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					                        Blora District
                            In Short Story


In the XVI century, Blora into the Duchy Jipang Government,
which at that time still under the Demak. Duke Jipang then called
Aryo Penangsang, better known by the name of Aria Jipang. His
reign area include: Pati, Lasem, Blora and Jipang. However, after
Joko Tingkir (Hadiwijaya) inherited Demak the throne, the seat of
government was transferred to the Pajang. Thus Blora enter the
territory of the Pajang Kingdom.

Pajang no longer rule the kingdom, as captured by the Mataram
kingdom centered in the Kotagede, Yogyakarta. Blora including
the eastern Mataram region or regions of Mataram Brang Wetan.
At the time of administration Paku Buwana I (1704-1719) Blora
area given to his son who was named Pangeran Blitar and given
the title of Duke. Blora extensive at the 3000 Karya (1 Karya = 3/4
acre). In 1719-1727, Blora led by Amangkurat IV since then under
the Mataram Kingdom.

At the time of Mataram under Pakubuwana II (1727-1749),
rebellions broke out, led by Mangkubumi and Mas Sahid,
Mangkubumi mastered Sukawati, Grobogan, Demak, Blora, and
Yogyakarta. Mangkubumi later became king in Yogyakarta.

News from the Babat Giyanti and Serat Kuntharatama stated that
Mangkubumi became king on the 1 Sura Alib 1675, or
December 11, 1749. Along with the appointment Mangkubumi
became king, it also raised other officials, including the Leader of
Mangkubumen Worrior, namely Wilatikta became regent of

Blora began to change its status from apanage to District in
Kliwon Thursday, 2 Suro Alib 1675 or December 11, 1749 AD,
which until now commemorated as the anniversary of Blora
district, The first Regent is Wilatikta.

In accordance with the Agreement Giyanti in 1755, known as
Palihan Nagari, which contains Mataram was divided into two
kingdoms, the Kasunanan Surakarta under Pakubuwana III, and
Keraton Jogjakarta under Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. In the
Palihan Negeri, a region Blora as part of the Mancanagari Wetan,
Kasunanan Surakarta. However, Wilatikta disagree to entry into
the Kasunanan Surakarta, so he chose resign from office.

Blora Geographic.

District directly adjacent to the East Java has a long history. Blora
name alone would be revised many times and rich in meaning.
Blora located about 127 km east of Semarang. Located in the
eastern part of Central Java and the adjacent province of East
Java. Rembang and Pati Regency Northern District, Tuban and
Bojonegoro in the east, South Ngawi district, and district
Grobogan in the West.

Blora territory consists of plains and hills with a height of 20-280
meters above sea level. Northern parts are hilly region, part of the
mountains of North Limestone. The southern part is also in the
form of limestone hills that are part of Kendeng Mountains,
extending from east of Semarang to Lamongan (East Java). Blora
own capital city is located on North Limestone Mountains basin.

Half of Blora district is an area of forest, especially in the North,
East, and South. Lowlands in the middle of rice fields generally is
basically . Most of the Blora district is a water crisis area (either
for drinking or for irrigation) during the dry season.

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