COUNTRY CLUB

Golf Program
   Men’s, women’s, and mixed couples matches are held throughout the year,
      highlighted by the Highlander Tournaments for men and women.

    Open tee-off times for men and women

    Other major tournaments and activities:
         Men’s and Women’s Opening Day Scrambler
         Men’s and Women’s Guest Days
         Friday Night Mixed Leagues
         Memorial Day Handicap Tournament
         Club Championship for Men and Women
         President’s Handicap Tournament
         Tuesday and Thursday Women’s Leagues
         Private Lessons by Appointment

Swimming Program
   Competitive Swimming and Diving Teams
   Member of the Greater Cincinnati Country Club Swimming and Diving League
   Holiday Family Program
   Swim Lessons
   Poolside Snack Bar

    Two All Season Courts

Do I need to make a tee time?
The pro shop only takes tee times on holidays. Simply call the pro shop to see what is
happening on the course. Golfers are started on weekend mornings when a foursome is
created. A calendar of golf events is printed annually. Jeans and tee shirts are not
permitted. Golfers dressed inappropriately will not be allowed to play the course. Carts
must be used before noon on weekends.

How show I dress when visiting the clubhouse?
A jacket is required for men in the Main Dining Room and the upstairs lounge on Friday
and Saturday evening after 6:00 p.m. Most other times, casual attire may be worn.
Jeans, tee shirts, bathing attire and ball caps should not be worn in the dining room.
Please call with any questions.
      Clubhouse     859 441-8810
      Pro Shop      859 441-0221
Top Level              Main Dining Room
                                     Jackets required after 6:00 Friday and Saturday
                       Highlander Room
                                     Casual dining room
                       Main Bar and Lounge
                                     Jackets required after 6:00 Friday and Saturday
                       Lunch         11:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Tuesday – Sunday
                       Dinner        5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Wednesday – Saturday
                                     Extended hours in summer
                                     Reservations required
                       Club Offices  859 441-8810
                       Facsimile     859 572-4322
                                     Dan Schlarman, General Manager
                                     Belinda Lumpkin, Office Manager (accounting)
                                     Irene Ramey, Dining Room Manager (reservations)
                                     Irma Gonzalez, Executive Chef

Lower Level            McAtee Room
                                       Four Bowling Lanes
                                       Casual Bar
                                       Deli Buffet Saturday and Sunday
                                              11:30 – 1:30 during golfing season
                                       Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms
Where is the “HR”?
Often in the monthly newsletter, the abbreviations HR and MDR are used. The
Highlander Room (HR) is the small dining room with the magnolia print wallpaper. It is
the casual dining room. The Main Dining Room (MDR) is the largest room in the
clubhouse on the top level. It is the room that is also utilized for large parties. Golf shoes
are not permitted on the top level of the clubhouse. The room on the same level as the
locker rooms, with the bowling lanes, is the McAtee Room. It is named after former golf
professional Harry McAtee. A deli sandwich bar is set-up in this room on weekends to
accommodate golfers in the summer.

Handicapped Parking
                   Five (5) spaces by the main entrance
                   One (1) space at the pool gate

Pool                   Open Memorial Day – Labor Day
                       11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday
                       11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Tuesday – Sunday
                       The Snack Bar closes one hour before the pool
                       The pool is reserved for swim meets, several dates per year

Playing Golf at Highland

      All golf courses have local rules, particulars and traditions often only known by
members of the club and those who have played the course over many years.

Golf Etiquette
        A golf courses condition is only as good as the way it is left after the golfer
completes a round of play. At each tee is a bucket of very fine sand with Creeping Bent
Grass seed. Creeping Bent is the grass on the tees and greens at Highland. The seed looks
similar to the poppy seed. By filling divots on tees with this sand-seed mixture, new seed
has the opportunity to grow and the tee, a chance to recover. Replace your divots on the
course. Our greens are of great pride. Fixing a ball mark is easy and takes only a few
seconds. Always carry a ball mark repair tool in your golf bag.

Golf Carts
         Carts allow for faster play and ease of play for many golfers. Care must be taken
not to damage the course. Signage is posted at the Pro Shop informing golfers how and
where to operate the carts. Some of the hills of our course require drivers to operate carts
carefully to avoid injury to themselves and others. The hill at number 16 is steep. Only
drivers who are very familiar with the carts and the course should take the path on the
right of the fairway. The path on the left diagonally crosses the fairway on the hill. By
taking this path slowly, it is not difficult getting to the bottom. Do not take a cart up or
down a hill in the grass. Wet, even damp or dewy grass can be very slippery.
         Golf carts should never get closer than 30 feet from a tee or green unless on a
path. If the fairway or rough is muddy, carts can make large, deep tire marks, which
leave the ground lumpy and bumpy. Driving on very dry grass can increase the stress
level of the turf, and with repeated traffic, causes bare spots. Use common sense.

         As a private club, dress is important and shows respect for the game. During the
official golfing season, jeans, tees shirts and other casual attire is not permitted. Those
dressed improperly will not be allowed to play. Proper dress is also required in the
dining rooms and proper swim attire is necessary at the pool. Call ahead if you have any
         Non-metallic spikes are encouraged. Metal spiked shoes and other non-traditional
shoes can damage greens. The golf professional must approve golf shoes.
       From time to time, it is necessary to close the course to protect its condition.
When the “Course Closed” sign is posted, golf is not permitted by walkers or riders.
Those not following the instructions posted are subject to penalty by the Board of
Directors, which may include the suspension of golf privileges.

       When the 90-degree rule is posted, drive the cart on the path. Leave the path at
90-degrees to your ball. Play your ball and directly return to the path and continue play.
Pace of play is one of the most complained about problems in the game. While you
should not feel rushed, you should understand that other golfers behind you wish to have
an enjoyable outing without having to wait for those in front of them. It is often a
courtesy to allow faster players to “play through.”

        Practice putting and chipping are only allowed on the practice green located near
number 9 green. Practice driving and iron play is only allowed from the instructional tee
located next to the flag pole (and with the professional’s approval). Playing more than a
single ball is not allowed. On Monday the Club is closed. The Board allows staff and
members to walk the course on Monday after 12:00 noon. This does not mean that the
course is a Monday practice facility. Golfers must obey all Club rules and golf etiquette.

       Leagues, outings and tournaments will close the course occasionally. Check with
the monthly bulletin, golf calendar, or to the Pro Shop.

       Pull carts are not allowed at Highland.

        A member may have a maximum of seven (7) guests per day. When a member has
more than three guests, the member shall play in one group, and the remaining guests
will play in the other group. In other cases, each group shall have at least one member.
If a member desires to have more than seven guests on the same day, this is considered a
private golf outing, and is subject to several rules and approval by the Board.

       A non-member may play as a guest a maximum of three times per year.

      Be aware of the damage your golf ball may cause to cars in the parking lot or on
Blossom Lane, and to the homes of our neighbors on Fairway Drive, Sheridan Avenue
and Dale Lane.

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