My Dog has fleas

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					My Dog has fleas

 Help my Dog has Fleas

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My Dog has fleas
Help my dog has fleas.

Fleas are a major pain for your dog and can be just as much of a pain for you and your home.

If you talk to anyone and say my dog has fleas they will immediately suggest you get some sort
of chemical to put on your dog to remedy the situation and whilst there is no doubt these type of
treatments work and work very well, one of the best ways to reduce the population if your dog
has fleas is brushing.

Regularly brushing your dog with a flea comb will greatly help in reducing fleas, in fact if you
make it a routine to regularly brush you dog you will be able to spot any fleas immediately and
take action.

Shampooing your dog with a flea shampoo will also help reduce any infestation but like the
comb will only serve as a reduction in the population but does give your dog a bit of relief.

Flea collars and flea powder do not seem to be as efficient as was once thought and I personally
do not use these at all.

You might want to talk to your vet about oral medication, now this does not kill the adult fleas
but does kill eggs, which stops the life cycle of new fleas coming time and time again.

These flea eggs do not attach themselves to the hair of your dog so they are free to drop off at
any time whether that be on the carpet or bedding or where ever, so if your dog has fleas you will
need to wash all you can and treat the area where the dog normally is, if this is not done then
treating your dog is a bit academic.

Summer is a great time for all of us and especially fleas as this is when they seem to be most

How do I know my dog has fleas?

You will know your dog has fleas as you will see him scratching quite a lot and if you give him a
quick inspection you will almost certainly see redness of the skin and possibly scabs where he
has scratch himself raw.

This is particularly uncomfortable and irritating for your dog and will not get to much rest as he
will be scratching all the time.
Time to get the flea comb out as this will give him some instant relief and get rid of some of the
fleas, then you will need to go the tablet route or other medication which is a liquid that you put
onto the skin.

These have become increasingly popular in recent years and are very effective and work very
quickly and last for about a month.

Advantage, Advantix, Revolution and frontline are all treatments for fleas and maybe names you
have heard of. Some also are multi-purpose and kill mites and ticks etc but check the instructions
for what they actually control and the correct method of use.
Help my Dog has Fleas

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