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									               Michiana Walleye Association
                                                                                               October/November 2011

President's Corner                                                 Events Updates:
Rick Nichols
                                                                   The 2011 MWA Fall Classic
          As I write this edition of the President's Corner I am
sorry to report the loss of another one of our elder                         On September 10-11, the MWA brought back its 2-
statesman members. Americo "Lucky" Lucchi passed away              day Fall Classic. This event was our last event of the year
on September 10 at a young 87 years.                               and I’d like to take a second to thank all the anglers who
          Lucky was instrumental in the MWA acquiring the          participated throughout the year, whether they took part in
property and structures that now belong to the MWA. He             just one, some, or all our events. I’d also like to take a
was a leader of many causes while acting as President of the       moment and thank everyone who helped out with this event
Wander Conservation Club. Lucky was one of the last 2              in 2011. It takes a team effort to make this happen and here
living members of Wander Conservation Club. I’m sure he            is the team: Mike Rhoades, Don Shelton, Dwight Jones &
will be monitoring the Tuesday night euchre games that he          Barry Ukele. No matter how little or how much you
was so fond of.                                                    contributed, your help was greatly needed and invaluable.
          How many of you are aware that our website has
been updated? Please take the time to take a look and,                       In order to participate, an angler needed to register
more importantly, join in. Join up on FaceBook and see how         just 1 point from any of the year's Anglers' Challenge Series
many friends you can make. This was all made possible by           in order to qualify. While we had 32 anglers qualify to
our webmaster Doug Burkhead. Thanks for all you do Doug.           participate, only 12 attempted to test their skills and we’d
                                                                   like to thank all of them for competing. Teams were
          November will kick off this year’s collection of toys
                                                                   randomly paired together for each day's events. The bodies
for the "TOYS FOR TOTS" program sponsored by the US
                                                                   of water were also randomly selected. Day #1 was set to
Marine Corp. We will have collection boxes at the club. Toys       run from 7am-3pm on Lake of the Woods in Bremen and
must be new and in packages. If you have any questions,            upon conclusion of the day's event, leaders randomly
contact Don Shelton.                                               selected Pike Lake in Warsaw from our pool of potential
          Just a reminder: the MWA Annual Banquet is               locations for Day #2.
November 5th. Questions? Call Shawn - 574-215-4111.
                                                                            Day #1 went off without a hitch and as I think most
                                                           Rick    would say, "WOW". Walleye were hard to come by on the
                                                                   first day. There were some walleyes found, but not in the
                                                                   numbers, or size, we had all hoped for. At the end of the
                                                                   day there were 8 fish weighed, along with 16 shorts that
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                  were released. Big Fish of the day went to Chris
                                                                   Rhoades/Shawn Kintigh at 2.38 lbs. Nice job, guys. After
                                                                   the weigh-in Mike Rhoades/Charlie VanCamp were leading
1      President's Corner, Events Updates                                       st
                                                                   the way in 1 place, followed by Shawn Kintigh/Chris
                                                                                   nd                                     rd
                                                                   Rhoades in 2 , and Dwight Jones/Ed Szymczak in 3 .
2      Calendar of Events, Walleye Stocking Program
                                                                   Teams were then shuffled up and ready to go for Day #2 on
3                                                                  Pike Lake. There were many discouraged looking faces,
       Contact Information
                                                                   based on our destination for Day #2, but everyone was
4      Veritas Academy Fishing Outing
                                                                   ready for the challenge ahead. We all had our fingers
                                                                   crossed that it wasn’t going to be worse than Day #1.

                                                                            Day #2 started with great weather, but then a cloud
                                                                   moved in during the last 15 minutes of the event, followed
                                                                   by a large booming crack of lightning that quickly got
                                                                   everyone moving and dropped enough water to get
                                                                   everyone and everything wet before everyone got off the
                                                                   water. Teams throughout the day moved around the lake in                                                                                                     Page 1
 CALENDAR             OF    EVENTS                                                                             continued from page 1
                                                                search of their fish and at one point all of us were in the
                                                                same area talking and poking fun back and forth at one
                                                                another. When the day came to a close there were 7
 MWA CLUBHOUSE                                                  fish to weigh along with 7 shorts released. In addition, it
 6:00 - 9:00PM                                                  was nice to see that among all those fish, 1 Sauger was
                                                                weighed and 1 short Sauger was just short and was
                                                                released. Big Fish of the day went to Les
 MWA CLUBHOUSE                                                  Bontrager/Don Shelton at 1.24 lbs. Nice job, gentlemen.
 DINNER 5:00PM                                                  After all the figures were tallied, the event committee
                                                                and I were proud to congratulate our 2011 Fall Classic
                                                                Champion who put together two good, consistent days
 MWA CLUBHOUSE                                                  of fishing and ended up atop the leader board. Nice job
 6:30PM                                                         & Congrats to our Classic Champion CHARLIE
                                                                                 (see this chart on the last page)

  Walleye Stocking Program
  by Barry Ukele

            At the time of this newsletter going to print our
  walleyes have already been stocked in the St. Joseph
  river. Thanks to all who donated money, aluminum cans,
  and to the money jugs we placed in businesses
  throughout our community.
                                                                The 2011 MWA Awards
           The walleyes this year cost us $1.60 each for 6 to
  8 inch stock. Our fish came from Tim Gollon Bait & Fish       Banquet
  Farm, located in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. They were
  introduced in the river at two stocking points: Maggie's
                                                                        Our 2011 Awards Banquet will be held
  Landing and Midway Marine.
                                                                Saturday, November 5th at the MWA Club House.
                                                                Happy hour and conversations will start at 4pm, dinner
            Again this year we partnered in the stocking        at 5pm, with ceremonies following, at around 6pm.
  effort with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.
  The total number of fish from both the DNR and MWA                     If you didn't attend last year, you missed out on
  this year was 9,300 walleyes.                                 a great night of fun, story swapping, the occasional
                                                                roast of fellow members, and of course the presentation
           The next stocking will be in 2013. The IDNR          of awards for achievements on the water. Food will
  believes we will have better results in stocking every        once again be catered courtesy of Dana J's fine Meats
  other year. Again, thanks to everyone who made this a         & Deli of Goshen. You didn’t have to fish in an event or
  good year.                                                    even sign up in a series to attend. This is open to all
                                                                club members and their family members (however, it is
                                                                an adult-only event). There is a sign-up sheet posted at
                                                                the club; cost will be $20 per person. Funds must be
                                                                received by Tuesday evening, November 1st at 7pm in
                                                                order to attend.

                                                                        We hope to see many of you there to join us for
                                                                a great evening of food, fun, and recognition. You just
                                                                never know what will happen, so you are encouraged to
                                                                come and see it first-hand rather than hearing about it

                                                                                                                     - Shawn Kintigh                                                                                                           Page 2

                                                                                                                     - Shawn Kintigh
 Michiana Walleye Association              WANTED: ALUMINUM

 OFFICERS                                    The club is looking for aluminum. If you have any
 President                                  unwanted aluminum that you would like to donate to
 Rick Nichols             (219) 712-1369
                                            the club, please drop it off at the club grounds after
 Vice President                            5pm on any Tuesday. Proceeds from the sale of your
 Don Shelton              (574) 532-3271
                                              aluminum are used to help support our walleye
                                                    stocking efforts, and we thank you.
 Ron Hipsher              (574) 274-4200

 Barry Ukele              (574) 259-6212

 Sergeant At Arms
 Carl Schnaible           (574) 259-6256

 Building Superintendent
 Les Bontrager        (574) 202-4413

 Les Bontrager    (574) 202-4413
 Barry Ukele      (574) 259-6212
 Don Shelton      (574) 532-3271
 Rick Nichols     (219) 712-1369
 Shawn Kintigh    (574) 215-4111
 Mike Rhoades     (574) 273-0587
 Scott Pealer     (574) 875-1490
 John Olesen      (574) 286-5775
 Bob Stutzman     (574) 259-9284

      Michiana Walleye                     Michiana Walleye Pledge
                                              To preserve and to protect our
                                               waterways and fish therein,

                                              To provide a future for
                                               generations yet to come,

            13040 Day Rd.                     To educate those generations
                                               so that this tradition may be
         Mishawaka, IN 46545                   carried on.
           (574) 299-6839                                                                              Page 3
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  (Enclose payment and mail to MWA)                                               Promote the Club
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   Single $25.00           or Family $40.00          per year.                    address list or individual email addresses.

 Veritas Academy Fishing Outing
          A part of what we do at the Michiana Walleye Association is try to instill into our future generations our love and
 passion for the outdoors and fishing etc. So when Ruth Crofoot asked to bring a class from the Veritas Academy to our club, we
 were happy to oblige.

          When 39 kids and a few parents arrived on Tuesday September 20th, I knew we would have our hands full. The club
 furnished the fishing rods and the bait. The majority of the kids had never had a fishing rod in their hands or caught a fish
 before. This kept the 6 members from the club very busy untangling lines, baiting hooks and removing fish.

           Quite a few of the kids caught fish. There is nothing like seeing a kid's face light up when he or she catches a fish. The
 club members all agreed we had as much fun as they did. The thank-you letters we received from the kids made it all
 worthwhile. We hope to see them back again next year. Ruth has posted pictures on our FaceBook page that you can see by
 clicking on the MWA FaceBook link on the front page of our website.

                                                                                                                       - Les Bontrager                                                                                                           Page 4   Page 5

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