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ENDORSED ORDER denying, without prejudice, the
following six motions: [53] Plaintiff's Motion to
Compel Production of Documents and Electronically
Stored Informations; [58] Plaintiff's Motion to
Compel Second Request or Production of Documents,
First and Second Set of Interrogatories; [60]
Plaintiff's Motion to Strike Defendants' Dismas
Charities, Inc., Ana Gispert and Adams Lashanda's
Response Brief in Response to Plaintiff's
Motion to Compel Responses to Second Request for
Production and Interrogatories; [61] Plaintiff's
Motion to Supplement Motion to Compel Second Request
for Production of Documents, First and Second
Interrogatories; [64] Defendants Dismas Charities,
Inc., Ana Gispert, Derek Thomas and Adams Leshota's
Motion to Strike Plaintiff's Motions to Compel,
Supplemental Motions and Motion to Stay Discovery
from Plaintiff; and [78] Defendants' Motion to
Dismiss Action for Failure to Appear at Depositions.
Of the outstanding motions in this case that are not
addressed by [94] the Report and Recommendation, the
motions noted above are the only motions referred to
the undersigned because they concern discovery or
discovery-related sanctions, which are matters that
have been referred to the undersigned by [44] the
Order Setting Trial Date, Pretrial Deadlines and
Referral to Magistrate. Because the undersigned
recommends dismissal in the Report and
Recommendation, these motions are denied, without
prejudice to renew following resolution of the
pending Report and Recommendation. If the Court's
ruling on the Report and Recommendation does not
resolve the matters raised in a given motion above, a
party may present that matter to the Court for
resolution under the procedures outlined in [44] the
Court's Scheduling Order. That Order prohibits the
parties from filing discovery motions, and requires
the party seeking relief to place the matter on the
discovery calendar of the undersigned MagistrateJudge
after conferring with the opposing party. Signed by
Magistrate Judge Andrea M. Simonton on 3/2/2012.
1:11-cv-20120-PAS Notice has been electronically
mailed to:
David Scott Chaiet


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