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					                     Island of the Blue Dolphins and Hatchet

        There are many similarities between the books Island of the Blue Dolphins
and Hatchet. One of the similarities is that both Brian and Karana had to make
weapons. They had to make weapons because they needed to hunt for food and
because there were dangerous animals that could have hurt them. Brian and Karana
also had to make shelter so they would not be out in the open and so they would be
protected from the elements. They also both experienced natural disasters. Brian
had a tornado that ruined his shelter and took away his food so he had to start all
over again. Karana had a hurricane that wasn’t as effective as the tornado was. But it
washed away the canoes so she couldn’t go out on the water to fish. One last
similarity was they both had animal problem. Karana had the wild dogs. At first she
hated them, but if they weren’t there, Karana wouldn’t have gotten Rontu or Rontu-
Aru. She would have gotten lonely and hopeless but Rontu and Rontu-Aru changed
that. Brian’s troubles were with a moose. The moose attacked him and he got so
hurt, he had to stay in his shelter for a while. He almost starved and he became more
cautious around animals. There were many similarities between the books.

       In the two books, there were some differences. For example, Brian and
Karana were stuck in different climates, Canadian wilderness and a California island,
so they had different resources available. Karana also knew where she was, what to
eat, and how to survive because she was home. Brian didn’t know anything because
he was a city boy. But Brian could make weapons when Karana felt guilty about it
because it was against her tribe’s ways. Because of this, Karana was more careful
using the weapons because she thought they would break when she needed them
the most. One last difference is the time period. Brian lives more modern day when
Karana lives a long time ago. This affects the story because it changes how they can
be rescued. Only a boat could rescue Karana, but only an airplane could rescue
Brian. These are some of the differences between the two books.

        The themes in these books are very important. One of them is making
something out of nothing. Brian looked at a stick and turned it into a basket or an
arrow for his bow. Karana took whalebones that looked like they were useless but
she turned them onto a very protective fence. This book is also about bravery. Brian
swam into a sunken plane with a dead person in it because he needed a survival
pack that was in the plane. Karana jumped off a boat so her brother, Ramo, wouldn’t
be alone. Another theme is resourcefulness. Brian took the only man made object he
had and a rock and made fire. He also used a dead tree to make a ladder up to where
he stored his food. Karana used teeth from a sea elephant to make spear tips. She
also used seal sinew for what we use string for today. One last theme is survival.
Both Brian and Karana had to make shelter, find and gather food, get water that was
safe to drink, and make some sort of protection. I think these books are more the
same, but they are different in their own way as well.

                                                                  By Sarah Engelman

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