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									2W > Shri Ram City Union Finance Ltd > KERALA >Pathanamthitta
1.Kindly note the payment terms will be within 2 working days from the date of Approval
2. All vehicles are to be thoroughly inspected before putting bids.
3. EMD of Rs5000 for all vehicles in upcoming KL auction in favour of "mjunction services Ltd a/c auto " Payable at depositing lo
same to our Local Representative Mr.Jerry .G - 9846993111
4. Payment by successful Bidders has to reach Shriram City Union Finance Limited, nearest Branch Office
within a maximum period of 2 Days (within 48 hours) from the date of Approvals ;failing which the EMD Amount will be forfeited an
Bidder may be debarred from the future auction as it deemed fit by the SELLER. Payment to be made in
the name of Shri ram City Union Finance Limited, through cash/ Cheque/DD/PayOrder
6. Vehicles being sold through this Auction are on "As is where is basis". Any other expenses on
account of RC Copy, pending Road Taxes etc are to be paid by the successful bidder seperately & the same is outside the scope
7.If the Hire Purchase Contract is released or terminated, the said vehicle will not be sold & the successful Bidder/s will be intimat
8.Post-Approval Basis
9.To Mjunction contact (Mr.Jerry- 9846993111 ) 044-64624733/34/35
11.The successful bidder strictly adviced to make their payment against their winning lots within 4

       1. All the vehicles are sold on "As is where is basis". Reasons related to Year
       not be entertained. Buyer is solely responsible for his own bid and will be liabl
       vehicles .Please rely on your inspection for correct information/evaluation of v

       2. The vehicles, once sold, will not be taken back. The liability of transfer & RTO
       the bidders risk & responsibility. Any refusal or withdrawal from a valid bid by
       terms & conditions.

SL.N                                                                  rc
                 Reg No                   Agreement No                                  Customer name
 O.                                                                STATUS
  1    KL-26- -4074                 ISNRTWPNM02981 /07            YES           ASHOKAN K K
  2    KL-03-P -8099                ISNRTWPNM01521 /06            YES           RAJEEV B
  3    KL-03-N -3096                ISLCTWPNM00204                YES           BADHARUDHEEN
  4    KL-03-P -9960                ISNRTWPNM02213 /07            YES           RAMACHANDRAN
  5    KL-26-2072                   NRTWKTM0704230                NO            SURAJ S
  6    KL-24- -7732                 ISH1TWPNM05187 /07            YES           LAILA BEEVI
  7    KL-31- -5865                 ISH1TWPNM05102 /07            YES           REMA
  8    KL-26- -3578                 ISNRTWPNM02806 /07            YES           RAJU K C
  9    KL-03-P -6800                ISNRTWPNM01247 /06            YES           SUNIL KUMAR.O.S
 10    KL-26- -2878                 ISNRTWPNM02235 /07            YES           BAIJU L
 11    KL-03-P -7209                ISNRTWPNM01362 /06            YES           SHIBU.U.G
 12    KL-03-M -2531                ISLCTWPNM00134                YES           SAM.K
 13    KL-03-N -8897                ISNRTWPNM00679 /06            YES           SURENDRAN AYYAPPAN
 14    KL-26- -3255                 ISNRTWPNM02442 /07            YES           ANIL KUMAR V K
 15    KL-03-P-5707                 ISNRTWQLN00225/06             YES           SOBHANA SANTHAKUMARI
 16    KL-03-P -6884                ISNRTWPNM01287 /06            YES           UNNIKRISHNAN M.N
 17    KL-03-P -4372                ISNRTWPNM00832 /06            YES           NAJEEB.C.A
 18    KL-03-P -7695                ISNRTWPNM01429 /06            YES           RATHEESH.R
 19    KL-03-Q -0756                ISNRTWPNM02466 /07            YES           SIYAD MUHAMMED
 20    KL-24- -8130                 ISNRTWPNM05658 /07            YES           RATHEESH N
 21    KL-03-M -9011                ISLCTWPNM00169                YES           SHIBU THOMAS
  22    KL-24- -6675                    ISH1TWPNM05218 /07              YES            JAMES STEPHEN
  23    KL-26- -4830                    ISH1TWPNM05236 /07              YES            CHARLES
  24    KL-26-2236                      NRTWKTM0602410                  YES            VIKRAMAN G
  25    KL-26- -4437                    ISH1TWPNM05327 /07              YES            RAMESH P
  26    KL-03-N -9822                   ISLCTWPNM00581 /06              YES            SANTHOSH KUMAR.N
  27    KL-03-P -9842                   ISNRTWPNM02204 /07              YES            MANOJ JOSEPH
  28    KL-03-P-8088                    ISNRTWPNM01726 /06              NO             SHYJU K G
  29    KL-03-Q -1648                   ISNRTWPNM02899 /07              YES            PRASANT S KUMAR
  30    KL-26-9428                      ISNRTWQLN00622/06               YES            DEEPU M
  31    KL-26-1673                      ISNRTWQLN00839                  YES            BIJI S
  32    KL-26- -5645                    ISNRTWPNM05823 /07              YES            AJAYAKUMAR
  33    KL-03-P -7495                   ISNRTWPNM01683 /06              YES            SUNIL.P.D
  34    KL-03-Q -2877                   ISH1TWPNM05377 /07              YES            BOHARI A
  35    KL-26- -5681                    ISNRTWPNM05766 /07              YES            MARRIYAPPAN E
  36    KL-31- -5305                    ISNRTWPNM02814 /07              YES            JOSEPH PM
  37    KL-03-N -8930                   ISNRTWPNM00579 /06              YES            SURENDRAN.E.P
  38    KL-26- -5385                    ISNRTWPNM02256 /07              YES            SREENI S
  39    KL-03-N -8786                   ISNRTWPNM00597 /06              YES            SREEKUMAR.K
  40    KL-03-Q-4457                    H1TWKTM0705910                  YES            SREEJITH GOPALAKRISHNAN

1 Bandwidth problems, connectivity problems with the local ISP(Internet Service Provider) slowness to access pages for downloading etc ar
SELLER or the auctioneer for the username and password is unconditionally binding on the bidder to whom such username and password
2 Any bid placed using the bidder's
3 the amendment to responsibl
ofAny same and fully the auction, as required before/during the auction may be intimated by the SELLER. The information regarding such a
auctioneer and it is familiarise themselves with all the features of the auction module of the auctioneer and get all their queries clarified from
4 The bidders shall the bidders’
from bidders onin this auction tantamounts to reading and understanding of all the terms and conditions for the auction by the biddder.
5 Providing bid account
nce Ltd - Sep 19th , 2009 (

uto " Payable at depositing location to be deposited in HDFC CMS Branches /bidder shall also hand over the

MD Amount will be forfeited and the

he same is outside the scope of this Auction.
essful Bidder/s will be intimated accordingly.

ir winning lots within 48 hours from the date of approval

ons related to Year of Manufacture mismatch/ parts missing etc. will
bid and will be liable to gather correct information about the
tion/evaluation of vehicle.

 ty of transfer & RTO related discrepancies, if any, will solely be at
from a valid bid by the bidder will be treated as non-compliance to

                    Make                         Model

              BAJAJ               DISCOVER
              BAJAJ               CT 100
              BAJAJ               DISCOVER
              BAJAJ               PLATINAM
              BAJAJ               DISCOVER DTS 125 KS
              BAJAJ               CT 100
              BAJAJ               PULSAR 150 CC DTS ES
              BAJAJ               DISCOVER DTS 125 ES
              BAJAJ               CT 100 DLX
              BAJAJ               PLATINA BS II
              BAJAJ               PLATINAM
              BAJAJ               PLATINA BS II
              BAJAJ               PLATINAM
              BAJAJ               CT 100 DLX
              HERO HONDA          PLEASURE RED(DOR)
              HERO HONDA          GLAMOUR
              HERO HONDA          GLAMOUR H BLACK
              KINETIC             KINETIC HONDA
              SUSUKI              ZEUS
              SUSUKI              ZEUS
              TVS                 VICTOR GX
               TVS                   VICTOR GX
               TVS                   VICTOR GX
               TVS                   VICTOR GX
               TVS                   VICTOR GLX
               TVS                   VICTOR GX
               TVS                   VICTOR GLX
               TVS                   SCOOTYPEP+
               TVS                   STAR-CITY
               TVS                   VICTOR GX
               TVS                   VICTOR GLX
               TVS                   VICTOR GLX
               TVS                   VICTOR GX
               TVS                   APACHE
               TVS                   SPORT
               TVS                   STAR CITY
               TVS                   VICTOR GX
               TVS                   VICTOR GX
               YAMAHA                LIBERO
               YAMAHA                CRUX

ss pages for downloading etc are beyond the control of SELLER and the auctioneer. Hence no responsibility lies with
m such username and password had been allotted and he shall be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality
he information regarding such amendment(s) will be conveyed to the bidders through e-mail / display at website by the
get all their queries clarified from them before participating in the auction. SELLER/MJ will not entertain any complaints
 he auction by the biddder.

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