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					Jack Jenkins
                          The Secret Door
Kevin was bored waiting for his mom to come home from work. He
looked at the clock in his room. His mom wouldn’t be home for another
half hour. Kevin looked out his window. The streets of the city were
filled with people leaving their jobs at the end of a long day. It was
hot, nearly ninety degrees, and Kevin’s fan was broken. Hot and bored
he sat, waiting. While sitting on his bed, Kevin noticed a small crack at
the base of the wall on the other side of his room. It looked like there
was light coming through the crack - a cool, pale blue light. Kevin
walked up to the wall and bent down to the crack. He noticed the crack
disappeared under his bedroom wallpaper so Kevin peeled it back, just
a bit. But the crack wasn’t a crack at all. It was the space where a
door meets the wall. But there’s no door here, thought Kevin, until he
peeled the paper back a little more and…

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an edge of an unusual looking wood appeared. The blue light showed through the crack
into his eyes. So Kevin peeled back the paper slowly. As it inched off the wall, his eyes
grew wider. Kevin couldn’t believe it. Before his eyes appeared a wooden door with blue
sparkling light peering from under the crack. Kevin tried to bend down to see what was
behind the door, but the light was too bright. So, he reached out slowly, turned the knob.
As it turned, he felt a shiver inside his body. Inside the open door was the glow of blue
light. Suddenly, the light started to fade away until there was nothing.
        In front of Kevin was an elevator. His first thought was “wow, my house has a
secret elevator.” So, foolishly he stepped inside, feeling hot and sweaty. He hit the down
button, and the elevator started to move slowly as if it were waking up from a very long
sleep. Then it began to pick up speed and moved much smoother. It continued to travel
down without stopping and that’s when Kevin knew something was wrong. “Help me,”
shouted Kevin, but he knew nobody could hear him. Suddenly a blue light flashed, and
the elevator stopped.
         Cautiously, Kevin took a step toward the door of the hotel-like. The heat caused a
drip of sweat to trickle down his face and into his shirt. Just then the elevator door opened
and a bright golden light appeared. The bright light stung his eyes just like the blue one
had. Kevin didn’t want to walk out so he tried hitting the up button, but that didn’t work.
But because he didn’t want to go any farther down, he decided to step out.
         Because the light was so bright, Kevin had to close his eyes as he stepped out. But
right away, the light dimmed so he opened his eyes. At first Kevin appeared to be in the
clouds, and he could not even see his feet hidden in the fog. But how could he be in the
clouds when the elevator had taken him down? Just then, a bearded man appeared in the
distance wearing nothing but a pair of shorts.
 “Hey, you, where am I, and how do I get out of here?” shouted Kevin.
“Get away from me!” screamed the man as he ran out of sight.
“Don’t worry about him, he’s just as scared as you are,” said a deep voice behind Kevin.
Kevin turned around and saw a tall, strong looking man with silky long, blond hair.
“Who are you and how do I get home?” asked Kevin.
“Home?” asked the man.
“Yes, home.”
“How did you get here?”
“I came down in that elevator.”
“Come with me.”
“Where to?”
“I will show you how to get home. By the way, my name is Kazi.”
“I’m Kevin. Nice to meet you.”
         After a few hours of walking, they came upon a big white temple. There were
steps leading up to two huge doors. Inside was a long room connected by hallways. In the
room there were four pillars. On top of one of the pillars, there was a rock and some dirt.
Another pillar had a puddle of water on it. Atop the third pillar was a static bolt making
buzzing sounds. The fourth pillar held fire.
“These are the four elements that created humans,” stated Kazi. “Each element has a
creator who controls the element. If all the elements clash at once, your world will be
destroyed. The fire element has been the reason for death in our worlds. Right now, the
fire element is burning the element of earth. If the fire completely destroys all three of
the other elements, my world will be destroyed and, soon after, so will yours.
“But how do I get home?” asked Kevin.
“In your room, you discovered that the door behind your wall is the entrance to our world
here. Before you can return, you must destroy the fire god, Milok,” stated Kazi. “No
person from my world can destroy Milok because he is too powerful for our strengths. I
will give you this.”
Kazi handed Kevin a dirty, ripped piece of paper with symbols on it.
“What is this?” asked Kevin.
“It will give you hints to help destroy Milok. But these are answers I cannot tell you.
You must figure them out for yourself.”
Kevin and Kazi walked a long time through the clouds back to the elevator. The elevator
was the same.
“Farewell, my friend. I will be watching you.”
Kevin stepped back into the elevator and Kazi smiled as the doors closed.

        Kevin noticed that four symbols appeared as buttons in the elevator. One of the
symbols, three slant marks with three dots on either side, was familiar. Then Kevin
thought he recognized another one. It was then that he realized they were some of the
symbols on his torn sheet of paper. But what did they mean? Kevin reached out and hit
the up button several times but nothing happened so he hit the down button. Before he
could blink, the elevator took off and shot downward until it stopped. The doors opened
and ground appeared. There was dirt and dried up grass and mist and wind. The wind
blew the dirt up into Kevin’s face. Turning around, Kevin noticed that there was a tent
with a red flag on top. Kevin walked toward the tent. Inside was a very old man with
wrinkles on his face and no hair.
“Excuse me,” said Kevin.
The man looked up.
“Can you tell me what all these mean?” Kevin showed him the symbols on the torn piece
of paper.
“Let me see that,” said the man.
So Kevin handed him the paper.
“Ah, yes. I have seen this before,” said the old man. “This is a prophecy.”
After a brief pause, the man said “Lightning strikes earth causing fire, fire burns earth
and water puts out fire. The door you seek is behind your enemy’s peak.”
The man coughed and said, “Water puts out fire. You must receive the spear of the
oceans to stab Milok in his heart which will put out the fire that is burning the earth.”
Kevin began to sweat.
“Be on alarm about the fire that is destroying the earth,” the man said.
        Back in the elevator, Kevin looked at the torn paper and figured out that the
symbol that meant water was one of the elevator buttons. He pressed that button and,
before he knew it, the elevator shot straight up, jerked straight, shot forward, then down
again, and stopped. The doors opened and Kevin stepped out to a beautiful white sand
beach near aqua blue water. Just down the beach, a dark figure in a cloak stood. In front
of Kevin, between the elevator and the water, towered an all black wooden gate. The
cloaked man threw keys to Kevin, and he was able to open the gate. Nothing changed as
Kevin crossed through the gate. But after a moment, at the edge of the water, a wooden
crate shot up. On the crate, in black bold letters, was written WATER PUTS OUT FIRE.
The cloaked man walked up and lowered his hood. Kazi smiled, took out a knife and
ripped open the crate. A spear that was so brilliant that it hurt Kevin’s eyes was in the
“This is the spear of the ocean,” stated Kazi.. “If it stabs Milok in the heart, he will be
destroyed. Take this spear with you and the elevator will bring you to his chamber. But
hurry, time is running out!”
        Kevin ran back to the elevator. He hit the button with the fire symbol and, before
the doors closed, Kevin quickly shouted to Kazi, “Who are you?”
Kazi replied, “I am Kazi, lord of the lightning.”
After the elevator doors closed, the cab shot up and then traveled across to the left. By
this time, Kevin was used to the speed of the elevator, but he was still startled when the
elevator suddenly stopped. When the doors opened, he was in a dim cave and could
barely make out drips of water coming from the cave’s ceiling. He then heard a large
snarl and a hiss. Near him was a rustling sound so he jumped out of the elevator armed

with his spear. Shapes started coming at him. These attackers had wings and sharp claws.
As one swooped down at Kevin, he ducked so that the creature’s belly slid across the tip
of the spear. It fell and crashed into a rock wall. More creatures swarmed down, but they
hit the protective spear. In the distance, Kevin could see hundreds more coming from a
large open chamber.
“Halt!” shouted a deep voice.
A man with fiery red eyes and a full black beard and black curly hair appeared. He stared
at Kevin and boomed, “Who enters my chamber?”
Kevin did not answer or move.
“Will you speak or will I just have to kill you now and snap the spear in half?” asked the
frightening man.
He was the fire lord, Milok. At once, Milok snarled and began to grow bigger. Fire shot
out of his eyes and his nose turned into the ringed nose of a bull.
“Raaaaah!” Milok growled, as he swiped at Kevin.
Kevin ducked and ran past Milok. He came to a peak and climbed up where he saw a
rustic foot bridge spanning a large chasm. Behind Kevin came Milok who had gotten
bigger and looked like a huge ball of fire. Kevin frantically looked around the cave and
finally saw a familiar wooden door across the bridge. It was the door from behind his
bedroom wall. Kevin knew this was his chance. He stood up straight and tensed his
whole body. Milok was close. Kevin took aim and heaved the spear as hard as he could.
It shot forward and struck Milok right through the heart. Milok turned blue and began to
crumble, and Kevin ran for the door.
         As he crossed the rickety bridge, it turned and tossed from his weight and motion,
but he didn’t stop. Boom! Kevin heard a thundering sound as the giant Milok fell to the
hard cave floor. Fire from the exploding Milok began to race at Kevin across the chasm,
burning the bridge. But Kevin reached the other side just in time and, with exhausted
numb legs, lunged for the door. He snatched the knob and twisted it as he pushed with all
his weight and…. his eyes flew open as he jerked to a sitting position in his bed.
         “What a crazy dream,” Kevin breathlessly murmured. Dazed and confused, Kevin
glanced at his clock to see the time. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something
different about the wall of his room. Most of the wallpaper was peeled away uncovering a
hidden wooden door.
          Kevin scrambled out of his bed and ran out of his room into the hallway,
shouting “Mom, mom!”

Was it all just a dream or had he really just saved the world?


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