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School of Nursing Educational Technology Group
Minutes from the meeting held Tuesday March 13th 2007, 12-2pm, B73 QMC

Present                                           Apologies
Fred Riley (chair)                                Jacqui Cahill
Nigel Owen (IS Learning Team)                     Stephen Timmons
Emma Dodd                                         Rita Pfund
Aaron Fecowycz                                    Fern Todhunter
Lucrezia Herman                                   Jenny Prior
Mitesh Patel                                      Ann Lawrie
Mike Taylor                                       Anita Hughes
Wendy Stanton
Jackie Wickham
Richard Windle
Heather Wharrad
Heather Rai
Damion McCormick
Tim Ford
Jennifer Dandrea (via videoconference from
Mansfield centre)

Minutes & matters arising from the previous meeting

Mitesh Patel, the School's new Media Developer, was introduced to the meeting.

New RLOs
RLO titles released since the last SONET meeting on January 10th:

       Dyslexia and Workplace Learning
       Numbers Needed to Treat and Numbers Needed to Harm (NNT/NNH)
       Positive and negative predictive value of diagnostic tests (PPV/NPV)
       Sensitivity and Specificity

Titles currently under development due to be released soon:

       Determining the clinical importance of trial results
       Glove use in clinical settings
       Bacteria and viruses compared

e-Learning on the School of Nursing website
Aaron Fecowycz briefly demonstrated a few of the e-learning materials he'd developed and
which are available for general use on the SoN website:

Oxygen Therapy
Management Workbook
Cardiology teaching package

All the above, and other resources, are available in the Practice Learning Team section of the
website at

Jackie Wickham of Intitute (, previously the Resource Discovery Network
(RDN), gave the meeting a briefing on Intute, and in particular the Health and Life Sciences
section (, previously BIOME/NMAP. Intute has
been funded for a further 5 years, and is now based at the Kinds Meadow campus. Jackie
demonstrated the H&LS site, which can be browsed by MesH and RCN taxonomies, and
includes a Virtual Training Suite with subject are tutorials and resource tours.

The Intute search can be embedded onto other websites, and Fred said he'd look into this as
a feature for the SONET site. [This has now been added to the site, under Subject Resources
at]. Resources are
selected and graded by Intute cataloguers, and can be 'star-rated' by end-users, though
there's a debate ongoing as to how useful or otherwise this is.

IS Learning Team news
Nigel Owen of the IS Learning Team introduced himself and described what he did for the
team. He's based at the Graduate Entry Medical School over in Derby working on VLE and
PBL case material. He reported that:

      the university is moving towards a Managed Learning Environment (MLE) to integrate
       existing VLEs and student record systems, and that Paul Distant had been recently
       appointed specifically to work on this.
      UoN had purchased the Equella digital repository
       ( to support the university's
       U-Now open courseware initiative, and to act as a repository for learning objects
       produced in the university
      "Turnitin" (, an anti-plagiarism software package, will be integrated
       into WebCT from September 2007
      e-portfolio software was being trialled
      the UoN has officially adopted Question Mark Perception
       ( as its primary assessment software,
       and the Learning Team will be running training courses at various faculties to
       familiaries staff with QMP
      an 'e-learning @ Nottingham' website is under development, as a 'sister' site to PESL
       ( The most recent e-Learning Community meeting
       had been dedicated to getting community suggestions for site content and features
       (see Appendix to these minutes)
      the Learning Team is currently develping materials for the MSc in Brewing Science
       taught at Suton Bonington

News & Events


Next SONET meeting
This will be held on Wednesday May 9th, 2007, 12-2pm, B73, QMC
The following is an email sent by the IS Learning Team leader, Andy
, on 8th March, 2007, to members of the community, as informal 'minutes' of the meeting on
March 7th, 2007, regarding the e-learning@nottingham website:

Dear all

 Thank you to those who managed to come to yesterday’s e-learning community
meeting. I thought it was a very useful and productive meeting. As mentioned
your suggestions and input will help directly shape the development of the e-
learning@Nottingham support website. From your feedback, the site appears to
have three main themes:

1] Community – an area to share ideas, communicate and build connections.

 2] Support – guides, problem-based support, FAQs, advice, contact lists, tips,
funding and tools available—staff and student centred.

3] Showcase – news, case studies, events, project updates, useful links.

 As mentioned, we will start to explore how best to start implementing the
suggestions raised, timescales and priorities. We will of course continue to
welcome your input as we move forward, and if you want to become more
actively involved during the development phase please let me know and I will add
you to a steering committee email list. I anticipate that this will mainly involve
canvassing opinion and reviewing prototype developments.

Also if there are others in your schools/departments who may also be interested
in this development, please forward my email to them.

Feedback from groups:

Green group: Review existing e-learning support sites. What features work well?
What doesn’t? What features should be included in our own site?

B’ham: (+) Clear design, technical support, plain structure, very functional.

UBC: (+) Related links, quick access to examples, upcoming events. (-) Lots of
info on start page.

Bristol: (+) Nice design, 5 steps to e-learning. (-) Outdated news, scarce

Edinburgh: (+) Limited number of items on start page. (-) Colour scheme, no
navigation, not obvious what’s new/updated, outdated docs.

Brookes: (-) Long navigation list.


Community site

Problem-based approach

Blog, annotating articles -> and comments
Frequent updates to attract attention

How to’s (with contacts)


Pro’s and Con’s of tools (wikis, blogs etc)

Who’s who (inc. photos) -> Community members

University e-learning web site!

Yellow Group: What support information would you need on e-
learning@nottingham today to support your current activities?

What’s available

-technologies to use

-staff support

-what’s not available

NAL awareness

How to guides/tutorials/FAQs


-web pages

-captivate demos

-‘experts’ directory

-NAL use

Support/user for a

-good practice/case study

-students & staff

e-Learning pedagogy

Student how to guides

Storyboards/templates -> for content authors
Copyright info & guidance

Image/digital asset repository

Guidance on embedding e-learning in teaching

Student feedback



-star rating

-maybe student only

Wiki area

-build up info & expertise

-students & staff

-Authenticated access

Events diary

Blue group: What direction should e-learning@nottingham take? What future
features/facilities should we include in the website?

Seen as a ‘portal’ (dashboard) -> editing wikis. Clear blogs, txt service

Gateway to txt service

Case studies & detailed info of projects
Password ‘integrated’ with other Uni services

Reference service -> accessibility, copyright, legal

RSS feeds

Aggregating information from various useful sites

Wish lists (for future improvements)


-      target public, students & staff (global, staff password protected)

-      Not integrated in WebCT

-      Easy to navigate (How do I? or A to Z)

Kind Regards

Andy Beggan

IS Learning Team

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