed contact as soon as possible, However, in the event of a serious
accident, the child’s parents will be informed and arrangements will be made
to meet them at the casualty department of the hospital should this be
Please inform Mrs Gladstone, our school secretary, if you change your
address or telephone number.

Minor Incidents/Upsets

Minor incidents and upsets in the nursery will be dealt with sympathetically by
staff. Depending on the seriousness of the incident, the parent will either be
contacted immediately or informed at the end of the session.

Please keep us informed of any minor incidents at home so that we can
provide your child with the appropriate support.

Visits by medical staff

It is very important that full details of your child’s medical history are provided
when completing enrolment forms. This ensures that staff are as well
prepared as possible for any health emergency which may arise.

Protecting Children

We have a Child Protection policy in Hazeldene Nursery School which is in
accordance with East Renfrewshire Council’s Child Protection Guidelines.
These Guidelines give details as to the action you can take if you are
concerned about the welfare of any child.

Illness in Children

Following NHS guidelines children who have been unable to attend nursery
due to sickness/diarrhoea should not return until they have been free of
symptoms for 48 hours.

Curriculum for Excellence 3-18

Each child has an enormous capacity for learning and the potential to achieve
in different ways.

A Curriculum for Excellence applies to all children and young people from
their earliest contact with the education system through to the time they leave
school as young adults. It applies to the experiences provided in the different
places where they go to learn: early years centres and nurseries; schools; and
to colleges and others working in partnership with schools.

Because children learn through all of their experiences - in the family and
community, nursery and school – the curriculum needs to recognise and
complement the contributions that these experiences can make.

The curriculum reflects what we value as a nation and what we seek for our
young people. It is designed to convey knowledge which is considered to be
important and to promote the development of values, understanding and
capabilities. It is concerned both with what is to be learned and how it is
taught. It should enable all of the young people of Scotland to flourish as
individuals, reach high levels of achievement, and make valuable
contributions to society.

The curriculum affects us all.

                          Curriculum for Excellence
                                   3 – 18

                                 4 Capacities
Confident Individuals                  Successful Learners
Effective Contributors                 Responsible Citizens

Principles of the Curriculum

Challenge Breadth Progression Depth Personalisation Coherence Relevance
And                                 And choice

                            Learning Outcomes
Health &            Religious & Moral Languages              Sciences
Wellbeing           Education
Social Studies      Technologies      Numeracy               Expressive Arts

                         Active Learning (Play)
At Hazeldene we can all become……………….

confident individuals
Which means we –
    Have respect for ourselves
    Are healthy and happy
    Look forward to the future

To help us do this we –
    Listen and try to understand others
    We are healthy and active
    Can think of new ideas by ourselves
    Try to understand the world around us
    Decide what is right and wrong

successful learners
Which means we –
    Are interested in learning new things
    Do the best we can
    Think about new ideas

To help us do this we –
    Use maths, language, talking and listening
    Use technology
    Can think of new ideas by ourselves
    Learn by ourselves and in a group
    Think about the good points and bad points of new ideas
    Use all of these different things when learning new ideas

responsible citizens
Which means we –

      Have respect for other people
      Take part in making decisions

To help us, we need to –
    Understand the world around us and Scotland’s place in it
    Understand different people from around the world
    Listen to different ideas and opinions before making decisions
    Think about issues in the world around us and develop views about them

effective contributors
by –
     Being enterprising and thinking of new ideas
     Thinking up ideas for ourselves
We can –
     Find different ways of telling people our ideas
     Work with a partner and a bigger team
     Lead a group when working
     Take what we have learned and use it in a new situation
     Solve problems
In general, in enrolling a child at this school
a parent accepts that the child will receive the
curriculum offered, which meets the national
guidelines. This means that, with very limited
exception, pupils cannot be withdrawn from particular
subjects/parts of the curriculum at
the school. The limited exceptions, when a pupil
may be withdrawn by parental request exist in
relation to (1) religious observance and instruction
and (2) sex education programmes. Other than
these two excepted areas however, pupils are
required to participate in all parts of the approved
Parents may wish to note that in the event of the school
Seeking to make major changes to
the curriculum on offer, consultation will be
carried out with them and other stakeholders
through the Parent Council and by other appropriate means.

Nursery School Programme

Each child is involved in a broad, balanced curriculum suited to their individual
needs, interest and stage of development. At some activity areas they will
work on their own, at others in a small group or larger group sometimes with
an adult sometimes without.
The children come together in their group each day for their snack which is
then followed by tooth brushing and then a story. This is a very informative
and sociable activity. The children follow a physical education programme –
daily outdoor play and gym time. The children also come together in their
group for music sessions. All pre school children will be introduced to French
through songs and games.
By observing your child at free play and in a group situation, we are able to
plan and provide appropriate modes of play for each child’s development. It is
our intention to assess all children in the nursery. We will use the information
gathered from the assessment to review our curriculum so that it is targeted to
the needs of your children. A portfolio of your child’s work will be shared with
you throughout the academic year.

The role of plan in our nursery
In order to support learning and development through play we create a high
quality curriculum for young children which:-

      provides opportunities to play alone, in pairs, in small groups and large
      supports independence, interdependence, making choices and
      is content, rich and relevant
      values and extends children’s ways of thinking reasoning and
      helps children to acquire the tools for thinking, learning and playing
       which enables them to become successful learners
      is culturally diverse and reflects the customs, culture and lifestyles of
       different ethnic groups
      involves parents in the processes of playing and learning

Staff prepare a monthly, weekly plan which is displayed outside the
playrooms. The context within which the children will be working will be
selected and the content of the teaching/learning experiences will be outlined.

At the end of each teaching plan staff observations of children, their interests,
reactions and their experiences will form the basis of an evaluation of the
plan. This evaluation will help to indicate the content of the next teaching
plan. Observations of the children will also help to record each child’s
progress and achievement.

Throughout the year homebooks will be prepared to be worked through by
you and your child in order to link the current experiences in the nursery with
experiences in the child’s home.

Staff are constantly monitoring the progress of each child and share this
information with you throughout the year.
Supporting children with difficulties

Hazeldene Nursery School acknowledges that every child is special and each
child will be supported appropriately to access the whole nursery curriculum.

Children with Additional Support Needs in their Learning (ASN)

Our aim at Hazeldene is to support children with additional support needs to
be fully involved in all aspects of our school and enjoy and celebrate success
in their learning.

The requirements of children may be met by:-

      Care Plans (where appropriate)
      Staged Intervention Plans (STINTS)
      observing Standard Circular 42 and all appropriate advice policies and
      attending case conferences and reviews
      maintaining good communication with parents and other agencies
      utilising support staff effectively
      consultation and planning time is made available for all staff working
       with children who may require support
      using appropriate learning and teaching strategies to support children
      participating in discussion of future school placement with
       psychological services
      liaising and supporting at the transfer stage

Equal Opportunities Provision

It is our belief that all children are entitled to equality of opportunity in all areas
of life – emotional, social, physical and moral and we as a staff are committed
to this objective at Hazeldene Nursery School. A copy of our Equality policy is
displayed in the hallway.

Our equal opportunities policy and Social Justice

The Education Department now has a specific duty to gather information on
the effect of policies and practices on the education opportunities available to
disabled pupils and on their achievements. It also has this duty in relation to
race and gender. It is for this reason that pupils and their parents and carers
may be asked to respond to questions, which require them to share
information that may be personal and sensitive.

Our aims

Our aims are to foster genuine partnership with parents by

      providing information
      encouraging involvement in the life of the nursery school
      offering support

Working with you

      helps us to know your child
      enables us to offer an appropriate curriculum
      enables us to support the family when necessary

Parents’ Consultations

We have parents’ consultations in November, March and May to give parents
an opportunity to discuss their child’s progress with a member of staff. These
meetings are informal. We emphasise the importance of attending as you will
be able to see examples of your child’s work.

Working together to promote positive behaviour

The school implements a policy which promotes positive behaviour. The
nursery encourages children to consider the needs of others and to develop
self-discipline. The staff are friendly, firm and consistent, always guiding the
child towards acceptable behaviour. We constantly use praise to reinforce
good behaviour.


Parents are encouraged to make a small weekly donation to the Nursery
School funds which helps to pay for baking ingredients, items of equipment
and special activities. Accounts are kept for monies collected and are
available for inspection at any time. They are subject to external audit each

In addition we have larger fund raising events throughout the school year. We
need support to make these events as successful as possible.
Home and School Links

The Education of a young child is a shared responsibility. Due to this
emphasis is given within Hazeldene Nursery School, to the building of bridges
between the school and a child’s home. Parents are encouraged to play a
significant role in the work of the school and suggestions from parents are
always welcome.


Since it is difficult to discuss the activities taking place within the nursery from
week to week with each parent, a newsletter is published every month
explaining the nature of the activities for the children. Other events relevant to
the nursery school/community are also included in the newsletter.

Parents’ Committee

Parents can be involved in the life of the nursery in a variety of ways:-

      Fundraising
      Hazeldene Helpers every Wednesday
      Helping in our garden – once a term
      Helping to maintain our physical equipment – bicycles, scooters, gym
       equipment etc

If you intend to come into the nursery on a regular basis, you
must complete a Disclosure Check. Please speak to the Head

Children’s Lending Library

 Our Lending Library is open to all children currently attending Hazeldene. It
will be open in September. Children will choose a book with their member of
staff on a Tuesday to be returned the following Tuesday. We encourage all
parents to read with their children and to respond on the comments sheet.

Useful Curricular Links

Our Education Department has developed a website which identifies curricular
activities suitable for children of all ages. Have a look at what is available for
children aged 3-5 years.
Go to www.ea.e-renfrew.sch.uk/curriculinks
How you can help your child

You can help your child to learn by playing together at home and:

      encouraging them to be independent, for example, in getting dressed
       and washing their hands before meals, and to share and join in with
       other children; encouraging them to develop healthy habits in diet,
       exercise and hygiene

      reading to them every day, talking about books with them and reading
       familiar words to them, the labels on their favourite foods, eating
       places, shops etc

      talking with them and answering questions and playing remembering
       games and guessing games like “I spy…..”

      helping them to match and sort things, for example, putting together
       forks and knives or cups and saucers, pairing up socks, sorting out big
       tins and little tins, putting packets in order of size.

      encouraging them to count and use numbers in everyday situations
       and in nursery rhymes.

      encouraging them to listen to music, songs, stories and rhymes

      encouraging them to express their ideas and feelings , for example,
       using crayons, pens, pencils, paint, music and play

      Giving them a chance to use their fingers and hands, for example,
       building with bricks, cutting out with scissors, helping with baking and
       fastening zips and buttons

Moving to Primary School

The curriculum in primary schools will build on what your child has learned
before starting school. Play will still be important in Primary 1, but some
approaches to learning will gradually change – for example, your child will
begin to read and write more independently. Following discussion with you,
the nursery will pass on your child’s End of Year Report, so that the teacher in
Primary 1 can plan the next stages in your child’s learning. Pupils normally
transfer to primary school between the ages of four and a half and five and a
half years. If your child is born in January or February, you can have
automatic right of deferral. Please speak to the Head Teacher as soon
as possible, if this is your intention.
Information on registration/enrolment procedures for primary school will be
given in the local press early in the calendar year and can also be seen on our
screen in the foyer
The establishment and the community

The school promotes positive partnership with its’ community, Staff, parents
and children are encouraged to use community facilities and welcome
members of the community into the nursery to strengthen community links.

Services within the community

Throughout the year we are in close contact with:

      Health Visitors
      Social Workers
      Support Services
      Educational Psychologist
      Network Support Co-ordinator
      Associated Nursery Schools
      Associated Primary Schools
      Speech and Language Therapists

Joint Support Team

A Joint Support Team is a group of nursery staff and professionals who meet
regularly to discuss any child who is experiencing difficulties. They ensure
that every child referred has a comprehensive range of expertise and
resources made available to them.

Links with primary schools

The school maintains close links with our associated Primary Schools

      exchange visits
      cross-sectoral meetings
      exchange of ideas and resources
      planning continuity of curriculum
      early literacy and numeracy
In East Renfrewshire, the Education Department will aim to provide education
of the highest standard in accordance with national priorities of

      Achievement and Attainment
      Framework for Learning
      Inclusion and Equality
      Values and Citizenship
      Learning for Life

As a result of the Standards & Quality Review process Hazeldene Nursery
School has been accredited by East Renfrewshire Council’s Education
Department for the period October 2006-October2009

The Integrated Inspection by the Care Commission and HM Inspectorate of
Education of Hazeldene Nursery School (Published 13 May 2009) is available
on the Internet: www.hmie.co.uk

The report highlights particular strengths of the school as

      High –quality learning opportunities
      Very confident, highly- motivated children who are making excellent
       progress in their learning
      Highly-motivated and effective staff team who provide a very supportive
       learning environment
      The exceptional commitment of the headteacher and staff to improving
       the work of the nursery


      Citizenship Gold Award
      Eco Schools Award
      Healthy Eating School
      Go Greener Award
      Recognition by Fair Trade

Teachers Return   In Service         Monday 15August 2011
                  In Service         Tuesday 16 August 2011
Pupil’s return                       Wednesday 17 August 2011

Weekend           Local Holiday      Friday 23 September 2011
                  Local Holiday      Monday 26September 2011

Mid Term          In Service         Friday 14 October 2011
                  Re-open            Monday 24 October 2011

                  Close              Thursday 22 December 2011
                  Re-open            Monday 9 January 2012

Mid Term          In service         Friday 10 February 2012
                  Holiday            Monday 13 February 2012
                  Holiday            Tuesday 14 February 2012
                  Re-open            Wednesday 15 February 2012

                  Close              Friday 30 March 2012
                  Re-open            Monday 16 April 2012

                  May Day            Monday 7 May 2012

Weekend           In Service         Thursday 31 May 2012
                  Local Holiday      Friday 1 June 2012
                  Local Holiday      Monday 4 June 2012
                  Queen’s Diamond    Tuesday 5 June 2012

                  Close              Wednesday 27 June 2012
Suggestions and complaints – Addresses

We are always anxious to maintain and improve our service. If you have any
suggestions to make about the service, please contact the Head Teacher in
the first instance. Similarly, if you have a complaint about any aspect of the
service you should contact the Head Teacher. If you feel your complaint has
not been satisfactorily resolved with the Head Teacher, please contact:

Director of Education –    Mr John Wilson
                           Council Buildings
                           211 Main Street
                           G78 1XA
                           577 3431


Head of Service –   Mhairi Shaw
                    Education and Improvement Unit
                    Commercial Road
                    East Renfrewshire
                    577 8635

Alternatively you could contact:

The Care Commission
4th Floor
1 Smithills Street
PA1 1EB                    0141 843 4230

Please note

Although the information in this handbook is correct at the time of printing
there could be changes affecting any of the matters dealt within it, either
before your child’s placement begins or during the course of their placement.
The Head Teacher will tell you of any important changes to this information.
                     Useful Telephone Numbers

Quality Improvement Officer
Early Years                   Lisa McDill              0141 577 3222

Psychological Services        Joyce Fullarton          0141 577 4520

East Renfrewshire
Childcare & Information
Helpline                                               0141 577 3989

East Renfrewshire Council     General Enquiries        0141 577 3000

Councillor Mary Montague      Convenor for Education   0141 577 3000

Care Commission                                        0141 843 4230

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