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Summer Institute
Salve Regina, RI
June 28-29, 2007

J.J. Plank         plank@pasco.com
Dave Small
Agenda - Thursday
   morning
      DataStudio Essential Skills Activities
   afternoon
      Lab Activities (more guided)
          •   Biology
          •   Chemistry
          •   Earth/Environmental Science
          •   Middle School Science
          •   Physics
        or Sensor Exploration
        Assignment 2
        Feedback
Agenda - Friday

   morning
      Intermediate Skill Builders
   afternoon
      Lab Activities (more guided)
      Assignment 3: Practice, Adapt, or
       Develop an Activity for Your
      Feedback
                     PASPORT Interfaces

                               USB          Xplorer PowerLink                      Xplorer GLX                 AirLink
                               Link                                                                               SI

 inputs*                          1              1                  3                4 + 4 built-in               1
 max sample rate 1000 Hz                    1000 Hz            1000 Hz                 50,000 Hz               1000 Hz
 output                        none            none               none            stereo sound out               none
 connection                    USB             USB                USB                      USB                 BlueTooth
 portable                        no             yes          yes w/ Palm          yes + standalone             yes (10m)

*Up to 8 sensors can be connected to a computer at a time through any combination of USB PASPORT interfaces.
 PASPORT Sensors                                                            bold italic = available here (I think)

Acceleration (2 axis)               General Sci (Temp,Light,Sound,V)   Pressure – Relative
Acceleration (3-axis)               Goniometer                         Respiration Rate
Acceleration (3-axis) + Alt         GPS Position Sensor                Rotary Motion
Accelerometer – Visual              Heart Rate                         Sound Level
Analog Adapter                      Humidity/Temp/Dew Point            Spec 20 (not on GLX)
Charge                              Light                              Spectrometer (Ocean Optics, GLX only)
Chemistry (Temp, pH, Pressure, V)   Light – High Sensitivity           Spirometer
CO2 Gas                             Light – IR                         Temperature – Stainless Steel
Colorimeter                         Light – UVA                        Temp – Fast Response
Conductivity                        Magnetic Field                     Temp – Quad
Digital Adapter*                    Magnetic Field (2 axis)            Temp – Skin/Surface
Dissolved Oxygen                    Mass (Ohaus balance, not on GLX)   Temp – Type K
Drop Counter                        Motion                             Temp – Array (8)
EKG                                 O2 Gas                             Temp + Light + Sound Level
Exercise Heart Rate                 pH                                 Thermocline
Flow Rate + Temperature             pH/ORP/ISE + Temp                  Turbidity
Force                               Pressure – Absolute                Voltage/Current
Force Platform                      Pressure – Abs + Temp              Water Quality (Temp, pH, DO, Cond)
Force Platform (2 axis)             Pressure – Barometric              Water Quality Colorimeter
Galvanometer                        Pressure - Quad                    Weather

 *supports digital timing, counting, & control sensors (eg: Photogate, Laser Switch, Time-of-
 Flight, Freefall, Radiation, Relay)

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