Cars reserved for women by kishoo


									                                        Cars reserved for women!

 Her car manufacturers in recent sex soft significantly, it has submitted a "death" of Italy in collaboration with the company

"Mattel" innovative doll "Barbie" car decorated with painted pink, and lines of women's distinctive, as well as being equipped
                                with all advanced technologies that provide comfort for women.

In addition, the mixed car seats embroidered silk, and beads of crystal and glass on the steering wheel, and a small box in
                    front of the driver holds a bright red lips and multi-colored mirror elegant distinctive.

    Also announced that the Japanese auto maker "Nissan" for issuing a new version under the name of an innovative
                 , Which is addressed to the girls who are looking for driving without tension. PIVO2 ".

This has introduced the "Maserati" private car sex soft pink motorized "in 8", measuring 440 horsepower, the car technology
                                                also provided the "Bluetooth".

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