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Fish protects against memory loss early and active brain


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									                       Fish protects against memory loss early and active brain

   A study published on the American Time magazine, that eating fish on an ongoing basis, protects against memory loss
     symptoms of partially or fully what is known as Alzheimer's disease, as well as to stimulate the brain and thinking.

 And researchers in the study confirmed that the fish contain a mixture of excellent vitamins and proteins to Baladfah acids
                                     such as oily as Amoaga 3, especially in salmon.

  It was noted in the study, which included 1575 people, that individuals who increase the level of omega-3 as acid in their
   blood, their abilities are reflected clearly on the memory tests, at higher rates than those who have lower levels of acid.

 And we showed that magnetic resonance imaging "MRI," the brain of individuals enjoying high rates of acid omega in their

blood, she pointed to a rise in the intensity of the brain, which is reflected in brain activity have, in addition to the power of the
                              blood, and performance of functions that require high concentration.

 The report, quoting the words of researcher on Alzheimer's "memory loss" at the University of California, Zalde Tan, "The

 equation is very simple, and states that the low rate of acid omega-3 S, leads to the weakness in the performance of brain
                                functions, which leads in some cases, memory loss with age

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