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scheme ict f5 2012 by P7Qd2I8c


									Form 5 Scheme Of Work For ICT
                                 SMK RAJA MUDA MUDA, BESTARI JAYA
                                        SCHEME OF WORK 2012
                                                     FORM 5
MONTH/         TOPICS AND             LEARNING OUTCOME                                 SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES
 WEEK             SCOPE
             5.1 Basic          Learners should be able to:            Individual task
  JAN.       Programming        5.1.1 Define Program and               Collect information on definition of the program and the
             Concepts           Programming Language                   programming language from printed materials or the
  WEEK                                                                 Internet.
   1-3       (10 periods) State the definition of

                       State the definition of
                                programming language.                  Individual task

                                5.1.2 Levels and Generations of        Draw a hierarchy chart to classify the generations of each
                                Programming Languages                  level of programming language.

                       Identify the generations of
                                low-level programming languages
                                with examples.

                       Identify the generations of
                                high-level programming languages
                                with examples.

                                5.1.3 Programming Language
                                Approaches                             Individual task
                       Define Structured Approach     Collect information on different programming language
                                in programming.                        approaches from printed materials or the Internet.

                       Define object-oriented         Individual task
                                approach in Programming.               Produce a compare and contrast table on structured
                                                                       approach and object-oriented approach in programming.
                       Differentiate between
                                structured approach and object-
                                oriented approach in programming.
                                                                       Individual task
                                5.1.4 Translator
                       Describe the translation       Write an essay on how the assembler, interpreter and
                                method of programming using            compiler work.
                                assembler, interpreter and compiler.

                                5.1.5 Basic Elements in                Individual task
                                      Programming                      Draw a chart or table to illustrate the understanding on
                       Differentiate between          constants and variables.
                                constants and variables

                       Differentiate between data     Individual task
                                types: Boolean, integer, double,       Draw a chart or table to illustrate the understanding on
                                string and date.                       different data types

                       Differentiate between          Individual task
                                mathematical and logical (Boolean)     Draw a chart or table to illustrate the understanding on the
                                operators.                             mathematical and logical (Boolean) operators.

                       Differentiate between          Individual task
                                sequence control structure and         Find out a simple flow chart for both structures from
                                selection control structure.           printed materials or the internet.

   JAN       5.2 Program        5.2.1 Program Development              Individual task
  WEEK       Development        Phases
    4         (24 periods) Describe the five main         Collect information on program development phases from
             *CHINESE NEW       phases in program development:         printed materials or the Internet.
             YEAR                    o    Problem analysis
             (23-24 Jan              o    Program design
             2012)                   o    Coding
                                     o    Testing and debugging
                                     o    Documentation
                                5.2.2 Develop a program                Individual task
                       Apply program development      Develop a simple program using Visual Basic based on
                                phases to solve problems.              the module.
 MARCH                 -    REVISION
   1                   -    SCHOOL ASSESSMENT 1 (US1: 6,7,8 MARCH 2012)
Form 5 Scheme Of Work For ICT
 WEEK        MID-SEMESTER HOLIDAY 1 (10 – 18 MARCH 2012)
             5.3 Current and    5.3.1 Latest Programming                 Group task
             Future             Languages
 MARCH       Developments                                                Collect information on the latest programming languages
 WEEK                  Find our the latest              from printed materials or the Internet.
   3         (6 periods)        programming languages:
                                     o     Fifth generation language
                                     o     Natural language
                                     o     OpenGL (Graphic Library)
 MONTH/        TOPICS AND             LEARNING OUTCOME                                   SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES
  WEEK           SCOPE
             4.1 Multimedia     Learners should be able to:
 MARCH           Concepts       4.1.1 Definition of Multimedia           Individual task
 WEEK                                                                    Collect and discuss information about the concept of
   4         (6 periods)   Define multimedia              multimedia.

                                4.1.2 Multimedia in Various Fields       Individual task
                       Identify the use of              Give examples of various applications of multimedia and
                                multimedia in various fields.            discuss their contributions to the society.
                                4.1.3 Interactivity in Multimedia        Individual task
                       Differentiate between the        Discuss the characteristics of linear and non-linear
                                characteristics of linear and non-       multimedia.
                                linear multimedia.

                                4.1.4 Medium of Delivery                 Individual task
                       Compare and contrast the         Discuss the similarities and differences between mediums
                                mediums of delivery for multimedia       of multimedia application delivery.
                                     o     Web-based
                                     o     CD-based
                                4.1.5Multimedia Elements
                       Identify the multimedia          Individual task
                                elements:                                Match multimedia elements with the respective standard
                                     o     Text                          file formats.
                                     o     Audio
                                     o     Video
                                     o     Graphics
                                     o     Animation
  APRIL                -    REVISION
    2                  -    SCHOOL ASSESSMENT :MIBF 1 ( 9 – 13 APRIL)
  APRIL      4.2 Hardware       4.2.2 Hardware
             and software Identify hardware that can       Group task
  WEEK                          be used to produce multimedia            Scan pictures using scanner.
   3         (6 periods)        products:
                                      o    Scanner                       Group task
                                      o    Video camera                  Capture images and motions using camera and video
                                      o    Camera                        camera.
                                      o    Audio devices                 Group task
                                      o    Video capture devices         Capture sound, music, narration or special effects using
                                                                         audio devices.
                                                                         Group task
                                                                         Capture video from video tape, laser disc or camera using
                                                                         video capture devices.
                                4.2.3 Editing Software
                       Identify editing software that   Individual task
                                can be used to produce multimedia        Collect information on popular multimedia editing software
                                elements:                                from printed materials or the Internet.
                                     o     Text editor
                                     o     Graphics and image
                                     o     Audio editor
                                     o     Video and animation
                                4.2.4 Authoring Tools                    Individual task
                       Define the various concepts      Produce a portfolio on various concepts used by the
                                in authoring tools:                      specific authoring tools.
                                     o     Time frame concept
                                     o     Icon concept
                                     o     Card concept
                                4.2.5 Web Editor                         Individual task
                       Describe and give examples       Collect information on web editors from printed materials
                                of web editors:                          or the Internet.
                                     o     Text-based
                                     o     WYSIWYG
Form 5 Scheme Of Work For ICT
                                4.3.1 User Interface Principles         Individual task
  APRIL      4.3 Multimedia                                             Collect information on user interface principles from the
  WEEK       Development State User Interface            Internet.
    4        (24 periods)       Principles.
                       Apply suitable user interface
                                principles in a project.

                                4.3.2 Development Team                  Group task
                       State the role of each          Form a development team, consisting of a project
                                member in a development team            manager and assign members with respective
  MAY                           (examples: project manager,             responsibilities based on the module.
  WEEK                          subject matter expert, instructional
  1&2                           designer, graphic artist, audio-video
                                technician and programmer).

                                4.3.3 Multimedia Production             Individual task
                                                                        Collect information on multimedia production phases from
                       Describe the phases in          printed materials or the Internet.
                                multimedia production:
                                     o    Analysis
                                     o    Design
                                     o    Implementation
                                     o    Testing
                                     o    Evaluation
                                     o    Publishing
  3&4        REVISION AND MID-YEAR EXAM (14 – 25 MAY)
  JUNE       MID-YEAR HOLIDAY (26 MAY – 10 JUNE 2012)
             4.3 Multimedia     4.3.4 Multimedia Production             Group task
  JUNE       Development
  WEEK       - continuity Apply all the phases of         Produce an interactive educational multimedia project
  2&3                           multimedia production to produce        based on the module.
                                an interactive educational
                                multimedia project.
  JUNE       4.4 Current and    4.4.1 Immersive Multimedia              Group task
  WEEK           Future
    4                  Give an example of              Produce a portfolio about the example of immersive
             Developments       immersive multimedia in education,      multimedia in education, business or entertainment.
             (4 periods)        business or entertainment.

              TOPICS AND
 MONTH/                               LEARNING OUTCOME                                  SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES
  JULY       6.1 Concepts of    Learners should be able to:             Individual task
  WEEK           Information    6.1.1Definition
    1            Systems Give the meaning of data,       Draw a mind map on data, information and information
                                information and information             systems.
             (6 periods)        systems.
  JULY                 -      REVISION
    2                  -      SCHOOL ASSESSMENT 2 (MIBF 2 : 9 -12 JULY)
                                6.1.2 Usage of Information              Individual task
  JULY                          Systems in Various Fields               Collect information on usage of Information Systems in
  WEEK                                                                  education, business and management from printed
    3                  State the usage of              material or the Internet,
                                Information Systems in education,
                                business and management.

                                6.1.3 Information System
                                                                        Individual Task
                                                                        Draw a mind map on the five IS components based on a
                                                                        given scenario.
                       List the Information Systems
                                                                        Individual task
                                     o    Data
                                                                        Discuss how data, hardware, software, people and
                                     o    Hardware
                                                                        procedure are interrelated in information system
                                     o    Software
                                     o    People
                                     o    Procedure

                       Define each of the              Individual task
                                Information System components.          Draw a diagram showing the interrelation between
                                                                        information system components.
                       Describe the interrelation
                                between information system
                                components using a diagram.
Form 5 Scheme Of Work For ICT

                                6.1.4 Types of Information

                       List five types of Information     Individual task

                                     o     Management Information
                                           System (MIS)
                                     o     Transaction Processing          Collect information on the five types of IS from printed
                                           System (TPS)                    materials or the Internet.
                                     o     Decision Support System
                                     o     Expert System (ES)/
                                           Artificial Intelligence (AI)

                       State the usage of each type       Individual task
                                of Information System.                     List and provide examples of the types of information
                                6.1.5 Hierarchy of Data

                       Define bit, byte, field, record,
                                and file                                   Individual task

                       State the hierarchy of data:       Collect information on bit, byte, field, record, file and
                                      o     Bit – Byte (character) –       database from printed materials or the Internet.
                                            Field – Record – File -        Individual task
                                            Database                       Draw a diagram to illustrate the hierarch of data.
                                6.2.1Definition                            Individual task
  JULY       6.2 Software Define database and                Produce a comparison table on database and DBMS.
  WEEK       (8 periods )       Database management Systems                Group task
    4                           (DBMS)                                     Brainstorm and record the findings in a report.
 AUGUST                List the benefits of using
  WEEK                          database.
    1                           6.2.2 Features
                                                                           Individual task
                       the relationship between
                                                                           Show the relationship between attribute, row and relation
                                attribute (field), row (record) and
                                                                           on a chart or table.
                                relation (file).
                                                                           Individual task
                        Define the primary key and
                                                                           Collect information on primary key and foreign key from
                                foreign key
                                                                           printed materials or the Internet.
                       State the importance of
                                primary key
                       Differentiate between the
                                                                           Individual task
                                primary key and foreign key
                                                                           Draw a simple diagram to show the relationship.
                       State the importance of
                                relationship between the primary
                                key and foreign key
                                                                           Individual task
                                6.2.3 Database Objects
                                                                           Collect information on four database objects/tools from
                       Define the following
                                                                           printed materials or the Internet.
                                database objects/ tools: Tables,
                                                                           Individual task
                                form, query, report.
                                                                           Identify the four database objects/ tools in Microsoft
                       identify table, query, form
                                and report as database objects/
                                                                           Individual task
                                                                           Collect information on the basic operations of data
                                6.2.4 Data manipulation
                                                                           manipulation from printed materials or the Internet.
                       list the basic operations of
                                data manipulation:
                                                                           Individual task
                                     o      Update
                                                                           Collect information on the usage of basic operations in
                                     o      Insert
                                                                           data manipulation from printed materials or the Internet.
                                     o      Delete
                                     o      Retrieve
                                     o      Sort
                                     o      Filter
                                     o      Search
                       State the usage of basic
                                operations in data manipulation.

             6.3 Database       6.3.1 Phases of Systems                    Individual task
 AUGUST      Development        Development
                                                                           Collect information on the phases of systems development
  2&3        (22 periods ) Describe the phases of             from printed materials or the Internet.
                                systems development:

                                     o     Analysis
                                     o     Design
                                     o     Implementation
                                     o     Testing
                                     o     Documentation
Form 5 Scheme Of Work For ICT
  (M34)      HARI RAYA PUASA ( 19&20 AUGUST)
AUGUST       6.3 Database       6.3.2 Develop a Database Project       Individual task
 WEEK            Develop-
   5             ment
 (M35)                   Identify a project.          Create a database that has tables, relationships, forms,
                 (continuity)                                          queries and reports based on the module.
                         Identify the project
             *SCHOOL’S N-                 requirements.
             CELEBRATION)   Classify project
                                          requirements into two
             *N-DAY                       tables.
                         Design databases tables.
             (31/8/12)   Create a database.

                         Create two tables that
                                          include the primary key
                                          for each table.

                         Build a relationship
                                          between two tables.

                         Enter data into the table.

                         Crate a form that relates
                                          to the table content.

                       Create a query to retrieve
                                         required information with
                                         one or more conditions.

                       Generate a report.

                       Gather all the documents
                                         from the above phases
                                         into a folio.

  SEPT       6.4 Current and    6.4.1Web-based Application             Group task
  WEEK           Future
    1            Develop- Find out current               Produce a portfolio about current developments in
                 ment           developments in computer               computer information systems.
                                information systems.
             (4 periods )
   2&3          TRIAL SPM EXAMINATION 2012 (10 – 20 SEPT )

   OCT            -      RECAPUTILATION

                  -      OVERVIEW OF FORM FOUR SYLLABUS
                  -      OVERVIEW OF FORM FIVE SYLLABUS

  WEEK            -      SPM 2012

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