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México by huanghengdong


									 Welcome to México (officially
know as United Mexican States)

And to Monterrey (Sultan of the
    Basic information about Mexico…
•   Mexico is on the American continent,
    between the US (north border) and
    Guatemala and Belize (south one)
•   Its capital is México City, 3rd largest city in
    the world
•   Population: 112,000,000 (ish)
•   Official language: Spanish but here in
    Monterrey you can always find someone
    who speaks English if your Spanish is
    not…. Great let’s say!
•   Plus 56 indigenous americindien
•   Actual president: Felipe Calderon
•   Currency: peso
•   Independence from Spain: September 16,
•   Area: 1,972,550km² which mean the 15th
    largest city in the world
•   México is a federal republic
             And about Monterrey
• Capital city of the state of
  Nuevo Léon
• Mayor: Fernando Larrazabal
• Population: 1.1 million
• Metropolitan population: 3.8
• ‘The Pittsburgh of Mexico is a
  real industrial power espacially
  for its exports of steel,
  cement, glass, auto parts, and
• Geostrategic position as
  Monterrey is closed to the US
Politics      • Senate
              • Chamber of deputies makes
                federal law, declares war,
                imposes taxes, approves the
Legislative     national budget and
                international treaties, and
                ratifies diplomatic

                    • President of México:
                      CALDERON the head of
                      state and government, as
     Executive        well as the commander-in-
                      cheif of the Mexican
                      military forces

              • Supreme Court of Justice:
                interprets laws and judges
 Judiciary      cases of federal
             The main parties
• National Action Party: a right-wing
  conservative party founded in 1939. In 2000, it
  gained the presidency for the first time
• Institutional Revolutionary Party: center-left
  party founded in 1929
• Party of the Democratic Revolution: a left-
  wing party, founded in 1989 as the successor
  of the coalition of socialists and liberal parties
                 Foreign relations of Mexico
 •    The foreign relations of Mexico are directed by
      the President of the United Mexican States and
                                                                                            Current headquarter of
      managed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                                                                                            the Ministry of Foreign
 •    The principals of the foreign policies are mainly:
      respect for international law and legal equality
      of states, their sovereignty and independence,
      non-intervention in the domestic affairs of other
      countries, peaceful resolution of conflicts, and
      promotion of collective security through active
      participation in international organizations
                                                              •1994: NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement),
                                                              to improve and strengthen political, economical, social
Former President Vicente Fox and then-U.S. President George
                                                              and cultural relations between the US, México and
W. Bush at the signature of the Security and Prosperity
Partnership of North America                                  Canada

                                                              •But Demonstrating independence from the U.S.,
                                                              Mexico supported the Cuban government, the
                                                              Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua during the late
                                                              1970s, and leftist revolutionary groups in El Salvador

                                                              •Mexico is a member of the UN, the Organization of
                                                              American States, the OPANAL and the Rio Group
•   11th largest in the world
•   Improvement of the country’s
    macroeconomic fundamentals
    since the 1994 crisis
•   3,7% of unemployment
•   21% of underemployment
•   Main industries: food and drinks,
    tobacco, electronics, electricity,
    iron and steel, tourism and
    ecotourism …
•   $419.9 billion of exports mainly
    Manufactured goods, electronics,
    automobiles, oil and oil products,
    aircraft, silver, fruits, meats,
    consumer electronic vegetables,
    ships, coffee, electricity,
    biotechnology, cotton, rolling stock,
    automotive and aircraft enigines,
    cellular phones, metals, industrial
    equipment, granite and marble, the
    US represent half of the exports
             Culture of Monterrey
           Food                                   Drink
• The traditional dish is called   • Tequila is the most famous
  CABRITO, kid goat cooked           and popular over here
  on embers
• But as in every part of
  México you can find the
  famous: enchiladas,
  burritos, tapas, tostadas,
  tacos, which are all made        • But México has got much
  from corn or flour, they are       more to offer: Jamaica,
  served with different things       mescal, café de olla, atole…
  such as spices, veggies
  (avocado, tomato, pepper…)
• As in every part of
  México, sport has an
  important place in
• The most popular sport is
  football, Monterrey has
  got 2 teams in the
  Mexican league: the
  Rayados and the Tigres.
• But baseball, soccer and
  basketball are also quite
        Some amazing pictures that can
              explain tourism…
                      One of the
                      New Seven
                      Wonders of
                      the world in

                                            Playa del Carmen

The Episcopal

                    Oasis Playa in Cancun

                                            Sierra Madre del Sur
                           The recent issues
•   Recently, violence increased
    considerably in some big
    cities such as Monterrey
    because of Mexico’s drug war.                 • before 2007, the main
                                        Golf        cartel
                                                  • 2007: Osiel CARDENAS
•   Mexico is the place where
    cocaine, marijuana, and            cartel       (head of the cartel)
    heroine transit from Latin                      got arrested
    America to the US

•   January to July: 250 deaths >
    99 in the entire 2009 year

•   As the population explains,
    anytime the head of a band is
    killed or anytime there is an
    arrest, the bands get their                 • 2007: they tried to get the
    revenge in the city and on the
    citizens                            Zetas   • They are not afraid of police
                                                  as they are old militaries
• Exodus of ‘rich’            • Police in Mexico is corrupted
                                that’s a fact. To fight against this
  population and of             corruption, Mauricio Fernandez,
  managers                      mayor of San Pedro Garza Garcia,
                                has taken some drastic measures
                                : police officers are better
• In 2010, the industry of      trained, they are 3 times mire
                                paid and they take a liability test
  security (alarms, video       once a year
  camera…) has increased
  by 20%                      • Finally, as students we’ve got
                                some measures to follow: do not
                                go somewhere you do not know,
• Companies use now 5%          do not trust strangers, do not go
  of their entire budget to     out on our own especially at
  security                      night, do not share information
                                about where we live…
• To conclude, Mexico
  remains a wonderful
  country if you take time
  to know it
• I would be lying if I said
  there was no danger at
  the moment but it’s our
  responsibility to look
  after ourselves
• The last thing I would say
  to anyone who has got
  enough money and time
  to visit this country: Go
  for it!!!

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