Working in Partnership to Reduce Youth Crime and Anti Social by Cq4vT8I


									Working in Partnership to Reduce
  Youth Crime and Anti Social

               West Ham & Plaistow
               New Deal for
NDC Background Info

   10,000 population
   Deprived neighbourhood
   Diverse and transient population
   Young pop
   Total crime rate 61.9 per 1000
Initial response

   Initial response to crime - Two tier policing
   Part MPS and part Community Constabulary
   Crime analyst
   Intensive youth projects
   Residents trained in problem solving

   Total crime April 2001 to December 2004 on
    a downward trend.
   19% reduction in assaults (02-04)
   41% decrease in criminal damage (02-04)
   30% reduction in Disorder – plateau
   Fear of crime increased

   New structure required to tackle fear and
    address mainstreaming
   Public not seeing key issues followed
Multi Agency Crime Steering Group

   Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhoods Teams
   LB Newham’s Anti Social Behaviour Unit, Housing,
    Public Realm and Culture Departments
   East Thames Housing Association and other RSLs
   NDC YIP Manager
   Education department rep.
   Neighbourhood manager
   Youth service area manager
   Other agencies as required
   Chief Inspector (Chairing)

   Meets monthly
   Group discusses strategy
   Main role is case – working.
   Prioritisation of cases
   Drives publicity and re-assurance strategy
Community Intelligence

   NDC programme has engendered an
    engaged population
   Community Forum structure used to gather
   Service User groups
   Centres
   Schools, GPs, Early Years etc.
Example – West Ham

   Local community forum held May 05.
   Residents raised concerns around young
    people misbehaving in the street
   Investigated concerns real/gossip
   Analysis of allegations showed rise
   Issue taken to crime steering group
Action taken
   LBN Together Bus in problem road by following week
   Extra patrols by SNT and Community Constabulary as a result of
    reports of crime – evening patrolling – door knocking
   Local residents written to – confidential crime surgeries
   One property targeted – LBN, RSL and MPS agree ABC by mid June
   Diversionary youth activities held in immediate area and better
    signposting to wider Borough activities.
   YIP undertook targeted consultation
   Local young people signed up to Construction Training
   Enforcement of an existing ASBO and key known offender arrested
   Dispersal Order in place by October 05.
Action Taken 2

   Allegations of crime in Memorial Avenue reduced by
    two thirds between May and June.
   Reported crime in West Ham area over last summer
    (July to September 05) was half that in the previous
   Young people locally were better linked into existing
    activities available
   Helped with the integration of the Safer
    Neighbourhood Team
   Residents felt they were being listened too and
    issues followed through
Discussion points

   Structure is about better delivery of
    mainstream resources not NDC funded.
   Role of Chief Inspector as Chair
   Roll out model – Canning Town
   Dispersal Order evaluation awaited
   Personality or stand the test of time
   Statistical reliability of localised approach

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