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									              What’s new to the MasterSERIES in 2005
                MasterSeries 2005.03(From 2004.13)
Top Ten New Features
1.     MasterFrame: Frame Statistics allows you to rationalise section sizes using copy
       and paste.
2.     3D Model Manager: Automatically generate a shear core system.
3.     3D Model Manager: Automatically generate Vertical Bracing.
4.     MasterFrame: User defined colour schemes for members etc.
5.     Moment Connections: New Joint for Column Splices.
6.     Moment Connections: Countersunk bolts in Splices.
7.     MasterCAD: Stick lines and cross sections can be thick polylines.
8.     Retaining Walls: Wall can project above soil level with wind loading applied.
9.     Documentation: Updated on-line Manuals and tutorials.
10.    General: Deleted and over written data files and directories are now sent to recycle
       bin for recovery.

1.    MasterSeries runs under Windows 2000 & XP only.
2.    All support for Windows 98, ME & NT4 dropped
3.    Persistence of top most forms solved. No more MasterSeries toolbars appearing
      over the top of Word.
4.    You can now save your MasterSeries registry settings and import to another
      machine. In MasterSeries Customisation select to load or save a customisation file
5.    Deleted and over written data files and directories are now sent to recycle bin for
6.    As a file is saved over the top of an existing file the old version is placed in the
      recycle bin as a history.
7.    Results warning background now a user defined colour. MasterSeries Customisation >
      Colours and Directories and set Results Warning             . No more Windows System
8.    Updated CD Manuals and tutorials.

9.    MasterFrame Unlimited Node and Member limits raised from 10,000 to 32,000. Edit
      > Options > Increase Frame Limit to 32000 Nodes/Members
10.   Escape key “Esc” will terminate analysis at the end of the current loading case.
11.   Relaxed limits on straightness of SuperMembers. (But not curved. Several mm out of
12.   Limits removed on number of member and nodal viewing groups
13.   Beta angle for member orientation now stored to 2 decimal places.
14.   Design group members can now be used as viewing filters via the viewing options
15.   Optional text file attached to each MasterFrame data file for notes and history. Edit >
      Cases > My Notes for this Job
16.   Option to automatically turn on Direct X when drawing in 3D profile
17.   Options to not draw member labels that over lap.
18.   The drawing of new members at offsets along members (e.g. 20%,25% or 4.25 m)
      now highlights the reference node
19.   In DirectX, blue cubes representing nodes have been resized to aid node selection.

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20. Printing - automatic scaling of graphics improved to keep frame within page borders.
21. Frame Statistics    allows you to copy      and paste   one section size to another
    thus you can rationalise your steelwork. (6m of 457x191UB82 and 46 m of
    457x191UB92 can become 52m of 457x191UB92)

22. Set the grade of all visible members to one grade                            . Members
    > Member properties.
23. Custom colour schemes for member colours in wire frame mode. MasterSeries
    Customisation > Member Colours.
24. Custom colour schemes for member colours in full 3D profile mode. MasterSeries
    Customisation > Member Colours.
25. Custom colour schemes for Area Loading panels. MasterSeries Customisation >
    Member Colours.
26. MasterFrame graphics window background can now be a wallpaper in Direct X. Right
    click on the MasterFrame graphics screen.
27. Member levels displayed with grid lines. If levels are user defined then the levels are
    indicated on the left hand corner of the structure.
28. Snap perpendicular to an existing member during member definition.
29. You can now save your Viewing Tree/ Frame View Options settings to quickly call up
    as combination of settings. At the bottom of the tree structure you can Save (update
      current) Add and recall setting profiles.
      These are global and not for the current file only. Thus you cant store named view or
      section size filters as these are specific to the current file.
30.   You can align a members Beta angle relative to another member. Use Ctrl and Alt left
      mouse for major and minor axis.
31.   Improved undo and re-do
32.   Files now save their current button and view status
33.   Load case title added when printing graphical output of support reactions.
34.   Graphical display size of support symbols improved when not in DirectX mode.
35.   In Member Loading the graphical display of loads on a member in sectional view has
      been modified.
36.   Grade 43,50,55 sections will switch to Grades S275, 355, 460 and visa versa if the
      grade has been deactivated.
37.   In the merge two members function, new option to “Merge All” which eliminates all
      unnecessary intermediate member nodes in all members in the frame. No need to
      pick any members. Just check the box and select Proceed/Show New Frame.
38.   Tee section names have been adjusted to the 5th Edition to ensure import/export
39.   The split member function will by default split haunched members at the end of the
40.   Analysis timer fixed to give more realistic times that improves with each loading case.
41.   Frame Statistics form now lists densities in kg for clarity. Concrete sections now .
42.   Frame Statistics form now uses densities from area loading if used.
43.   The Change XYZ function has a brilliant new option called AutoPick Floor/Section.
      When you select a direction say Y and then pick a node, the program finds all
      connected nodes in the same approximate plane. This allows you to quickly make
      them flush. Useful if you have DXF imported an architects drawing.

3D Model Manager
44. Function to automatically generate a shear core system by picking the perimeter
    nodes. Multi-Storey > Define a Shear Wall

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45. Vertical Bracing generator for X, K, rev-K, \, / and Λ type systems, by picking the two
    diagonally opposite nodes for part of the bay you wish to brace. . Multi-Storey > Add
    Multi-Level Bracing
46. Insert Column functions can now define columns as dummy members.
47. Insert Column functions can now align the beta angle of the column with an existing
    member. Use Ctrl and Alt left mouse for major and minor axis.

Steel Design
48. Set the grade of all visible members to one grade
49. In a mixed steel/concrete frame the Columns in Simple Construction check ignores
    nominal moments being generated as a result of concrete columns being directly
    under steel columns. The steel column will be seen as being fully pinned at its base.
50. In a Beam & Beam Portion check the max unity ratio is now shown for the MA/Mc in
    the Moment Capacity Check calculation. This max ratio could be due to moment or
51. In Design or Service classification the title description will override the load factors.
    e.g. if you have 1.0 D1 & 1.0L1, but the title says Ultimate, then it Will Be Ultimate.

Composite Beams
52. Set the grade of all visible members to one grade
53. The number of Member Property templates has been reduced so that there is now
    only one template per section size and grade in composite frames.

Pile Cap
54. Optional Deep Beam design to Reynolds & Steedman (Table 148) added.

MasterFrame Flat Slabs
55.   Improved control over member directions and patterning
56.   Improved control over panel shapes
57.   Display of Moments and Reinforcement areas on the graphics
58.   Refined flat slab graphics
59.   User defined reinforcement directions
60.   Improved description of shear reinforcement placement
61.   Graphical display of area load patterning
62.   Improved graphical display of cropped flair heads and drops
63.   Automatic reduction of shear perimeter according to slab openings


64. Option to copy current reinforcement to all visible beams
65. Wide beams with narrow columns are now checked for shear around the column
66. Very Wide beams with narrow columns give a dimensional warning when punching
    shear should be checked at 1.5 d from the column face
67. Deflection checked in Super members
68. User can over-ride the span used in deflections. In the Beam Data Tab change

69. User can over-ride the basic L/d value used in deflection calculations. In Beam Data
    Tab change

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70. Curtailment of pinned ended slabs now uses clause c) to eradicate bobs and
    bent bars.
71. Tee beam web can now be greater than 999 mm

72. Limiting Aspect ratio for columns, above which they are not designed. E.g. omits
    walls and shear cores. Basic Data & Defaults > Design & Grades > Design Columns

73. Option to copy current reinforcement to all visible Columns
74. Includes the standalone Column Designer. (You no longer need to have 2 concrete
    design modules.)

Pad Foundations
75. Pad foundations now able to be displayed in all MasterFrame areas.
76. Includes the standalone Pad Designer. (You no longer need to have 2 concrete
    design modules.)


77. Now only lists ULS loading cases
78. AutoDesign when, finished, sets the Print cases to the Critical Positive & Negative
    cases and displays the critical case
79. If the first print case is set in the brief data, then when the brief is viewed then the first
    print case loading case is displayed.
80. Simple Connections and Column Splice now only design to BS5950: 2000. The
    green book is based on the 2000 edition of the code.
81. Middle mouse button allows you to zoom joint graphics
82. Middle mouse button + Shift allows you to Pan joint graphics
83. Grade 43,50,55 sections and plates will switch to Grades S275, 355, 460 and visa
    versa if the grade has been deactivated.

Beam Splice
84. Countersunk bolts added to Beam Splice
85. Bearing of the end row of bolts is considered separately to the other rows of bolts
    giving a better total bearing capacity.

Column Splice - New
86.   Non Bearing Column Splice added
87.   Bearing Column Splice added
88.   Cap and Base Column Splice added
89.   Countersunk bolts added to Column Splice
90.   Design of Welded Packer plates
91.   Bearing of the end row of bolts is considered separately to the other rows of bolts
      giving a better total bearing capacity.

92. Apex design extended so that joints in pure tension are designed more efficiently
    ignoring the triangular bolt distribution limits etc. This is only considered if the
    centroid of bolts is in the middle of the beam.

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Base Plate
93. CHS base plates external compression area isn’t restricted to the internal radius of
    the CHS.

Flexible End-plates
94. Bearing of the end row of bolts is considered separately to the other rows of bolts
    giving a better total bearing capacity.

Timber Design
95.   Beam deflection is re-calculated for changes in Emin.
96.   Access to Term of Loading reinstated when in Design screen.
97.   Lists both Emean and Emin beams with axial loads
98.   Integrated design indicates whether shear deflection is included or not.
99.   Super member deflection is now compared with 0.003L of the full length of the design
      super member. (it was previously over conservative)

Beam Designers

BD: Analysis
100. New button to Split the current span. On the Beam Data tab select
101. New button to measure all PY, PDLY & PTRY loads globally from the left hand end of
     the first span. On the PY’s and PDLY’s tab select

BD: Concrete Design
102. Irrelevant Z-Z axis Cover and beam levels information excluded from concrete
     globals dialogue.
103. If, in the analysis editor, you define columns of zero height but leave the column
     depth defined, then the design will now use that depth as the support width.

Retaining Walls
104. Wall can project above soil level with wind loading applied.
105. Minimum steel % checked for distribution steel.
106. Maximum spacing of steel checked.

107. Stick line members can now be drawn as polylines of a
     selected width from 0 to 2 mm wide or as normal zero
     thickness lines.
108. Stick line members now cut back to short of cross-
     sections for better clarity.
109. Cross-section members can now be drawn as polylines of a selected width from 0 to
     2 mm wide or as normal zero thickness lines.
110. Cross-section members can now be drawn as a centreline polyline of flange/web
111. 3D+ Import: More section types imported to MasterFrame including cold finished
     hollow sections.

112. Function to update text style in labels
113. Stair Case detailer updated to work with BS 8666 and SABS 82

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114. Stair Case detailer updated to receive your current detailing code and drawing scale
115. Beam Cross Section Generator added.

Currently Under Development
It is anticipated that the following items will be incorporated into the MasterSeries during
2005 but no completion dates can be given
     o I sections and SHS/RHS sections with supplementary plates welded to top & bottom
     o I sections with Channels welded top or bottom
     o I sections with I section welded to the web (Wind portal column)
     o Moment and Simple Connections to handle Symmetrical Plate Girders
     o Slimflor composite and non composite beams
     o Slimdek composite beams
     o Finite Element Analysis inside MasterFrame Unlimited
     o Finite Element Analysis version of MasterKey Masonry
     o Concrete beams with 4 layers of reinforcement top & bottom
     o Help files & Word documentation to be merged into one system using PDF files.
        These can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader. (supplied on your MasterSeries

               MasterSeries 2004.13(From 2004.04)
1. New function to insert Node at the apparent (projected) intersection of two members.
    (Provided they will intersect).
2. During the defining of new members you can temporarily rotate your snap grid to any
    angle or align it to a member.
3. Define New Members in Panel allows you to sub divide a panel into equal sub panels
    or insert members parallel to a face offset at ‘x.xxx’ metre intervals.
4. Split Member function now allows you to say you are working from the higher node.
5. New, more flexible, graphical filtering & display system introduced in a tree structure.
    (right mouse viewing options) This combines several option areas into one.
6. In 3D Model Manager, Insert Column at Offset allows you to offset the column along a
    beam by ratio or length. It also allows you to define which floors to insert between, e.g.;
    while looking at a plan at level 3 you could introduce a column from top to bottom.
7. In 3D Model Manager, dummy members are now, by default, 10 mm rods and have
    zero density. If a load factor other than “UT De-activate” is applied then density will be
8. Option in 3D DirectX to draw black edges to members for clarity. This is sometimes
    clearer, thus this option is on a switch on the menu. Right Mouse > 3D Member Profile
    > Draw Highlight
9. Options to automatically generate your notional load ULS and sway stability loading
    cases for several directions. Go to ‘Cases’ > ‘Automatic Wind and Notional Loading
    Cases’. Requires 3D model Manager.
10. Wind Pressures use a clearer shading to indicate intensities.
11. Display of wind Panel dead and live loads included in main gravity area loading.
12. End of Grid Line bubbles can now have an offset.
13. Option to use Grid line references when printing analysis results.
14. Rotate nodes function now has an option to also rotate the column beta angles.
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15. Any supermembers that are no longer valid due to direction or straightness are not
    deleted but graphically flagged up in red ready for correction.
16. New buttons have been added to the top toolbar for viewing studs, mesh, springs,
    nodal loads, etc.
17. The graphical cropping short of members to see which members are supermembers
    can now be carried out on a wire frame.
18. Pack Nodes option now has a tolerance so nodes close to each other can be joined as
    one node if desired.
19. Shift Nodes now has an additional input so a node can be shifted along a member by a
20. Split Members at Intersection has an optional input to define 4 nodes instead and
    create a new node at the intersection.

Composite Beams
21. In 3D Model Manager, the composite information is now abbreviated on the section
    labels and mesh size added. E.g. “58-19x95@2p.t.+252 mesh” This label is composed
    inside the composite design and thus, for existing frames, the label style, will not
    change until you view the member inside the composite design. Tip: this can be done
    quickly with the find next fail button.

MasterKey Connections

Base Plate
24. Base-Plate AutoDesign now also AutoDesigns the base-plate thickness for the
    compression only check if you have a moment base. This can occasionally be more
    critical and would have shown a failure after AutoDesign
25. New table All primary plates now list their weight for CDM purposes. This can be
    critical in large base plates and haunched connections where the plate can easily be
    over 25 kg
26. Auto sizing Base plates now use the SCI basic sizes as the starting point. You can
    modify the file “C:\msprogwd\baseplates.ovr” if you wish, it is in ASCII format.

Eaves & Apex
27. Eaves and Apex Haunch Welds AutoDesigned
28. Eaves and Apex Stiffeners in tension/bending now use directional method for weld

Simple Connections
27. Printing the summary output does not print the column in plan for beam-to-column
    simple connections. This allows the graphics and summary table to usually reside on
    one page.
28. Design of Column web for single sided tying force added

29. Export the Maximum BM, SF and Axial load Support Reactions at Ultimate or Service.
30. Basic export to 3D+ implemented. Basic Geometry and some section sizes correct. No
    beta angles yet. Will be expanded over the next few updates.
31. In exporting 2D GA’s you can now select whether to export “Near Side” or “Far Side”
    members in Section. The default will be Far Side members (Below or Behind the view)
32. Modified Composite information displayed as per 3D Model Manager item above.

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33. Dummy members now not drawn. The member must be a “UT De-activate” that is de-
    activated in all loading cases.
34. DXF Layering Table can now be edited directly in Notepad.
35. New editable fonts table in ‘C:\Msprogwd\DXFfonts.dat’ contains a list of fonts
    MasterCAD can use for DXF text styles.
36. New option to store configuration templates for recall and quick setting up.
37. End of Grid Line bubbles can now have an offset.
38. Export the Maximum BM, SF, and Axial Load support reactions at ultimate or service
    on DXF drawings.
39. Basic export to 3D+ implemented. (Will be expanded over next few updates).

MasterKey Steel Design
40. New buttons to sort design briefs to different criteria, e.g., by member number or by

MasterKey Concrete Design
41. The ‘K limit’ (M/bd2fcu) for using compression reinforcement has an additional limit of
    9.999. Thus a K limit of 0.000 = always consider compression reinforcement, 0.156 =
    only consider compression reinforcement when the singly reinforced limit (clause is reached, 9.999 = never use compression reinforcement.
42. New option to turn off the deflection compression modification factor (T3.11) for slabs.
43. Option to invert Tee and ‘L’ beams added to the ‘links & nibs’ tab.
44. Ability to print design summary
45. Ability to filter printed members by unity ratios eg all above 0.95 unity
46. Improved messages during AutoDesign of all members
47. AutoDesign of all members now scans for any failures after design

MasterKey Concrete Pads
22. Global Input for soil density. SWP is now assumed to be at the top of base. If soil
    density is not Zero then the resultant SWP will be increased by the depth of base x the
    soil density (the weight of the removed overburden).
23. Able to lock (fix) the Length, Breadth and Depth of the pad. If locked then during
    AutoDesign they will not change and can’t be edited until unlocked.

MasterKey Wind Analysis
44. Input box for Eastings and Northings for easier input of grid references.
45. Button added to lock site so that the location is not accidentally lost.
46. Wind pressure values or Cpe values displayed in 3D Model Manager.
47. Drop list of main Great Britain towns added for the full method.
48. Drop list of main Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland towns added – not linked to
    map – use ‘site altitude only’ method.

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