Dearborn Figure Skating Club by Ee3s668


									   Congratulations 2009 Award Winners!

             Skater of the Year
              Casandra Wignal
             Skater of the Year
             Rebecca Camilleri
           Tracey Venda Award
             Alexandra Darwish
          Competitor of the Year
              Olivia Dorantes
          Ice Dancer of the Year
              Lauren Wilfong
      Basic Beginner Freestyle Award
               Shannon Vance
         Beginner Freestyle Award
                Rachel Teets
      High Beginner Freestyle Award
               Charlaya Tyler
     Pre-Preliminary Freestyle Award
              Victoria Lebryk
       Preliminary Freestyle Award
             Elizabeth Johnson
       Pre-Juvenile Freestyle Award
                Caroline Yu
         Juvenile Freestyle Award
                Adrienne Yu
          Adult Freestyle Award
           Emily-Anne Sherwood
        Pre-Silver Ice Dance Award
                Danielle Lee
   Senior Synchronized Skating Award
               Devon Metiva
    Adult Synchronized Skating Award
               Noelle Scharer
   Novice Synchronized Skating Award
                 Kelley Buc
Open Juvenile Synchronized Skating Award
              Christina Brown
 Preliminary Synchronized Skating Award
              Paige Spitznagel
 Beginner 1 Synchronized Skating Award
                 Natasha Ali
       Outstanding Volunteer Award
                Gwen Jachim
       Outstanding Volunteer Award
                Marie Allan
      Dearborn Figure Skating Club
        2009 Scholarship Recipient
              Katilyn Peterson

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