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FOX HUNTING LBL by wanghonghx


									FOX HUNTING                                                                    FOX HUNTING
                                        The red fox
What type or breed of fox is hunted                                            What is the fox’s Mask?
in England?

                                        FOX HUNTING
His head
                                        Is the hunter a distinct breed
                                                                               FOX HUNTING
                                                                               What is the fox’s pad?
What is a fox’s tail called?
                                        FOX HUNTING
                                                                               A fox which runs in a straight line
                                                                               for a long distance without resorting
His foot
                                                                               to trickery to throw the hounds off
                                        What is meant by a “straight
                                                                               his line.
                                        necked” fox
FOX HUNTING                                                                    FOX HUNTING
                                        A scent that is particularly good
                                        (strong) so that the hounds run with
What is meant by a “breast high
                                        their noses up.
scent”?                                                                        What is meant be a cubbing?

Training young hounds to hunt the       young hounds and to scatter the fox    FOX HUNTING
fox, pick up scent, follow the line,    cubs In the United States often its
travel together, obey and become        meaning is confined to mean early      Where is a hound generally marked
used to work and routine of hunting;    pre-season hunting.                    to show his breeding and
also in some instances to “blood”                                              ownership?
                                        FOX HUNTING
On the ears.                                                                   The pendulous fold of skim under
                                                                               the hound’s neck.
                                        What is a hound’s dewlap?

FOX HUNTING                                                                    FOX HUNTING
                                        The hairs on the back of the neck.
What are a hound’s hackles?                                                    What is meant by hounds rioting?

                                        FOX HUNTING
Hounds getting off the scent of a fox
onto some other animal, such as a                                              Stern.
                                        What is a hound’s tail called?

FOX HUNTING                                                                    FOX HUNTING
                                        In couples and half couples.
How are hounds counted?                                                        Name 2 things you should remember
                                                                               in the hunting field?
Give hounds plenty of room, wait        FOX HUNTING
your turn at gateways, keep out of
the way of the hunt staff, obey the                                              Off side close to the cantle.
Master, offer to open or close gates,   Where is the sandwich case carried?
drop or replace barways etc.
FOX HUNTING                                                                      FOX HUNTING
                                        Near side, close to the pommel.
Where is the flask carried?                                                      How does one greet the Master at a
                                                                                 formal meet?
                                        FOX HUNTING
By raising one’s hat, and if one                                                 The lower or bottom rail. This is
desires by greeting him with a “god     If there is an occasion to lower more    done so as not to let the stock out or
morning, sir” or some similar           than one fence rail, which is lowered    the horse jump during the operation.
salutation.                             first. Why?
FOX HUNTING                                                                      FOX HUNTING
                                        Master of Fox Hounds, the
                                        Huntsman and the Whippers-in.
Who are the hunt staff?                                                          Who carries the horn?

                                        FOX HUNTING
The Master (optional) and the
                                        What type or breed of foxhound is
Huntsman (always).                                                               The American
                                        hunted by the majority of recognized
                                        hunts in the United States?

FOX HUNTING                                                                      FOX HUNTING
                                        Cross bred and Penn-Marydel,
What other types or breeds of           largely and to some extent English.      In what way does the American
foxhounds are generally hunted in                                                foxhound differ chiefly from the
the United States?                                                               English foxhound?
Characteristically, the American                                                 his “hare” foot is more adaptable to
                                        country); he has a better nose, and
Hound has a deeper voice than the                                                the rough going in America that the
                                        more persistent hunter; he is lighter,
English hound and uses it freely                                                 “cat” foot of the old fashioned
                                        and smaller (hence more adapted to
when on the line (a great advantage                                              English hound.
                                        the rough American country);
in the American hilly, wooded
FOX HUNTING                                                                      FOX HUNTING
                                        A pack of hounds, all of which are
What is a dog pack?                                                              What is meant by blooding hounds?

Encouraging them to break up their      FOX HUNTING                              Turning over young hounds to
fox after they have caught him so                                                members of farmers, a few to each,
that they will be more keen for the                                              who will take care of and exercise
chase.                                  What is meant by “walking”               them until they are ready to be
                                        hounds?                                  trained for and used for hunting.
FOX HUNTING                             Exercising hounds by taking them         FOX HUNTING
                                        along a road or cross country at a
                                        slow gait, the hunt staff mounted or     What, other than conformation, are
What is meant by “roading” hounds?      walking.                                 the chief characteristics of a good
                                                                                 hunter (horse)?
Ability, reliability, and sure-
                                     uniformity of pace.
footedness in jumping obstacles;
endurance and staying power; good
manners, especially with hounds; a
good way of going,

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