CHS PTO MEETING AGENDA by huanghengdong


									                        CHS PTO MEETING MINUTES
                          November 2nd, 2009
                                7 – 8 pm

On November 2nd, the Clayton High School PTO held their monthly
meeting in the CHS Library, from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. There were 15 people in
attendance: Sue Hodapp, Jan Goodman, Peggy Bowe, Tina Holland,
Susan Ryffel, Louise Losos, Marcia Goldsmith, Kathleen Matheny, Lisa
Avery, Karen Stern, Christy Breckenridge, Debbie Polinsky, Linda
Garavalia, Ann Gold, Cindy Rapponotti, and Denise St. Ivany.

The agenda was as follows:

   1. Welcome, introductions:

    Jan Goodman and Sue Hodapp, 2009 PTO Co-Presidents, greeted
    everyone, with thanks for attending. Introductions including sharing
    something about you that no one else knew, and involved many
    musical stories, and a youthful high school photograph.

   2. PTO October Minutes:

    Minutes from the October meeting were introduced and approved.

   3. Committee Reports:

    Follow Up: Halloween Dance. Lisa Avery reported that the dance
    went well, 16 parents chaperoned. She recommended that for future
    dances, that committees should confirm start and end times, as the
    published times are often incorrect.

    Staff Appreciation – Give a Hand to Teachers. Louise Losos stated
    that the treats delivered for the staff were clever and delicious. The
    PTO extends a thank you to Lori Cohn for your work.

   4. Upcoming Events:

    9th Grade Parent Connections. Linda Garavalia reported that 72
    people are signed up. The event is a progressive dinner at various
    homes, with everyone ending at the Klamer’s for dessert. An email
    will be going out this week to freshman parents.
11th Grade Parent Connections – Trivia Night. Kathleen Matheny
reported that they are encouraging participation from parents.
Qdoba will provide food. Some suggestions were made by the
group for prizes (parking, services from students or teachers).
Kathleen will be contacting Chris Tennill about a phone blast to
publicize the event.

12th Grade Parent Connections – Dinner at Zimmerman/Root home.
Karen Stern reported that invitations have gone out, RSVPs are
returning at about 2 or 3 every day. Debbie Zimmerman is handling
the food, they are asking the Senior Class President and Vice
President to coat check.

10th Grade Parent Connections – communications issue. Lisa Avery
reported that 80 people are signed up for the 11/13 Progressive Tapas
Night. Drink coupons were created to encourage movement from
house to house. Function is being held at the Busse, Hill and Inder
homes. There will be a mailing this week for the event. Lisa
introduced a discussion relating to PTO / parent communications.
The group discussed the issues relating to paper and electronic
communications. Sue Hodapp made a motion that an electronic
communications office be created and added to the PTO board.
The motion was seconded and passed. Sue and Jan will follow up.

After Prom Party Update. Debbie Polinsky reported on several
activities relating to the After Prom Party. The group participated in a
general discussion about communication, volunteers, theme, etc.
The issue of the casino, the raffle and ungrateful students was left
unresolved, to be addressed by the Party Committee with input from
CHS students.

Centennial Plaza. Jan reported that the Gateway Foundation had a
very positive response to the project. They will welcome a request for
grant support later in the project life. The committee continues to
look quietly for seed money during the silent phase. Cindy
Rapponotti reported that she is soliciting from current parents, and
planning a targeted mailing for entry level and known givers. She will
be waiting for a decision on pricing for commemorative bricks, but
plans to have the letter out before year-end. Sue Hodapp and Jan
have spoken with Art Bond about bricks, plaques and costs. Jan
mentioned that the artwork is done, and the committee will have
more to report in January.
   5. PTO Budget:

    Tina Holland reported that it has been a slow budget month. There
    was some activity in collecting money under the Centennial Project

   6. Principal’s Report:

    Louise Losos reported that the concert season is upon us, and
    encouraged parents to try to attend one or more musical concert.
    The Speech and Debate Team was awarded and recognized for their
    achievements. Globe staff members were also awarded – two
    articles won first place nationwide in the Columbia competition.
    Administration and nursing are still awaiting the H1N1 vaccine. The
    Halloween Dance was successful, with over 300 tickets sold. The
    Freshman Teachers Retreat is coming up – one goal is to encourage
    successful strategies for receiving incoming freshmen students.
    Construction start date continues to move, hope to start demolition in
    mid-November. Sue Hodapp asked if the Junior Challenge would be
    rescheduled. Louise indicated that every effort would be made, but
    that weather was a factor, since this is an outdoor event. The group
    also asked if it would be possible for Mike Nelke to attend PTO
    meetings. Louise will follow up with him.

   7. January Committee Reports – to be determined.

    The meeting adjourned at 8:30. There will be no December meeting;
    the next meeting date is January 4th, 2010.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Ryffel
CHS PTO Secretary

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