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					The expo
The expo
A Brief History Of of World's Expo
Three rough erasThe world fair
 • origin of the idea of World's
TheEra I -'Industrialization' expo is
    (1851 - 1938)
found in the French tradition of national
exhibitions. It was soon followed by other
national exhibitions in continental Europe,
 • finally came to London where
andEra II - 'Cultural exchange'the first
real(1939 - 1991)
     international exhibition was held.
Since their inception in 1851,
the character of world
 • Era III 'Nation branding'
expositions-has evolved.
    (1992 - eras can
Three rough present)
be distinguished.
    III- -'Industrialization'
    II 'Nation exchange'
EraEra I-'Cultural branding'
      (1992 - present)
     (1939 - 1991)
        (1851 - 1938)
                The Expo 1992 in World's
               From first era York Seville Fair
              The 1939 New could be
               onwards, countries started to
                called the era of
              and the 1949 Stockholm World's
               use the world expo more
                'industrialization' and
              Fair represented a departure
               widely and roughly, the as
                covered, more strongly
              from the original focus of the a
               platform from 1800 their
                period to From then on,
              expositions.improve to 1950.
               national images through their
                In these days, world
              Expos became more strongly
                expositions were
              based on a specific theme of
                especially focused on
              cultural significance, and began
                  address issues of for the
              totrade and famous mankind.
                display of technogical
                inventions and
                     Better city,Better life.

The Bidding Process

The China Pavilion

The USA pavilion
       The Bidding Process
1. May 1999

2. December 8 1999

3. May 15, 2001

4.January 30, 2002

5.December 3, 2002
The China Pavilion
        Chinese Wisdom in Urban Development
The China Pavilion
         • City in the development of
           Chinese wisdom"
         • The shape resembles an old hat,
           was named as the "Oriental
         • "Oriental crown" express the
           spirit of Chinese culture and
         • The sculpture symbolizes the
           spirit of the Chinese sense of the
           main forms - the Orient crown.
         • Show the wisdom of ancient
           Chinese science and technology
           and modern science and
           technology .
The USA pavilion
            Rise to the Challenge
                  The USA Pavilion
A mammoth gray steel structure
meant to resemble an eagle
stretching its wings in welcome.

Four core concepts: sustainability,
teamwork, health and the spirit of
striving for success.

Tells the story of the American spirit
of perseverance, innovation, and
community-building in a multi-
dimensional, hi-tech presentation.

Four key concepts of "sustainability,
teamwork, healthy life, striving and
Our member:
 Guan Xinyuan
   Liu Leilei
Thank you !
 Jiang Wenying
   Liu Shan
  Zhan Yanru

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