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									iPad Development-Characteristics of
Good iPad Application
There are plenty of iPad applications are out in the App store. Though there is a shortage of good apps
prevails in the market. You may have question that what is a good app and what are the characteristics
of good app at consumer point of view.

Mobile apps can be classified by purpose and divide it into following categories:

       Productivity
       Marketing
       Brand loyalty

Let’s discuss each of these categories in detail and find out critical factors for deciding whether to build
the app and how to maximize your launch.

Productivity iPad Apps Development
The real purpose of productivity apps is to streamline the business process and increase the
productivity. Productivity apps target company’s employee and help them to achieve their maximum
performance by completing their tasks more efficiently. For instance an order taking app for food
service workers that talks to an app in the kitchen; an app that reads RFID chips that help the document
storage company to locate the documents; or an app that helps worker in the field locate and repair
damaged equipment.

If your intention is to sale your app in the Apple store you might start searching the app similar to your
concept. If any app exists in the market place then think of better app. Usually apps exist in the market
are primitive types of apps so you have ample space to develop an advance one. The quality of an app
can be decided by following criteria:

       Your app should address a real problem on which employees spend a good deal of time.
       Your app should perform a repetitive task by using advance features of UI that is not available
        anywhere else.
       Your app should meet the need of users in the field or road.
       Your apps should have advance features like GPS, RFID readers, peer-to-peer networking or an
        advanced UI.
Marketing iPad Apps Development
Most of the businesses need custom iPad app development. Marketing apps can provide the user with a
deeper experience than they get on your webpage. You can make your app entertaining, provide
location aware information based on GPS coordinates, you can give your app users unique information
that is not possible by your web page. You can use your marketing app to make your message go viral by
integrating it with Twitter or Facebook. Use your marketing app to interact with your customer with
questions, answers and recommendations.

Brand loyalty iPad Apps Development
Brand loyalty apps help companies connect with customers and provide higher quality customer service.
A brand loyalty app doesnʼt have to have a large customer base. Brand loyalty apps can leverage some
of the momentum and appeal of the latest mobile phones and impress clients with your commitment to
providing them with a high level of customer service. Consider offering some of your services for users
on the go. Make the app appealing and, if applicable, use advanced features like GPS and built-in audio
and video. Get the customer connected by providing options to post to Twitter and Facebook or e-mail
from within the app.

If you are considering building an app for your business, make sure you start with a good design built by
someone with experience designing mobile apps. Peerbits is an obvious choice for your iPad app
development. Contact us for further inquiry.

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