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									Speeding Up Your PHP MySQL
Are you a PHP MySQL developer and looking for some tweaks to reduce your PHP MySQL
development time?

Finishing development project within given time line is a crucial task for a developer. This is because
there are number of competitors exists in the market who are ready to replace you for your customers.
Therefore a website owner always forces you to do hurry so they can reap the benefits of the early
market. Here are some tweaks to reduce your development time considerably so you can come up as a
winner in this fierce competition.

Editing Software
Which editing software do you use? Notepad or Wordpad? They are tedious to use and time consuming
as well. There are good editing software out in the market. Upgrade your knowledge and start using free
tools like EditPlus2 or PHPEdit. These tools not only reduce your development time but also offer you
some amazing editing options. If you can afford use extensive IDE (Integrated Development
Environment) for your PHP MySQL development.

Learn from your mistakes
This is important thing that you learn from your mistakes in the past project and try to not repeat that
mistakes in your current project. Once you would be aware of the loopholes then you could save you
time to not repeat it again.

Write good codes
Writing good codes is a good habit. Keep everything simple and lucid because if you write simple code
then you will overcome technical hitches in future easily. If you have written your codes complex then it
will waste your time to sort out the things during problem or maintenance.

Document your code
Whenever you write the code for a project you document it properly and consult it whenever you need
in future so this way you will save your time in writing repetitive codes when anything similar comes in
the future.

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