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									                  Workshop Descriptions

Workshop Title:   Ready By 21 Plan

Description:      Ready By 21 Plan is an effort to make sure that all youth in
                  Maryland reach age 21, ready for work and a career or for further
                  education and training, ready to become an active, empowered
                  member of his or her community and ready to be a contributing
                  member of a family.

Objective:        Participants will understand:
                      What Ready By 21 means for Maryland
                      Why Ready By 21 is necessary
                      MD’s 6-step process for crafting a strategic plan
                      Why Ready By 21 will succeed in MD
                      Who will be involved in Ready By 21
                      How MD will serve as a National Model

Trainer:          Mary Beth Stapleton, MSW

                  Mary Beth Stapelton is the Director of Positive Youth Outcomes at
                  the Governor’s Office for Children. She also serves as the director
                  of the Governor’s Children’s Cabinet. She graduated from the
                  University of Maryland School of Social Work with a Master’s
                  Degree in Community Organization and Social Administration, in

                  Mary Beth has served in various positions in the field of prevention.
                  They included; the Baltimore County Police Athletic Leagues, the
                  Baltimore County Bureau of Substance Abuse, the Governor’s
                  Office of Crime Control and Prevention. Now, in her current
                  position, she is the Project Manager for the Youth Ready by 21
                  Leadership in Action Program.

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