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									Community Watch

           Sergeant Tom Seifert
    Huntersville Police Department
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       Huntersville NC 20878
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                          Establishing a Community Watch
What is a Community Watch
  • A crime prevention program that involves citizens working with each other and with law enforcement
      to reduce crime and victimization in their communities.
  • Allows neighbors to get together to get to know each other and encourages them to watch out for
      each other.
  • It’s a partnership with the community to reduce crime improve livability in your community.
  • It instills a greater sense of security while reducing the fear of crime.
  • It creates a “Sense of Community” and put the neighbor back into the neighborhood.

Organizing a Community Watch Program
   • Establish the need for a Community Watch.
   • Select a chairperson and block captains to organize the Community Watch.
   • Develop a steering committee to organize the Community Watch.
   • Select a location to hold the Community Watch start up meeting.
   • Select a date and time for your Community Watch start up meeting.
   • Contact the police department and invite an officer to present the Community Watch program to the
   • Prepare an agenda for the Community Watch start up meeting.
   • Invite your neighbors to the Community Watch start up meeting.

Purpose Of A Community Watch Program In Your Community
   • Reducing the risk of being a victim of a crime.
   • Being better prepared to respond to suspicious activity.
   • Getting to know your neighbors.
   • Reducing the fear of crime and making your Community more livable.
   • Allowing other issues of concern to be addressed.

What Makes A Community Watch Program Successful?
  • Getting everyone in the Community involved.
  • Communication with the Community Watch participants.

Maintaining An Active Community Watch Program
  • Hold regular meetings.
  • Share information (Good or Bad) with your neighbors.

Communication Is The Key
  • Meetings should be to the point and timely so that people can get in on their calendar and plan ahead
    to be their.
  • Encourage block captains and the other neighbors within the Community to take a leading role at
  • Keep meetings as short as possible.
  • Develop a newsletter to keep your neighbors informed.
  • Develop a telephone / email tree to keep your neighbors informed.
  • Recognize your neighbors for the good things they do within your community.

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   •   Make sure the community knows that you are getting things done.
   •   Encourage social events where you can communicate more informally.


Chairperson – The Chairperson is responsible for overseeing the operation of the Community Watch
                    program in their community.
  • Works with the community to increase the awareness of the Neighborhood Watch program.
  • Handles incoming calls / email from the block captains.
  • Reviews the progress on the Neighborhood Watch program.
  • Passes on information to the block captains.
  • Maintains a comprehensive list of block captains (I.E. Name, Address, Telephone and Email
      Address) and Community Watch participants.

Block Captains – The block captains are responsible for getting their neighbors involved in the Community
                 Watch program.
   • Distributes information received from the chairperson.
   • Creates a block map with the current information of their neighbors (I.E. Name, Address, Telephone
      and Email Address).
   • Keeps track of any medical problems or unique circumstances that your neighbors may have (if they
      wish to give you the information).
   • Coordinates all activities for the block of neighbors they are responsible for.
   • Greets any new neighbors that move into their community and educate them on the Community
      Watch program.
   • Serves as a liaison between the chairperson and the neighbors they are responsible for.

Community Watch Participants
  • Get to know your neighbors by name and be able to recognize them and their vehicles without any
  • Keep your personal family information sheet, telephone tree and block map up to date and in an
    easily accessible.
  • Attend as many community watch meetings as possible.
  • Implement all security measures suggested.
  • Properly identify all property using the Operation ID guidelines.
  • Keep an eye on your neighbor’s home and report any suspicious activities to the police and
  • Write down a description of any suspicious persons or vehicles in your community and report it to the
    police and your neighbors.
  • When you plan to be away for any length of time, be sure to have your mail and newspaper picked up
    by a trusted person.
  • Notify your block captain and trusted neighbor that you are going to be away so they can watch your
    home while you are gone.

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                                           Operation ID
      The Huntersville Police Department strongly recommends that you do a complete inventory of
      property inside and outside your home. Keep your records in a safe place and continue to update it
      when new items are purchased.

      Engraving personal items is also recommended. Marked item are more difficult for criminals to sell.
      Furthermore, marked or engraved property will make identification of stolen items easier and allow
      for a faster return of these items when recovered by.

      Engraving Tips - Use your driver’s license number for engraving, and place a star (asterisk) after the
      last digit. (Example NCDL1234567*)
      DONOT USE YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! Mark these items in a prominent place
      that can be seen without taking anything apart. Keep a list of all the items you have engraved. Keep
      this information in a safe locked fireproof box, if available. If you put this information on your
      computer, have a printed backup.

      As an added measure of protection, photograph or videotape items which cannot be easily engraved
      or that would affect the value if marked (Jewelry, silver, etc.).

     • A vigilante force working outside the normal procedures of law enforcement.
     • A program designed for participants to take personal risk to prevent crime.
     • A 100% guarantee that crime will not occur in your neighborhood.

        AN ARREST.

                                           Resources Websites
                                             Other Contacts
Huntersville Police – (704)-875-6542
Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office– (704)-336-3663
Cornelius Police – (704)-892-1363
CMPD-(704) 353-1000
CVAN (Battered Women Shelter) – (704)788-CVAN

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* Honor * Professionalism * Dedication *
* Honor * Professionalism * Dedication *
* Honor * Professionalism * Dedication *
* Honor * Professionalism * Dedication *
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                          Community Watch Family Information Sheet.

Family Name:______________________________         Telephone Numbers:__________________

Names of Persons Living in the Household:

Adult: __________________________________      Adult:___________________________________

Child:__________________________Age:_____      Child:__________________________Age:_____

Child:__________________________Age:_____      Child:__________________________Age:_____

Child:__________________________Age:_____      Child:__________________________Age:_____

Others: __________________________________     Others:__________________________________
In Case Of Emergency, Contact:

Name:____________________________Address: _________________________________________

Telephone-Home________________________ Telephone-Work _____________________________

Name:____________________________Address: _________________________________________

Telephone-Home________________________ Telephone-Work _____________________________

Name:____________________________Address: _________________________________________

Telephone-Home________________________ Telephone-Work:_____________________________
Owner                         Year Make       Body Style     Color       License #

____________________________     ____ ______    ______________   _________   ___________

_____________________________ ____ ______       ______________   _________   ___________

_____________________________ ____ ______       ______________   _________   ___________

_____________________________ ____ ______       ______________   _________   ___________
Other Information
Medical or Health Problems/Names

Other Information:

Date: ______________

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                                 Suspicious Activity / Crime Report

Suspicious Activity               Crime

Briefly describe what happened: _________________________________________________
When did it happen? Date:__________________ Time:_____________________________

Where Did It Happen:
Nearest cross street:___________________________________________________________

Suspect Description:

Sex:          Male            Female
Age: ___________ Height: ______________ Weight: _____________ Race: _____________
Hair Color: ________________ Mustache, Beard or Sideburns: ________________________
Glasses: _________________Color or eyes: __________ Complexion: __________________
Tattoos, amputations, scars or other distinguishing marks: _____________________________
Noticeable accents or special characteristics of speech: _______________________________


Shirt: ___________________ Coat: _____________________ Trousers: ________________
Shoes: __________________ Tie: ______________________ Hat:_____________________ Rings,
Bracelets, Necklaces or Earrings: __________________________________________


Handgun: _____________ Rifle: ______________ Knife: __________ Other: _____________

Description of Vehicle
License Number: ________________ State: ________________
Identifying dents, scratches, wheels, other markings___________________________________

Other Information

Number of subjects: _______________ What did they say: ____________________________
Direction of departure: _________________________________________________________
Names and address of other witnesses: ____________________________________________
Your Name: _______________________________________ Your Phone: _______________
Your Address: ______________________________________________________

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A Checklist For Starting a Neighborhood Watch Program
You Will Need
A person or group of people committed to starting a Neighborhood Watch.
A planning committee to initiate the program.
A list of what issues initially need to be addressed in your community.
A means of communicating with the residents, e-mail, fliers, telephone trees.
Publicity for the initial Neighborhood Watch meeting.
A meeting agenda to keep things moving and on track.
A place to meet-resident’s house or apartment, community center, school, library.
A crime prevention officer to discuss the crime issues in the neighborhood and to help train members.
A map of the community with spaces for names, addresses, and phone numbers of all households.
A sign-up sheet for those interested in becoming block or building captains.
Brochures or other materials on topics of interest to the residents.
Neighborhood Watch signs to be posted around the community. Some jurisdictions require a minimum
number of participants before Neighborhood Watch signs can be posted.
Facts about crime in your neighborhood. (These can be found in police reports, newspapers, and residents’
perception about crime. Often residents’ opinions are not supported by facts, and accurate information
can reduce fear of crime.)
To Add Excitement
Mix business with pleasure -allow attendees time to socialize.
Seek out neighborhood go-getters -civic leaders and elected officials -to be your advocates and mentors.
Work with such existing organizations as citizens’ association, tenants’ association, or housing authorities.
Provide speakers on topics of community interest.
Link crime prevention into activities promoted by other groups: child protection, anti-vandalism projects,
Start a neighborhood newsletter.
Arrange for to make a surprise appearance at a meeting, rally, or other event.
community service, arson prevention, recreation activities for young people.
To Build Partnerships
The police or sheriffs’ office’s endorsement is critical to a Watch group’s credibility. These agencies are
the major sources of information on local crime patterns, crime prevention education,
and crime reporting.
Local businesses and organizations can help provide fliers and a newsletter, offer meeting places, and
distribute crime prevention information. Ask an electronics store to donate cellular phones.
Libraries can provide research materials, videos, computers, and meeting space.
Media can aid Neighborhood Watches by publicizing recruitment drives.
Look to volunteer centers, parent groups, and labor unions for advice on recruiting volunteers.
Teenagers are valuable resources. They can be an integral part of a citizens’ patrol including and
Places of worship can provide meeting space and a good source of volunteers.

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                       Operation ID Property Sheet
      Make                            Model              Serial # / NC Drivers License #
X-Brand TV (EXAMPLE)       MA123456                 Ser/123456789 or NCDL987654

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                            HUNTERSVIILLE POLIICE DEPARTMENT
                             UNTERSV LLE   OL C E  EPARTMENT
                                         102 Gilead Road    P.O. Box 664  Huntersville, N.C. 28070
                                                   (704) 875-6542 Fax (704) 875-2815

Philip K. Potter, CLEE
   Chief of Police

                                   Huntersville Police Department Services


The Huntersville Police Department is pleased to announce the launch of P2C (Police to Citizen), a new
internet-based program that will provide citizens the opportunity to retrieve and print incident summary
reports, accident reports, and view a daily bulletin of events without any interaction from the agency’s
resources. A community calendar of events, FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) and a list of very helpful
links to other websites are also part of P2C. Citizens will have the opportunity to perform crime
mapping of their neighborhoods in Huntersville and be able to see where incidents, traffic crashes and
arrests are actually occurring. The P2C website is

We believe that P2C will provide an even higher quality of police service to the citizens of Huntersville
and continue to improve the excellent working partnership between the community and the Department.


Chief Potter encourages community to access new high tech web-based crime prevention tool that alerts
residents via email and text messages. The Huntersville Police Department has teamed up with Citizen
Observer, a web-based alert notification system, which will enable police to quickly enter critically
important information about crimes or other incidents, and within seconds send that information directly
to businesses, citizens, and crime watch groups. The alert system has proven to be a vital tool in creating
and maintaining safe neighborhoods in many cities and towns throughout the United States. Alerts can
be received via email or text message and it is free to register to receive alerts.

Huntersville Security Zone Check List:

The Huntersville Police Department can provide special attention to your residence when you are away
from home for an extended time. Please complete the security check form at the link within 24 hours of your planned departure. The police will
attempt to periodically check the residence. Be sure to include emergency contact information and
details on lighting, other persons, and vehicles that might be located at the location when the police check
on your residence. Police cannot promise that Security Check Requests will stop housebreaking or other
types of crime, but with the help from you and your neighbors, the police can help you avoid being the
housebreaker's next victim.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at (70

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