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					How to set up an A-to-Z with
 LinkSource CustomLink in


Welcome to EBSCO’s tutorial on how to set up the A-to-Z with LinkSource CustomLink in EBSCOadmin.
Once created in EBSCOadmin, your CustomLink to titles available in A-to-Z with LinkSource appears on
                                    the EBSCOhost result list.
The first step is to click on the Customize Services tab, then click the Linking sub-tab. On the Linking sub-tab,
                                   click the Modify link to the right of A-to-Z Link.
The A-to-Z Link screen is displayed. Set Show A-to-Z Link to Yes and, if desired, enter a custom A-to-Z
  Link Caption. Enter your Customer ID in the field provided, and if applicable, add your User ID and
                                       Password. Click Submit.
Next, you must create the CustomLink. On the Linking Sub-Tab, click the Modify link to the right of
                                       Custom Links.
Next, click the SetUp/Maintain CustomLinks link. On the resulting Modify CustomLinks screen, click the
                                    Add New CustomLinks link.
Select Copy from existing CustomLink and click Continue.
From the Choose Category drop-down, select Other and click A-to-Z with LinkSource (all
                content) in the resulting list of available CustomLinks.
On the Update CustomLink screen, select your A-to-Z local collections by holding down the CTRL key and
  clicking each collection you wish to use to filter. Then click Submit. The CustomLink is added to your
                   account. Next, you must add the CustomLink to your desired profile.
Select the profile to which you would like to add the CustomLink from the Choose Profile drop-down
 menu. From the Linking Sub-Tab, click the Modify link for Custom Links. Then click the Add New
                        CustomLinks link to add the CustomLink to the profile.
Select the A-to-Z with LinkSource (all content) CustomLink and click Submit.
Your new A-to-Z CustomLink is added to the profile.
When an article from a title in A-to-Z with LinkSource is available, the CustomLink is displayed in
 the result list. Click the link to access the article (or the LinkSource Menu, depending upon the
                                 settings enabled by your administrator.)
At any time, click the Help link to view the complete online Help system.

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