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									       the cellular network: Facebook style…
Your task:
We are in the midst of studying all the organelles that make up Eukaryotic cells. To approach this centuries-
long studied material, you will utilize technology of the 21st century. Your role is the webmaster. You will
need to arrange and create Facebook pages for each of the organelles. This job will require you to be creative
and imaginative. The purpose of this activity is to assist you and others in learning the names, locations, and
functions of all of the organelles in a Eukaryotic cell.

The Requirements:

A. The project must include the following list of structures & organelles:

      Cell Membrane
      Chromosomes & Chromatin
      Nuclear Envelope
      Nucleus
      Nucleolus
      Ribosomes
      Lysosomes
      Mitochondria
      Golgi Apparatus
      Centrioles
      Vacuole
      Peroxisomes
      Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
      Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
      Cytoplasm
      Cytoskeleton
           o Microtubules
           o Microfilaments

      Chloroplasts (plants)
      Cell Wall (plants)
      Cilia & Flagella
      Intercellular Junctions
           o Plasmodesmata
           o Tight Junctions
           o Desmosomes              Choose 1
           o Gap Junctions
      Plastids (plants)
           o Chloroplasts
           o Amyloplasts           Choose 1

      Chromoplasts
B. Incorporate the following components into your Facebook pages:

   1. Organelle Name
   2. Location of Organelle in the cell
           You may want to include any specific animal cell types the organelle is prevalent in, in your
              social networks
   3. Hand drawn colorful picture(s) of the organelle for your profile picture & albums
   4. Info & Bio: description (function of the organelle)
   5. Friends of each Organelle (who works with the organelle?)
   6. Sample Wall Posts (must include three posts per organelle)

C. Creativity Counts:
  1. Each “Facebook” page needs to be neatly hand-drawn out or typed using a facebook template.
  2. Use color to make your pages interesting.
  3. Spelling and information presented must be accurate.
               cellular network: Facebook rubric
CATEGORY                   4                        3                         2                          1                        0
Sources Cited All information and         All information and       Citations for graphics    Few citations             No citations.
    (x 1)     graphics accurately         graphics accurately       and/or information is     provided. Format
                cited with correct        cited with incorrect      missing. Correct          may or may not be
                format.                   format.                   format is used.           correct.

 Organelles     All required              Most required             Required organelles       Some organelles are     More than 10
   used         organelles are            organelles are present.   are present. 4-6          present. 7-10           organelles are
   (x 1)        present,.                 1 – 3 organelles are      organelles are            organelles are missing. missing
                                          missing.                  missing.

  Structure     All structure locations   All structure locations   Most structure            Some structure            Few structure
  Location      are correctly             are correctly             locations are correctly   locations are correctly   locations are
    (x 3)       identified and            identified and            identified and            identified and            correctly identified
                described.                described.                explained. 2-3 factual    explained. 4-5 factual    and explained.
                Descriptions                                        errors are present.       errors are present.       Multiple factual
                elaborate on specific                                                                                   errors are present.
                cell types organelles
                are largely present in.
  Structure     All structure             All structure             Most structure            Some structure            Most structure
  Function      function(s) are           function(s) are           function(s) are           function(s) are           function(s) are not
    (x 5)       accurately described      accurately described.     accurately described      accurately described      accurately described
                in elaborated detail.                               Additional details are    Some additional           Additional details
                                                                    provided. Some errors     details are provided.     are provided.
                                                                    (2-3) may be present.     Some errors (4-6) may     Several errors are
                                                                                              be present.               present.
Profile/Album All structure          All structure        All structure         Some drawings are    Several drawings are
   Pictures   drawings are present. drawings are present. drawings are present. present. They may or missing AND/OR
     (x 3)    Drawings are detailed, Drawings are         Drawings may or may may not be detailed    pictures are not
                colorful, titled, and     detailed,. One            not be detailed and   and may or may not      hand drawn.
                labeled.                  component (colorful,      missing one or two    have titles and labels.
                                          titled, labeled) is       components (colorful,
                                          missing.                  titled, and labeled).
  Creativity    Facebook pages are        Facebook pages are        Facebook pages are        Facebook pages show Facebook pages lack
    (x 2)       creative, well            well designed, neat,      neat and well             a lot of creativity, but creativity, neatness,
                designed, and neat.       and show some             organized but show        are not well organized and organization.
                                          creativity.               little creativity.        or neat.

     Total: _____/60

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