The Monkeys Paw (PowerPoint) by ert554898


									The Monkey’s Paw

   W. W. Jacobs
           About the author
• Born in London,
• Wrote and published
  at the age of 20
• Stories often center
  around seafaring
  adventure due to the
  fact that his father
  managed London
  boat wharfs
           Magic Charms
• Imagine that you possess a magic charm
  that can grant you 3 wishes.
•    Write down your 3 wishes

    1. Are they wise wishes?
    2. Are they practical wishes?
Setting is the time and place in a story.
 Time can be a specific year, season, or
 time of day.

Setting can create mood and atmosphere
 in a story.
• Foreshadowing is the author’s use of
  hints or clues to suggest events that will
  occur later in the narrative (story).
• How does the setting foreshadow what
  could happen in the story?
• Look for how Sergeant Major Morris reacts
  to the mention of the Monkey’s Paw.
• What warning does Sergeant Major Morris
  give Mr. and Mrs. White regarding the
  monkey’s paw?

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