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					                                                         T eMple B eTh a M
                                                           Affiliated with the
                                                          United Synagogue of
                                                          Conservative Judaism
                                                                                              Kol kue
                                                                                               ogv                                         Voice of the People

                                                                   TEMPLE BETH AM OFFICERS & BOARD OF TRUSTEES
SIVAN–TAMMUZ–AV 5770 / VOL. 10, NO. 9, JUNE/JULY, 2010

                                                                                          PRESIDENT:               ROBERT RING
                                                                           EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT:               RON ALBERTS
                                                                              RECORDING SECRETARY:                 JANET METSON URMAN

                                                                                                  VICE PRESIDENTS:
                                                                                 BUDGET AND FINANCE:     LLOYD GILBERT
                                                                                          EDUCATION:     MIKE COHN
                                                                                  HOUSE AND GROUNDS:     PAUL KALT
                                                                                         MEMBERSHIP:     STUART TOCHNER
                                                                                          PERSONNEL:     DAVID LAUTER
                                                                                       PROGRAMMING:      KAREN KASS
                                                                              RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT:      ROBERT BRAUN
                                                                                              RITUAL:    MICHAL VAAKIL
                                                                                              YOUTH:     BRAD GROB
                                                                 RENEE BAINVOLL, MELISSA BERENBAUM, LARRY BRAMAN, ANDREW BUCHAN, DAVID COHEN, DEBORAH COHEN,
                                                                DORIT COOPER, STEVE DAVIS, JON DRUCKER, BRANT DVEIRIN, AGNES EMERT, MARNIE FRIEDMAN, SUSAN GREEN,
                                                                  STEVE GREY, SUE HETSRONI, ANN ISTRIN, PAM LEVINE, GABRIELA LITOV, ERIC MAMAN, LAURA LANDESMAN
                                                                  MANDEL, LARRY MILLER, CIPRA NEMETH, REBECCA PILCH, MICHAEL RUBIN, LINDA SALEM, MARK SAMUEL,
                                                                     JAY SANDERS, DIANNE SHERSHOW, SHARON SWERDLOW, RAY TIZABI, JUDY WEINSTOCK, STUART WEISS
                                                                           TILLIE BARNETT, EDIE BARTNOF, STANLEY BLACK, CHARLES BRUCKER, MILTON GOODMAN,
                                                                                ANN GORRIN, ELLEN L. JACOBS, ADELE KICHAVEN, ANNE MILLER. ROSE PILCH,
                                                                                        HYMAN WALTER, HAROLD WATERMAN, SHOSHI WILCHFORT

                                                                                        INSTALLATION SHABBAT DINNER - JUNE 11
                                                                   Make your reservation now for our Installation Shabbat dinner. Daven with the Neshama Minyan at
                                                                6:30p.m., followed by Installation of Officers & Board of Trustees and festive Shabbat dinner at 7:45p.m.
                                                                                       Adults: $20, Children ages 3-12: $10, Under 3: No charge.
                                                                                   RSVP online at or call Ariana at x223
                    Kol ha’aM
                  TeMple BeTh aM

                       Temple BeTh Am                                                      preSSmAn AcAdemy
1039 S. La Cienega Blvd. • Los Angeles, CA 90035                                           DIRECT PHONE LINE (310) 652-2002 School Fax (310) 360-0850
        (310) 652-7354 • (310) 652-2384 (fax)                                              Head of School              Rabbi mitchel malkus mmalkus     234
      To reach an operator, dial (310) 652-7353                                             Assistant                  abbey Bachrach       abachrach   265 •                                                  Day School Administrator Deborah Kollin          dkollin     266
                                                                                           Admission Director          Natalie Weiss        nweiss      276
Temple BeTh AM is an egalitarian Conservative synagogue that is
                                                                                           Elementary School Principal andrew Polsky        apolsky     232
devoted to spiritual and religious enrichment and that values Jewish
tradition while embracing innovation. Its many programs serve a multi-                      Assistant                  Ronit Shemesh        rshemesh    206
generational congregation. These include multiple opportunities for:                       Judaic Studies Principal Jill linder             jlinder     231
worship of God, adult learning, education of children and families,                        Middle School Principal Cheryl Hersh             chersh      214
acts of loving kindness, and outreach to those seeking community and                       Business Manager            Carol Norman         cnorman     233
meaning in their lives. The synagogue is committed to the institutions of                  Communications Coord. Kitty Zibli                kzibli      234
Conservative Judaism, the broader Jewish community, the State of Israel                    Coord. of Student Services michelle Porjes       mporjes     280
and the advocacy of democracy and religious pluralism.                                     Librarian                   Sapphira Fein        sfein       259
                                                                                           Religious School
Temple BeTh Am STAff                                                                        Principal                  Cassie Kirschbaum    ckirschbaum 224
TiTle                           Name                            email*              exT.    Assistant                  Beth Boxenhorn       bboxenhorn 230
Senior Rabbi            adam Kligfeld          akligfeld      210                          Early Childhood Center
Assoc. Rabbi            Susan leider           sleider        230                           Director                   angie Bass           abass       229
Executive Director      Sheryl Goldman         sgoldman       223                           Assistant                  Orly Henkin          ohenkin     228
Rabbi Emeritus          Joel Rembaum           jrembaum       200                           ECC Admission Coord. Betsy Krut                 bkrut       237
Rabbi Emeritus          Jacob Pressman                                                     Youth Director              alana levitt         alevitt     212
Rabbi Emeritus          Harry a. Silverstein                  200                          OfficerS 2009-2010
Interim Cantor          Robert Pflug           rpflug         502                          President               Diane Shapiro
Asst. to A Kligfeld     Cori Drasin            cdrasin        210                          Executive VP            Robert Ring
Asst. to S. Leider      Beth Boxenhorn         bboxenhorn 230                              Recording Secretary     Janet metson Urman
Program Director        alicia Drozen          adrozen        215                          Vice-Presidents
Communications Dir. Tamar Raucher              traucher       219                           Budget & Finance       lloyd Gilbert
                                                                                            Education              linda Salem
Membership Coord.       ariana Shane           ashane         223
                                                                                            House & Grounds        Paul Kalt 
Special Events Coord. Ronna Sundy              rsundy         217                           Membership             Stuart Tochner
B’nai Mitzvah Coord. Hilary Wolf               hwolf          225                           Personnel              Ron alberts
B’nai Mitzvah Tutor     Hillel Tigay           htigay         208                           Programming            Karen Kass
Controller              Kathe Pilch            kpilch         221                          Resource Development    mike Cohn 
Asst. to the Controller Victor Krymer          vkrymer        220                           Ritual                 Steve leventhal
Asst. to the Controller esti Saul              esaul          218                           Youth                  Brad Grob 
Facilities Manager      James Collins          jcollins       211                          Sisterhood Pres.        Gabriela litov
Facilities Coordinator amy Rabin               arabin         213
Receptionist            Sharon Webb            swebb          200                          Board Members 2009-2010
Mailroom Coordinator audrey Cohn               acohn          222                          Renne Dvorak Bainvoll   Susan Green         Jay Sanders
Office Assistant        Nedim Saul             nsaul          207                          melissa Berenbaum       Steve Grey          Bill Seligman
Happy Seniors           miriam Kavis           mkavis         521                          larry Braman            michael Harris      Dianne Shershow
Colker Judaica Gift Shop                                      226
                                                                                           Bob Braun               ann istrin          Julie Shuer
Security Office                                               202
Conference Room                                               216                          Sandra Braun            Pam Kurtz           Jill Sperling
Shiva Minyanim          ivy azizi                  (310) 854-6774                          alan Broidy             David lauter        Sheila Spiwak
Meals During Shiva      Bev Harris                 (310) 273-1280                          David Cohen             Pam levine          Neal Steiner
*all staff e-mail addresses are followed by unless otherwise listed             Deborah Cohen           Robert malina       Sharon Swerdlow
                                                                                           Steve Davis             laura landesman     michal Vaakil
  KOL HA’AM (USPS 008-599) is published monthly except bi-                                                                             Judy Weinstock
  monthly June/July & November/December by Temple Beth Am,                                 Jon Drucker             mandel
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Kol HaRav
    Two of my favorite times during the week occur on              meet, while I still appreciate those of you
Wednesdays. Wednesday morning at 8:30, I teach a class             who gently remind me your names before
in which we study Rashi’s commentary to the Torah. At              I have the chance to stumble over them,
12:45, I go into the Day School to teach 8th graders the           and while some names of the beautiful
commentaries of rashi, and others, on the story of exodus.         faces I see running through the school
In each setting, the method is (at least for me) as exhilarating   every day continue to elude me, I feel that
as the content. Whether the verse we focus on deals with           we have done a good job getting to know
transcendent moments such as the birth of Moshe and                one another. At least on the level of pshat.
Yitzhak on the altar, or relatively mundane details such               As I enter year two, with joy, hopefulness and a sense
as the number of camels Avraham’s servant took with him            of expectation, I wonder about what happens once you
when he went to find a bride for Yitzhak, there is always a        know someone’s name. What else is there to find out about
treasure waiting to be found, and the process that gets us         someone? For many of you, I now know your names,
there is both age-old and utterly relevant.                        perhaps where you live, where you choose to sit in shul. I
    Two words come up frequently in both classes: ‫פשט‬              am arriving at a certain mastery in the realm of pshat with
(pshat) and ‫( דרש‬drash). The former, from the Hebrew root          respect to the people, history, traditions and culture of
meaning “simple” refers to the plain meaning of a verse: the       TBA. I hope you feel the mirror experience in terms of your
data, the basic information conveyed. The latter, from the         getting to know me. The time has come to leap from pshat
Hebrew root meaning “to seek” is the deeper, interpretive,         to drash, for us to develop relationships with one another
richer and layered meaning that we Jews ascribe to, and            deep beyond data, factoids and the surface of reality. I am
believe exists within, every verse of the Torah. From the          eager to explore the drash of this community, and of each
word drash we get midrash, the vast collection of narrative        of you. I am grateful to many of you who have sought me
and halakhic/legal expansion of the rather terse piece of          out for extended conversations, exchanges in the hallways
literature that is the Torah. One of the first instances of the    beyond pleasant, but perfunctory, “good mornings”, and
root ‫( ש-ר-ד‬d-r-sh) in the Torah is when Rivkah goes ‫לדרש‬          other opportunities for deepening relationship. I encourage
(lidrosh)—to seek out—God when she experienced anguish             each of you to do just that. Parallel to that, I look forward
at the warring twins in her womb. Her plain experience was         to sharing more of myself, my dreams, and my vision for
one of misery; she sought from God a deeper meaning to             Jewish life in general and at TBA in particular with all of you.
her reality, and God provided it, prophesying that each fetus      I have tried, during this past year, to expose to much of the
would parent a nation, one mightier than the other. Though         congregation my own pshat, the core values and ideas that
it seems strange to say, the pshat of God’s response to            animate my Jewish life and my rabbinate.
Rivkah’s seeking is the first drash within the Torah itself.          Building enlivening prayer experiences that encourage
    The relationship between pshat and drash is critical to        us to stretch beyond ourselves, to stretch for the ecstatic
how Jews understand not only text, but also truth; pshat           within davvening; creating more opportunities for ongoing
and drash reflect the reality of all things. Things, people,       Torah-study; honoring and strengthening our multiple-
ideas, words, texts and even tunes can be known in more            minyan model while seeking out ways to nourish a greater
than one way. They can be known in a cursory way, on               sense of wider community—these are all components of
the level of pshat. And when there is sufficient curiosity,        the pshat of my work, my value-system. As we continue
investment of time, love and care, we can arrive at the kind       to know one another, and grow together, I am excited to
of knowing that is drash, deeply nourishing and constantly         explore the drash we will end up writing together.
self-revealing.                                                       The text of the life and history of Jewish peoplehood
   I bring these ideas to you as a way of closing out my first     in Los Angeles, the West Coast, and America will be
year at TBA. You may remember that my initial article in the       composed, at least partially, by us and by what we fashion
Kol Ha’am, last August, focused on names, my desire and            together. The richer the bonds that exist between us, the
interest to learn yours and my aspiration to earn mine. I          more we push ourselves to leap from pshat to drash in our
feel proud, and enriched, thinking of all of the members of        relationships with one another and with Judaism itself, the
the TBA family I have met this year, whose names I know            more wondrous our shared text will be.
as if I have known them for decades. And I feel touched               What a wonderful year. Here is to many more!
thinking how many of you have had the generosity of
                                                                           Rabbi Adam Kligfeld
spirit to embrace me not only as “the new rabbi” but also
as your rabbi. While there are many of you I have yet to
                Kol ha’aM
              TeMple BeTh aM

    Attitude, it’s all in the attitude. This is one of those themes that       Most recently, I found myself thinking
seem to keep cropping up, wherever I turn. At a recent meeting             about joy and attitude was when I was sitting
with United Synagogue regional leaders, I had the opportunity              at my daughter’s commencement from Indiana
to hear Rabbi Ed Feinstein speak about the importance of both              University. Each and every speaker touched on
experiencing and building on the joy of our movement instead of            the importance of attitude in forging a future of
focusing on where we fall short. As some of you may know, there is a       success. It’s not about what we take but what we
major restructuring going on in United Synagogue of Conservative           give, and my personal favorite from the Dean
Judaism, and much of the attention is being directed towards               of the Kelley School of Business who told the graduates “It’s not
our limitations. Rabbi Feinstein encourages all of us to shift our         all about you”.
attitudes, take pride in our accomplishments and to use this to                So what does all of this have to do with Temple Beth Am? As this
build momentum and excitement that will be infectious and draw             is my last chance to submit an article to the President’s column of
people back to the joys of living a Conservative Jewish life.              the Kol Ha’am, I wanted to share these thoughts with you. Even
    The topic came up again when I recently read the book                  though many of you know the cynical side of me, you probably
Worship in Joy by Rabbi Hershel Brooks and Robert Mirisch, a               also know how much I value the ability to roll with the punches.
former member of the Board of TBA who relocated to Las Vegas               We all know that life throws us any number of curve balls and it’s
at least 10 years ago. This book focused on the use of humor and           not “if” but “how” we weather them that makes us who we are.
storytelling in rabbinic speaking to keep the kahal attentive,             And that is all about attitude. We all face challenges individually,
amused and connected. The issue of joy and laughter surfaced in            but with the help of a loving community we can hold our heads
Rabbi Brooks’ philosophy that Jews are commanded to “Worship               up and plod through life’s difficult trials. We can make this world
God in Joy” and this pertains not only to the individual but to the        a better place by simply checking our attitudes and adjusting
atmosphere of synagogue worship which should be one of a joyous            them when necessary.
song of the heart. “No matter how or what feeling of doom one                  It has been an absolute pleasure serving as your President
may have when entering a house of worship, when he leaves the              for the last two years and I hope you will be able to join us as we
shul it should be with a joyous feeling, a smiling feeling, a good         celebrate the transfer to our incoming President, robert ring.
feeling having gone to shul and a hopeful feeling that my prayers              B’Shalom
will be answered.”                                                             Diane Shapiro

                                Join the AUDIENCE as we SHOW
                                    Our Thanks to President
                                        DIANE SHAPIRO
                                      Sunday, June 6, 2010                                                               For

                                     6:00 p.m. Festive Buffet
                                                                                                                      or more
                                  7:30 p.m. Program, followed by                                                    information,
                                     Dessert and Prize Drawing                                                           call
                                    Special Presentation of                                                             x223
                             Ben Siegel Community Service Award                                                        or visit

                                      to Mark Bernstein                                                              www.tbala.


Kol Ha Neshama
    On April 11, I boarded an El Al plane bound for Israel with         Magen partnership. The initial premise
a group of Pressman Academy Day School 6th grade students,              of the conversation was for Dalia to share
parents and staff as part of the Pressman delegation to the Magen       with us her tragic loss of her beloved fiancée
School in Tel Aviv sponsored by the Jewish Federation. For the          Amir in the Lebanon War. Her real-life story
next eleven days, our students were immersed in the day-to-day          poignantly illustrates the reality that almost
happenings in the classrooms and on the grounds of the Magen            every Israeli citizen has either lost a loved
School, while we parents experienced the pleasure of nurturing          one in military service or knows an Israeli
relationships with Tel Aviv parents, as well as travelling to the Old   who has. For this reason, Yom Ha Zikaron,
City of Jerusalem for Shabbat, the Negev and more.                      Memorial Day, is a very personal as well as a communal day of
    One of the highlights of the trip was an intimate and               remembering and mourning.
passionate discussion that Pressman parents enjoyed with                    Towards the end of this discussion, we began to discuss
Dalia Peleg, a Magen parent and a founder of the Pressman               the reality that so many Israelis, like Dalia, label themselves,
                                                                        “secular.” This label, despite the fact that Dalia’s family recites
                                                                        Kiddush in their home on a weekly basis, and their son studied
BAIT Tefillah NEWS                                                      and became Bar Mitzvah, persists and only serves to deepen the
Prayer Skills - Summer is a great time to honor your skills             divide between what is known as the datim and hilonim – the
in leading a part of the Shabbat morning service, reading Torah         “religious” and the secular Jews. I attempted to share with Dalia
or having an aliyah (no Hebrew reading required). Although              the following: I told Dalia she was “religious.” I told Dalia that
our Prayer Skills Workshops will be on hiatus during the                many Jews and many Israelis are “religious.” They may not be
summer, please feel free to contact Rabbi Leider if you would           observant, but they are “religious” because they seek and want
like to meet over the summer to work on any liturgical skills           connection with God. As Rabbi Elliot Dorff continuously reminds
for BAIT Tefillah. MP3 files are now available for learning the         us, the word, “religion” derives from the same Latin source as
Shahrit, Torah service or the Musaf service. Please contact Beth        the English word, “ligament,” meaning connection. Religion is
Boxenhorn and she will email a file to you.                             meant to connect us and I believe that most human beings seek
                                                                        connection. When we are talking about Jews (at least in English)
Steering Committee - Thank you to Michal Vaakil, the                    and use the word “religious,” in lieu of “observant,” we lessen
chair of the BAIT Tefillah Steering Committee, charged with             the divide that separates us. As an observant Jew, I am no more
carrying out the Strategic Plan for the minyan. Michal will be          “religious” than a Jew who is not yet observing specific aspects
transitioning into her new role as VP of Ritual for TBA. Cindy          of Shabbat or who does not count the Omer. We can say that
Levey will succeed her for the upcoming year. Thank you to the          religiosity is something that we have inside of us and observance
following TBA congregants who served on this committee in               is the Jewish way to externalize that connection.
the past year: Jairo and Jenethen Angulo, rabbi ronnie Cohen,               I was grateful that through this initial conversation about Yom
Judy Cowan, Mike and Francine Farkas, Warren Goldstone,                 Ha Zikaron, that our TBA and Pressman community entered into
Marshall Kramer and Cindy Levey. We welcome new committee               important dialogue with Dalia about Judaism, our perception of
members: Rebecca Friedman and Neal Steiner.                             Jews and ultimately our connection with God. Hopefully this is a
Minyan Meeting - Our next Minyan Meeting is on Sunday,                  conversation that can happen on a broader basis as we continue to
August 15 at 9:00 a.m. Open to the entire BAIT community, this          nurture the relationships that we formed with Israeli parents during
is a forum for discussing any minyan questions or concerns.             this trip. It is an important conversation and one that help to make
We will also finish preparations for the High Holidays at this          our Jewish community stronger, more nuanced and whole.
meeting.                                                                    Rabbi Susan Leider

  Family Shabbat Service                                                  RAPPING ABOuT WRAPPING
  Advisory Committee                                                      TEFILLIN CLASS
     Thank you to the following volunteers who served
                                                                             June 20 at 9:00a.m. with Rabbis Kligfeld & Leider
  on this committee during the 2010-2011 year: Janet Rich
  Weissman (chair), David Bard, Jen elad, elyssa elbaz,                     Learn the the “why’s and “how’s of Tefillin, for first-
  Rodger Grossman, Jennifer Kleinert-Misher, Nancy Steiner,                timer learners or those who need a refresher course!
  Ray Tizabi. This committee offered valuable feedback on                     This workshop is for both Teens & Adults alike.
  the Shir Shabbat Family Service that takes place Shabbat                                     RSVP to Cori Drasin at cdrasin@
  morning three times each year and also on the Family
  Kabbalat Shabbat that takes place on a monthly basis
  during the year. Thank you for all of your insight, guidance                                       Or call 310-652-7353 x210
  and help in creating and nurturing these services.

             Kol ha’aM
           TeMple BeTh aM

OuR B'NAI MITZVAH                                                               Bris and Baby Namings
                                                                   BARAN NAIM, daughter of Karmen and Arjang Naim, sister
                 DEAN LAzAROF                                      of Arian and Iman, born on April 10, given the name Ester
                 Son of Hazie and Julie Lazarof
                                                                   ELLA zAhAVA CONROy, daughter of Esther Selk and Andrew
                 Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel
                                                                   Conroy, granddaughter of Bonita & Larry Selk, born on April
                 March 25
                                                                   20, given the name Yael Zahava
                        AVIShAI RABIN                              DANIEL AVNER GADARIAN, son of Kathryne and David
              Son of Amy and Jeff rabin,                           Gadarian, born on April 28, given the name Daniel Avner
     grandson of Barbara and Jerry rabin
                                 April 10
                                                                                     WELCOME NEW MEMBERS

                 LAuREN kuRTz                                                        Aaron & Jennifer Aftergood
                 Daughter of Pamela and Dr. Lyle Kurtz                                ran & Hadar Aizenman
                 June 5                                                                  elan & Dahlia Carr
                                                                                       Adam & Danielle Fogel
                                                                                     Shepard & Sandra Grinker
                     MONICA RAMSEy
                                                                                           Katrina Nelson
                Daughter of Shelley Gilad
                                                                                   ronnie eisen & robin Schaffran
                    and Joseph ramsey
                                                                                      Michael & Laura Steuer
                                  June 12

                 AARON DROOkS
                 Son of Mark and Donna (z”l) Drooks
                                                                   WEDDINGS & ENGAGEMENTS
                 June 19                                           CASSIE kIRSChBAuM AND EITAN WEINSTOCk, son of
                                                                   Allen & Judy Weinstock, married on May 13

                    ROBERT MALEkAN                                 Mazal Tov to TAMERA FARkAS, daughter of Francine &
               Son of Sharona Hasid and                            Michael Farkas, on her engagement to JEREMy SANDLER.
                       Mansoor Malekan
                                June 26

                 DANIEL REICh
                 Son of Gloria Reich                                 to RABBI ARyEh COhEN and RABBI BEN GOLDSTEIN
                 July 3                                              on their rabbinic ordination from the Ziegler School of
                                                                     rabbinic Studies;
                 NICOLE hAIIMPOOR                                    to MIChELLE k. WOLF on receiving her Honorary
          Daughter of Yvonne and robert                              Doctorate Degree from Hebrew Union College – Jewish
                             Haiimpoor                               Institute of religion.
                                 July 24

    IN   We extend our condolences to the bereaved families and record the passing of:     Farewell to
         VIVIAN BARTLE, mother of Kathleen (Seth) Schulweis                                Rabbi Ben Goldstein!
    M    ALICE BLOOM, mother of ron Bloom.                                                 Thank you to our outgoing
    E    MOLLIE GASkIN, mother of Arnold (Sue) Gaskin and Roger Gaskin                     Rabbinic Intern Ben Goldstein
    M    ChERyL JACOBSON, wife of Larry Jacobson.                                          who was so much a part of our TBA
    O    LARRy SChARF, husband of elsie, father of Andrea (Ken Krug) Scharf
                                                                                           family this year. Ben will be moving
                                                                                           to Temple Beth El Mekor Chaim in
    R    TAuBA SChuSTER, mother of Frida (Mark) Greenberg                                  Cranford, New Jersey with his wife
                                                                                           Caren Heller and daughter Abigail.
    A    ABRAhAM WOLF, father of Martha White
                                                                                           We wish them the best on their
                                                                                           new adventure.

                                     MAZAL TOV TO OUR GRADS!!
REBECCA ABELES, daughter of Debbie                  JENNA FREEMAN, daughter of rodney & Beth           BENJAMIN LOWy, son of Janine and Peter
and Jerry Abeles, will graduate from Milken         Freeman, is graduating from Milken Commu-          Lowy, is graduation from Milken Community
Community High School, and will attend UC           nity High School . She will be attending a year    High School and will be attending Columbia/
Berkeley.                                           program called Kivunim based in Israel , then      JTS.
                                                    attending University of Wisconsin .
TALIA ALBERTS, daughter of Ron and Vivian                                                              MIChAEL NOuRIAN, son of Yoram & Soheila
Alberts, will be graduating from Northwestern       SAMuEL FELDMAN GREENE, son of Lisa
                                                                                                       Nurian, will graduate from Beverly Hills High
University.                                         Feldman & Brian Greene is graduating from
                                                                                                       School and will go to Santa Monica College.
                                                    Milken Community High School and will be
ShIRA ESThER ARTSON, daughter of elana
                                                    attending Pitzer College in Claremont , CA         TANNIS PRESSER, daughter of Jeff Presser &
& rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, is a graduating
                                                    ELIShEVA GROB, daughter of Sharon &                Tracy Hellman will be graduating from Shalhevet
Senior at the New Community Jewish High
                                                    Brad Grob, will be graduating New Jewish           High School. Tannis will be starting her
School. She will be in Israel for the year on the
                                                    Community High School. She will be attending       freshmen year at The University of Arizona.
Aardvark Israel Program, and then will be a
                                                    American University in Washington D.C.
student at Goucher College in Baltimore.                                                               yAEL RABIN, daughter of Amy and Jeffrey rabin
                                                    EVE hAVIVI, daughter of Debby Schmidt              & granddaughter of Barbara and Jerry rabin,
AyAL BAINVOLL, son of efraim & renne
                                                    and Avi Havivi, is graduating from Milken          will be graduating from Shalhevet High School.
Dvorak Bainvoll, is graduating UCLA Magna
                                                    Community High School, and will be attending
Cum Laude and will be attending New York                                                               Next year she will be studying in Jerusalem
                                                    Pitzer College.
University School of Law.                                                                              at the Midreshet Lindenbaum seminary. The
                                                    ARIEL hEChT, son of Sara & Myron Hecht,            following year, she will commence college
EDON BAINVOLL, son of efraim & renne
                                                    received his Masters degree in Biomedical          studies at SUNY Binghamton.
Dvorak Bainvoll, is graduating with honors
                                                    engineering at the University of Michigan,
from Westview School and will be attending          where he is continuing his studies and research    LIOR AND AMIT ROzEN, daughters of ronit
West Los Angeles College                            in pursuit of a PhD.                               and Yosi rozen are graduating high school
JOSh BASS, son of Artie & Angie, is graduating                                                         from LACeS and attending college at UC
                                                    VIVIAN hEChT, daughter of Sara & Myron
from USC.                                           Hecht, is graduating from UCLA, department         Santa Cruz.
LEAh BAuM, will graduate from Beverly Hills         of Bioengineering. Vivian will continue her        RAChEL SChLOSSBERG, daughter of Abraham
High School and attend UC San Diego.                studies in pursuit of a PhD at MIT.                and Darlene Schlossberg, is graduating from
ShOShANA RINA BERNSTEIN, daughter of                DEBORAh, RAChEL & SARAh hERMAN,                    UCLA.
Dr. Karen rabin & Joseph Bernstein and grand-       daughters of Jeanne & David Herman, are
                                                                                                       ALEzA ShAPIRO, daughter of Diane Shapiro,
daughter of Barbara & Jerry Rabin, will gradu-      the first triplets to ever graduate from the
                                                                                                       is graduating from the Kelley School of
ate from the Berman Hebrew Academy in               University of Southern California. rachel,
                                                    Deborah and Sarah will be studying at USC          Business at Indiana University with a degree
Maryland. She will attend the Medreshet Lin-
                                                    for an additional year to receive their MA         in Marketing.
denbaum Seminary in Jerusalem and then the
                                                    degrees.                                           TIFFANy SILVER, daughter of Steve & Temmie
University of Maryland the following year.
                                                    SIVAN hETSRONI, daughter of Susan & Ofer           Silver will be graduating Palisades Charter high
ELIzABETh CANTOR, daughter of Miriam
                                                    Hetsroni, is graduating from Los Angeles           School and was accepted to The Art Institute
and Phil Cantor, will be completing her
                                                    Center for enriched Studies (LACeS). She’ll        in Santa Monica.
Undergraduate work at UC Santa Cruz with a
                                                    be attending the University of Wisconsin,
Major in Environmental Studies, and a Minor                                                            ELLIOT SPERLING, son of Jill & Skip Sperling
in Jewish Studies.                                                                                     will be graduating from Hamilton High School
                                                    ROByN kLITzky, daughter of Stephen Klitzky
DANIELLE DRASIN, daughter of Larry &                                                                   Academy of Music. He will be attending UC San
                                                    & Arlene Milrad and the grand daughter of
Cori Drasin, graduated Indiana University                                                              Diego Music School.
                                                    edith Milrad, is graduating from Beverly Hills
in December with a degree in Apparel                High School . In August she leaves for Israel to   LEORA G. WEINSTOCk, daughter of Allen &
Merchandising. She is presently employed at         participate in the Nativ Program and then will     Judy Weinstock is graduating from Shalhevet
the Law Offices of Steven Sion, Inc.                attend Boston University .                         High School, and will be attending USC School
BENJAMIN ELIJAh EMERT, son of Dr. Semyon            AVA kOFMAN, granddaughter of Marilyn               of Cinematic Arts.
and Agnes emert, is graduating from Santa           Ziering, is graduating from Harvard Westlake
Monica College and transferring to UCLA as a                                                           MATThEW zIERING, grandson of Marilyn
                                                    School and attending Yale University .
Pre Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular                                                             Ziering, is graduating from The New School
                                                    JESSIE LEIDER, daughter of Jeff & rabbi            Liberal Arts College.
Genetics major.
                                                    Susan Leider, is graduating from Hamilton’s
ROChELLE hAyA EMERT, daughter of Dr.                Music Academy and will be and attending            NATALIE zIERING, granddaughter of
Semyon and Agnes emert, is graduating UCSD          University of Delaware Honors Program/Vocal        Marilyn Ziering, is graduating from New York
and interning with ACLU.                            Performance at the School of Music.                University.
                Kol ha’aM
              TeMple BeTh aM

Hooray for Science!
    Pressman Academy Middle School students had incredible                         Yasher koah also to the following students who received
success at the recent Los Angeles County Science Fair and four                 honorable mention awards at L.A. County :
students qualified for, and participated in, the California State                  Sydney Barenholtz & Donna heikali - Honorable mention
Science Fair at the California Science Center ! Each year our                  biochemistry & molecular biology (Does the level of vitamin C
Middle School students participate in the Pressman Academy                     in oranges change with the freshness of the orange?)
Science Fair and the top projects from the fair are invited to                     kyle Shaby - Honorable mention Microbiology (How do the
participate in the L.A. County Science Fair. This year there were              ingredients in bread impact the rate of mold growth?)
over 100 schools and 709 students in the L.A. County Science Fair                  The following students also represented Pressman Academy
Junior Division (6th - 8th). Pressman sent twelve projects to the              at L.A. County: Eva Jason - Plant Physiology (Does the type of
Fair, six of which became finalists, and four of which qualified to            fertilizer used impact the rate of growth in Tulip bulbs). heila
advance to the State Fair.                                                     Precel & Aryn Plax - Engineering Research (Can solar power
    Mazal Tov to the following students who placed at the L.A. County          be used to charge a battery as effectively as using a plug-in
Fair; they are shown here with their exhibits for the State Fair:              charger?) Joel Seligman - Plant Physiology (What effect does
BELOW: Left to right: Gabriella Lewin - 3rd place plant physiology             noise pollution have on the growth rate of plants?) Ivy Schneider
(The effect of phototropism on gravitropism in plants). Ariel                  - Behavioral Sciences (What effect does listening to a major
Mendelsohn - 3rd place pharmacology (Which type of foods are                   key and a song in a minor have upon an individual's mood?)
best to eat when taking NSAID medications).                                                              Janine Moses - engineering Applications
Rina Goldman - 2nd place plant physiology                                                                (Does the position of an insulin pump in
(The effect of Caffeine on Plant Growth)                                                                 relation to the injection site impact the
                                                                                                         rate at which the insulin is dispensed?)
                                                                                                         yotam Likhovski - Biochemistry &
                                                                                                         Molecular Biology (Does temperature
                                                                                                         and climate affect the concentration of
                                                                                                         polyphenols in red grape wine?)
                                                                                                                  Mazal tov to all the students who
                                                                                                              participated. We are proud of the
                                                                                                              hard work you put into your projects.
                                                                                                              Yishar koah to our wonderful science
                                                        ABOVE: Jeremy Barenholtz - 3rd place
                                                        biochemistry & molecular biology (The effect          teachers eric Hartung and Kiri Patel on
                                                        that fat content in ice cream has upon the            a fantastic job teaching and preparing
                                                        rate at which the ice cream melts)                    our students.

     Pressman Academy extends a hearty Yishar koah to the faculty and staff from our three schools for reaching significant milestones in their service
     to our school. Each year we recognize teachers and staff at their first, third, seventh, thirteenth, and twentieth year as part of our faculty. We
     are blessed to have an outstanding faculty and staff and we want to thank them for their dedication and commitment to our community.
               1 Year anniversarY                                                                                 7 Year anniversarY
                Victoria Beckett                                                                                     DeBBie aBeles
                  amy Bryman                                   3 Year anniversarY                                 sHaron BacHaracH
                 DoV GottesfelD                               essia cartoon-freDman                                Bat-sHeVa coHen
                  orly Henkin                                  ilana Geffen-Winter                                 aliza HenDizaDeH
                 anDrea HoDos                                      eric HartunG                                      racHel Parker
                  nili isenBerG                                     lara krinsky                                     susie Pretsky
               sonya maHGrefteH                                      lee laHmy                                       linDsey sunDy
                   elana miro                                        mia ParDo
                Danna mor-liVne                                    rita sHacHar                                  13 Year anniversarY
                    kiri Patel                                      yaffa touBi                                    francine farkas
                  aViVa Plafkin
                micHelle raPPort                                                                                 20 Year anniversarY
                   renee reiz                                                                                        DeBBie DuBB
                 noa scHecHter


Teacher Profile: Soheila Nourian
             Written by: Randi and zahi Ashkenazi                  educated in Iran. For this reason, Soheila enrolled her own
    Soheila Nourian’s face is a familiar one within the walls      children, two sons and a daughter, here to provide them with
of the eCC. She has been nurturing children in the eCC’s           all that she admires about the school and its philosophies.
transition program for seventeen years. Her warmth, genuine        Growing up as a Jewish person in Iran did not allow her the
care, and love for her students pervade each child’s                           freedom to study and practice Judaism. This is why
experience in her classroom.                                                   she and her husband Yoram, who have been happily
    When Soheila first entered Pressman Academy                                married for 22 years, decided to choose a Jewish Day
with her oldest son, she knew immediately that                                 School experience for their three children Brian,
this was a place she wanted to stay. She began to                              20, Michael, 18, and Maya, 9, who have all been
attend UCLA to pursue her studies in the field of                              educated here at Pressman Academy.
education, and in 1994 she took on her first class of                              Teaching two-year-olds for so many years
two-year-olds as a teacher’s assistant. Now, so many                           requires a wealth of patience and love. As she
years later, she still enjoys every moment of her day                          uses all of the new strategies she learns, Soheila
here. She appreciates all of the opportunities that Pressman                   is amazed at how her students grow and develop
Academy has offered her as an educator and a student of            over the course of the school year. “They are like sponges!” she
education. Taking full advantage of professional development       says, soaking up all their learning. For example, the school has
experiences, Soheila works to incorporate new learning into        been working on helping students become more independent
her daily interactions with the children.                          problem solvers this year. Soheila has watched as the children
    Originally from Iran, Soheila immigrated here with her         she teaches begin to incorporate the strategies that the teachers
three sisters and her parents in 1985. She is continually struck   have been modeling into their daily interactions with peers.
by the ways that Pressman Academy allows its students to gain          Morah Soheila is a wonderful part of the two-year-old
confidence and develop as individuals, a system of studying        transition program here at Pressman, and she has touched the
and learning that is strikingly different from how she was         lives of countless students who have benefited from her love
                                                                   for children and her dedication to her work.

    Are you looking for a wonderful, stimulating,
          and exciting experience to share                           The Parenting Institute of Pressman Academy…
              with your baby or toddler?                             Your Source for Parenting Support & Education
   You need look no further than our wonderful & varied              Come Participate in Any or All of These
  Parent and Me class offerings this Summer:                                upcoming Programs:
  Music Parent and Me with kira Rappaport                            Drop in and Shmooze About “Tweens”:
  Through instruments song and dance, this class instills
  a musical foundation that will last a lifetime. Come play          Join Sari Abrams, and other parents of
  and make music with your child!                                    3rd, 4th and 5th Graders for a monthly
  There will be classes for Infants, Babies and Toddlers.            session to discuss issues particularly
                                                                     relevant to parenting “Tweens.”
  Nanny and Me with Gabrielle kaufman                                8:00 a.m., on the 1st Thursday of every
  Nannies and children will play, sing and interact with             month: June 3.
  one another. Discussions in Spanish will address the
  issues and challenges that can arise in the nanny-child                       Book Talk and Parenting Shmooze:
  relationship. Tuesday Mornings 9:15-10:15.
                                                                                each month Sari Abrams will introduce one
  Shabbat Parent and Me with Gabrielle kaufman                                  Parenting Book and then facilitate a lively
  Join families with young children in our weekly Shabbat                       “shmooze” about your own parenting issues,
  themed parenting and play class.                                              concerns and challenges as they relate to that
  Friday mornings 9:00-10:00.                                                   month’s topic. 12:30 P.M - 1:30 P.M. on the 1st
                                                                                Tuesday of Every Month: June 1.
    Contact Betsy in the Pressman ECC office at 310 652-7354
        X237 for more information on all our classes                    Please contact Sari Abrams, Parenting Institute
                   or email                            Coordinator, for more information or to arrange a
                                                                      time to “shmooze” individually. (310) 652-7354 x298
                                                                                 or e-mail:

               Kol ha’aM
             TeMple BeTh aM

TBA uSY Year in Review
    The year is coming to a close and it’s time to reflect on our         People wait a full week to be able to run into the lounge to
time together. As exiting president I am happy to report that        eat, discuss updates on our lives, and show each other recently
TBA is better and stronger than ever! TBA USY is a family, and       discovered YouTube videos. We sometimes have Rabbis join us
you are invited to join that family! If you are a current 6th-11th   for what TBA calls “Rap with the Rabbi”, special guests from Israel
grader, make sure you give TBA USY a try!                            programs come to promote summers in Israel, and we even get
    We started the year off with our annual Opening Shabbat          visits from past staff and TBA USY alumni just wanting to visit.
Dinner in September, graciously hosted every year by Alan and             I’ve always described our weekly lounges as a safe haven in
Heather Broidy. The board worked hard making phone calls,            our busy lives where we can be with friends and let loose. The
passing out flyers to friends at school and at LA Hebrew High,       spirit of lounge nights have always been the most welcoming
making facebook videos, and texting friends.                         inclusive parts of Beth Am USY, and it continues to play a huge
    When it came to the night of the dinner, over 80 people          role in what makes the chapter shine.
came. We were stunned, realizing that all the hard work was               There are no words that I can put on this piece of paper
worth it. Many of the USYers of Temple Beth Am have known            that you are reading to describe how phenomenal my chapter
each other since preschool. Others formed a bond through             is. These USYers perform above and beyond when it comes to
USY after they learned not to separate between Day School and        dedication, pride, and ruach. None of this could have been
Religious School kids. Some USYer’s parents don’t even attend        possible without my wonderful board. I will miss you all next
TBA. In the end, we are family. On that night of the Shabbat         year but I know we’ll keep in touch!!
dinner, and on many other occasions throughout this year, the           President- Sivan Hetsroni
TBA USY family is there for each other.                                 Executive Programming VP- Ami Fields-Meyer
    Since the Opening Shabbat Dinner, our board has worked to           Communications VP- Sarah Leider
make events fun, new, and exciting this year. Events such as our        Membership/Kadima VP- Shira Artson
Chapter Conclave retreat, Super Spy Sleepover Night and the             Social Action/ Tikkun Olam VP- Ellie Grob
regional SATO/HeHalutzim Kinnus have tested our strength                Israel Affairs VP- Robyn Klitzky
as a chapter. Through the ups and downs, we have come out               Religion/Education VP- Jessie Leider
of each event with a stronger bond with one another, a lesson           Secretary/Historian- Tiffany Silver
learned, and constructive ideas for upcoming events.                    Parliamentarian- Sammy Bass
    While structured events bring in the bigger crowds, TBA             O p e n B o a rd Me m b e r s - Je re m y Ba c h a ra c h a n d
USY’s family is close because of our down time together. This                Gil Hetsroni
could happen on a bus, like last year’s seven hour trip to Las          Conclave Co-Chairs- Talia Cohen, Talya Schlesinger and
Vegas Kinnus. It could happen at a sleepover, like when many                 Adina rosenberg
USYers never slept at all at our Super Spy Sleepover Night in           Kinnus Co-Chairs- Zach Drucker and Hannah Markovic
February. Last but most certainly not least, it happens at our
weekly Lounge Nights.                                                   Junior USY President- Matthew Shterenberg
                                                                        Junior USY Vice President- Samantha Silver
                                                                     I hope you all have an amazing summer and another excellent
                                                                     year in the Fall!
     SHABBAT UNDER THE STARS - JUNE 25                                   B’Shalom,
                                                                         Sivan Hetsroni
              Start Shabbat under the stars                              TBA USY Chapter President, 2009-2010

     with Rabbis Kligfeld & Leider at 6:30 p.m. on

                     the Pilch Rooftop.                                TBA AND PRESSMAN FAMILIES –
                                                                       SAVE THE DATE:
     Dinner will follow immediately after services.

         Cost: $18 per adult (ages 13 and up),                             For the past two years, approximately 50
                                                                           families have participated in our annual
     $12 for children 3-12, under 3 years are free.                          Family Shabbaton at Camp Ramah.
                                                                                         Save the date
      Please RSVP at or call                              for our next memorable weekend:
     Cori Drasin at x210 by Wednesday June 23.                                       December 10-12, 2010
                                                                               More information will be provided
                                                                                     during High Holidays


“All Our Bags Are Packed, We’re Ready to Go…”
    Shalom! Whether you are familiar with the classic Peter, Paul
and Mary song of the 70’s, if you know any of the Pressman
Academy sixth graders who recently returned from the annual
trip to our partner school in Israel, you undoubtedly have
heard some of their impressions of their whirlwind eleven-
day experience. Twenty-two students, nine parents, and three
faculty members experienced hakhnasat orhim, the welcoming
of guests, at the highest level. We are in our Bar Mitzvah year
of our partnership with the Magen School in Maoz Aviv, a
community at the northern tip of Tel-Aviv. For eleven days, our
students lived in Israeli homes, went to an Israeli school, and
shared in the day-to-day activities of their Israeli friends. They
were totally immersed in Israeli culture.
    Deborah engel Kollin, our Partnership Program Coordinator,
along with Rabbi Chaim Tureff, our Rav Beit Sefer, and
Sapphira Fein, our school literacy specialist, accompanied the
delegation. These outstanding educators each made their own
                                                                     Israel experience began. Hebrew began to fly back and forth
unique contributions to the success of this year’s trip, and we
                                                                     between Pressman and Magen students. From the Tekes B’not
are appreciative and grateful to them for making the experience
                                                                     Mitzvah, Yom Ha-zikaron, and Yom Ha-atzmaut ceremonies,
so memorable for everyone who participated. Todah rabbah!
                                                                     observances, and celebrations, our students quickly realized
    Allow me to share some of the highlights of this year’s trip,
                                                                     that they were fortunate to be in Israel during a very special
along with some of the participants’ own words. The trip began
                                                                     time of the year.
with the recitation of t’fillat ha-derekh, the travelers’ prayer,
                                                                         Sleeping in a Bedouin tent, climbing Masada in time to
which is said before embarking on a journey. Everyone gathered
                                                                     catch a glorious sunrise, swimming in the ancient pools of Ein
together at LAX and read the prayer for a safe trip. Once aboard
                                                                     Gedi, shopping on the Ben-Yehudah mall, and Shabbat in the
the El Al plane, the Israeli experience began! As our delegation
                                                                     Old City of Jerusalem—what did our students have to say about
flew east, the sun began to set, and Yom Ha-shoah, Holocaust
                                                                     all of this? Here are some of their impressions of their trip:
remembrance Day, began. The entertainment on the flight
reflected this somber day, and our students knew that they           • This was an amazing experience.
were on an El Al flight.                                             • I have been to Israel before; this was different from all my
    Upon their arrival in Israel, the delegation was treated              other trips.
to a royal welcome at the Magen School, and the official             • This was the experience of a lifetime!
                                                                                           • I will remember this trip forever. It was
                                                                                                a life-changing experience.
                                                                                           • It was “way better” than I expected.
                                                                                           • I loved the Israeli food!
                                                                                           • Israelis are confident of their abilities.
                                                                                           • This trip was really fun.
                                                                                           • I now have new friends on the other
                                                                                                side of the world.
                                                                                           • It was very special to see so many holy
                                                                                           • I connected with Magen and Israel.
                                                                                           • It was a mind-blowing experience.
                                                                                           • I want to do it again next year!
                                                                                               We are already in the planning stages
                                                                                           for next year’s partnership programs!
                                                                                               Watch this space for further updates
                                                                                           on next year’s delegation exchanges.

                                                                                               Jill Linder
                                                                                               Judaic Studies Principal

               Kol ha’aM
               K o l h Beth
             Temple a ’ a M Am
             TeMple BeTh aM
                                                                ohy ihrd
                                            Guarding                            The Garden
                                                                                    expect based on those fairly good numbers regarding
Water: Still Gotta Save!
MAKING IT EASIER FOR YOU                                                             Green Team Expands Web Presence
                                                                                    snowpack and precipitation,” Cowin observed. “We
TOAs the weather warms, high water-use season is
   MAKE A DIFFERENCE                                                                Noware for:
                                                                                   still you can visit suffering from the dry conditions of

                                                               GR             M •	 Green Team Action Alerts
comingwe head into those lazy and drought, conserving
     As our way. Drought or no far too hazy LA summer
                                                                  E EN   TEA the last three years.”
water this installment of Guardingan option. bringsnecessity.excit-
 days, in this arid region is not the Garden It’s a you some
                                                                                   •	 Tips for of using water efficiently in California has
                                                                                  “The ethic green living
Here’s theTeam activity updates and a terrific resource for gardening
 ing Green latest on our situation.                                                 the normal course Team and other important events
                                                                         got to be•	 Calendar of Green of business and not dependent on
                                                                                   •	 Links to environmental organizations and great sources
                                                                         the weather forecast,” Cowin said.
 that is truly green.
ThE GOOD NEWS                                                                So keepof green info
                                                                                       watching your water use! If your grass springs back
 E-Waste Recycling
(excerpt: Los Angeles Jonathan and14 2010)
                                                                                   •	 Past issues doesn’t need watering.
                                                                         when pressed down, it of Guarding the Garden Collect and reuse
     Yasher koach to Times, April Sharon Swerdlow for donating                     •	 water while you’re waiting for it
                                                                         the showerOur Mission Statement, and more! to warm up. Plant
      first “Technotrash” recycling box from Green Disc. Now in can
 ourLos Angeles has grown by about a million people youthe                    Thank you, For more
                                                                         native plants. Desiree Gaines, for your tips, visit in this venture!
 bring all your outdated e-waste, from PC’s to CD’s, from the way
last three decades, but you wouldn’t know it from cell phones
                                                                         green.Bulb Reserve Created
 to rechargeable trickling out of taps and sprinklers. The and
water has beenbatteries, to TBA for safe and secure recyclingLos
                                                                              To assist the temple in its efforts to convert to and maintain
Angeles Department of Water Thank
 disposal. Additional details online at Power reported Monday that       NEW GREEN TEAM LEADERShIP
                                                                          environmentally-friendly lighting, Gil Hetsroni donated a portion of
 you, Stuart in the city reached a 31-year low for the box!
water usageWeiss, for volunteering to purchase our next month of
                                                                              Bar Mitzvah gifts to establish a line in the years, Reserve Fund
                                                                          hisWe’re excited to announce that after threeFacility Green Team
     And don’t forget more off your used inkjet and with cartridges
February, droppingto drop than 20% compared tonerthe same                founder Larry Braman is placing the reins into the very capablea
                                                                          for “Green” Lighting. Please contact the office to contribute. Even
period in 2007. and Pressman exchange them for cash in our part-         handsdonation worth theFor many years and on many levels, he
 as well. Beth Am                                                         small of Misha Askren. price of one bulb makes a big difference in
    Officials RECYCLE4KIDS.ORG.
 nership with tied the decrease to water rationing that went into         our energy his dedication to protecting the Gil!
                                                                         has shownsavings. Mazal tov and yasher koach,natural resources
effect in 2007, prompted by the ongoing regional drought. The            which God has entrusted to us. Share your ideas at the Green
 Pressman Academy Aims for Waste-Free Lunch
best conservers were residents of single-family homes, who                Green Congregants of the Month
                                                                         Team meeting on Wednesday, June 2nd, 7:45 p.m. at TBA!
     Coming 30% less water as families will be encouraged 1997.
used nearlythis fall—Pressman compared with February to pack                  Congratulations to Lida Baker and Paul Nisenbaum, who converted
    In all, Angelenos zero trash. Imagine by hundreds, perhaps
 lunches that generatecut their water use the nearly 30 billion           their whole Point View front yard to a water-wise garden filled with
gallons in of last nine months, enough conserve in just one year.
 thousandsthepounds of resources that we’ll to supply the cities of       beautiful update
                                                                         OneLAnative California plants. Way to go!
 Countless schools across the country do it, and
Long Beach and Santa Monica combined. so can we! Additional                  And as this is prime gardening season, check out Clean Air
 details are coming in our August column,factor as in Pressman Acad-        Thank you to TBA congregants Anita
    Recent winter rains probably as well into the reduced                Gardening at They offer a wide range of
 emy materials. Yasher koach to Nina Reinis, Sharon Brooks, and Rabbi    Happel, Cipra Nemeth, Paula Pearlman,
demand for water, but there is evidence that the city’s water            environmentally friendly lawn and gardening supplies!
                                                                         Dianne Shershow (TBA Communications)
 Chaim Tureff for creating has cut away
conservation program this program! at consumption at an
                                                                              Living A Green for participating in a Public
                                                                         and Mara Thorsen,Life—The Reality Series, Scott Shulman’s reflec-
impressive clip. Demand for water last June, for instance,
 Green Shabbat Coming In September
                                                                          tions on what it means to go green, will return efforts pages soon.
                                                                         Assembly with Rabbi Leider in support of to theseto prevent
reached a 32-year low.
     As part of TBA’s efforts to help its members “discover the power
                                                                          Send your comments, your ideas, and The assembly took place
                                                                         housing foreclosures in Los Angeles.your nominations for “Green
    The new figures show that water-saving rules Days, we will
 of t’shuvah and change the world” during the High Holyhave taken
hold evenain winter. Green Shabbat on utility has had .trouble
                                                                          Congregant Elementary to
                                                                         at Harmonyof the Month”School in South LA on May 1. Over 400
 celebrate shul-wide In the past, the September 20th A major
getting people to turnthreetimers on to helpsprinkler systems,           people attended including Assemblyman Mike Davis, County
 speaker will address all off minyanim their us understand that
                                                                                             Have a wonderful summer!
                                                                         Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Councilmen Bernard Parks
even during t’shuvah to restore ourselves—but to restore
 we must not only
 ourWith water supplies, for additional details. snowpack still less
     planet as well. Watch reservoir levels and                          and richard Alarcon. A representative from the Office of the State
than adequate, DWP officials cautioned customers that they               Treasurer, Bill Lockyer also participated as well as representatives
will continue to be asked to conserve. “We’re by no means out            from various banks. The strategy highlighted at this public
                                                                         assembly also piqued the interest of many leaders across the
of the woods.”
                                                                         state who journeyed from Sacramento, Tiburon, Monterey and
ThE REALITy ChECk                                                         residents and serving them mustard and bottles of water and
                                                                         Santa Cruz to learn more about how they could implement this
     “Do Los be daunted by the enormity
(excerpt: not Angeles Times, April 2, 2010) of the world’s                they really enjoyed talking to her.
                                                                         strategy to save homes in their own communities.
     grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly,
    Despite a return to normal snowpack and precipitation                     In June we’re serving dinner at the Westside shelter (near
                                                                             In the past six weeks, Rabbi Leider has also attended small
     winter, state not obligated to shortages the continue
this now. You areofficials said water complete will work,                 Pico and Sepulveda) and in July we’re serving dinner at to Hol-
                                                                         working meetings with City Controller Wendy Gruel thehelp
     but neither are you continued conservation efforts. “The
this summer and urged free to abandon it.”                                lywood vocational Beverly programs in which has also
                                                                         address shelter (neartraining and Vermont),LA andalso serves
impression seems to be that the drought has been broken,”                 families with children. We plan to switch off every month.
                                                                         strategized with Councilmember Tony Cardenas and other
     Kudos to all the Temple Beth Am members who participated
said Department of Water Resources Director Mark Cowin.                  leaders to continue focus attention on LA homeor other vol-
 in Big Sunday. TBA members beautified a local elementary                     If you are interested in participating in this foreclosure
But “clearly we’re going to have water shortages this year. We           issues. opportunities, please email the TBA Social Action
 school (Carthay), handed out clothes at NCJW, took troubled              unteer
all need to conserve water.”                                                 TBA is also continuing its work with OneLA to help address the
 teens, blamed the survivors of domestic violence on a busthat            Committee, a group of members committed to the practice of
    He runaways & hit-or-miss nature of winter storms tour               concerns of pedestrian Safety and Neighborhood relationships
have pushed statewide precipitation and dinner for the home-
 of Los Angeles, and prepared and servedsnowpack to average               Tikkun Olam (the repair of the world). If you are interested in
 less at a Santa Monica shelter. The dinner was sponsored by              serving on the Pico-Robertson area. This work happens under
                                                                         right here inthe committee, please email Tyson at tikkunolam@
or slightly higher levels for this time of year but that bypassed
 Temple Beth Am.                                                         the Social Action umbrella here at Temple Beth Am.
some key areas.
                                                                             If you are interested in getting involved, please contact
     Starting in June, Beth Am members Lake, which supplies
    Storage in Northern California’s Shastawill be preparing and
                                                                         either one of us. We would be happy to meet with you and
 serving dinner to that irrigates once of California agriculture,
the federal system the homelessmucha month at a PATH home-                     “Deeds of loving-kindness are superior to charity ...
                                                                         include you in these efforts. For more information on OneLA,
is at 104% of average for this time of year. But the level of Lake
 less shelter. This is a family-friendly volunteer opportunity                Charity can be accomplished
                                                                         please go to only with money; deeds
 that you can do once ever or system, is only 60% My family
Oroville, key storage in the stateonce every month. of normal,
                                                                              of loving-kindness can be accomplished through per-
lower than it was last spring. dinner for the homeless and we
 participated in the Big Sunday                                              B’shalom,
                                                                              sonal involvement as well as with money.”
    “The State Water Project is not in as good position as
 had a great time – my 4-year-old really enjoyedatalking to the              Dianne Shershow and Rabbi Susan Leider
we would like it to be -- and perhaps worse than you might                   OneLA/TBA Core Team

     Wow! I can’t believe I’ve already finished my first year as         annual regional Conference. Delegates from
Sisterhood President, where has the time gone? Here’s how it all         Sisterhoods all over the South West enjoyed
stacked up for the year:                                                 the fruits of Agnes’ labors, including Jessica
    Thanks to TBA’s wonderful Sisterhood team, we’ve enjoyed             Samuel and myself. If you haven’t yet
some great events, which have attracted new, enthusiastic                joined Sisterhood, be sure to email Agnes at
members to Sisterhood. The fact that these activities, as well as
board meetings, have taken place evenings and weekends has                   Do you have any comments or
allowed many full-time working women to participate. Through             suggestions? The buck stops here! To get
Sisterhood, our women have become closer to TBA, have made               in touch with me, email me at Have a
new and enduring friendships, and have grown as Jews and as              wonderful Summer!
members of the community. While all this inner development                   B’Shalom,
has occurred, Sisterhood women have raised funds to support                  Your President, Gabriela Litov
Jewish youth and educational institutions such as Camp Ramah,
Pressman Academy, TBA, Ziegler School for Rabbinics, and the             TEMPLE BETH AM HAPPY SENIORS
Jewish Theological Seminary. This year’s Women’s League theme
                                                                            The Happy Seniors will be on vacation from July through
was “To Plant and to Preserve.” Sisterhood has stepped up to
the plate in nurturing the future of Judaism, which depends on
                                                                            June 10 is our luncheon, and the entertainer is our very own
supporting clergy and a committed Jewish youth.
                                                                         Sarah Strassberg, playing piano. June 28th will be our social
    Sisterhood presented other well attended and enjoyable events.
                                                                         program and nosh 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. The group gathers
The Membership Tea, organized by Agnes emert, Membership
                                                                         to watch movies, short old television shows or play cards and
VP, which attracted 49 veteran and new members, Sisterhood
                                                                         games and enjoy a small nosh. This is free to Happy Seniors
Shabbat organized by Sandra Braun and Fran Grossman/VPs
                                                                         members and Two dollars for non members. Our annual Flu/
for Programming and Education, and the Sisterhood Volunteer
                                                                         Pneumonia Vaccine clinic will be held in November.
Appreciation Brunch/Spring Boutique. Thanks to Sandra and her
                                                                            Lunch program costs $10 for members $12.50 for non-
committee for organizing this Brunch, and Ann Istrin for putting
                                                                         members. You are invited to become a member at $15 ($25
the Boutique together. Casey Stern was especially honored at
                                                                         per couple) for one year. Look for our new brochures over
the Brunch with the Chayei Olam award for her tireless efforts.
                                                                         summer in the administrative office or on the 2nd floor rack.
Sisterhood underwrote the Women’s Shabbaton at beautiful                 Further information on our group, may be obtained by leaving
Brandeis-Bardin Institute in Simi Valley, which took place last          a voicemail message at 310-652-7354 x 521 or happyseniors@
Fall. A new event was added this year, as Ivy Azizi and Rosana  The group greatly appreciates your continued
Chermisqui organized a Girlfriend’s Schmooze Night at Rosana’s           support. Have a great summer!
house, enjoyed by one and all. We hope it’s the first in a series!
    Rosh Hodesh Ahotai, the Women’s celebration of the new                  Miriam Kavis,
month, is ever more popular. In April, Sisterhood had a rockin’             Coordinator
Israel Independence Day celebration for Iyar at Sandra Braun’s.
We ate, sang to the piano tunes of Sisterhood member ruth                Refa’einu for June: Yoga and Judaism
Opolion, shopped and schmoozed to our heart’s content. No one                The practice of Yoga developed in India two to five thousand
could remember the last time they had so much fun. And weren’t           years ago as a physical and mental meditative discipline; the
we lucky to have our TBA member Prof. Jody Myers give us of              word Yoga means “union” or “harmony” in Sanskrit. It predates
her considerable intellectual gifts in presenting a talk on “Never       the Eastern religions who adapted the practice as part of their
Underestimate the Power of a Woman” for our women to celebrate           spiritual discipline. Yoga provides tools of refinement that
the new month of Sivan. Many thanks go to our members who                prepare the practitioner for meditative aspects of Judaism
opened their homes for these events, and most of all, for Sandra         and other holy activities by increasing awareness and kavana,
Braun and Fran Grossman for their planning and organizing.               intention. JHCLA’s June Refa’einu service will explore the
    Ongoing clubs, namely the Mah Jongg Club and Mystery Book            relationship between Yoga and Judaism. Our guest leader for
Club, have continued to meet on a monthly basis. In April, members       the evening will be Ida Unger, M.Ed., and Certified Iyengar Yoga
of the Mystery Book Club had a private book talk with mystery            instructor who has made the integration of yoga and Judaism
author Cara Black, held at the Los Angeles Times Book festival, and      her life’s work. Please join us as Ida helps us experience this
held a post-event brunch at the home of yours truly.                     integration via some basic Yoga postures. Wear comfortable
    Do you have a happy or sad occasion and need to send someone         clothing and come with an empty stomach.
a card? Contact Marlene Glaser and she will see to it that a beautiful       Our June Refa’einu service takes place on Monday evening,
Tribute card is sent to your friend or loved one to commemorate          June 28, at 7:30 PM. You can find more information about
the occasion, and your $5 or more will go to Sisterhood.                 Refa’einu and the other services we provide, including a full
    Can I brag for a moment? Membership VP Agnes Emert wears             schedule of upcoming dates and how to contact us, on our
another hat, organizing Pacific Southwest Region Women’s League’s        website:
              Kol ha’aM
            TeMple BeTh aM

                                                              JUNE 6, 2010
               TBA                                    DRAWING ONE: “SPLIT-THE-POT”
            GRAND PRIZE                                THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE ½ OF
             DRAWINGS                                     ALL THE CASH COLLECTED;
                                                         TBA RECEIVES THE OTHER.
                                                  IT’S A WIN-WIN! $20 FOR EACH CHANCE.

                 1  ST
                         PRIZE:   $500; 2ND: $300 3RD: $200 4TH & 5TH: $100
                                    $10/TICKET OR 11 FOR $100


                           FOR    MORE INFORMATION CALL   ARIANA         AT EXT        223
                                      WINNERS    NEED NOT BE PRESENT.

                     Don’t let “The Book” be sealed without your name in it!!

                               Temple Beth Am
                          High Holiday Greeting Book
                Wish your family, friends, rabbis and teachers a Shana Tovah
                         in our annual High Holiday Greeting Book
                                      Olive Branch - Full Page: $500

        ać                          Apples and Honey - Half Page: $250                          Honey
     ou k

                                                Shofar: $100                                    acs

                                              Magen David: $75
                                              Yona (Dove): $50

                                                                            hj hj
                                              Double Chai: $36
                                                  Chai: $18
                                                              100% of the proceeds from the High Holiday Greeting Book go toward
 Deadline for ads is August 1, 2010                                         Sisterhood programming and projects that support TBA,                                             Pressman Academy, Camp Ramah, USY, and Torah Fund

Yahrzeit Contributions
MEMORy OF             REMEMBERED By          MEMORy OF               REMEMBERED By           MEMORy OF            REMEMBERED By
Albert Arditti        Lyonel Canes           Rochelle Gewirtz        Russell Gewirtz         David Nord           Donald Nord
Mathilde Arditti      Lyonel Canes           Charles Israel Glaser   Harvey Glaser           rose Nord            Donald Nord
Rebecca Arshawsky     Isabel Aarons          Jean Goldstein          Carolyn Fasteau         Isaac Perez          Mariano Perez
Joseph Arshawsky      Isabel Aarons          Albert Goldstein        Carolyn Fasteau         Meyer Peromsik       Sheryl Goldman
Herbert Azeientz      Leon Weiss             Harry Greenberg         Muriel Greenberg        Joseph Peskin        Mildred Silverman
James Joel Bales      Michele Atias          Sadie Greenstein        Marvin Greenstein       David rebarber       Miryam Jannol
Harry Bartnof         edith Bartnof          rudolph Happel          Anita Happel            Irene rebarber       Miryam Jannol
Jenny Basyler         Manya Weber            Alfred Jacobsohn        eva rich                Itzhik Reuveni       Susan Reuveni
Linda Bayer           Ilana Grinblat         Louise Jacobsohn        eva rich                Anne rosen           evelyn Shaman
Jenny Bazyler         Manya Weber            Samuel Jacobson         esther Silon            Marilyn rosenstein   Larry rosenstein
Goldie Benjamin       Shirley Benjamin       Ira Jacoves             Jeanne Jacoves          rose rosenthal       Mildred Milman
George Benjamin       Shirley Benjamin       Minnie Jerusky          Rose Jerusky            Ceil rothstein       Paul rothstein
Jack Berman           Sonia Berman           Hersh Kaplan            Albert Kaplan           Jacob Samuel         Mark Samuel
Sarah Blank           Harry Blank            Frances Kichaven        Adele Kichaven          Irwin Satin          Harla Levitt
Mike Blau             Chana Epstein          Marcy Colker Klein      Joanne & Paul Klein     Celia Schulman       evelyn Schecter
Mike Blau             Orit Blau              Marcy Colker Klein      Josh Klein              Irving Schulman      evelyn Schecter
Mac Bodian            Carol Schwartz         Marcy Colker Klein      Rebecca Klein           Irving Schulman      Batya Malick
Bertha Bodian         Carol Schwartz         Charles Klein           Abbey Klein             Celia Schulman       Batya Malick
Yehuda Braun          Esti & Uri Surkin      Harold Klein            Helen Zisovic           Gertrude Schwimmer   Melvin Schwimmer
Larry Braun           Osnat Surkin           Marcy Colker Klein      Jerry Colker            Shirley Silverberg   Frances Tessler
Barry Breskin         Ricki Breskin-Kulkin   Ruth Kraushaar          Tamara Greenstein       Paul Silverman       Mildred Silverman
Gertrude Bunnage      Beverly Birkenstein    David Leon              Rochelle Samborsky      Max Simon            Adeline Tenenbaum
Shelly Canes          Lyonel Canes           Eric Lesin              Gisela Lesin Friedman   Nora Slatkin         Gerald Slatkin
Abramino Cohen        Etty Alkanati          Harry Levitt            Pat Levitt              Ora Slotnikow        Anne Miller
Jack Cole             Adele Friedman         Simon Levy              Geraldine Loewenstein   Abe Spiwak           Alan Spiwak
Meyer Robert Colker   Jack Colker            Abraham Liverant        Manja Kramer            Esther Sima Stone    Charles Brucker
Harry G. Cooper       Richard Cooper         Barnett Lubetkin        Peter Kaplan            ralph Tepper         David Tepper
esther Sima Cooper    Barbara rabin          Barnet Maiman           Gerson Maiman           Fay Weisberg         Arthur Goodman
Harry G. Cooper       Barbara Rabin          Liza Maiman             Gerson Maiman           ruth Wolfe           Marian Wolfe
David Eisenberg       Sheryl Goldman         Bencion Malicki         Batya Malick            Leon Zalben          Norman Zalben
Elazari Eyove         Jackline Far           Moishe Malicki          Batya Malick            Leon Zalben          Janet Zalben
Joanna Field          Irwin Field            Martha Mass             Monique Gibbons         Herbert Zeientz      Leon Weiss
Betty Jean Fox        Robert Fox             Cynthia Mendelsohn      Jake Mendelsohn         Charles Ziman        Richard Ziman
Eliezer Friedman      Chava Oved             Bessie Millet           Miriam Landres          Charles Ziman        Phyllis Ziman Cutler
Elliott Gensler       Laurtette Gensler      Pearl Moldovan          Frank Moldovan

      “LEV ShALEM”
         Temple Beth Am will begin to use the Conservative Movement’s soon-
      to-be-published new Mahzor Lev Shalem during the 5771 High Holidays
      (September 2010). We encourage all who davven at TBA to purchase their
      own Mahzor, and we also hope to obtain a collection of Mahzorim for
      guest worshippers who show up empty-handed.
          Price: $36.
        To purchase or donate a mahzor, order on line at
      mahzor, or call Cori at ext. 210.

                   Kol ha’aM
                 TeMple BeTh aM

GENERAL FuND                                                                           Tauba Schuster                        Mallory & Greg Lee & Family, The Taryle Family
IN hONOR OF                                                                            PRESSMAN ACADEMy SChOLARShIP FuND
Alyiah                                                               robert Bird       IN hONOR OF
in appreciation of Purim Basket                                   Minnie Bennett
                                                                                       Ella Zahava Conroy’s birth                                            The Kalt Family
Tamara & Marvin Greenstein’s                             Samantha & Donald Ladin
     Golden Wedding Anniversary                                                        Gabriela & Elie Litov’s 50th wedding anniversary                        Janet Halbert
Rabbi Kligfeld & for Ma’ot Chittim                        Daniel & Joelle Gryczman     Isaac Messinger’s 1st birthday                                        Barbara & ruth
Birth of Hannah & Marshall Kramer’s granddaughter                     Janet Halbert    IN MEMORy OF
Birth of Lee & Luis Lainer’s granddaughter                            Janet Halbert    Stanley Davidheiser,Sr.              Amber, Paul, Jacob, Adam, rachel & Hannah Kalt
IN MEMORy OF                                                                           our grandfather & great-grandfather
Mala Engel                                                  Marcia & Howard Pflug      Irene Linderman                                    The Kalt Family, Nancy Klein Gross
Tauba Schuster                                                     Pam & Lyle Kurtz    Fred Rosenberg                                         Caryn & Rabbi Mitchel Malkus
Abe Wolf                                                   Suzie & Marshall Temkin     Tauba Schuster                                                        The Kalt Family
BILL STRICk MEMORIAL hELPING hAND FuND                                                 PuRIM BASkET
                                                                                       IN hONOR OF
Ella Zahava Conroy’s birth              Jonathan Flier, Rosanne Keynan & Elizabeth
Noah Liam Feuerstein’s birth                                   Sharon & Brad Grob      Purim Basket                                                       Samuel Steinberg z"l
Shoshana Emma Seplow’s birth                                   Sharon & Brad Grob      CAMP RAMAh SChOLARShIP FuND
IN MEMORy OF                                                                           IN hONOR OF
Fay Balfour                                                    Sharon & Brad Grob      Ramah Scholarship Fund 2010        Ruth & Misha Askren, Hannah & Marshall Kramer
Vivian Bartle                                                  Sharon & Brad Grob
Elsie Scharf                                                   Sharon & Brad Grob      yOuTh DEPARTMENT SChOLARShIPS
Ester Timbol                                                   Sharon & Brad Grob      IN hONOR OF
Louis Winick                                                Faye & Paul Nisenbaum      Rabbi Joel Rembaum                                                   Arthur Fliegelman
James Winsberg                                                 Sharon & Brad Grob      IN MEMORy OF
MARCy COLkER kLEIN/BARRy ShAPIRO MEMORIAL FuND                                         Vivian Bartle                                                      Diane & Bob Roosth
IN hONOR OF                                                                            RABBI kLIGFELD’S DISCRETIONARy FuND
Jerry rabin’s birthday                                       Debra & Albert Cohen
                                                                                       IN ThANkS
Marcy Colker Klein                           Janet Halbert, Natalie & David Roberts,   Henry and Miryam Jannol
                                                          Shoshi & Izydor Wilchfort    IN hONOR OF
Stanley rand                                                  Barbara & Jerry rabin    Daughter’s Baby Naming                                 Kathryne and David Gadarian
                                                                                       IN MEMORy OF
                                                                                       Taube Schuster                                    Frida and Mark Greenberg & family
Mark Bernstein Recipient                                 Bainvoll & Dvorak Families    RABBI LEIDER’S DISCRETIONARy FuND
of the Ben Siegel Community Service Award                                              Minnie Bennett
DAILy MINyAN                                                                           Samuel Steinberg z"l
Judith Cowan, David Kaplan, Saul Kroll, Bernard Laufer                                 LIBRARy MINyAN
MAChzOR FuND                                                                           IN hONOR OF
IN MEMORy OF                                                                           Birth of our great grandaughter, Advah Zoe,        Menachem and Shulamit Wities
Vivian Bartle                                        Melissa & Michael Berenbaum       Birth of Alana and Jonathan Rotter's baby         Cathie Lippman and Jules Kamin
Fred Rosenberg                              Meissa, Michael Josh & Mira Berenbaum      IN MEMORy OF
Tauba Schuster                                       Melissa & Michael Berenbaum       Mother of Kathleen Shulweiss       Cathie Lippman & Jules Kamin, Dianne Shershow,
PILCh SChOLARShIP FuND                                                                                                                                       Debbie rich
IN MEMORy OF                                                                           Father of Alisa Shudofsky                           Dianne Shershow, Debbie Rich
Fay Balfour                                                          Alan Lefkowitz    Father of Martha White                                           Dianne Shershow
PRESSMAN ACADEMy DAy SChOOL                                                            Anne Rubin, mother of Rachel Green                                   Sandey Fields
IN MEMORy OF                                                                           Mother of Marizon Nimoy                                              Sandey Fields
Irene Jaffe Linderman                                               ellen Hausman      Freda Cohen Schochet                                             Barbara Schochet

MAzAL TOV                                                                              CONDOLENCES
MARK AND ROSA BERNSTEIN AND FAMILY                The Nisenbaum Family                 GOLDIE ALTMAN                                                             Evelyn Rasky
    Noam’s Bar Mitzvah!                                                                    Loss of Aunt Sarah ezra
RABBI JOEL AND FREDI REMBAUM                      Elie and Gabriela Litov              STEVEN BARITYE                                                               Rose Pilch
    Birth of Noah Liam                                                                     Loss of Mother Sylvia
MITZI AND MILT GLASS                              Helen & Leo Pearlstein               THE COOPER FAMILY                                                   The Samuel Family
    Son’s Marriage                                                                         Loss of Doretta Behar
SHOSHI WILCHFORT                   Helen and Leo Pearlstein, Shirley Saber             AVI AND RENE ENGEL AND FAMILY              Edie Bartnof Schuman and Earl Schuman
    Torah Fund Award                                                                       Loss of Mala engel
FREDI REMBAUM                                              Gabriela Litov              RICHARD HECHTER AND FAMILY                                Marlene and Harvey Glaser
    Torah Fund Event                                                                   JUDITH SPERLING HECHTER                                     Stan and Leona Sperling
rABBI JOeL reMBAUM               edie Bartnof Schuman and earl Schuman                     Loss of Mother and Grandmother
    Etz Chaim Education Award                                                          SHARON McCAULEY                                               The Nisenbaum Family
LEE AND LUIS LAINER                       Edward and Rosana Chermisqui                     Loss of Father
    Birth of Granddaughter                                                             ANDREA SCHARF AND FAMILY                            Rosana and Edward Chermisqui
SPEEDy RECOVERy                                                                        ELSIE SCHARF AND FAMILY                    Audrey Cohn, Shoshi and Izydor Wilchfort
MINNIE BENNETT                                         Faye Gelb, Gabriela Litov       KATHLEEN SCHULWEIS AND FAMILY                       Rosana and Edward Chermisqui
TAMARA AND MARVIN GREENSTEIN                           Helen and Leo Pearlstein            Loss of Vivian Bartle
RICHARD GROSS                       Joy and Harry Blank, Elie and Gabriela Litov       ESTELLE SCHWARTZ                                              Anne Miller, Rose Pilch
SHANDY SMALL                                                       Shirley Saber           Loss of Sister, Shirley
HeNrY WeISS    Helen & Leo Pearlstein, edie Bartnof Schuman and earl Schuman           SPECIAL
RICHARD GROSS                                                      Audrey Cohn         Thank you to all my friends at TBA for your lovely Purim basket!          Evelyn Rasky


                                               TishA B'Av sERvicEs
                       Monday Evening                                                              Tuesday Morning
                        July 19, 2010                                                                July 20, 2010
                              Erev Tisha B'Av                                                             Tisha B'Av
                                                                                                 Shaharit Service - 8:00 a.m.
               Mincha Service, 7:15 p.m.                                                                  Pilch Hall
         Tisha B’Av Reflections, Rabbi Kligfeld
                                                                                                  Tuesday Afternoon
                    Ma'ariv Service
                                                                                        Special Tisha B'Av Minha Service - 1:30 p.m.
                   Followed by the reading of                                                            Pilch Hall
      Eikha: The Book of Lamentations                                                              Tuesday Evening
                                      Led by                                           Daily Minyan Minha-Ma’ariv Service - 7:40 p.m.
                    Rabbi Adam Kligfeld                                                                Pilch Hall
               & members of the congregation                                                      Fast ends at 8:45 p.m.

          Worshipping together on Tisha B'Av helps to make more impressive a time-hallowed
             tradition which keeps alive in our hearts a love for Zion and a kinship with
                           our people around the world and in every age.


         TBA has a select area of plots in the new
       Mount Sinai Memorial Park in Simi Valley.
                                                                                          I would like to thank all my friends at
     This property is sold to our members and their
                                                                                          Temple Beth Am for all your kindness
  krovim: parents, spouses, children, siblings and other
                                                                                          during my recent illness and recovery.
               close relatives and friends.
                                                                                                With much appreciation,
                    To Learn More Please Contact:
                        TBA Executive Director                                                        Minnie Bennett.
                             Sheryl Goldman
       at (310) 652-7354 x 223
       Committee Chairs: Avi Peretz and Deborah Cohen

                              Karen Maurise                                                  COLKER
         TBA Advance Planning Representative
800-600-0076, Ext. 330                                         JUDIACA
                                                                                            GIFT SHOP
                                                                                          For hours or to make
                   Mount Sinai Simi Valley  FD-1745                                         an appointment,
          (800) 600-0076
                                                                                           call 310-854-6774
Dedicated to the entire Jewish community as a service of Sinai Temple of Los Angeles

               Kol ha’aM
             TeMple BeTh aM

 Who can you count
 on for all your
 and repairs?

 Bino Construction has been serving Southern California for
 over 20 years, providing high-quality construction services and
 dependability that has made it the choice of many Property
 Managers, Homeowners’ Associations, Homeowners and
 Insurance Adjusters.
 Bino offers a high level of expertise in all the construction trades.
 Our customers call on us to care
 for their apartment buildings,
 condominium communities,
 commercial properties, and their
 own private residences.
 We are experts in solving water                                           The Music Studio of
 intrusion problems, mold remediation
 and reconstruction.
                                                                          rUTH OPOLION
                                                                             Piano • Voice
                    contact us for           David Ordin
                    a quick response         (323) 935-4800
                    to your needs: 
  under one
 Good roof                              Cell: 310-271-1939


Temple Beth Am                                             14
                                                                   6:00 p.m. TBA Executive Committee Meeting
                                                                   8:00 p.m. TBA Board Meeting

calendar of events...
                                                                   8:30 a.m. Intermediate Hebrew
                                                                   6:30 p.m. USY Lounge Night

                                                                   8:30 a.m. Humash with Rashi with Rabbi Kligfeld
                                                                   7:30 p.m. Torah Trope Class with Rick Muller

     6:30 p.m. USY Lounge Night
                                                                   7:00 p.m. 8th Grade Graduation
                                                           17      7:30 p.m. Beginning Hebrew with Noa

     8:15 a.m. Parent Volunteer Breakfast

     7:00 p.m. Treblemakers Concert & Reception                    Last day of School
     7:30 p.m. Torah Trope Class with Rick Muller
     7:45 p.m. Green Team Meeting

                                                                   10:00 a.m. Happy Seniors Event

     7:30 p.m. Beginning Hebrew with Noa

     10:30 a.m. Sisterhood Board Meeting
     11:00 a.m. Religious School Awards Ceremony
                                                           22      Camp Keshet Begins through July 23

     5:00 p.m. TBA Honors Diane Shapiro & Mark Bernstein
                                                           23      8:30 a.m. Humash with Rashi with Rabbi Kligfeld
                                                                   7:30 p.m. Beginning Hebrew with Noa

     7:30 p.m. Education Cabinet Meeting

                                                                    6:30 p.m. Shabbat under the Stars

     8:30 a.m. Intermediate Hebrew

     6:30 p.m. USY Lounge Night                                    7:30 p.m. Refa’einu with Rabbi Howard

     8:30 a.m. Humash with Rashi with Rabbi Kligfeld

     7:00 p.m. Membership Committee Meeting                        8:30 a.m. Humash with Rashi with Rabbi Kligfeld
     7:30 p.m. Torah Trope Class with Rick Muller

     9:30 a.m. Happy Senior Program
     5:30 p.m. Religious School 2-7 Award Ceremony         torah portions &
     7:30 p.m. Beginning Hebrew with Noa
                                                           candle lighting
     8:00 a.m. 5th Grade Siyum
11   6:30 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat &
     Board Installation Dinner
                                                           June 4 - 7:44 p.m.           June18 - 7:49 p.m.
                                                           June 5 - Shelah - Lekha      June 19 - Hukkat

     2:00 p.m. Religious School Graduation & Reception     June 11 - 7:47 p.m.          June 25 - 7:51p.m.
                                                           June 12 - Korah              June 26 - Balak

                                                           July 2 - 7:51p.m.            July 17 - D’Varim
                                                           July 3 - Pinhas              July 23 - 7:43 p.m.

     july                                                  July 9 - 7:50 p.m.
                                                           July 10 - Matot-Masei
                                                           July 16 - 7:47 p.m.
                                                                                        July 24 - Va’et’hanan
                                                                                        July 30 - 7:38 p.m.
                                                                                        July 31 - Ekev

5                                                                        daily minyan times
     Independence Day
     Temple Offices Closed

                                                           Morning Minyan: Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m.
     Erev Tisha B’av
     7:15 p.m. Minha/Maariv/Eicha                          Sundays & legal Holidays: 8:00 a.m.
                                                           Evening Minyan: Monday - Thursday 7:00 p.m.
                                                           Fridays: 6:30 p.m.
     Tisha B’av                                            Saturday: Approximately 90 minutes before the
     8:00 a.m. Shaharit/Eichal/Kinnot                      end of Shabbat
     1:30 p.m. Special Minha
     7:40 p.m. Daily Minyan Minha/Maariv

JuNE/JuLY 2010
Legend: DN            Dorff-Nelson Chapel
         Pilch        Pilch Hall
Friday Evening, June 4
Neshama Minyan and Kabbalat Shabbat,
6:30 pm, Pilch
Daily Minyan Service, 6:30 p.m. DN Chapel
Kindergarten Kabbalat Shabbat, 6:00 p.m.
Sanctuary, followed by dinner
Saturday Morning, June 5
Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library
Led by rabbi Sohn
Shir hadash
9:15 a.m. Sanctuary. Led by rabbi Kligfeld
& Cantor Pflug
Lauren Kurtz will celebrate becoming Bat Mitzvah
BAIT Tefillah
9:45 a.m. Shaharit Pilch. Led by Rabbi Leider
Library Minyan, 9:25 a.m. Mishna Study
9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel
Friday Evening, June 11
Neshama Minyan, 6:30 p.m. Pilch, followed by        BAIT Tefillah                                       Monday, July 19 – Erev Tisha B’Av
TBA Board Installation dinner.                      9:45 a.m. Services, Pilch. Led by Rabbi Kligfeld    See inside for details
Daily Minyan Service, 6:30 p.m. DN Chapel
                                                    Friday Evening, July 2                              Tuesday, July 20 – Tisha B’Av
Saturday Morning, June 12                           Neshama Minyan, 6:30 p.m., Pilch                    See inside for details
Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library            Daily Minyan Service 6:30 p.m. DN Chapel
Led by rabbi Sohn                                                                                       Friday Evening, July 23
Shir hadash, 9:15 a.m. Sanctuary,                   Saturday Morning, July 3                            Neshama Minyan, 6:30 p.m., Pilch
Led by rabbi Kligfeld & Cantor Pflug                Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library            Daily Minyan Service 6:30 p.m. DN Chapel
Monica Ramsey will celebrate becoming Bat           Led by rabbi Sohn                                   YABA Shabbat Dinner, 7:45 p.m.
Mitzvah.                                            Shir hadash                                         Saturday Morning, July 24
Library Minyan, 9:25 a.m. Mishna Study              9:15 a.m. Sanctuary. Led by rabbi Kligfeld          Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library
9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel                       Daniel reich will celebrate becoming Bar Mitzvah.   Led by rabbi Sohn
BAIT Tefillah, 9:45 a.m. Pilch                      Library Minyan,
                                                                                                        Shir hadash
Led by Rabbi Ben Goldstein                          9:25 a.m. Mishna Study
                                                                                                        9:15 a.m. Sanctuary. Led by rabbi Leider
                                                    9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel
Friday Evening, June 18                                                                                 Nicole Haimpoor will celebrate becoming Bar Mitzvah.
                                                    BAIT Tefillah
Neshama Minyan, 6:30 p.m., Pilch                    9:45 a.m. Services, Pilch                           Library Minyan,
Daily Minyan Service, 6:30 p.m. DN Chapel                                                               9:25 a.m. Mishna Study
YABA Shabbat Dinner, 7:45 p.m., Pilch Roof          Friday Evening, July 9
                                                                                                        9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel
                                                    Neshama Minyan, 6:30 p.m., Pilch
Saturday Morning, June 19                           Daily Minyan Service 6:30 p.m. DN Chapel            BAIT Tefillah
Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library                                                                9:45 a.m. Services, Pilch.
Led by rabbi Sohn                                   Saturday Morning, July 10                           Led by rabbi Kligfeld
Shir hadash                                         Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library
9:15 a.m. Adelson Hall                              Led by rabbi Sohn                                   Friday Evening, July 30
Led by rabbi Kligfeld & Cantor Pflug                Shir hadash                                         Neshama Minyan, 6:30 p.m., Pilch
Aaron Drooks will celebrate becoming Bar Mitzvah.   9:15 a.m. Sanctuary                                 Daily Minyan Service 6:30 p.m. DN Chapel
Library Minyan,                                     Library Minyan,                                     Saturday Morning, July 31
9:25 a.m. Mishna Study                              9:25 a.m. Mishna Study                              Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library
9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel                       9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel                       Led by rabbi Sohn
BAIT Tefillah                                       BAIT Tefillah                                       Shir hadash
9:45 a.m. Services, Pilch. Led by Rabbi Leider      9:45 a.m. Services, Pilch. Led by Rabbi Leider      9:15 a.m. Sanctuary.
Friday Evening, June 25                             Friday Evening, July 16                             Library Minyan,
Neshama Minyan, 6:30 p.m., Pilch                    Neshama Minyan, 6:30 p.m., Pilch                    9:25 a.m. Mishna Study
Daily Minyan Service 6:30 p.m. DN Chapel            Daily Minyan Service 6:30 p.m. DN Chapel            9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel
                                                                                                        BAIT Tefillah
Saturday Morning, June 26                           Saturday Morning, July 17                           9:45 a.m. Services, Pilch. Led by Rabbi Leider
Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library            Meditation Plus 9:15 a.m. Lainer Library
Led by rabbi Sohn                                   Led by rabbi Sohn
Shir hadash                                         Shir hadash                                          All Shabbat Mornings
9:15 a.m. Sanctuary. Led by rabbi Leider &          9:15 a.m. Sanctuary                                  Shabbat yeladim - Shabbat kids
Cantor Pflug                                        Library Minyan,
                                                                                                         10:00 a.m. 1-2 yrs. in Room 102;
Robert Malekan will celebrate becoming Bar          9:25 a.m. Mishna Study
Mitzvah.                                            9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel                        2-3 yrs. in Room 103; 4-5 yrs. in Room 107
Library Minyan,                                     BAIT Tefillah                                        10:30 a.m. 1st-3rd grade in Room 106;
9:25 a.m. Mishna Study                              9:45 a.m. Services, Pilch                            4th-6th grade in youth Lounge
9:45 a.m. Services, DN Chapel                       Led by rabbi Leider

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