Who was the first kingpharaoh of Egypt by elwatad


									The first true pharaoh of Egypt was Narmer (sometimes
called Menes), who united Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt. He
was the first king of the First Dynasty, the beginning of the
Old Kingdom.

Egypt was once divided into two kingdoms. The kingdom in
Lower Egypt was called the red crown and the one in Upper
Egypt was known as the white crown.

Around 3100 B.C. the pharaoh of the north conquered the
south and Egypt became united. The pharaoh's name was
King Narmer (Menes). He founded the first capital of Egypt
where the two lands met. It was called Memphis. (Thebes
became the next capital of Egypt and then Amarna was
made the capital during the reign of King Akhenaten.)

The story of Ancient Egypt begins from when the north and
the south were united as one country under the first
pharaoh Menes.

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