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					All Women Art Exhibition
            February 2012

      Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
      118 Poinciana Drive, Jupiter, FL 33458
      888-490-3530 -
All Women Art Exhibition Event Catalogue
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducted an art competition during the period of time from
the middle of December 2011 through to January 29, 2012. The art competition was titled “All
Women” (for women artists only) and it was an open theme for the subject matter.

The gallery received submissions from 21 different countries from around the world and they also
received entries from 39 different states. Overall, there were 310 artists who participated in the
competition. Overall, they submitted 1,219 entries that were judged for this competition.
Due to the volume of entries, the gallery decided to create 4 media categories and make awards for
each, along with an Overall Category which was selected from the 4 media categories.

Congratulations to the artists who have been designated as this month’s top winners, along with the
Special Recognition Artists who were designated in each media category. Light Space & Time
Online Art Gallery commends all of the artists for their courage to compete, for their artistic skills and
finally for their creativity.

In addition, this art exhibition can be seen online at
Please Note: All of the images contained in this event catalogue are the property of the artist, the artist retains the
copyright to these images and the images may not be reproduced without the written consent and permission of the artist.
In addition, some images may have been cropped or resized due to formatting requirements of this catalogue. To see the
actual and correct image ratios visit the Exhibition Archives on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website.
                   The Overall Category

1st Place – Overall Category – Mary Ann Wakeley – “L’Envers”
                  The Overall Category

2nd Place – Overall Category – Nihal Kececi – “Those Days”
                       The Overall Category

3rd Place – Overall Category – Jessie Parker – “Dance the Night Away”
                      The Overall Category

4th Place – Overall Category – Stephanie Visser – “Reclining Nude”
                 The Overall Category

5th Place – Overall Category – Branka Prokic – “Morning”
                     The Overall Category

6th Place – Overall Category – Subodh Maheshwari – “Connection”
                    The Overall Category

7th Place – Overall Category – Debra Vanderlaan – “Wet Dream”
                 The Overall Category

8th Place Overall Category – Christina Sedlmaier – “Josh”
                     The Overall Category

9th Place Overall Category – Elizabeth Graehling – “Autodestruct”
                   The Overall Category

10th Place Overall Category – Pamela Goodyer – “Beginnings”
                       Mixed Media Category

Artists who created any art which used more than one media and combined
them into one composition as their final artwork would be included in this
category. Combinations of painting and drawing applied only to one surface
would be included in the Painting Category.
         The Mixed Media Category

1st Place – Stephanie Visser – “Reclining Nude”
          The Mixed Media Category

2nd Place – Elizabeth Graehling – “Autodestruct”
              The Mixed Media Category

3rd Place – Pam Brekas – “Looking Down Splashing Water”
      The Mixed Media Category

4th Place – Christina Sedlmaier – “Josh”
         The Mixed Media Category

5th Place – Caroline Caux-Evans – “Peintures 1″
  The Mixed Media Category

Hon. Mention – Kat Ewing – “Koi”
        The Mixed Media Category

Hon. Mention – Joyce Gabiou – “Gloria Who”
        The Mixed Media Category

Hon. Mention – Sarah Harless – “His Remuda”
             The Mixed Media Category

Hon. Mention – Kathy B. Roman – “Writing on the Wall”
         The Mixed Media Category

Hon. Mention – Stephanie Visser – “Grey Nude”
                      Mixed Media Special Recognition

Ioana Armiano - "Enchanted"                      Ione Citrin - "Shahrzad"

 Beatrice Davies - "Déjà vu"                    Hiroe Dazai - "Water Lilly"
                         Mixed Media Special Recognition

Dahlia Ghassan - "Distorted Dreams"               Sonelle Goddard - "Ideation"

        Leah Gose - "Dress"                    Brigitte Balbinot - "Mystique Large"
                         Mixed Media Special Recognition

Gretchell Herman – “Botanic Mecha"                Danielle Herrera - "Untitled"

   LaToya Jones - "Rugged Cross"                   Emma Klingbeil - "Garadu"
                         Mixed Media Special Recognition

Kathleen Lujuan - "Nude Flower"                 Allandra McLaughlin - "Untitled"

  Juliet Mevi - "Girl With Cat"                 Elnora Nokes - "Run for Your Life"
                        Mixed Media Special Recognition

 Janis Nunez - "Winter in Red"-                 Milan Parekh - "Seductress 1"

Shelley Powsner - "Strike Gently"                Dianaya Ramirez - "Dignity"
                       Mixed Media Special Recognition

 Susan Skrzycki - "Discretion"                  Carolina Solorzano - "Calixta”

Susan Spaniol - "Secret Garden"             Karen Starrett - "Maturation Lesson"
Mixed Media Special Recognition

 Marti White - "A Golden Glow"
                        The Painting Category

The painting category is considered to be any art where a pigment was
applied to a two-dimensional surface, such as canvas, paper, or panel. The
painting category comprises the following media; acrylics, oil, pastels,
watercolor, gouache, tempera, ink, encaustic, fresco, spray paint, etc.
applied on canvas, canvas board, paper or any other flat surface.
     The Painting Category

1st Place - Mary Ann Wakeley - "L'Envers"
       The Painting Category

2nd Place - Branka Prokic - "Morning"
         The Painting Category

3rd Place - Nnena Abiola Wabara - "Tease”
            The Painting Category

4th Place - Subodh – Maheshwari - "Connection"
        The Painting Category

5th Place - Nihal Kececi - "Those Days"
           The Painting Category

Hon. Mention - Ingrid Arencibia - "Bla Bla Bla"
        The Painting Category

Hon. Mention - Georgette Grey - "Egret"
             The Painting Category

Hon. Mention - Aazam Irilian -"Enchanted Garden"
                 The Painting Category

Hon. Mention - Peggy Casey Mason - "A Tree in Normandy"
            The Painting Category

Hon .Mention - Kajal Zaveri - "Winter Blossom"
                          Painting Special Recognition

Laura Kate Anderson - "Untitled"                Mariana Badescu - "Alambique"

 Amadea Bailey - "Child's Play"                     Hannah Baker - "Mdina"
                            Painting Special Recognition

Laura Balombini - "Girl's Row Team"             Susan Beazley - "In the Land of the Little People"

 Beth Beth - "Heart of the Matter"                   Debbie Beukema - "Red Mill"
                                    Painting Special Recognition

Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille - "Standing Figure"          Harriet Blodgett - "Yolo Bypass Wildlife Refuge - Winter"

    Sabine Blodorn - "Assembly"                          Catherine Bottiau - "Petite Chemin"
                        Painting Special Recognition

 Christy Boyer - "Spinning"                    Brenda Boylan -"Passing Point"

Marion Bradish - "Trust Me"                     Mary Lea Bradley - "Untitled"
                                       Painting Special Recognition

      Logan Britt - "Untitled"                                   Tracy Brown - "Portrait"

Monica A. Chavarria Piedrahita – “Tree of Love”            Jeannie - Choe - "Heaven and Earth"
                       Painting Special Recognition

                                           Margaret Chwialkowska -"Approaching Storm Champlain Lookout"
YK Perry Chow - "Land Here"

Heather Coen - "Aspen Glow"                Lucinda Coldrey-Hawkes - "Sylvia 11"
                                    Painting Special Recognition

 Jessica Concepcion - "All That We Perceive"                 Sonya Conti -"Anonymous"

Bobbie Crews - "36 Ford Print Clean"                          Denise Cutts - "Untitled"
                             Painting Special Recognition

Ekaterina Danilova - "Infinity Small"             Theresa Deleon - "Busy Boredom"

 Maura Desimone - "Three Pears"                     Dawn Diamantopoulos - "Stretched Out"
                                                      Painting Special Recognition

    Michelina Di Mauro - "Between the Lines"                                  Laura Fearn - "My Daughter"

Karen Folgarelli - "Angel of Explosive Joy the Red Road of Discovery"
                                                                                Gay Forster - "Bathroom"
                           Painting Special Recognition

Suzan Fox - In Her Celestial Gaze"              Yvonne Mabs Francis - "In Seeing Diego Velazquez"

Kim Fuelling - House One Small"                         Silvia Gallini - "Karole"
                                   Painting Special Recognition

    Joan Garcia - "Tarpon F"                                Jayne Gaskins - "Solitude"

Adrian Giuliani - "The Bliss of Childhood"               Patty Haller - "Dawn Salutation"
                                  Painting Special Recognition

Jennifer P. Hammer - "Portrait of Grankin"                   Wendy Helm - "Trevor"

     Robin Hextrum - "Ghost"                               Darlene Holland - "Tractor"
                           Painting Special Recognition

    Cynthia House - "Jasper"                      Hasmik Hovhannisyan - "Pomegranates"

Jennifer Idleman - "Waiting Small"                    Aazam Irilian -"Instinct"
                                  Painting Special Recognition

    Bridget Jones - "Untitled"                               Helen Kagan -"Forever"

Cyndie Kaufman-Sinclair - "Rosslyn Castle"            Nihal Kececi - "Those Days" -"Before the Rain”
                             Painting Special Recognition

   Anne Kiefaber - "August Moon"                   Zofia Kijak - "Port in Nuka Alofa"

Doris Kraushaar -"Vaudeville Feathers"                Anne Kroener - "Untitled"
                         Painting Special Recognition

Joan Lawson - "He Loves Me…"                       Virginia Lee - "Upstream"

 Tracy Levesque - "Serenity"                        Leslie Liss - "Vacation"
                                Painting Special Recognition

Padmaja Madhu - "The Search"                              Dana Mallon - "Waiting"

Frances Marino - "Blowing in the Wind"              Grace McKee - "Red Rock State Park"
                            Painting Special Recognition

 Courtney Meehan - "Untitled"                        Lisa Mereddy - "Sunset in"

Taylor Meyer - "Spirit Interaction"                  Christie Miga - "Hallowed"
                           Painting Special Recognition

Monika Mori- "Protected by Cy 2010"           Sandy Moser - "Under Mommas Wing"

Lisa Murphy - "Madamme Moitessier"                  Sherry Myhre - "Accused"
                       Painting Special Recognition

Lily Nava - "The Offering"                       Olga Nazarkina - "Spring"

Peggy Nichols - "Guidance"                     Tatiana Ogienko - "Untitled"
                            Painting Special Recognition

Jo-Anne Page-Côté - "Hill of Sheep"             Tracey Parker - "Our Time Together"

  Grace Heeeun Park - "Untitled"                    Jeannie Pay - " Peacock Blue"
                                                              Painting Special Recognition

Erika Pochybova Johnson - "Battlefield"                                           Shilo Ratner - "Me and My Shadow"

 Angela Redmond - "All of Those Dirty Unknown Fingers Trying to Touch My Hair"
                                                                                       Denny Reed - "Be Yourself"
                       Painting Special Recognition

Susan Ripkin-Nagy - "Cowboy"               Lashon Risper - "For Better or Worse"

 Amy Ronhovde - "Dolphin"                  Renee LaVerne Rose - "Pampering Fe Fe Tony"
                       Painting Special Recognition

Sarah Rosedahl -"Sandhills"                      Vesna Rozman - "Untitled"

Alena Rumack - "Untitled"                     Nicole Ryan - "Thunder and Jamal Small"
                          Painting Special Recognition

  Manon Sander - "Undressing"                      Sunayana Sarangi - "Mom"

Gia Schifano - "Southampton Dune"                  Diane Shaw - "The Virgin"
                             Painting Special Recognition

Rebecca Sinclair - "Eye of the Tiger"             Jane Skafte - "Stairways and Glass"

 Mallory Sloss - "Mother of Three"                     Anne Smith - "Mercedes"
                            Painting Special Recognition

     Colleen Sparlin - "Azalea"                  Dia Spriggs -"Scratchboard Zebra"

Carol Staub - "Subliminal Thoughts"                   Janette Stiles - "Festival"
                                   Painting Special Recognition

Samantha Tebbutt - "Open Door"                             Karen Terry - "Another Light"

 Polly Tetrault - "Christmas in San Pablo"                  Robyn Thomas - "Untitled"
                        Painting Special Recognition

Hayley Tolkin - "Holding On"                Joan Berg Victor - "Baroque Bouquet"

Laura Warburton - "Women"                    Lynne Whitsel - "Summer Pastime"
                        Painting Special Recognition

Leah Wiedemer - "Cake Deco"                 Bonnie Wilburn - "Tropical Splender”

Lynne Wintermute - "Untitled"                Robin Woodward-Entry - "Cynthia With Frog"
                         The Photography Category

The photography category contains any images captured by either an analog
or digital camera and would be viewed as a print. Black and white photographs,
color photographs, digital or analog photographs, photo grams, other experimental
photography, alternative photographic processes, manipulated photography etc.
would be included in this category.
        The Photography Category

1st Place – Debra Vanderlaan – “Wet Dream”
       The Photography Category

2nd Place – Pamela Goodyer – “Beginnings”
             The Photography Category

3rd Place – Anna Zavileiskaia – “Woman Playing Zebra”
            The Photography Category

4th Place – Susan Paradise-Burke – “Wagon Wheels”
      The Photography Category

5th Place – Durga Garcia – “In Thought”
          The Photography Category

Hon. Mention – Deborah Kozura – “Upside Down”
          The Photography Category

Hon. Mention – Wendy Barrett – “The Other Half”
         The Photography Category

Hon. Mention – Carmel Brantley – “Artichokes”
         The Photography Category

Hon. Mention – Cynthia Fleury – “Going Home”
            The Photography Category

Hon. Mention – Susan Johnson – “Under the Maples”-
                       Photography Special Recognition

Danielle Austen - "Duke Island"                  Twyla Bloxham - "Lustrate"

 Sonia Braga - "Que Chegara"                    Laurie Campbell - "The Poet"
                     Photography Special Recognition

Hillary Charnas - "Lady 2"                    Judy Cooperman - "Toolbelt"

Maggie Covert - "Drown"                          Peggy Curtis - "Tulip"
                     Photography Special Recognition

Monika Drzewicz - "Untitled"                  Ramona Du Houx - "Garden"

  Leah Dunbar - "Evelyn"                   Sarah Enaid - "Heart of the Canyon"
                             Photography Special Recognition

Cynthia Fleury -"Footprints in the Snow"              Ethna Gillespie - "Taj Mirage”

    Tumay Goktepe - "Untitled"                       Dawn Harmer - "Crossing Over"
                          Photography Special Recognition

  Simone Hester - "Urban Church”                Renee Stewart Jackson - "The Wall"

Margareta Komaromi - "Self Portrait”             Roberta London - "Water Music"
                                Photography Special Recognition

  Beth Malonoski - "On the Farm"                         Ginny Mangrum - "Matinee"

Celeste Mookherjee - "Baubles Bangles Beads"                Kim Murillo - "Oaxaca"
                           Photography Special Recognition

      Tammy Novak - "Gaze"                            Teresa Pratt - "The Shed"

Marie Reamer - "Early Morning Louvre"                   Nadine Ryan -"Trust"
                        Photography Special Recognition

Carolee Salat - "Birth of Venus"                Marilyn Samwick - "Nostalgia"

Tracy Van Oosten - "Hunther"                  Benita VanWinkle - "She Was Finally Home"
                       Photography Special Recognition

Marydorsey Wanless - "Renewal"

Lorelee Wederstrom - "Ely Woods"            Debra Vanderlaan - "Hanging Garden"
                     Other Media and Drawing Category

Any other media, which was not mentioned in the other 3 All Women media
categories, creates this section. Included media would be any collage, digital
art, intaglio, dried flowers, fiber art, handmade papers and paper art, sand
art modeling, various prints and printmaking art.
       Other Media and Drawing Category

1st Place – Jessie Parker – “Dance the Night Away”
       Other Media and Drawing Category

2nd Place – Lyn Horton – “Study for Large Drawing”
 Other Media and Drawing Category

3rd Place – Claudia Grimm - Devotion”
          Other Media and Drawing Category

4th Place – Jadranka Carluccio-Grbic – “Miracle Gateway”
     Other Media and Drawing Category

5th Place – Martine Hubbard – “Time Gone By”
    Other Media and Drawing Category

Hon. Mention – Cristina Alberni – “Body Shift”
     Other Media and Drawing Category

Hon. Mention – Clairan Ferrono – “Fashionista”
      Other Media and Drawing Category

Hon. Mention – Linka Griswold – “The Angels Call”
     Other Media and Drawing Category

Hon. Mention – Robyn Hallewell – “Pink Lizzie”
    Other Media and Drawing Category

Hon. Mention – Mayra Zamora – “Los Primos”
                    Other Media and Drawing Special Recognition

Jessica Chen - "Getaway Car – Color”                 Donna Faranda - "Le Bain"

Michelle Ferrara - " Hazy Grainy Daze"           Monique Geurts - "Lazy Sunday Afternoon"
               Other Media and Drawing Special Recognition

Diane Gregg - "Little Howie"             Ophelia Ho - "The Series Dragon Gate"

  Judith Huth - "Old Mill"                  Linda Iorio - "Di Vine Connection"
                        Other Media and Drawing Special Recognition

Rita Kauffman - "Fishermans Story - Triptyck"        Taehyub Lee - "Waiting Moment"

 Aimee Levesque - "Damn the Torpedoes!"               Susan Meggs - "Origins of Life"
                   Other Media and Drawing Special Recognition

Tiziana Paglia Chilcott - "Promise"             Mayasri Ramesh - "Love vs Time"

     Kristi Richter - "At Ease"                 Andrea Rincon - "What is Your Story Made Out Of"
                            Other Media and Drawing Special Recognition

Almine the Countess of Shannon - "The Eternal Moment"    Immy Smith - "SOCIAlCoHoLiSm"

        Hannah Stone - "Nervous"                           McCrystle Wood - "Madame"
               All Women Art Exhibition – Artist’s Contact Information
Cristina Alberni -            Emma Klingbeil -
Laura Kate Anderson -           Margareta Komaromi -
Ingrid Arencibia -               Deborah Kozura -
Ioana Armiano -                    Doris Kraushaar -
Danielle Austen –                Anne Kroener -
Mariana Badescu -                       Joan Lawson –
Amadea Bailey -                    Taehyub Lee -
Hannah Baker -                 Virginia Lee -
Brigitte Balbinot -            Tracy Levesque -
Laura Balombini -                    Aimee Levesque -
Wendy Barrett -
                                                        Leslie Liss -
Susan Beazley -
                                                        Roberta London -
Beth Beth -
                                                        Kathleen Lujuan -
Debbie Beukema - www.beukema-
                                                        Padmaja Madhu -
                                                        Subodh Maheshwari -
Benedicte Blanc-Fontenille -

Harriet Blodgett -              Dana Mallon -
Sabine Blodorn - www.yessy/sabineblodorn
                                                        Beth Malonoski -
Twyla Bloxham -            Ginny Mangrum -

Catherine Bottiau -                             Frances Marino -
                                                Peggy Casey Mason -
Christy Boyer -
                                                Grace McKee -
Brenda Boylan -
                                                Allandra McLaughlin -
Marion Bradish -
                                                Courtney Meehan -
Mary Lea Bradley -
                                                Susan Meggs -
                                                Lisa Mereddy -
Sonia Braga -
                                                Juliet Mevi -
Carmel Brantley -                     Taylor Meyer -
Pam Brekas -                  Gretchell Herman -
Logan Britt -         Christie Miga -
Tracy Brown -             Celeste Mookherjee -
Laurie Campbell -            Monika Mori -
Jadranka Carluccio-Grbic -       Sandy Moser -
Caroline Caux-Evans -                           Kim Murillo -
                                                Lisa Murphy -
Hillary Charnas -
                                                Sherry Myhre -
Monica A. Chavarria Piedrahita -                         Lily Nava -

Jessica Chen -                  Olga Nazarkina -
Jeannie Choe -                        Peggy Nichols -

YK Perry Chow -                     Elnora Nokes -

Margaret Chwialkowska -                               Tammy Novak -
                                                      Janis Nunez -
Ione Citrin -
                                                      Tatiana Ogienko -
Heather Coen -
                                                      Jo-Anne Page-Côté -
Lucinda Coldrey-Hawkes -
                                                      Tiziana Paglia Chilcott -
                                                      Susan Paradise-Burke -
Jessica Concepcion -                             Milan Parekh -
Sonya Conti -                  Jessie Parker -
Judy Cooperman -      Tracey Parker -
Maggie Covert -
                                                      Jeannie Pay -
Bobbie Crews -                    Erika Pochybova Johnson -
Peggy Curtis -
                                                      Shelley Powsner -

Denise Cutts -            Teresa Pratt -

Ekaterina Danilova -             Branka Prokic -
Beatrice Davies
                                                      Mayasri Ramesh -
Hiroe Dazai -
                                                      Dianaya Ramirez -
Theresa Deleon - 

Maura Desimone -                   Shilo Ratner -
Michelina - Di Mauro -                              Marie Reamer -
                                                    Angela Redmond -
Dawn Diamantopoulos -
                                                    Denny Reed -
Monika Drzewicz -
                                                    Kristi Richter -
Ramona Du Houx -
                                                    Andrea Rincon -
Leah Dunbar -
                                                    Susan Ripkin-Nagy -
Sarah Enaid -
                                                    Lashon Risper -
Kat Ewing -
                                                    Kathy Blankley Roman -
Donna Faranda -
                                                    Amy Ronhovde -
Laura Fearn -
                                                    Renee LaVerne Rose -
Michelle Ferrara -
                                                    Sarah Rosedahl -
Clairan Ferrono -
                                                    Vesna Rozman -
Cynthia Fleury -
                                                    Alena Rumack -
Karen Folgarelli -
                                                    Nicole Ryan -
Gay Forster -
                                                    Nadine Ryan -
Suzan Fox -
Yvonne Mabs Francis -
                                                    Carolee Salat -
                                                    Marilyn Samwick -
Kim Fuelling
                                                    Manon Sander -
Joyce Gabiou -
                                                    Susayana Sarangi -
Silvia Gallini -
                                                    Gia Schifano -
Durga Garcia -
Joan Garcia -                     Christina Sedlmaier -

Jayne Gaskins -                      Almine The Countess of Shannon -
Dahlia Ghassan -
                                                          Diane Shaw -
Ethna Gillespie -                            Rebecca Sinclair -

Adrian Giuliani -                                         Jane Skafte -
                                                          Susan Skrzycki -
Sonelle Goddard -
                                                          Mallory Sloss -
Tumay Goktepe -
                                                          Anne Smith -
                                                          Immy Smith -
Pamela Goodyer -                             Carolina Solorzano -
Leah Gose -
                                                          Susan Spaniol -
Grace Heeeun Park -                                 Colleen Sparlin -
Elizabeth Graehling -                     Dia Spriggs -
Diane Gregg -                           Karen Starrett -
Georgette Grey -                        Carol Staub -
Claudia Grimm -                     JanetteStiles -
Linka Griswold -                       Hannah Stone -
Monique Geurts -
                                                          Samantha Tebbutt -
Patty Haller -
                                                          Karen Terry -
Robyn Hallewell -                 Polly Tetrault -

Jennifer P. Hammer -                                Robyn Thomas -
                                                    Hayley Tolkin -
Sarah Harless -
                                                    Tracy Van Oosten -
Dawn Harmer -
                                                    Debra Vanderlaan -
Wendy Helm -
Danielle Herrera -
                                                    Joan Berg Victor -

Simone Hester -             Stephanie Visser -

Robin Hextrum -                Nnena Abiola Wabara -

Ophelia Ho -                  Mary Ann Wakeley -

Darlene Holland -                                   Marydorsey Wanless -
                                                    Laura Warburton -
Lyn Horton -                      Lorelee Wederstrom -
Cynthia House -    Lynne Whitsel -
Hasmik Hovhannisyan -
                                                    Marti White -
                                                    Leah Wiedemer -
Martine Hubbard -                Bonnie Wilburn -

Judith Huth –    Lynne Wintermute -
Jennifer Idleman -                 McCrystle Wood -
Linda Iorio -                   Robin Woodward-Entry -
Aazam Irilian -                 Mayra Zamora -
Renee Stewart Jackson -
                                                     Kajal Zaveri -
Sisan Johnson -
                                                     Anna Zavileiskaia -
Bridget Jones -

LaToya Jones -

Helen Kagan -

Rita Kauffman -

Cyndie Kaufman-Sinclair -

Nihal Kececi -

Anne Kiefaber -

Zofia Kijak -

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Description: Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its February 2012 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to view online. The basis for this month’s art exhibition was “All Women” (women only artists) and contained an open subject theme. An art competition was held in January 2012 which determined and judged the art for this exhibition. The gallery received submissions from 21different countries from around the world and they also received entries from 39 different states. Overall, there were 1,219 entries that were judged for this art competition. Due to the volume of entries, the gallery decided to create 4 media categories and make awards for each, along with an Overall Category which was selected from the 4 media categories.