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					                        Which Anti-Aging Diets Are The Best?

      If you want the best anti-aging diets, then there are obviously tons of tips out
there recommending what you should eat. There are so many diets that a simple
internet search can leave your head spinning. However, before you know what to
eat, you have to understand the aging process and as understanding it can help you
determine what you should eat.

      The first shocking fact is the medical community generally has it wrong.

      Most doctors will tell you that genetics plays a huge role in your health.
While they do admit that diet and exercise are important as well, the medical
community at large usually looks for healing solutions in the form of drugs.

      However, no drug can heal your body, or even make it look younger. If you
want to do this, then you have to change what you are putting in your body. Click to find the best Anti-Aging Diets.

      Hence, anti-aging diets can be incredibly powerful.

                       Why The Foods You Eat Are So Important

      Basically, many people do not understand the aging process, and why the
foods they consume are so imperative. To put it in layman’s terms, your body is
made up of 1,000,000′s of cells.

      As the old cells die, new cells form to take their place. The health and
quality of new cells will determine how young or old you look.

      Moreover, the quality is completely determined by what you eat.

      In order for the cell to regenerate correctly, you have to eat the right foods.
When you are getting older, the body has a harder time making new cells. That is
why eating healthy is even more important. The strength and health of the new
cells in your body is almost 100% determined by what you consume.

      Therefore, you will be happy to know that you can look and feel much
younger simply by following a good eating plan and making sure you get the
vitamins and nutrition your body needs.

      Of course, that still leaves the tough question-which anti-aging diets are best.
There are so many diets that picking the right one can be challenging.

                         Eating For Anti-Aging – General Guide

      Drink plenty of water. Staying properly hydrated is vital to a youthful
vibrant outward appearance.

      It is amazing how little water most people drink. When they do drink (which
is rarely) they usually fuel up on sodas and fruit juices. However, water is what
composes roughly ¾ of the body, and 85% of the brain.

      Proper hydration has been linked to reducing wrinkles, skin health,
weightloss, and improved energy and mood.

      Not only that, but it is imperative for keeping the heart healthy, as well as
the kidneys, muscles, and joints. Water not only is important for keeping the cells
healthy, but it is also imperative for clearing the skin, eliminating toxins, and even
aiding in weight loss.

      Most importantly, you will simply feel more energetic. Try going hours
without drinking water, and see how you feel.

      Here is a quick illustration to give you an idea of how important water is:
without food, you can survive 3-4 weeks, and sometimes more. Without water,
however, you cannot last more than 3 days.

      Try to drink at least 8-10 glasses daily, as well as eating high water content
foods (very important). No matter which anti-aging diets you end up following,
staying properly hydrated is essential.

             Foods to Eat That Stop The Aging Process & Foods To Avoid
                          Go Natural – Avoid Processed Foods

      Sure, they do not take as long to prepare, but they are far less nutritious and
you will age much faster with them. These foods are largely responsible for the
health problems many face today.

      A good rule of thumb is that if something comes in a box, or has ingredients,
steer clear of it. Whole food based anti-aging diets are your best bet. If you must
eat processed foods, then make sure the ingredients are 100% natural.

                                    Avoid Junk Foods

      Many people’s diet is made up largely of chips, candy bars and TV dinners.
Cut them out.

      Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

      These are the ideal foods for the human body, and any anti-aging diets
should be made up primarily of them.

      In fact, if you were to consume nothing but fruits and veggies, you would
get nearly 100% of the vitamins and minerals your body needs-with the sole
exception of B12.

      These foods should make up the bulk of your diet.

      In particular, making sure to get plenty of greens is very important in any
anti-aging diets. Greens are the most nutritious foods on the planet, and getting a
large percentage of them is important. Try consuming a green smoothie everyday.

                                    Eat Healthy Fats

      Getting a certain amount of fat is necessary, although it should make up no
more than 10% of any anti-aging diets.

      The fat you do eat should come from natural sources like oils, nuts and
seeds, and avocados.

                                  Limit Meat and Dairy

      There is substantial evidence that largely plant based anti-aging diets are the
way to go. If you do consume meat, then restrict it to natural, free range organic
meat. Avoid animals that have been fed processed foods, as these are poison to
your health.

      The main reason to limit meat and dairy is the saturated fat. If you do
consume them, then focus on low fat options such as chicken and turkey breasts, as
well as fish.

      If you must eat dairy, go with fat free yogurt or milk.

      In general, avoiding meat altogether is a good rule of thumb. When you do
consume it, limit your fat.

                              Consume Plenty of Anti-Oxidants

      Antioxidants are incredibly powerful and reduce what is essentially cellular
rust that is caused by aging and other factors. A diet rich in powerful anti-oxidants
is an incredibly powerful means achieving your anti-aging benefits from your diet.


      Okay, so this is not an anti-aging diets tip. However, getting enough exercise
is almost as important as what you eat in terms of looking and feeling young.
      You can eat as healthy as you want, but without working out you simply are
not going to feel or look as good as you could.

      Bodyweight only exercises are the best, such as running, swimming,
jumping and climbing. Try to avoid indoor workouts, and get outside as much as

      Not only is this healthier for you, but it is more enjoyable and will make it
more likely that you will stick to your workout.

                                     Final Thoughts

      The best anti aging diets are low fat, mostly plant based eating plans that are
made up largely of fruits and vegetables.

      Again, there is nothing wrong with occasionally consuming meat or dairy.
Just make sure they are low fat, and that they make up a small part of your diet.

      The best anti-aging diets will consist of foods that you enjoy to eat as much
for pleasure as for their wrinkle fighting, energy giving benefits. Start eating a
healthy, well hydrated diet, and regularly exercising you will experience better
skin, improved energy, a youthful appearance and better mood today.

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