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					The Monkey’s Paw

       By W.W. Jacobs

         Page 173
Complete the following literary
1. Point of view –
   Omniscient: We know everyone’s thoughts and

2. Conflict p.177 –
        Herbert’s joking suggests that he has little faith
   in the powers of the paw; however, what does his
   reaction to the faces in the fire show us?

He may believe in the paw more than he cares to
  admit; the paw and its potential has caused an
  uneasiness within him.
3. Setting –
      The story is set (for the most part)
  at the White’s home.

4. Characterization (family) p. 174 –
  This family is a close-knit and loving
  family. You can see this with their
  interactions with one another.
5. Dialogue –
  What does the dialogue on pages 174-
  175 add to the story?

It makes the story more believable and
  more interesting.
6. Symbol p. 175 –
  What does the paw symbolize?
     The unknown – dark, magical,
  mystic powers. Endless possibilities…
7. Suspense p. 175
  a. How do Morris’s first two comments
  about the monkey’s paw create

He is reluctant to talk about it; then he
 tries to be offhanded.
b. What does his reply about the first
  man’ wishes imply?
  The man’s third wish was for death.
  This implies that something so bad
  happened to him that he wanted to die
  – a sobering thought.
8. Characterization p.176
  Sergeant Morris and Mr. White

If Sergeant Morris is sincere in all his warnings
   and doesn’t want Mr. White or anyone else to
   have and use the monkey’s paw, then why
   does he tell Mr. White how to use it?

Perhaps he thinks he can’t stop Mr. White from
  using the paw if he really wants to. Perhaps
  he thinks others will have to find out as he
  and the first man did.
9. Suspense p. 176 – How do you feel
  when you read Mr. White’s claim that
  the monkey’s paw moved when he
  wished it? What do you think this might
10. Characterize Mr. and Mrs. White p.180

Mr. White – He thinks of how his son would
  look like after the accident and wouldn’t want
  to see their son like that.

Mrs. White – She is insistent and will not listen
  to reason.
   11. Suspense – How many times does
    the author mention knocking at the
    door? What is the effect of this?

Seven separate instances, ending with a
  barrage of knocks, with the later knocks
  being louder and more insistent than
  the earlier ones…
12. Theme –
  Interfering with fate will bring great

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