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        November 19, 2011 Club Meeting, Two-Minute Warning, Los Lunas NM

Meeting called to order at 12:02 p.m.
National Anthem, Prayer

1.   New Independent member as of 11-18-11, David “K-Rock” Anderson. New
membership information for Brotherhood MC – Alb. Chapter provided to Secretary.

2.    Announcement for the December 17th toy run and toy delivery to Tome Adelino
Head Start (like last year); meet at Los Lunas Wal Mart, leave at 10:30 a.m., bring an
unwrapped toy.

3.    Rachael Thompson announced that Post 49 in Alb. Will feed veterans for free on

4.     Annette T. gave Kimberly K. extra key to post office box for safe-keeping, get
with Patty Berry for location.

5.     Minutes read from the October general meeting and those were approved and

6.      Treasurer Patty Berry reported 93.83 in cash on hand, 5,258.03 in checking
account. There was a recent deposit of 149.69 which was from an old charity account, so
the grand total in checking will be 5,351.83.

7.     Sheron Dodd will be meeting with the Patriot Guard today regarding MSTEP,
they will talk about Arizona’s program.

8.      Annette reported that at the Marines toys for tots run there was a serious trike
accident, one which she narrowly missed. Even though the freeway was closed for this
run, law enforcement did not offer assistance to the bikers involved. Safety awareness
needs to be promoted.

9.      Annette reported that according to Peachz, the Rio Rancho toy run is costing over
$7,000.00, and $5,000.00 of that is just for traffic escort. This will be the last year for
this run unfortunately.

10.   Annette emphasized, that based upon the last two toy runs, we as bikers need to
be much more diligent about our own safety, please think about your actions at all times,
we want you home safely!

11.    Courtney Farris stated he would talk to B Rockstar and Sons of God Tools
regarding the call to action for David Sanchez, a biker who was recently killed due to a

motorists failure to yield. Tools reported that they have and are looking in to it for
information and will keep you updated, but haven’t received any information as of now.

12.     2012 Bike Day at Capitol is on February 11, 2012, we need a starting point, does
anyone have any suggestions? How about Legacy Church? Please provide input. We
want as many people as possible to attend, we will be trying to get the Careless Driving
Bill passed this year again. Annette reported a letter was sent to Governor Martinez
which requested the addition of the Careless Driving Bill to the 2012 legislative agenda
and we are waiting for a response.

13.      Annette reported that a local attorney Dan Sorey met with the NMMRO officers
at the last board meeting on November 2, 2011. His contact information is on the
NMMRO website, he is a biker and he wants to become involved with the MRO here in
New Mexico. He is licensed to practice law in several other states. He not only
purchased a corporate membership, but also made a $1,000.00 donation.

14.    Annette reported that 23 states have adopted the white bandana campaign!

15.     Annette reported on Safety Awareness Day for 2012 at Balloon Fiesta Park, dates
discussed, May 5th, May 6th, or June 2nd. Several phone calls were made to the City and
those are the best dates for park availability. A vote is needed, motion for a vote for
Safety Awareness Day on Saturday may 5, 2012 was made by Annette, seconded by
several members from the floor, all in favor, none opposed. B Opie reported that video
footage, audio and pictures should be used from this day for a Safety Awareness

16.  Annette reported the City of Albuquerque’s Twinkle Light Parade is on Saturday
December 3rd, NMMRO is doing a float and collaborating with MADD.

17.     Annette reported the MRF has requested some communication with MADD in
order to collaborate for future events and issues, there was a brief discussion about how
people generally feel that in most states, MADD is viewed as an enemy. Annette, as our
New Mexico MRF representative, reported that the MRF has expressed a serious interest
in getting involved at the federal level, that way bikers’ interests will be fully represented.

18.    Brenda Dunlap, the Southern NM MRF Rep. reported that she has attended 2 All-
City meetings in Roswell to try to explain the need for a Southern NMMRO-on
November 4, 2011, a unanimous vote was made to move forward and make that happen.
Today, after this NMMRO meeting, please sit down with us to trade ideas about the first
Board for the Southern NMMRO and how to begin.

19.     Brenda Dunlap, the Southern NM MRF Rep. reported there is a Southern NM
COC meeting in Roswell on December 17, 2011. Bratt reported that 2012 will be the
second year for the “Can You See Me Now” campaign, it could be used statewide, where
this could be part of a safety awareness campaign and all bikers would where the

matching “Can You See Me Now” t-shirts at the same time on the same day. This day in
Roswell really got the attention of the locals, we had good media coverage. How can we
use this idea for 2012?

20.    Todd Thompson reported that the Rio Rancho Toy Run is NOT a full escort ride,
be very careful.

21.     Santa from Black Berets reported that December 4th will be the 22nd Annual toy
run, bring 2 cans of food and one unwrapped new toy. We will ride from the Double
Eagle 2 Airport to Rt 66 Casino (color friendly) and then to the Pow Wow Club (W.
Central next to Tumbleweeds).

22.    Cheryl Farris from Shadowriders reported that the next Northern NM COC
meeting is at Post 49, 2:00 p.m. and there will be officer elections.

23.  Dave Covert, Chairman of CNMMRO reported that they are looking for new
members, you can be a member of both the NMMRO and the CNMMRO.

24.    Annette reported that the NMMRO website changed the colors list to “Colors
Friendly” instead of listing who doesn’t want our business.

25.     Rachel Thompson reported that she created an NMMRO facebook page, which is
in addition to maintaining the website. She is planning on doing a COC facebook page
too, and to access the COC facebook page you will need a password. You must keep
your contributions to the COC facebook page clean and positive.

26.    Brenda Dunlap reported on the December 10th toy run from Roswell to Portales.
All contact and run information is currently on the NMMRO website.

27.     Annette reported that the next NMMRO Board meeting is on Saturday December
17th at Post 49, starts at noon. It is not a regular meeting, but if you would like to discuss
any issues not covered today or something else addressed not mentioned today, please
feel free to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 2:13 p.m.


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