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					                       Gout Prevention – Get Rid of Painful Gout

       This morning, you woke up with so much pain and stiffness in your leg area
and getting up becomes such an arduous task. It’s been like this for many weeks
now but today the pain gets much more intense.

       After a quick visit at your doctor’s office, your suspicion is finally
confirmed – you have gout.

       Gout is a medical condition that is a species of arthritis and usually attacks
middle aged to elderly people. Experts say that it is more common among men,
rather than women.

       Although the symptoms may be common among people such as stiffness,
burning pain, redness, tenderness and aching joints, but perhaps the most foolproof
symptom of gout is the swelling of the joints, most especially the big toe. Your
feet, ankles and knees are also the usual targets of pain.

       These symptoms usually occur during nighttime and the attacks can usually
last from days to weeks, and at different levels of unceasing pain and swelling.

       Gout can be easily detected through blood testing. It is more likely to occur
when there is very high level of uric acid in the blood, thus causing crystals to form
in the joints area.
       There is also an increased tendency of occurrence of gout among those who
are obese, alcoholics or purely meat and fish eaters which have a high content of
purines. Beers, seafoods like sardines and anchovies, beef, pork, mushrooms,
cauliflower, peas and lentils are said to have high levels of purinens in them.

       Diuretics or those suffering from frequent urination and are under
medication for the said ailment, are also likely prone to having gout. Click
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                           Doctor Recommendations for Gout

       Once your doctor sees signs or symptoms of gout, depending on your level
of discomfort and the uric acid in your blood, he may advise to you to be under

       It is easily treated through shots of corticosteroids as well as colchicine,
along with any other medicine to relieve your gout. Depending on the
improvement of relief in your symptoms, your doses may gradually decrease as the
pain goes away.

       For intense pain relief, your doctor may also prescribe pain relievers such as
ibuprofen tablets and mefenamic acid, just so you could still go on with your daily
activities and not be hindered by too much pain caused by the blockage in your
joints area.

          Always remember this: When gout attacks occur, refrain from taking
aspirin tablets that may only cause your gout symptoms to increase.

          First of all, aspirin is never an answer to managing pains, especially in the

          Aspirin can cause the uric acid level in our body to increase, which may lead
to crystal formation in the joints, and eventually to gout. This is because aspirin,
when consumed, is quite more difficult for the body to metabolize and excrete out
of the body.

          Our kidneys are responsible for cleaning out the toxins in our bodies and
aspirin can only make them work much harder and eventually causing them much
difficulty in excreting other harmful toxins in the body, including the uric acid.

                                 Holistic Treatments For Gout

          They say that prevention is much better than cure. The good news is, even if
you have not prepared or armed yourself to prevent the occurrence of gout, it is
still not too late to start now, even if you’ve already had previous bouts with it.

          Gout is very much a treatable disease and once treated, may disappear for
life and you can go on and be healthy. All it takes is a healthy and positive attitude
and a few lifestyle changes in order to have a gout-free aging.
        Of course, you may take the shorter way of managing your gout through the
use of steroids such as prednisone and other medicines.

        But mind you, if you decided to take the long road and try to live a healthy
lifestyle, you can not only avoid gout but other diseases as well. This can happen
by avoiding things that may lead you to develop gout – by avoiding food that cause
your level of uric acid to increase. These may consist of food that has very high
levels of salt content.

        Perhaps the first step to managing your symptoms is to have your blood
checked for uric acid level. The normal level of uric acid in the body is 6mg/dL.
Anything above that is already susceptible to developing gout. You may also want
to have your kidneys checked.

        Chances are you may have kidney problems that lead them to having
difficulty in excreting the uric acid from your body. To help ease out this problem,
you need to drink plenty of liquids, especially water, to wash out all the toxins and
help your kidneys in their cleansing process.

        Lastly, try to eat low-fat dairy products to decrease your chances of having

      When you talk about over-all wellness, it is quite impossible to take exercise
out of the equation. So, no matter how dreadful it may sound, exercise should
always be part of your daily regimen in order to be healthy and strong.

      Lastly, many gout sufferers swear by the miracles of herbal medicine to help
eliminate their symptoms. Cherries and the so-called “devil’s claw” are only some
of the natural herbs that are popular for treating joint inflammations.

      Foods that are rich in folic acid can also provide a good treatment.

                                        Severe Gout

      Should your gout get more severe, medicines may not be able to treat it
properly. Thus, surgery may be the most welcome solution.

      It is said to be severe if gout has been going on for at least 10 years and the
body has become non-responsive to several treatments. The uric acid crystals may
have deposited and become stagnant in the joints already, thus forming chalky
nodules called “tophi”. Surgery is therefore done as a procedure to remove tophi
and excise them from the joints.

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