Installation of the Cabrillo HO Patch

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					                    HO Patch & Autoupdate Installation instructions
                               For Existing Webapp users.
                                                     * New users please do a full install of the Cabrillo HO Bridge New Installation (.exe)

Important Note:
Please download and install this patch only if you downloaded the “Cabrillo HO Bridge” from our website prior to May 18th,

What is a patch?
Programmers and vendors periodically use patches in lieu of full software updates to make changes to a pre-installed
program. For our producers who have been using our Webapp product, this will bypass having to uninstall and reinstall the
Cabrillo HO Bridge.

What is an auto updater?
The auto updater will check Webapp every time you use it for updates. It will then self install any updates that are
available. All you will have to do as a user is click the “OK” button to allow auto updater to self install. This will keep up
with FSC changes.

    Download the Cabrillo HO Bridge Patch from The patch can be found in the Prospective
    Producers link, under Property and Surplus Producers at the bottom of the page. The links are labeled as:
    Cabrillo HO Bridge Update 05/04 (.exe) & Cabrillo HO Bridge Autoupdate (.exe) respectively.

    Please do the following for both:

    Click on the Cabrillo HO Bridge update 05/04.exe or Cabrillo HO Bridge Autoupdater.exe

    1) When the file download box appears click on Save
    2) Go to the top under the save In box
            a. Click on drop down arrow
            b. Select local disk c: or Hard disk C: (for network select your Network Drive)
    3) Double click on Program Files Folder (For network go to step 5)
    4) Double Click on Cabrillo Folder
    5) Click on Save Button. (When asked to replace existing file click Yes.
            a. If the File Download box remains open and stated Download Complete hit Close.

Do steps 2-6 for the Cabrillo HO Bridge Autoupdate.exe as well.

                              If you have any question please contact Technical Support at:
                                                Toll free: 866-655-0555
                                             Fabi Ext. 236 or Ofer Ext. 217

Updated: 11-24-03

                    Cabrillo General Insurance Agency, Inc ♦ P.O. Box 178407, San Diego, CA 92177 ♦ License # 0D21158

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