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					Using the Run command on the
Run command
     by Joe Keny

is part of the Windows operating system that lets you quickly run programs and access files in particular.
This feature of Windows is a great way to open a program with a short command code of common sense. It
is faster to use than opening a program and not have to create a desktop shortcut for quick access to each
program. Read on to learn how to use the Run command .

website Visit the productivity of the computer to determine what command to use to open the program you
want to open. Commands include popular "Calc" to open the calculator, "Notepad" to open the notepad,
Wordpad to open wordpad "Winword" to open Microsoft Word, "Iexplore to run Internet Explorer and
Control Panel to open the control panel Click on .

"Start" button on the Windows desktop to open the Start menu .

Select "Run" from the bottom of the second column of the Start menu to open the Run dialog box .

Write command code to open the program to open the "Open" in the box "Run" .

dialog Select the "OK" to open the specified program and close the Run dialog box .

Use the program as needed and close it as normal if there finished.

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Computer Backup Solutions - All
Systems Go? by Erick Simpson
The subject of computer backups has always been a topic of importance when it comes to preserving the
data on your computer. These days there are more options available to you in this arena, which can be both
a help and a hindrance. On one hand, having more options is helpful because better solutions have been
brought to the marketplace from which you can now choose to fit your needs. A hindrance exists in that the
multitude of choices might scare off users and cause them to avoid the issue altogether, which can have a
disastrous ending.

It does not have to be complicated nor time consuming, so there is no good reason not to tackle backing up
your computer.

The Philosophy

We all know that backing up can preserve the information that is stored on your computer, but how far do
you take your backup philosophy? It depends on what you can 'afford' to lose.

To one computer user, just backing up periodically will suffice. The thought here is that if you lose your
data, you can restore it apart from your operating system, and the time that this takes is not a critical
consideration. Many home users fall into this category. It makes sense as long as you are not dependent
upon your computer for time-sensitive applications and tasks and/or for accessing and retrieving data
relative to finances, etc.

To another user this philosophy is not enough. Those who depend on their data and computer for more
than just casual personal computing understand that if a hard drive fails, their business is down until they
can get it back up and running again. Home users who store irreplaceable photographs and home video on
their computers will also fall into this category. A more comprehensive backup plan is recommended to help
recover from disasters in a timely fashion.

Computer Backup Options

There are several ways to tackle backups of your important data:

Built-in operating system options. Microsoft Windows operating systems provide built-in back up capabilities
that allows you to back up your documents or files onto external media. Beginning with Windows XP and its
Automated System Recovery feature, each successive Microsoft desktop operating system includes the
capability to help recover your entire hard drive if necessary. These backup solutions are reliable and
provide a built-in way for you to back up your data without having to buy an additional program to do so.

Manual copying onto external devices. You can always resort to the old stand-by method of backing up by
manually copying your data onto an external hard drive, USB memory stick or other external device such as
a recordable CD, DVD or even a floppy drive if you have one. This is cumbersome, but if you do not have a
lot of files, it may be an acceptable solution for you. The pitfalls with this method are that if you have
multiple files, you have to make sure you get all of them, and you may need numerous target media to save
all of your files to.

Online options for backing up over the Internet. The newest option in computer data backup solutions is
provided by online companies that enable backup and restoration of your documents and files over an
encrypted high-speed Internet connection to any PC. A small background application backs up and transfers
your files to a hosted storage area in a remote datacenter when your computer is idle; however, this is not
a comprehensive disaster recovery solution for your entire hard drive. This solution works best when
targeted at protecting individual files and documents on a PC or a Mac, and is generally a subscription-
based service for which you pay a monthly fee for use.

Making an image of your hard drive. This is a more comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution
generally performed by technically savvy computer users. This option includes using 3rd-party programs to
make an image of your entire hard drive, which can then be "re-imaged" in case of catastrophic failure to a
new hard drive, providing a hard drive disaster recovery plan. Using this solution, within a short period of
time, you can be back up and running with ALL of your documents, settings, programs and EVERYTHING
intact, as if the disaster never occurred.

The way to determine the best solution to fit your needs is to ask yourself how soon you need to be back up
and running after encountering a disaster, and how much you are willing to pay. If you can wait several
days, then a computer back up program might be right for you. If you need your data files immediately, and
you have a second computer that you can copy them to, then an online solution might be the best way to
go. Or finally, if your business depends upon your computer and its applications and data, then you must
have a more comprehensive solution.

5 Tips To The Best Computer Buy
by Pedro Sousa
It can get confusing for some people who aren't inside the computer world to make the best choice to buy
one from the wide range available.

There are actually thousands of different hardware and software products.

Let's see some of the factors to consider when buying a new one:

1# If you travel on business very often, a notebook would be the perfect solution. If you work in an office,
the desktop computer is the answer. Although you could use the notebook in the office too, its potential is a
bit reduced when comparing to the desktop connections for printers, plotters or other equipments.

2# When buying a computer you got to consider your budget. There is a large variety of desktop and
notebooks for all kinds of budget. The desktop can go anywhere between $500 to $2000 (Note that some
sites don't include the monitor in the cost, so make sure to check that). The notebook can go from $800 to
$2000 or more , and normally includes the carry case.

3# You need to specify what you want to do on your new computer. Is it to play video games, watch
movies, and surf on the Internet or you intent to work? Any regular computer will do the basic work but if
you intent to play video games for an example, you will need a good video card, high speed processing and
a good amount of RAM memory. For business some of these features aren't necessarily needed to be the
best on the market like the video card, but a medium-grade computer will do the job.

4# According to the kind of data you are going to store, either photos, music, movies, or documents, you
need to determine the size you will need in hard drive space. If you plan to use it for photo storage or office
documents, something in 50 to 100Gb will do it, but if you want to store video, music, or video games, you
need from 150Gb up, according to your needs.

5# The duration or lifetime of the computer is a very important matter. If you buy a regular model, in a few
years it will become "older" and new software or operative systems won't work on it. You will need to
upgrade it, and sometimes is better and cheaper to buy a new one. You may buy your complete computer
or you can choose the best parts or the components that satisfy your needs. If you buy a ready made one,
it's usually harder to upgrade later.

These are the 5 Tips To The Best Computer Buy. These are the most relevant facts to consider when buying
your new computer.

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LG Dare Cell Phone Review by
Sam Lee
The LG Dare is a fully-touch phone, meaning it has no hard keys whatsoever. Such phones, when
considering one's purchase, have to keep one thing in mind; the touch-responsiveness has to be extremely

To our disappointment, the phone has some problems with its design and touch screen. The main problem
is in scrolling. When you touch the screen to scroll, it considers it as a tap and selects the option. This
makes the whole experience of using the phone extremely dampening.

This is quite unfortunate as the Dare had a number of great features, which includes a cool interface and
nice resolution. The menus are well designed and can be customized. The shortcuts can be easily changed
to suit your preferences and the icons on the menu screen can be repositioned to your liking. All this was
supposed to result in a great phone, but the responsiveness leaves a lot to be desired.

On testing, call quality was quite good. There was some static, but overall, the voices were very clear and
you could hear the caller very well. The reception was quite exceptional. However, with the exception of
those mentioned and the speaker-independent voice recognition, the other calling features didn't match

There were some additional buttons on the dialing screen. When you are on a call, there are the contacts,
messaging and even note-taking buttons. However, call conference and call waiting selection isn't available!
The speakerphone wasn't also of the best quality!

The onscreen keyboard on the Dare wasn't exactly the best as well. A funny part about the phone is that,
the landscape keyboard never came when it was turned to the right, but came when it was turned to the
left. However, the music player changed accordingly. There were so many responsiveness issues that,
though messaging wasn't impossible, it was quite pain-staking.

The thing about messaging on the iPhone is the auto-correct feature, which makes messaging a cinch.
However, this feature isn't available on LG Dare, which is quite a pain. Deleting characters is also really

IM is supported for Yahoo, AOL and MSN, as well as E-mail.
The presence of a 3.5mm headset jack is a real blessing as you can use your favorite headphones.
Unfortunately, the scrolling issue surfaces again and makes browsing through a long list of music difficult.
Album art did not appear when the phone was synchronized with Windows Media Player. The MP3 player is
considered average. Video playback was really good because of the great screen.

Though the GPS navigation found us wherever we went, it wasn't very good at correcting us if we veered
off course. The camera is quite good, comparable to an Nseries phone like the N78. However, there were a
couple of issues with the pictures. Auto-focus and face recognition are also there.

Surfing wise, the web browser was surprisingly fast and image-rich web pages sprang open quickly.

Overall, with its attractive design and functions, the LG Dare is a phone still worth your consideration.

Great Plains on Pervasive SQL or
Ctree redeployment overview by
Andrew Karasev
Current version 10.0 of Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly known as Great Plains Dynamics is available on
Microsoft SQL Server DB platform exclusively, and if you are currently enrolled in GP annual enhancement
program, you are probably happy enjoying such Dynamics GP cool features as integration with MS Outlook,
Sharepoint, SSRS, eConnect. For the rest of us, who are still on Pervasive SQL 2000/Btrieve or Ctree DB
platforms (including Great Plains Dynamics on Mac Faircom), we would like to outline steps in redeploying
Dynamics on new computer, it is especially helpful when you need to mount your new accounting
application for the purposes of audit:

1. Great Plains Dynamics support options. Please, note, that Great Plains Software was acquired by
Microsoft, however Microsoft Business Solutions retired Dynamics on non Microsoft SQL Server platforms in
earlier 2005. This means, that you either should have internal IT resource, who is still familiar with
Dynamics reinstallation and applying old service packs, or you should find Great Plains Dynamics Partner,
who has consultants, familiar with old versions and their troubleshooting

2. Single user workstation install scenario. This method doesn't require separate Pervasive SQL or Ctree
server installation, and you can just use Great Plains Dynamics CD. Consider dedicating Windows XP
workstation, Install Great Plains Dynamics in Single User Workstation mode, copy Dynamics folder from your
old server and go to the next step - Location Translation procedure

3. Location Translation for Great Plains Dynamics. The reason for this step is simple - both Btrieve/Pervasive
SQL and Ctree use Windows (or Mac OS) operating system file handling functionality (including user security
to access, write and read DB files). Pathname tables store original Dynamics UNC path (or mapped drive),
where Dynamics was installed originally, back to late 1990th, and since then, if you move Great Plains
Dynamics to new server - you are doing original location (or original path) to new location/path translation.
Typical location translation id is WINDOWS
4. Old Great Plains Dynamics on Pervasive or Ctree upgrade path. In your situation, upgrade path includes
migration to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 step (this is usually done on version 7.5, you should consult your
Great Plains Reseller on the steps to upgrade to Dynamics GP 7.5 on Pervasive or Ctree). When you are
done with GP 7.5 migration to GP 7.5 on Microsoft SQL Server, you are on the open highway: popular route
is 7.5->9.0->10.0

Ubuntu Operating System, and
other distros - Free and reliable
software by Philip Woodrow
The first computer I bought had Microsoft Windows pre-installed, and that was the only operating system I
knew for several years after I first started using the internet. Well known for the occasional outbreaks of
computer viruses, which often make headline news, and then there are the Trojans and key logging
problems as well with Windows.

After a dose of this I found something completely different. Ubuntu. My first experience of the Ubuntu
operating system came with Feisty Fawn, which I enjoyed for its ease of use, and its security. That is what I
especially like about the Linux platform, the freedom from computer viruses. They are not unheard of on
Linux machines, but they are not as common as those on Microsoft Windows pcs.

I have no concerns about a firewall either. With the Ubuntu operating system it loads and runs every time I
start the pc. With Microsoft Windows you often have to go looking for a reliable Firewall to install before you
can safely start surfing the internet.

Then there is the free software that comes with Ubuntu. There is a wide choice of applications to suit a wide
range of interests, and these programs are well written. If you want more free software, it's easy enough to
run the install program and install some more applications.

Since this earlier version of Ubuntu there have been more revisions of the Ubuntu operating system and
each one is more professional and smarter than the previous version. The desktop graphics can be stunning
as well.

You aren't tied to the one Ubuntu operating system. Anytime you fancy a change you can easily download
another Linux distro, burn an ISO image on CD or DVD and install the system on to your hard drive or
simply run it from a live CD. I have tried Mandriva 2008 , open SUSE and Fedora 10, in this way, and I like
them all.

If you fancy something different from Microsoft Windows, I recommend the free Linux distributions to you. I
have had no problems with them and have found them to be reliable and stable platforms.
Fix PC Software Makes Your
Computer Work Like New by
Wilmer Flynn
The majority of personal computers are suffering from a many errors and glitches. Problems with the
Windows Registry sometimes result in crashes and the infamous blue screens of death.

Every Microsoft Windows operating system has a registry that contains all the important settings,
preferences, and information for your hardware and software. After using your PC for a time period, even
after some hours, you'll notice that it slows down considerably. Part of this problem is caused by invalid
entries and configurations in the registry. Windows exchanges info with the registry multiple times per
second, and damaged registry keys can slow down this communication.

Whenever you install a program, new entries are added to the system registry. If you later choose to
uninstall that program, the changes to the registry won't be reversed. In time, the registry continuously fulls
up with old and cluttered info, pulling down the performance of your machine.

However, replacing a new registry with an older one, in a few cases, could cause newly installed programs
or newly mounted hardware devices to malfunction because of deleted data.

Another solution is to use a good registry cleaning software that scans and cleans out corrupt data. Many
software programs can clean the registry with the click of a button. This is an option I strongly
recommended for novice computer users. If you are confident in your technical talents, you can tweak the
settings and scan for certain types of errors, including invalid startup entried, shared DLL blunders, and
missing fonts. Make efforts to take the following control, but you need a program that cleans out the
registry, fixes memory issues, checks startup items, spyware, and more.


Support - The software should come with a detailed manual and a complete support package.

4. Safety - Like I announced before, lots of these software packages claiming to fix computers essentially
complicate things. make matters worse.

With regular maintenance, your computer will run like new, and everything you use on a day by day basis
will be fast and snappy. You can go about your business without troubling about frequent crashing or
serious slowdowns. If you are taking action now, your personal computer will last longer and be ready to
keep up with a bigger workload. Hopefully this information helps bring your computer back to life. Good

If you agree that fix PC software is the right option for you, then you should check out this software
package that, in my opinion, easily beats its competition.
The Essence of Quality Registry
Cleaners by Mehmet Onatli
Almost every transaction, business or personal, is done with or through the computer; hence, it is of the
essence that our computers are working properly all the time. Technical problems, especially if they concern
the computer registry, are just so harrowing, especially when you need the computer to be in its utmost
performance. A registry problem can ruin the organized system that is supposed to make our lives easier.
An unstable computer brought about by a clogged computer registry is definitely not the kind of situation
we would want to delve ourselves into in the midst of our work or business.

The computer registry is where our computer settings, hardware, program dates, and all the files are
stored. Every action we do with our settings or hardware is saved in the computer registry. It is crucial that
all information done with our computer is stored but it is also important that the computer registry has some
free space, or else, computer errors such as slow loading, error messages that clutter the computer screen,
computer freezes, programs that are not responding or cannot be uninstalled, or worse, system crashes,
would happen.

To avoid such computer mishaps brought about by corrupted or ineffective computer registry, you need to
have a reliable registry cleaner. With a dependable registry cleaner running in your computer, irrelevant and
unwanted items saved in the computer registry will be deleted. A clean and optimized registry, which only a
good registry cleaner can provide and maintain, will speed up your computer and also diminish its
vulnerability from adware and spyware viruses.

Having established the fact that a reliable registry will make a computer perform better and run faster, it is
crucial to pick the best registry cleaner available on the market today. As is wise and necessary, you need to
look for quality in the registry cleaner that you would pick to serve your purpose - a quality cleaner that
covers every little space of your registry, tracking every damaged or clogged cell and fixing them up in the
shortest possible time. A registry cleaner that is user-friendly should also be a top consideration so as to
avoid confusion and mishaps in the installation that could cause you to remove files from the registry that
are actually relevant and should not have been deleted. The key is to have a registry cleaner that only
deletes what is unnecessary and to retain what is crucial. This will gear up your computer registry to
optimum performance the way it should be.

Medical Billing Software - Simplify
the Complexities of Medical Billing
by Jennifer Marshall
The convenient, accurate, time and space saving utility of medical billing software is an undeniable asset.
And yet, there are still some practices that continue to use paper for everything. This can be for many
reasons; maybe the idea of a software as advanced as a medically designed software is intimidating
because of the extremely sensitive nature that is inherent to medical billing. Some practices may feel like
the cost is not worth the potential, and even likely, frustration and timely errors that such a complex system
could create. Or, perhaps doctors or staff feel like the order of their office is efficient enough that a medical
billing software would be an unnecessary budget expenditure. Allow these concerns to be laid to rest.

Time is being unnecessarily wasted in offices that continue to paper file patient billing information. And that
equates into money being lost. Taking the time to physically fill out insurance claims and file patient
accounts results in sacrificing client satisfaction due to overly busy staff as well as longer intermissions
between claims filed and payoff. Your staff can't be where the patients are to help them with their questions
and needs if they are away from the desk to file patient billing records. This, opposed to having medical
billing software right there in the computer at the desk where patients can still be tended to meets
everybody's needs. As a bonus, when patients' billing records are electronically filed, this expedites the
insurance's payment.

Another benefit to medical billing software is that all of your office's patient billing records are tucked neatly
away in your computer. This, as opposed to the possibility of misplaced or even lost files in walls of filing
shelves or cabinets. No more time lost searching for a file. Just a few clicks on the keyboard and all the
information you need is immediately at your perusal. You are empowered with an immediate answer if a
patient has a question.

Along with less miss-filed patient billing records are less human errors on the actual filing of your patient's
insurance claims. As practiced as your office staff may be, distractions abound in a doctor's office. These
mistakes are cut down to practical extinction with medical billing software. Fewer patient claim rejections
and less time lost in refiling those claims allows for quicker processing and insurance payment.

If lacking confidence in a medical billing software is what's holding your medical practice back from
investing in this managerial asset, consider finding a medical billing software dealer that has an excellent
client support reputation. There are dealers that offer over the phone, email, and even personal support in
any problems or questions that arise. And this after they've provided you with training on installation and
transferring records along with technical setup.

The convenience, time and space saved, and accuracy of medical billing software more than makes up for
the investment. Once utilized it is an asset that is irreplaceable. Designed to be easy to use, any staff
member can quickly become fluent in its applications. Give your office the chance to reach higher levels of
patient satisfaction and surpass its current efficiency.

Nintendo Wii Mod Chip - A Review
And Comparison Of Wii Modchips .
by Sandy Diaz
The Nintendo Wii has just hardly hit retail stores, and already the homebrew scene is fast at work. Making
not only killer applications and homebrew games, but also developing ( or at least helping develop) the
worlds first Nintendo Wii mod chip(s). In this article I am going to discuss Nintendo Wii Mod Chips and give
some of the features, pros and disadvantages of the 3 different Nintendo Wii Mod Chips that have just
recently been released.

The good news for Nintendo Wii gamers is that in any case of which Nintendo Wii mod chip you buy - you'll
have all the basics with each one. You will be in a position to play all Nintendo Wii Backup games (on DVD-
R or DVD+R discs ) and can use 8cm or 12cm DVD discs. You will also be able to play all Gamecube Backup
games, import games as well as Gamecube Homebrew games. It truly gets down to installation of the
Nintendo Wii Mod chip and the features and functions, and future upgrade options of each Wii mod chip.

What is even more stunning with these new Nintendo Wii Mod chips is the prices that they're being sold for.
I remember quite obviously the days of the very first Playstation two mod chips, costing above $90.00 US
Greenbacks . It appears the Wii chips have opted instead for a lower entry price, in an effort to gain a
greater piece of the Homebrew / Development / Modchip market. The prices range anywhere from $44.00
to just over $50.00, depending on the chip you make a decision to buy.

At present, there are really three different Nintendo Wii Mod chips that may hit the market and online stores
within the next week or so. While many online news sources seem to concentrate on just two of the 3 mod
chips, maybe because they are unaware that there's a 3rd chip in the making, I'm going to cover all a few
of the mod chips in the hopes of enabling you, the gamer, to make the buying decision that's suitable for
you. And after reading this article, I truthfully believe that your decision will be based solely on price, and
maybe the choice of an upgrade (or lack of) for the Wii Mod Chips.

The Wiinja Nintendo Wii Mod chip was actually the very first Wii chip to hit the market. Whilst many online
reports sources seem to disregard this chip, it remains still the very first and one of the simplest mod chips
to install for the Nintendo Wii. Like the other mod chips for the Wii, the Wiinja will permit you to play all Wii
and Gamecube Backup games, as well as Wii Import backup games, and original import games with merely
a single swap.

Gamecube Import and Homebrew games are absolutely supported. Whilst the other mod chips guarantee
that their modchips, in time, will have their own custom OS to enable additional features, the Wiinja chip
does not make this claim. In fact, they have said that their chip is not intended to be upgraded. Stealth
mode is still built in, even into this mod chip, and if the dearth of an upgrade feature is a deterrent is wholly
up to you, the user. Often times many modchip manufacturers claim upgrade features, but then they lack
the support for the upgrades, which tend to come out pretty rarely, if ever at all.

The manufacturer hype states the following: Unlock your Nintendo Wii with the worlds first really
upgradeable Nintendo Wii Mod Chip. The WiiKey for Nintendo Wii is formed by the famous xenoGC team, in
charge of the xenoGC Gamecube line of mod chips, and now, with their WiiKey, Wii owners can enjoy all the
advantages of a bunch of great developers with a very upgradeable Nintendo Wii Mod chip.

The WiiKey comes ready to use, and offers an almost wireless installation. When they are saying nearly
wireless, what this basically means is that there are Fast Solder pads for the chip. This technique enables
you, the gamer, to simply position the chip in the correct place on the Mum board of the Wii, to then apply
a little bit of solder with a soldering iron.

The WiiKey chip does however also require that you solder four wires to the cited places on the Wii
motherboard. The WiiKey mod chip was the 1st chip that boasted full upgradeability thru DVD-R discs to
which you can burn / backup the new firmware updates, put The DVD in to your Nintendo Wii, and it will
run and update the chip. Once again, the WiiKey also supports loading of both Wii and Gamecube backup
games and import backup games.

Original import games can be played as well, with a straightforward, single swap methos. Gamecube
Homebrew games are also supported. Whether or not this mod chip will end up with it is own custom OS is
something we'll just have to take a wait and see approach with. However, it offers everything you need, for
a VERY reasonable price.

Computer Security Software
Protects Your Computer Against
The Bad Guys by Chris Robertson
It's depressing and infuriating that computer security software is even necessary. It shouldn't be that way.
It's an appalling, infuriating testimony to the state of our society that there are people out there who have
nothing better to do than try to damage or destroy other people's computers or steal their data or identity,
and for the most part they can do it with impunity. The productivity lost due to the heinous activities of
those criminals is staggering, as is the loss of peace of mind, the ability to feel safe, and our general faith in
humanity. What we're dealing with here is a combination of coward and schoolyard bully of the worst kind,
with part huckster and common thief thrown in for good measure.

That said, computer crime is a sad fact of life, and like it or not, you need to protect yourself. This means
Internet security software that can handle the assorted malware, spyware, and handle virus removal and
virus repair. The problem here is that protecting your computer, diagnosing what's wrong, and fixing
infection problems can be complex and very time-consuming. On top of productivity, you can lose entire
days just trying to figure out if there's something wrong, or how to repair things. As a result, a lot of people
install one of the major general purpose Internet security suites.

These security suites are certainly a good thing and they can help protect your computer. Unfortunately,
they can also be very intrusive and quite costly. It's quite possible to find yourself in a position where an
overly protective or improperly configured security suite or piece of anti virus software slows you down as
much or more than a virus or a worm. It's no fun to find yourself fighting with the security software on your
own computer, but that is often what happens if the settings are too strict.

Another problem with computer security software is that it can nickel and dime you to death. Some will
constantly nag you to sign up for this or that, try to get you to upgrade to some additional service, or
pepper you with other annoying requests. Yet others haven't figured out that security software should run in
the background and quietly and unobtrusively protect your machine from harm instead of taking center
stage. That can be very frustrating, too.

So what can you do to protect yourself both from the bad guys and from overly intrusive security software?
Quite a bit. Most infections can easily be prevented by following a few simple rules of safe computing.
Learning what to ignore, not to click on, and not to download can cut down your risk of getting infected by
90% or more. Many people who took the time to learn about the risks and how to avoid them run their
systems without any special security software and they never have any problems. That approach can be
risky, of course, as some Trojans, viruses, spyware or phishing attacks are nearly impossible to detect.

Another good way to go about keeping your computer safe is to educate yourself and get advice from folks
who follow both malware and the various ways to protect yourself. Some have websites where they explain
things in simple language, offer advice, and recommend options in case you get yourself in trouble. I like
that much better than calling the help desk of some big computer security software company.

Flash Games: How They Began and
More by Tristan Andrews
These are among the games that rely on client-side technologies. These technologies utilize JavaScript or
they use plugins like Flash Player or Java. Contemporary browsers normally allow for installing these
plugins. Various genres of games use flash technology.

When Java and Flash became the vogue in writing scripts for games, this technology took off in a 'flash' and
the games produced were very popular with the public. The reason for such popularity is that these tools
made it possible to create games in which a lot more user participation in an interactive manner became
possible. The player suddenly could enjoy for example audio and streaming video in a game.

Then Flash was pre-installed into Internet Explorer; this caused the Internet to move away from being only
an information and data field to delving into entertainment like flash games and gaming on the Internet has
blossomed. Some flash games are offered by subscription such as Final Fantasy XI, others are free online
games. Some of the free flash games have let the player elect to pay for fresh content like Runescape.
Other gaming sites go for advertising and make money that way.

First Person

First person flash shooter games started with Doom. They are also known as fps shooter games. There are
many of these games today. In a lot of these games the player can be the hero or the bad guy. One of
these flash games is called Shooter. In this game the player must defeat an illegal trading business to end
their activity, the army has commissioned him for this mission.

Shooter Flash Games

Squirrel Hunt is a flash game in the shooter genre that requires great trigger reflexes, coordination, and
swiftness. Bottle Blaster 4 as in the other versions takes shooting bottles into the surreal world of Internet
games; away from the reality of actually shooting bottles for target practice into a fun game.

Some shooter games are tactical shooter games. They are a sub-genre of shooter games. They have first
person and third person shooters in the games.

Flash Puzzles
These are many other types of flash games like flash puzzle games. Exploit is a flash puzzle game that has
two modes. In story mode you are a daring and competent computer security hacker; you battle against
corruption of power, dictators, and terrorists. The challenge mode includes nineteen extra puzzles.

Escape Flash Games Escape flash games are another genre to explore. The Garage Escape is a puzzle
escape flash game. The player has to find what he needs to escape.

Two Player Flash Games

The players rock in Riff Master II - it has new groups, guitars, and songs. Get your axe moves together.

Dangerous Forest - creep through it and find the eight hidden masks - can you survive?

Multiplayer Flash Games

There are multiplayer flash games too. A few of these games are: Jeeves Volleyball, Penguin Sumo, Flash
Football, Blob Wars, Mini Boat Race, Medieval Defense, Gorilla, Bubble Trouble - the titles tell of the variety
of ideas in these games.

In the world of flash games players have all of the diversity they can want or need.

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico at
New Affordable Rates Announced
by Ready4aChange by Sangeeta

Ready4aChange today announced discounts across the board for all types of weight loss surgery. Their
discount packages range from $400 to $1000 depending upon the type of surgery. They are tied up with
CIMA Santa Engracia Hospital that is a part of Baylor in Dallas, Texas. The hospital is also approved by The
Joint Commissions of Hospitals. Their bariatric surgeon is Dr Miguel Zapata who has read several papers in
international conferences.

Said Alma Orozco, patient coordinator for Ready4aChange said “We have extended our Spring Special
packages to May 30 because of the huge response and appreciation from our clients. The meltdown has
burned quite a lot of pockets. Our clients appreciated the fact that they could get the surgery done at a
lower cost with the same hospital and surgical facilities as present in the US. Monterrey has been rated the
safest city in Latin America and we are proud to be associated with an internationally approved facility
where patients are assured of a safe and affordable surgery with world class surgeons and care. Dr Zapata
is a well known bariatric surgeon and has an experience for over 10 years in all forms of weight loss
surgery. CIMA Santa Engracia Hospital is a part of Baylor in Dallas, Texas. It is a full service hospital
approved by The Joint Commission of Hospitals. All world class medical facilities are available at a fraction
of cost of surgery compared to the US. It upholds the highest standards in equipment, technology, medical
and compassionate care. This is proved by the seal of Quality Assurance given to us by the Joint
Commission of Hospitals.”

Ready4AChange is a United States based organization dedicated to bringing weight loss surgeries within
easy reach of all those suffering from obesity. They are one of the oldest and most reliable companies of
this kind on the internet and have helped more than 20,000 Americans find freedom from obesity. After
much careful research and investigation their team determined that Monterrey, Mexico and Dr. Miguel
Zapata provide services equal to, or superior to, those provided elsewhere and at much more affordable
prices. They are members of the Better Business Bureau and Patient Coordinator’s Center of Excellence.
Ready4AChange lobbies actively to keep weight loss surgeries in Monterrey affordable and safe. It believes
that these life saving opportunities must be made available to the average person and not just the chosen
few who have insurance or bushels of money.

Call us at 1-800-270-1270 for free consultation or visit our website for affordable weight loss surgery in

Easily Find Someone's Name With
An Email Address by R W Harris
Have you ever wondered how to find someone's name with an email address? Surprisingly, it's a lot easier
than you might think. Unfortunately, a lot of people aren't aware of how to do it so they figure it's not
possible or it's too difficult. However, today's technology combined with accessibility of public information go
hand in hand to make this a very quick process.

There are several reasons you might want to find someone's name with an email address. First, if someone
keeps spamming you, you can find out their identity and report them to the proper authorities.

Second, if you are having issues with someone following or stalking you, you can easily obtain their identity
and proceed accordingly. Your findings can even be used as evidence in court, along with the threatening
emails they have sent to you.

Third, if someone keeps sending you an email and doesn't mention their name, you might delete or ignore
the message without reading it. What if you are missing out on an important message from a friend, family
member, or an old classmate? You would be able to solve the mystery easily by doing an email search.

If you just need someone's name and no other information, your best bet might be to go to the website of
the email provider that the person you are looking for is using and do a search. For instance, if the email
address ends with "", you know they are using Hotmail. Simply go to the Hotmail website and
type in their email address to do a search. Additionally, you can go to search engines like Google or Yahoo
and enter the email address to see if there are any search results that come up.

Unfortunately, when you perform searches on free sites, the results may be false or incomplete. One reason
for this is because it is easy for people to register emails under false names. It is also easy for people to opt
out of lists, databases, or other public information portals. Since most free search sites just access user-
controlled databases, the information you may not be accurate or complete.

If you need to be sure that the information you have received is accurate, or if you need more information
than just someone's name, there are sites that do a more advanced search for a small fee. The cost of a
lifetime membership is usually about $25 and includes unlimited searches. These sites have access to
numerous databases and also comb the social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace.

Ultimately, if you use a site that charges a nominal fee, the result is much more accurate, authentic, and
complete information about a person, even if the person has tried his best to hide behind a fake email
address or has hidden his personal information from public view. I think you'll share my view that accurate
information is essential and well worth the small charge of a membership.

1 Click DVD Copy Review - Find Out
Why This Software is So Popular
by Matthew Henderson
DVD copy software is very popular these days, and one of the most popular among them is 1 Click DVD
Copy. In the early days of DVD copying and burning, only computer enthusiasts understood the programs
enough to use them successfully. These days, there are different types of software used to copy DVD's,
many of which can easily be used and utilized by a complete novice.

In other words, practically anybody can copy DVD's now, and all it takes is a bit of research. And if you've
done any research, then you've probably come across 1 Click DVD Copy. This software is popular due to its
ease of use and user-friendly interface. With this program, you will be able to duplicate your favorite DVD's.
If something should ever happen to your DVD collection, you'll be glad to know that you can have them
backed up.

This software is completely simple, yet it produces copies with amazing quality. The interface is utterly
simple and user-friendly, and you will be able to use it with no problems at all. Even if you're completely
new to copying DVD's, 1 Click DVD Copy is a program that anybody can use, regardless of their
technological experience.

Created by LG Software Innovations, 1 Click DVD Copy truly lives up to its name: it can make DVD copies
with just one click of the mouse button! Not only is it simple, it is also fast. Unlike other DVD copying
software out on the market, you won't have to wait around for hours just for one copy to complete. Just as
long as you have a computer that can handle the process, you can have yourself an extra copy of your
favorite DVD with 1Click DVD Copy in no time at all!

If you want to put your favorite movies and videos on your iPod or iPhone, you can download a feature that
goes along with 1 Click DVD Copy that will allow you to do so. It doesn't matter what generation your iPod
or iPhone is, you'll be able to move all your movies to it (or them) with just one click!
Clearly, there are plenty of neat features that go along with 1 Click DVD Copy. Despite having tons of great
features, it's still simple to use, and you'll be catching on to it in no time at all! If you do end up needing
customer support---for any reason---you will be able to receive help instantly. Their customer support is
top-notch and very friendly. Your questions or concerns will be answered thoroughly and courteously.

If subtitles and other features are a concern, then there's no need to worry: 1Click DVD Copy will even add
those to the new copies! Everything the original DVD has, its copy will have. 1Click DVD Copy does not
simply burn copies of the movie, it burns all the features of the DVD itself! In other words, your copy will be
exactly as the original in every single way!

Disclaimer: Copying a DVD movie for any reason other than to backup up personally owned copies violates
international copyright laws.

Cost of a Residential Solar Panel
by Chuck Hoskins
If you are thinking about installing residential solar panels in your home the cost should be a factor. Many
things about the cost you should consider are government rebates, getting the best rate, and more.

You can find cheap solar panels. The price usually depends on many different factors. These factors include
many different things like the durability, size, brand, warranty period, and even certifications that might be
offered on the solar panels. When choosing a residential solar panel you will want to consider these factors
like the size and more.

Homemade solar panels are an excellent alternative to electricity in your home. When you make a decision
on which residential solar panel you should choose you want to be sure you don't look for the cheapest.
This is an important decision you are making. You are going to save a lot of money in the long run so you
don't want to shop according to price. You want to be sure the panels will be able to provide sufficient
energy to your home. Shopping for the cheapest panels could be a big mistake for your solution.

Many people who are considering the solar panel kits they don't think about the government rebates they
can qualify for. Before you purchase the residential solar panels be sure you look into any rebates to help
you cover the costs. One thing to consider about cheap solar panels is that they might not qualify for these
rebates also.

When you are choosing solar panels and concerned about the cost you also should consider the money you
will save in the long run. Even in areas that don't get a lot of sun, you can use solar panels. Obviously they
will produce more electricity in climates that are bathed in sunlight. You can install the panels on your home
or on the outside of your home on the ground. You should choose the best option for you and for your
electrical needs. This will allow you to choose residential solar panels that are the best solution for your
home that will last the longest and need the least amount of service.

Small solar cells can be used to generate power for individual items such as tools or radios. They can also
be used to charge batteries, laptops and cell phones. There are solar shingles which look similar to standard
asphalt shingles but are actually solar cells. Even broken and damaged solar cells can be reconditioned and
repaired for use in homemade residential solar panels. Learning to repair these cells can be a valuable skill
for those looking at the possibility of off-grid living.

Cost isn't everything when it comes to installing residential solar panels on or around your home. You
should never shop for the cheapest solution because you will get your money back after you several months
of no electrical bills. The considerations you can have when it comes to cost you need to think about the
size of the panels, the wattage, and even governmental rebates that might be available to you.

DVD Next Copy Should Be on Top of
Your DVD Copy Software List - Find
Out Why by Matthew Henderson
There are plenty of DVD copy applications on the market, most of which are a dime a dozen. It's hard to
find unique DVD copying software that truly stands out. If you're interested in burning DVD's and CD's, then
you're probably confused over all the software choices. Considering many of them are so alike, you may find
it hard to tell them all apart. Thankfully, there's a program called DVD Next Copy that will give you
everything you're looking for.

DVDNextCopy developers are constantly updating it and adding new features so that it'll always be kept up
to date. In order to meet the demands of DVD owners, it's highly essential that software developers meet
with all requirements. DVD next copy really does live up to its hype, and it will meet any requirement(s) you
may have about DVD copying.

DVD Next Copy delivers on ease of use, speed, friendly customer support, quality, and more. As far as first
impressions go, its neat interface will impress you. The design is wonderful, and the interface is easy to
navigate. All you'll need to get started is a DVD burning drive, movie, and a blank DVD! Just as long as you
have at least Windows 2000, you should be able to run DVDNextCopy on your computer.

Here are just some of the many features DVD Next Copy offers:

· The ability to copy ALL DVD's, including movie, software, and games. · The ability to make MULTIPLE
copies. · Ease of erasing rewritable discs. · The ability to actually preview tracks, even during the burning
process. · Friendly, 24/7 customer support. · The ability to copy all features associated with DVD's,
including: subtitles, audio, video, titles, trailers, commentaries, and more. · Support for all blank media
speed, up to 16x. · Detailed instructions for downloading, installing, and using.

In other words, DVD Next Copy pretty much offers everything. Anything that can be conceived about DVD's
and copying will be undertaken by the software itself. Since you'll be able to make perfect, exact copies of
all your DVD's and software, you can save a lot of money by never having to buy new copies.

Speaking of costs, DVD Next Copy is very affordable. It'll be the greatest investment you can make for your
DVD collection. If you're still reluctant to buy it, make sure you read a compatibility chart to compare it with
other programs. Sure, there are a few other good copying programs out there, but the good ones only
make up a small percentage of the entire market. You obviously need to be very careful, since you don't
want to end up with a lackluster application.

DVD Next Copy should be on the top of your list, so keep that in mind when doing your research. Investing
in DVDNextCopy will be a very wise decision, and your movie collection depends on the choice you make.
Choose wisely, and you'll never have to worry about scratched or lost DVD's again!

Disclaimer: Copying a DVD movie for any reason other than to backup up personally owned copies violates
international copyright laws.

What to Look For in DVD Copying
Software by Matthew Henderson
It's very important to make copies of all your favorite DVD's. You never know when they can become stolen
or broken. The only problem, though, when it comes to copying DVD's is knowing what type of software to
use. There are different types of DVD copying software, and you need to make a smart choice if you want
to make the best copies possible.

DVD copying software needs to make copies quickly, yet quality still needs to be maintained. You need to
use a software that makes the highest quality copies as possible. Whether you're copying movies, games, or
programs, you will obviously want the copies to have all the features that the originals have. Whereas just a
few years ago such software was practically nonexistent, these days you'll be presented with a variety of

Even if you're a complete novice, you can still learn how to use DVD copying software. Take some time and
research all the different options and features before choosing a software program. Reviews can be quite
helpful. Read reviews on various programs to find out what each one offers. One thing you need to look into
is which programs make copying a DVD easy. Which ones are user friendly? If you don't have a lot of
experience with copying DVD's, then you obviously need to find software that is easy to use.

Another thing you need to check into is system requirements. Make sure your computer and internet speed
are up to par so that you can use DVD copying software easily and quickly. Your computer may be able to
handle some applications better than others. While you're at it, make sure that you use DVD copy software
that has a decryption encoder. Software with decryption encoders offers superior features.

Also read reviews on the overall quality of the DVD copying process. The original quality should be
maintained in the copies. Some software is so good that it can even make flawless copies of damaged
originals! This means that, even if your DVD's, games, or programs are damaged, you can make perfect
copies of them with good DVD copying software!

Speed is another important factor you need to take into consideration. Some applications can take many
hours just to make one copy! Others will take around thirty minutes or so. Forty minutes to an hour is the
average time it takes for a good DVD copying program to burn a copy of one DVD. Make sure, though, that
flawless quality is guaranteed with fast applications. You won't have to compromise with the speed or
quality if you have a great DVD copying software program. Once again, read reviews to find out which ones
will give you the best quality at the quickest speed.

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. If you expect to get enhanced features for free, then you're
going to be disappointed. Free software is filled with spyware and malware. All you need to do is do a bit of
research and you'll learn where you can truly get your moneys worth. Good DVD copying software doesn't
cost a fortune, but it's not cheap either.

Disclaimer: Copying a DVD movie for any reason other than to backup up personally owned copies violates
international copyright laws.

Why is it Important to Read Copy
DVD Software Reviews? by
Matthew Henderson
If you want to make a backup copy of your own personal DVD's, there are plenty of copy DVD software
programs on the market created to burn flawless, complete copies in just a matter of minutes. These days,
using such software is actually pretty easy. One doesn't have to be a computer expert to learn how to burn
copies of DVD's. Since there are so many to choose from, though, the best thing to do is to read copy DVD
software reviews.

Copy DVD software reviews normally evaluate the following: success rate, quality, ease of use, copying
speed, update frequency, customer support, and features. Some of these factors are more important to
some people than others. Some people only care about the ease of use and speed, while others care about
the quality of copied DVD's and whether or not all the features are included on the copied version.

Another thing to check out when reading copy DVD software reviews is whether or not a particular DVD
copying software is worth its price. Most normally are, but there are still some that are not. Some are being
sold for way more than their actual worth, so thankfully one can get the best for their money's worth by
reading copy dvd software reviews.

So how much is DVD burning software? Well, prices vary from $29 to $150. Buyers shouldn't necessarily go
for the cheapest, though. Once again, as any copy dvd software review will mention, it's better to dish out a
bit of money for a good program rather than buy a cheap, bad one.

So what can be copied with this type of software? DVD's, CD's, other software, videos, pictures, documents,
and more---most people, of course, use copying software to make backup copies of their DVD collection.
Sometimes discs can become scratched, dirty, or broken. Instead of going out and buying new copies at the
store, all one has to do is make an extra copy with software! Even if the original disc IS scratched or dirty,
or skips for any reason, the copies can come out perfectly. The DVD owner can read copy dvd software
reviews to find out which software packages burn high quality copies.
Unfortunately, DVD's don't burn perfectly 100% of the time, as there are some occasional errors. Copy dvd
software reviews explain the error rates of different programs. Any buyer's aim should be to get DVD
burning software that makes high quality copies with a high success rate. To be on the safe side, one
should always have a few extra blank DVD's around just in case his or her copies don't turn out.

All in all, copy DVD software reviews are very informative and usually spot on. Anybody who wishes to make
copies of movies, software programs, etc., needs to read copy DVD software reviews to help them
determine which burning software will best suit their own individual needs. The money DVD collectors can
save over the years by not having to actually go out and buy new copies of their favorite films is well worth
the initial investment of good DVD copying software.

Disclaimer: Copying a DVD movie for any reason other than to backup up personally owned copies violates
international copyright laws.

Microsoft Outlook PST recovery
software tool by Recovery
Toolbox Inc
Let us introduce Recovery Toolbox for Outlook, it is one of the safest ways to restore the availability of your
mailbox in Microsoft Outlook format. In the most cases, this email client works with the files of pst format
where user mailboxes are stored. However, some users periodically encounter the problem of mailbox
unavailability. We suppose that you have not faced this issue yet, but anyway, you should know about a
way out.

The process of Microsoft Outlook pst recovery requires minimal technical skills you may download Recovery
Toolbox for Outlook and make sure that the pst recovery tool is very easy to use. The pst recovery software
can access your mailbox if it is not opened by any other program. In the same time, the usage of other
tools is not recommended because you can accidentally corrupt your mailbox and it will lead to its
destruction. The pst recovery utility, developed by Recovery Toolbox, Inc. does not increase the damage of
your mailbox, it remains not affected.

You can test the Outlook pst recovery software for free, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook can evaluate your
chances for Outlook.pst recovery, users can preview the results of .pst recovery immediately. It is very
important to get the results of Outlook pst recovery tool execution ASAP, the delay can decrease your
chances for success. Unfortunately, the results of .pst recovery tool execution can be different, you may try
to improve the efficiency of pst recovery tools by starting this program immediately.

Product page:


Download Link:
Buy page:

About the Author
Dual Monitors: Dual-Monitor
Taskbar, Dual-Monitor Task
Switcher and Other Multi-Monitor
Enhancements by Alex Fadeyev
1. Introduction As technology advances with each year, PC displays are becoming cheaper and more
compact. In tandem with this development, a growing number of PC users are taking advantage of the
power of dual-monitor configuration. This can involve using a dual-headed video adapter, installing two
video adapters together or connecting the second monitor via a special USB video hub.

Connecting a second monitor enables users to enjoy the advantages that dual displays provide: expanded
screen space and a higher number of visible windows without overlapping. However, the use of two
monitors can also lead to some minor but annoying drawbacks:

- Extra time involved in switching and allocating multiple windows between two monitors - Increased
chances of repetitive strain injury (RSI) due to moving the mouse cursor across an expanded desktop - In
both the older OS Windows 2000/XP or modern Windows Vista/2008, it is necessary to transport the mouse
cursor back to the primary display every time access to the Taskbar or Start Menu is required (which can
exacerbate the above-mentioned RSI problem) - When switching between windows using Alt+Tab, the Task
Switcher window is only displayed on the primary monitor which can be inconvenient - It is not possible to
drag the maximized window from one monitor to another. Instead, it is necessary to restore the window to
normal status first, then drag it to another monitor and maximize it there. This can involve a little too much
mouse work for such a simple situation! - The general Maximize button expands a window over its host
monitor, which means there's no quick way to maximize a window over the entire composite desktop

Luckily, there is an all-in-one solution to all of these issues. Actual Window Manager provides 3 extremely
handy tools that make work with a dual-monitor system far more productive, easy and comfortable!

2. Dual-monitor Taskbar The Multi-monitor Taskbar facility is the most important enhancement of the
Windows user interface in the dual display environment - it emulates the main Windows Taskbar services on
the additional monitor. Therefore, it does not matter which monitor is used as both provide the same
constant action to switch between open windows.
Multi-monitor Taskbar in the dual-monitor system:

In addition to the Taskbar, this facility can also emulate the Start button on the second monitor. This option
allows quick access to the contents of the Start Menu, irrespective of which monitor the mouse is currently
on. Such a seemingly minor advantage as having the emulated Taskbar partnered by the Start button
avoids the usual irritating mouse marathons across the desktop!

Start button on both monitors:

In addition, it is possible to choose between two different modes in which the secondary Taskbar can work:
individual or mirror. Using the individual mode ensures that both primary and secondary Taskbars only
display those windows located on the Taskbar's host monitor. For example:

- If a window is opened on the 1st monitor, that window has an entry in the Taskbar hosted on the 1st
monitor - If the window is then relocated to the 2nd monitor, its taskbar entry is also relocated to the 2nd
monitor's Taskbar

In mirror mode, each open window has an entry in all Taskbars (i.e. all Taskbars display the same

3. Dual-monitor Task Switcher The Multi-monitor Task Switcher simultaneously displays the Task Switcher
service window on both monitors. This avoids a user having to switch attention from the second monitor
when hitting Alt+Tab.

Multi-monitor Task Switcher:

This function is simplicity itself. It's just another small but effective piece of the jigsaw that leads to a truly
great development!

4. Dual-monitor Window Management Last but not least, the Actual Window Manager can help resolve the
problematic positioning of multiple windows within the widened dual-display of the Windows desktop.
Windows itself fails to provide a solution other than the ordinary mouse-dragging technique. Actual Window
Manager provides a number of simple but neat little tricks:

- The additional button ( is placed onto each
window's title bar. A left-click of this button instantly places the subject window on the other monitor (i.e. if
the window is on the 1st monitor it jumps to the 2nd, and vice versa). There is no need to manually drag it
across the entire desktop! Another benefit is that any window, whether maximized or not, can be moved in
such a way.

- Another smart trick is the "Move to monitor" item in the window's system menu which shows the list of
monitors: (the check mark denotes a
window's current monitor). Although it seems that this menu works in the same manner as the button but
it's a supplement and not a replacement: this menu can be used when a window's title bar is inaccessible.
Example: Imagine that a subject window is on a monitor that is temporarily offline, and that window needs
to be present in the visible desktop area. Just activate it by right-clicking the window's Taskbar entry and
add it onto the operational monitor via the "Move to monitor" submenu!

- Finally - the icing on the cake: right-click the Maximize button of any window to maximize it over the
desktop. The second right-click restores the subject window to its previous size.
All these features ensure that dual-monitor window management is as fast and convenient (if not more fast
and convenient!), as single-monitor operation.

5. Conclusion As with any great development, dual-monitor configuration is a double-edged sword.
However, Actual Window Manager offers 3 expert advantages in its tool set that help compensate most
dual-monitor disadvantages. By using the technology, it is possible to achieve the full power and
productivity of the dual-display system. Just try the package
( and never again will you imagine a dual-monitor
experience without it!

The Future of Rich Internet
Applications by Billy Gee
Since my very first Adobe Max conference five years ago, the then Macromedia (before their acquisition by
Adobe) were talking about Rich Internet Applications or RIA's as the future of the Web. At the time they had
recently launch Flex 1 and were predicting a very different Web experience for the end user.

5 years later and I have to ask myself whether the end user's experience of Web has change that
dramatically. Apart from the massive amount of video content that is available today, the majority of
websites are still produced using HTML and only companies with endless budgets have been able to
produce glimpses of Adobe's vision. So was Adobe wrong in their prediction? No, I think they were spot on,
but the main problem was that the software did not exist which would allow Web designers and developers
to build RIA's.

Flex 1, by Adobe's own admission, was a crude first attempt at creating RIA's. Flex 3 by comparison is a
much better program, but there is still a problem. Flex is a developer's program, its internal language is
Flash ActionScript. Therefore unless you are familiar with ActionScript or you are a coder and like learning
computer languages then Flex is probably not a tool the average Web Designer will adopt.

Even larger Web production houses with teams of graphic designers and developers found the work-flows,
moving from the designers vision into the back end development, confusing and frustrating.

Fortunately all of these issues may soon be a thing of the past. Without a doubt the most talked about
product at Adobe Max 2008 was a new Flash Catalyst program. Even though Flash Catalyst will only be
released in 2009, you get the feeling Adobe is so excited about it they simply could not wait to tell us.

So what is Flash Catalyst? Well essentially it's a designer's tool which will really simplify the RIA work flow
process between Designers and Developers. Designers for the first time will have a program where they can
import all of their artwork from programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash and then design the fully
functional RIA interface. As the back-end will still need to be coded by a developer, the key distinction with
Flash Catalyst is that designers can save all their work in a format that a developer can easily understand
and work with.

This is indeed an exciting new change, the work-flow within the Web community, and designers should be
excited about picking up a copy of Flash Catalyst in 2009.
Installing Laptop Memory by
Angela Dolson
As you continue to use your laptop, your memory space will sometimes be taken by the data you store as
well as by the programs you run. It becomes disappointing when you try to install a new program only to
find that you are restricted by the amount of memory. The speed and performance of your laptop can be
improved by upgrading or installing additional memory.

Why upgrade?

Installing new programs in your computer takes your precious memory space and this in turn can make
your laptop slow. Sometimes all space is taken and what remains is below the required minimum and your
operating system notifies you that you are running on low disc space. At such a time, upgrading the laptop
memory is important as it causes your applications to run faster.

Determining the existing memory

Before starting the installation process, it is important to establish the amount of memory currently in your
laptop. The memory module of your laptop must be easily accessible as there are some laptops whose
modules cannot be accessed. The memory can be determined by selecting the start menu and clicking the
"settings", "control panel", "system" and then selecting the "general tab" listed at the bottom of the page
that appears.

Choose right

Having identified the type of memory that is fitting for your laptop, the next thing is to go out there and do
the actual purchase. There are different online stores that offer laptop memories. The rule of the thumb if
you want to get the best bargain is to research widely. If you are the adventurous type, you may want to
explore the stores that sell used memory devices.

Just do it

Most people who have interacted with computers quite a bit can tell you that you need not call a technician
to install a memory for you. It is as easy as ABC… First thing is to check the maximum amount of memory
that can be handled by your laptop at the owner's manual. The manual also instructs you on the speed and
the type of memory you need, and also on the number of memory slots your laptop model has. Switch of
off computer completely then turn the laptop over and remove the main battery.

After this, you need to locate the panel used to access the memory module; in most laptops, it's located at
the bottom of the laptop. If you cannot find it, then refer to your laptop instruction manual. Remove the
screws and the access panel.
If you are upgrading or replacing the memory module you are currently using, remove the modules to be
replaced from the slot. Carefully, align the notch of the memory module with that of the memory slot, while
gently inserting the module into the slot.

This constitutes the major step in upgrading laptop memory. Once all the pins are in the slot, rotate the
module gently down flat, until the clamps lock into the module into place. After the module is secured into
the slot, lock up the access panel. Once the panel is screwed back into place, the process of installing laptop
memory is complete.

The Hard Drive Recovery
Procedure by Simpson

Hard Drive Recovery is the procedure of retrieving data from corrupted or damaged media when it could not
be accessed in normal way. The data can be recovered from hard drives, USB drives, CDs, DVDs, FireWire
drives, RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks), NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage
Area Network).

The hard drive generally may get damaged in two ways: Logically or Physically. The logical damage may
take place due to virus attack, file system corruption, operating system corruption and other similar reasons.
The physical damage occurs due to head crash, actuator arm damage, circuit board damage and damage to
other hard drive internals.

In today's computerized world, this is extremely significant to have a successful means of retrieving your
mission critical data. Data could include everything from family photos, significant legal documents to
proprietary company information.

There are many different ways to actually recover data. The most common one among them are as follows:

1. In case of operating system and file system corruption: Operating system is the most important part of
your computer system and file system is the critical element of operating system. When any of these gets
corruption, your data becomes inaccessible. Data Recovery in both of these situations is possible using
recovery software.

2. Accidental deletion or hard drive formatting and all other logical cases: In all these situations, your data
remains physically intact on the hard drive. Only the index entries of the files are deleted. To gain access of
your data, you need to scan the hard drive and recover it. This is potential through hard drive recovery

3. Recovery after physical damage: Recovery applications can not help you in case of physical damage to
the hard drive internals. In such situations, you need to take assistance from Data Recovery professionals to
get your data back. They provide ersonalized help to repair your damaged storage media and retrieve all
your valuable data from it.

The recovery applications are very easy to use and can be used by user itself without requiring high
technical skills. But in case of physical data loss, you should never attempt recovery on your own. It might
further damage the media and may cause permanent data loss.

Efficient and assured recovery needs recovery solutions of a trusted and experienced company. You should
do a complete analysis before finalizing any recovery solution.

Stellar Information Systems Limited is the most reliable and major provider of both recovery solutions.
Stellar's hard drive recovery software applications are available for most of the computer operating systems
including Windows/ Mac OS/UNIX/Linux/Novell. Recovery service is performed in Class 100 Clean Rooms for
IDE/EIDE/SATA/SCSI and all other hard drive.

Installing Anti-Spyware
Protection by Joseph John

Designed to protect computer from malware attacks, antivirus software programs can also be downloaded
for free. Outlined below are few tips that you should follow when choosing an antivirus or antispyware
software program:

Real time monitoring

Look out for the antivirus software with an effective real time monitoring. It should always work in
background without interrupting the normal working of the computer. Your antivirus software must
immediately react on identifying a malicious code or website as it may try to install a piece of virus in your

Definition updates

You must be regular in downloading updates to your antivirus installation software. It ensures extra
protection against new threats emerging in the cyberspace. If you are not acquainted with the procedure to
install or update these software programs, you may consult with a computer support vendor.

Safe removal and rollback

Your antivirus software must be able to perform the task of virus removal safely. It should not ruin the
functionality of your computer at the cost of removing the virus or any other malware. In case of spyware
attacks, spyware can easily be removed without causing any harm to the computer. However, the
antispyware software must protect against the possibility that removing the spyware causes more trouble
than it unravels. It creates a need to restore the computer with the help of a rollback option. It will save
your important files and data.

Restoring browser settings

Generally, most antivirus tools offer the option to allow restoring the web browser settings. Using these
tools, the user must be able to quickly restore the browser to old home page or factory defaults. There is
always a chance of deleting some data when using antispyware software to remove spyware. Your
computer may also stop working entirely. Therefore, always ensure to take backups of your significant data,
especially at the time of spyware removal.

Consulting with the expert computer technicians is the best way to ensure proper installation as well as
working of your antivirus software program. You can easily avail the consultation from companies offering
computer support. They will provide complete support required to help your antivirus program work

Save Hours Of Typing With A
PLANon Portable Handheld
Scanner by John DeHaan
How many times have you been away from your home or office and found that you needed to scan a
document right away? If you've ever been under the pressure of finishing that book report, article, or had
mountains of text to type into your editor, you might appreciate a tool that can quickly convert that printed
text to editable text on your computer.

What would be better yet, is if it could scan the text that you'd like to capture, while being away from your
computer. PLANon's highly portable handheld scanners have both of these abilities, and will save you
considerable amounts of time and work.

In order to scan printed text into your computer and be able to edit it once you do, you would need a
special type of scanner, one that has the ability to convert printed words, into editable text. This kind of
special software is called Optical Character Recognition software, or OCR.

PLANon Docupen Scanners have built-in OCR software (Optical Character Recognition) that allows you to
easily convert your scanned text to Word documents, email, or any other text editor for full editing
capability, potentially saving you hours of manual typing. You might even want to just scan pages of text
and images for reviewing later on.

To capture a document with the DocuPen, you simply lay the device flat across the top of the page and
sweep it down to scan the page in one fell swoop. This approach lets you scan pages in just a few seconds.
Rollers above and below the scanning element makes it easy to sweep smoothly from top to bottom while
keeping the scanner parallel with the top edge of the page.

Each handheld scanner has a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery, and built-in flash memory, allowing
you to go the library, office, classroom, or anywhere, for downloading to your computer later on..

The DocuPen is the ideal portable scanner for scanning - newspapers, magazines, books, notes, photos,
receipts, contracts, court documents, sketches, certificates, invoices, medical records, blueprints, maps,
labels, and reference materials.
The need for convenient out of office scanning is enormous among students, teachers, realtors, business
people, professors, attorneys, paralegals, and many others. Taking only seconds to scan a page, the
DocuPen has the ability to scan down the pages or across the pages. This feature allows you to follow the
contours of hard-bound books, and still allow the scanner to remain flat on the page.

Elegant in its simplicity, yet powerful in its performance, the PLANon DocuPen brings the ease of portable
scanning to everyone. Benefits of the DocuPen are:

Selectable modes & resolutions means the best quality possible Small ½"x ½"x 9" size means ultra
portability Weight 2oz. is ultra-light for ease of carrying Quickly and accurately converts your scanned text
to editable text Dual roller guiding system for ease and smoothness of scanning USB 2.0 and 1.0 means
wide compatibility Easy automatic recharging while downloading through USB cord Built-in Flash Memory
means no moving parts for proven reliability Common Micro SD Card slot means you can expand its memory
up to 2GB Rechargeable lithium-ion battery is long-lasting for dozens of scans Twain Interface is a widely
universal communication standard

How to view OST files? by
Recovery Toolbox Inc
Recovery Toolbox for Outlook can repair the source files of ost format if they become unopenable. However,
do you know how to open these files and why they are needed? Since the files of ost format are not
available for editing, a great number of users do not know about this extension. So, how to view ost files
and is it possible to get back all messages from not accessible Microsoft Exchange Server? You may get
Recovery Toolbox for Outlook and enjoy an easy way to open your mailbox in ost format. How to view .ost

I suppose that you know about the origin of ost files, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook is the only ost file
viewer that can successfully view ost files is Microsoft Outlook. Moreover, these files are created by your
email client and they should speed up synchronization processes between Microsoft Exchange Server and
your email client. If the physical connection with your mail server is lost, the content of mailbox becomes
inaccessible and you will not be able to open the source mailbox offline and view .ost files without Recovery
Toolbox for Outlook.

In the same time, Microsoft Outlook can easily work offline, but your mailbox should be converted to pst
format. It is your only chance to view ost files with Recovery Toolbox for Outlook .ost viewer. This ost
viewer solution for viewing ost files does not put any modifications to the original mailbox. Unfortunately,
other solutions for view ost file can increase the damage of your mailbox and you will not be able to view
.ost file like usual.

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How to fix RAR archives? by
Recovery Toolbox Inc
Recovery Toolbox for RAR is an attractive solution for those, who often work with compressed files in rar
format. It is strongly recommended that you deploy this .rar fix solution on your PC, in this case your files in
rar format will be protected and you can save many hours of your time, trying to get a single document
from the entire archive. We think that this situation is typical, many users should download very large
compressed archives, but they need only one document from the file in question. Recovery Toolbox for RAR
is a program for rar crc fix and fix rar archives, it is one of the most suitable ways out for these cases.

Do not worry about system requirements for rar fix download, Recovery Toolbox for RAR is compatible with
all software and hardware configurations, designed for PC platform. If you have any doubts, you may click
the "Download" link and fix rar download for free. Please double click the rarfix file and follow its guidelines
for object fix rar installation. By default, the fixed rar download program creates a shortcut in Start-
Programs and you can now start the process of rar-fix by clicking this shortcut.

Recovery Toolbox for RAR goes with the detailed description of how to rarfix process and you can find all
necessary documents on the website of Recovery Toolbox, Inc. If you are not going to read this stuff, press
the shortcut of Recovery Toolbox for RAR and start working. You will be impressed by the simplicity of all
directions, the program is very easy to use for all customers of Recovery Toolbox for RAR.

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How to recovery xlsx file of
Microsoft Excel by Recovery
Toolbox Inc
We believe that you will be glad to know about Recovery Toolbox for Excel, this way of recover xlsx files is
much easier than the usage of other xlsx recover services. Why you are reading this article? There is
another way to learn more about this program, just install demo version of xlsx recovery software and try
Excel file recovery xlsx for free. Recovery Toolbox for Excel is the easiest way to recover xlsx files you have
ever seen. The .xlsx recovery program is compatible with all supported versions of Microsoft Office.

Recovery Toolbox for Excel is so easy that the recovery xlsx can be started immediately, open free version
of this program and make sure that the recovery of corrupted xlsx file is very easy. It is possible that you
have already installed some similar xlsx corrupt solutions, what do you think about these programs? Have
you ever seen an easier corrupt xlsx recovery program? You can easily compare Recovery Toolbox for Excel
with other programs for Microsoft Excel recovery, this tool does not modify the source files of xls format, it
works with a copy of input files.

You can start the process of .xlsx recovery by selecting the shortcut of Recovery Toolbox for Excel and
choosing the source file to be parsed. Please fill in the Source file name field and press the Analyze button
to proceed. Recovery Toolbox for Excel will now start the parsing of selected files, please be patient, the
process of Excel file recovery xlsx will be completed automatically. After this, you can see, how much
content was restored and is it enough to continue working with the original contents.

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Quest Helper Add-on - Power Level
With a Quest Helper by Steve
Quest Helper programs are in game leveling guides for World Of Warcraft. today there are some pretty
awesome Quest Helper programs you can use to level any toon.

There are a couple things you want to look for in an in game program:

1. Provides quest help in all WoW racial starting areas. This is important because you want to be able to
start using your program no matter what race you select.

2. Provides complete questing details as well as a directional arrow to guide you from start to finish.

3. Works with current WoW version. Many of the better Quest Helper programs not only provide constant
updates but they also provide great support and a member forum to get questions answered.
4. You can use the program no matter your level. The best programs allow you to start the guide in any
level range allowing you to use it with toons you have already been working as well as new toons.

These Quest Helper programs are the fastest way to level because they are designed for solo leveling by
doing quests which is proven to be the fastest way to level in World of Warcraft.

The way they work is by guiding you with the use of directional arrows and quest help instructions to pick
up and complete multiple quests and then direct you back to turn them in and move to the next area.

Many people have tried the free quest helper programs only to find out that they not only do not provide
the requirements outlined above but they also continually stop working, use way too much memory
resources as well as provide no more information than Blizzard already gives you.

There is no direction as far as where to go to quest for a certain level range or what quests are the best for
you to complete.

The premium Quest Helper programs are designed to make use of the most effective quests for power
leveling and eliminate those that are deemed time wasters because they do not provide good reward or
experience for the time spent.

Many new players become frustrated with WoW because they seem to hit a leveling wall where it takes a
long time to get just one level. This is mainly because of the limited playing time we have to play the game.

The other factor is the time wasted trying to figure out how to complete a quest and where you should go
to quest for leveling next.

A great quest helper program eliminates these frustrations and allows you to make the most of limited
playing time. You can cut your leveling time to 80 down to days of playing time instead of weeks or months
it takes most players to get there.

Considering the time and money spent playing World Of Warcraft a good Quest Helper program is without a
doubt the best investment you can make into enjoying the game alot more.

This is how I see it but I have been using these programs for quite awhile now so it makes sense to me.

Using a RequiredFieldValidator
     by Joe Keny

When you need to ensure that a field is filled out by people who visit your website, you do not need a lot of
complex code in a variety of scripting languages. ASP.NET VB corresponds to the task !

Create the table
Let's create a sample form on which we can play, which is something that is used in real life. Create a table
with four rows and two columns. Combine the cells of the first and last rows .

first thing to do, add the verbiage so we know what we are looking for. Row 1: "home page" Row 2 Column
1: "Username:" Row 3 Column 1: "Password: "

Table Full

From the toolbox, add follows: Column 2 Row 2: HTML input box textRow type = 3 Column 3: entry box
type HTML passwordRow = 4: Button

There are a couple of properties to be specified in the input boxes . To include "ID" and "runat". In the
input box to add user name: id = "txtUserName" runat = "server". In the Password box enter: id =
"txtPassword" runat = "server ".

Rename the button" Login "and add an event OnClick events through the window, while the Design view. It
can be left empty .

While the sources of light, place your cursor immediately after the closing tag input box. Add a
RequiredFieldValidator to the toolbox. An opening and closing tag will be created for you, along with default
information. In-between the new tags, insert an asterisk to the server as a reminder that the missing
information. To emphasize the Rose, add the following tag to open :

validator ForeColor = "red "

As the validator controls nothing. To make it responsive to the input box for user name, add the following to
open the tag validator :

ControlToValidate = "txtUserName "

Design View

Repeat two step txtPassword entry box. Insert the validator, add the asterisk, ForeColor to change the color
red, and finally add the ControlToValidate. Be sure to change the use "txtPassword" instead of
"txtUserName. If you forget both validators looks the same input box Run the VB .

web application to test. Try to leave the username blank. Once you click the button, it triggers the validator
and the red star is visible. The validator does not allow the form to be submitted until the field has contents.
When the requirement is fulfilled, the red asterisk go away.

This article is written by Writing Articles.

Using the Rubber Stamp Tool in
     by Joe Keny

Rubber Stamp Tool in Adobe Fireworks CS3 is a powerful tool to copy part of an image, and then recreating
the image in another part of the document. Use the following steps to use the Rubber Stamp tool to add
emphasis and intrigue to your new or old document .

start Fireworks CS3 and Adobe Fireworks start a new blank document or open a document existing files with
which you want to use the rubber stamp .

Select the "Rubber Stamp" tool in the toolbox of Adobe Fireworks on the left side of the screen. The Rubber
Stamp tool is in "bitmap" from the toolbox and is represented by an image of the stamp. Once selected, the
options for the Rubber Stamp tool is shown at the bottom of the screen under "Properties" panel .

Use the drop-down lists to control the size and the edge of the tool Rubber Stamp. The higher the number
in the "Size" box, the larger will be the rubber seal. The higher the number on the "edge" text box, the soft
rubber seal .

Add checkmarks in the checkboxes to indicate you want to keep the rubber stamp "Source-aligned and "Use
entire document sets ."

" opacity "and" mixed mode "using the drop-down lists that appear on the right side of the" Properties
"panel. The lower the opacity, the more transparent the rubber seal is .

point the mouse over the area of document you want to copy and hold down the ALT key on your keyboard
while clicking. This will copy the information into the clipboard .

the mouse button and drag in the Fireworks document for using the Stamp. The Rubber Stamp tool to paint
the part of the document you just copied.

This article is written by Article Generator.

Benefits of Thermal Label Printers
by Bryan Halverson
Thermal printer, also called direct thermal printer, prints on a special type of paper called thermo chromic
paper or commonly known as a thermal paper. The image is produced on this thermal paper by heating the
selected regions so that the required print is obtained. The areas on the coating turns black in the region
where is heated by the print head of thermal printer.

Two color printing is also possible by the thermal printers. The two colors are obtained by the different
heating temperatures employed in the different regions. The second color (first being black) is often red.
Thermal Printers have proved their effectiveness through their excellent performance and various edges
over the orthodox and ages' long methods employed for printing.

Thermal printers have outstripped the most commonly used dot matrix printer by quite a margin. These
thermal printers print not only faster but they are also quieter than the dot matrix printers.

The thermal printers are more economical as the only consumable item here is the paper. Whereas the
other printers, for example inkjet, require paper as well as their ink cartridges needs to be re filled after
excessive usage.

Due to their cost effective and economical printing without compromising the quality of print, the thermal
printers are used widely commercially. Their commercial uses ranges from filling stations pumps,
information desks of organizations, companies etc and for printing vouchers.

In the earlier years of the introduction of thermal printers, the thermal papers were not very resistant to
heat from surrounding and the heat generated by friction or rubbing. And this unavoidable heat resulted in
paper darkening during storage. Nowadays these things have been care of very well and the modern
thermal papers are not only more resistant but now a printed thermal paper would not only be visible but
also legible for more than 50 years.

Today another type of printing device is used specifically for disc printing and is known as Thermal DVD
printers are also available. Their function is restricted just to the labeling and personalizing the DVDs.

• The first type i.e. those which run manually are used for small jobs, when only a few DVDs are to be

• Where as the latter, those working automatically, is employed when a large number of DVDs say hundreds
of DVDs are to be printed at a time.

These thermal DVD printers, unlike the thermal printers, don't require any special kind of disc surface for
the ink to stay on the surface during the printing process. The result of these thermal DVD printers is also
quite durable and the image doesn't peel off nor smear.

Another advantage of thermal DVD printer is that it is compatible with Window or a Mac Computer. It is
connected through the USB port, the image is designed by the supplied software and all that is left is

Whether it is used for personal or business use, the many advantages and benefits of using a thermal label
printer are obvious. Save time, money and stress by purchasing one today.

Using the Rotate tool in Adobe
     by Joe Keny

I hate math. When I rotate an object in Adobe Illustrator, I never know the angle of rotation I want
offhand. Trying to use the object / transform / rotate the dialog is only irritated me. Fortunately, the
rotation tool on the toolbar would like to rotate objects on my part, not guess at the numbers. This guide
started .

Make a form with a form of tools (be sure to have a fill or stroke color to the object shown ).

Make sure your form is selected. If not, click the black arrow tool to select .

rotation tool on the toolbar. The rotation of the tool looks like an arrow in a circle, and could temporarily
hide under reflect the tool (which looks like the arrows that reflect ).

With the rotation of the tool selected, place your cursor on or near its end, and rotate.

This article is written by Article Generator.

Darkfall Online Hacks - Great
Darkfall Online Hacks by Brady
<img src="" align="left">Are you
interested in a darkfall hack. I'll inform on the best darkfall hack on the net.

Would you be interested in an incredible multihack with features like an aimbot, radar hack, or chams hack
to spot players or npcs? Damncheaters offers the number one darkfall hack with features such as these.

The darkfall chams hack (or wallhack) makes players illuminated with bright colors, and is also compatible
with gravestones, as well as banks and bindstones.

Other darkfall hack features include a speed manipulator, camera zoom hack, stick to back hack, and flying

Get the Darkfall Hacks

With 2 modes, Waypoint Based, and Directional, traveling has never been easier. Darkfall's Map notoriously
takes 8 hours to cross on foot. With this teleport hack, this can be done in seconds. DAMNCheater's
Waypoint Teleporter lets you save and load custom waypoints you set anywhere in the world, cities, chests,
npcs spawns, even guild cities or bindstones. The Directional Teleporter lets you travel through any texture,
a wall, building, tree, and even through the ground. With the directional teleporter you can easily follow a
player or clan raid from underground.

Get the ultimate Darkfall Hacks at DAMNCheaters

A Quick Overview of Dragon
NaturallySpeaking by Sassine
Dictation used to be a time consuming process that was also costly. With new technology in digital dictation,
dictation no longer has to be time consuming or difficult. You do not have to dictate a file to be sent
somewhere and typed up. You can actual dictate to a program that types it up as you speak.

With digital dictation programs, like Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you can take dictation to a whole new level.
It can become an efficient process that takes a short time to complete. Choosing a good program, like
Dragon NaturallySpeaking, makes it even easier since this program contains many user features that speed
up the process of dictation and make it easy to use.

Outstanding Credential of Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Dragon is a leader in digital dictation and speech recognition software. The Dragon NaturallySpeaking
program is by far the leading program on the market right now. It is well known for being user friendly and
cutting edge. Many users prefer to use it for their voice dictation needs.

This software allows you to speak directly to your computer and have a finished document when you are
done. You are also able to control many functions of your computer through voice commands. Some
features of the program allow you to dictate reports, emails and documents, search the internet and create

The program is suitable for all levels of users, from professionals dictating documents to those with
disabilities like Dyslexia.

New Version 10

The newest version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, version 10, has improved upon the all ready amazing
function of previous versions. It is packed with new features that make using it even more simple.

Changes in the program for the new version make it more accurate and make training a breeze. Accuracy is
an important aspect of any digital dictation program because your goal is a finished document that is
accurate. You do not want to have to go back and make a lot of corrections. The program integrates new
shortcuts that allow you to make paragraphs and ensure proper punctuation much easier and faster.
Another great feature of this newer version is that it comes ready to work with a range of microphones,
expanding its usability. It even comes with a Bluetooth enabled headset, which is the first time wireless
dictation, has been introduced in the industry.

Getting the Most from the Software

Using this software is easy. Set up is simple with just installing the software and getting to work. You need
a program that is straightforward. You do not want to have spend countless hours learning how to use it.

You should make sure that you have the proper system requirements and that you go through the training
program when you first begin. This will help you to get the most from the program.

A voice dictation program is a great tool that can benefit you in many ways. It helps to speed up your
dictation, produce end products at a more cost efficient rate and save time over all. Using a program, like
Dragon NaturallySpeaking, can make your job easier and that is something that everyone wants.

LUNA Smooths Out Speech
Recognition by Sassine Mazraani
If you are accustomed to handling quite a lot of your personal business over the telephone then chances are
that you are quite familiar with automated speech recognition. Although this system is wonderfully
convenient at times, as well as being rather cost effective, it can be a bother. It would be even more
wonderful if all you needed to do was to tell the system exactly what you want. Well, this might be a reality
pretty soon, because spoken language understanding (SLU) is a project that is taking on the problem of
real-time understanding in the area of advanced telecommunication. This project is called the LUNA project
and has a cost of 2.61 million euros. LUNA is headed by Ms Silvia Mosso who is from Loquendo, and Italian
speech technology group. They are attempting to make a tool kit for multilingual services that will be able to
perform human to computer communication in a way that best suits the average client.

Among the issues that the LUNA project is addressing is ensuring that the system will understand language
structure in order to understand what is said. But this is not all. Included in the issues LUNA is tackling are
automatic learning, robustness issues for SLU, semantic modeling for the understanding of speech, as well
as multilingual probability of SLU components.

The SLU is clearly more advanced than the interactive voice response systems (IVR). With IVR callers have
to respond to specific questions by saying specific words or phrases that the system gives as options.

With LUNA that will be a thing of the past. Instead, people will be able to communicate unrestrained with a
computer. In the end, thanks to LUNA people will be much more satisfied with the service that they have

Ms Mosso explained that they were required to record many unrehearsed conversations between different
people as well as between people and computers. The computer's basic language is called Corpora, and is a
collection of all the words and phrases that were recorded. Of course the terms had to be translated in a
way that the computers can understand. For example, you might tell the system that your printer is not
working properly. It will respond by assisting you to go through a series of options available to you in order
to rectify the situation.

Naturally, the developers all agree that once SLU is up and running people will be able to conclude their
telephonic business in a far more efficient manner.

Makes the system so agreeable is the fact that it can be useful in any call centre irrespective of what the
service the company provides is.

Businesses agree with the researchers that LUNA is extremely practical.

Various academic institutions from around the world are involved in the LUNA project, from France to Italy
and from Poland to Japan.

Of course, once the system is fully operational the experts working on the LUNA project are expecting a
degree of competition to flare up between the industrial partners.

Whereas LUNA has already devised the most advanced SLU for both Italian and Polish they are still working
on the finishing touches. According to Ms Mosso the project should be done by the end of next September.

NCOALink Service and Why Your
Business Will Lose Big Bucks
Without It by Stuart Sherm
A quick explanation of what NCOA stands for is the national change of address directory the USPS keeps on
record. Every time you move and update your address with the local facility they update their systems and
mail get forwarded to the new address and new mail gets started to the correct location, the new location,
where it is supposed to.

For companies with large mailing lists not taking advantage of the software available to make sure the most
important aspect of your business is not being neglected, shame on you. Below are the 5 best reasons to
use NOCA Link software to improve your business.

1. About 40 million addresses a year are changed in the national change of address database. If you have a
large mailing list it is nearly impossible for many of your desired recipients to not be on this list. After 4
years that number is 160 million and you can do the math. If you want your correspondence to be properly
received you better get the software.

2. If people have moved without providing a change of address the majority of mail will not be forwarded.
This means that all the mail that gets bounced back to your business needs to be entered into the database
as undelivered mail and cross checked with your NCOA software to make sure you are using the best
3. If you are partially correct or close enough the NCOA can fill in the most likely information to get your
mail to your customers or potential customers. It can also provide the details on the returned mail as to why
this correspondence was returned so you'll know how to adjust it.

4. This NCOA list also applies to businesses, not just individuals. These may be some of your larger clients
and it would be foolish to not take extra precaution to make sure they are getting whatever it is, letter,
catalog etc that you intend for them to receive.

5. With the economy at its most difficult point in years saving money or more accurately, not wasting
money, has to be a priority. When checking your records against the NCOA software you will cut down on
wasted mailings, improve the hit rate of the recipients and in turn receive more profit or service requests
from your distribution.

Above are 5 great reasons to make sure you are doing all the due diligence you can to improve your
company's bottom line. Mailing through the post office can be the cheapest and most effective way to get
correspondence out to your customers and clients. By using NCOA link software and other great software
such as SAP software and Intelligent Mail Barcode software you are giving yourself the best chance for
success. By neglecting these resources available to you, you are losing the ability to judge the success of
your mailing and doing yourself a disservice. Make sure to stay one step ahead of your competition by
checking the accuracy of your most valuable commodity, your mailing list. Good luck with your future
marketing efforts.

Document Design Software and
Your Business in 2009 by Stuart
Whether you are looking for a large volume of documents to be properly designed for purely aesthetic
reasons or you need more accurate detail such as invoicing and work flow statements there is great
software available to you. It does not matter if you are an individual or a large business such as a law firm
or major shipper of goods, the vast amounts of documents needed to be created for mailings and
correspondence is staggering. Below are several of the reasons this type of software can be so effective in
adding profitability to your bottom line.

1. You can instantly purge your data of unnecessary names and addresses and than automatically import
them into the documents to provide accurate and properly designed mail that will go out to your customers
or clients.

2. You can use letter writer software that that will easily download TrueType Windows NT Fonts. Upload as
many Fonts as your printer or printing facility will allow you to customize your documents. You can print
barcodes on envelopes, letters and labels. You can compute mathematical computations on the fly and have
the results posted to your documents.

3. The software will print directly to any printer that supports Windows print drivers.
4. Print multiple types of information on letters, postcards, envelopes, and labels for easy mailing and

5. Import MS Word or RTF documents directly into the design interface for use with any type of

6. Automatically import unlimited graphics, logos and photos of various formats, including TIFF, PCX, BMP
and JPEG Images.

7. Document design software supports a large number of 2D and 3D barcodes.

8. Transaction designing GUI construction of hierarchical data relationships in WSIWYG environment and
dynamically paginates information.

There are many other reasons to use document design software to maximize your marketing efforts and
increase profitability. Perhaps you have never thought of a solution to personalize each individual catalog
that goes out to your one million address database. (purely an example) As opposed to merging an excel or
.csv document you should choose true software created for that specific purpose. You can automatically
introduce the language of choice, the fonts you desire and the color scheme based on the territory or the
demographic you are focused on. New moms could get pastel colors and financial institutions could get blue
and grey for example. There are no limits to how creative you can be with the proper document design
software. Even if you are a small business and a sole proprietor there is software that can help you look like
a larger and perhaps more sophisticated on. That's the benefit of having options and relying on the old
methods that were available a decade ago. You may have multiple websites you'd like to add to a previous
correspondence and this is the way to do it. It's possible to check addresses in the NCOA system and
rewrite the new address automatically on your mailing if the person has moved. You can also you barcode
software to lower the price of the mailings and the United States postal office software can supplement
these design elements to ensure the best return on your marketing investment.

Legitimate Business or Just a
Pyramid Scheme by Glenn Antoine
For any of you that follow my ranting you obviously will know that in the past few days I was addressing the
myths surrounding MLM and the Network Marketing industry. As a result of that writing and some
discussions I have had with business partners since that writing, I felt compelled to address one of my all
time favorites: The claims that I am involved in a Pyramid Scheme.

For any of you that are over the age of 40 there is a good chance that you grew up with your mom or one
of her friends holding Tupperware parties. Do you remember the Tupperware parties that moms used to
hold? How many of you guys remember that your moms primary source of skin care and makeup came
from the Mary Kay or Avon lady? Those were some of the pioneers of the MLM business trend, and they
certainly were not accused of being part of a pyramid scheme, were they?

The main concept of being in a Network Marketing business is that you cut out the middleman from the
picture by going straight to the supplier, giving them direct access to the market without many of the
marketing costs associated with typical product distribution. In doing so, consumers get their products at a
lower cost without compromising the quality of the items and the customer gets their questions about the
product features/benefits answered in person. This all ties back to the fact that Network Marketing is all
about Relationships. These things mentioned above are the key targets of the MLM business - that is to say,
quality products that offer a great value marketed through the relationships of the company's distributors.

To set the record straight, a true Network Marketing or MLM Business, not a pyramid scheme, is a legitimate
that can and should be a viable business plan for creating long term financial freedom. These businesses
are built on a strategy where one person who is selling a product builds a network of like-minded
entrepreneurs (the "downline") and draws commission from his/her sales as well as overrides from the sales
of their organization. MLM businesses have never been a bad idea, because they provide a flexible business
model, accessible to almost anybody who is willing to invest in their financial future (typically a minimal
investment is required and their academic background does not matter), while providing quality products at
competitive prices for the consumers.

While deciding which business opportunity is right for you can be a tricky thing with all of the choices that
you have available I feel confident in saying that there is very viable option for everyone. On one hand, it is
very tempting to want to make big money with a least amount of effort which is what the pyramid schemes
that pretend to be legit MLMs are taking advantage of this, a legitimate MLM business will take time and

This is where 90% of network marketers go wrong by having the wrong mindset going into the business
and expecting immediate results with little to no effort. Starting off with the wrong mindset is the single
biggest contributor to the majority of failures in the Network Marketing industry. Once someone has failed
they feel compelled to justify their failure, so when questioned they tell everyone they know that network
based marketing is a pyramid scheme. This combined with the true pyramid schemes that play on people's
greed and desire to get something for nothing has lead to the MLM industry getting a bad stereotype over
the years.

To make matters worse often times these people that are already leaning towards starting with the wrong
mindset hear of someone who just quit their job and is making $20,000 per month in a Network Marketing
business. Or they are attracted to an opportunity by another network based marketer who told them that
building an MLM business is easy, part-time work that would make them thousands a month in no time etc.
If you are a smart network marketer or business owner, then you know that this get rich quick talk is a load
of crap.

What's ironic is that most people that give up on network marketing or never start is that they are working
in a corporate environment. Think about the typical corporate environment that is structured just like a
pyramid, but unlike network marketing, people are stuck at the bottom of a corporation's pyramid, typically
have no way to the top.

In most corporations you have a CEO or president at the top, other executives right below him/her, and
then you typically have layers of presidents, vice presidents, and assistant vice presidents of different
departments. Within each department there are multiple levels of management. Finally, you have
supervisors and regular employees of the company. Starting to sound like a pyramid to you?

As I hope you can see, corporate environments are multi-leveled too, except the top positions are reserved
for people who have been there forever or know someone at the top. The income variation within the
corporate pyramid is staggering and, unfortunately, no matter how long or how hard you work at the
bottom you will never even come close to living the lifestyle of the guys/gals at the top.
Are you seeing my point? The typical corporate pyramid locks you in with little to no room for advancement
from level to level, while the people at the top of the pyramid are making millions off of the efforts of
everyone in the company. Now, which is more of a pyramid scheme, network based marketing or the
corporate job environment?

A Network Marketing business is more rewarding than the typical corporate environment because your
income is unlimited or at least only as limited as you want it to be. You get rewarded by how smart you
work, you can make money while you are sleeping, and your business can double or triple in size (and
income) year after year. You have more control over your schedule whereby can spend more time with your
family, volunteer with your favorite charity, travel and work when you want, you can DREAM as big as you
want. Basically, you can have and do whatever it is that you want (financial freedom). The next time
someone tells you that Network Marketing is an MLM pyramid scheme, ask them what they do for a living
and explain to them the true structure of their job. To Your Success!

A professional internet marketer, trainer and mentor in the network marketing (MLM) industry. I focus on
helping Network Marketer's achieve their Goals and more importantly their Dreams.To learn more about me
visit: or

Website Traffic and the Fast Food
Mentality by Glenn Antoine
If you are trying to build an online business or you've taken your network marketing business online, you no
doubt understand the importance of website traffic. With a few simple searches you can find all the
information that you would ever want (or need) as it pertains to search engine optimization, pay per click,
search engine rankings, article marketing, back links, Search Engine Marketing and the list goes on.

While there are a number of tools, strategies and methods of generating traffic for your site it becomes
readily apparent that pay per click (PPC) gets more than its share of the lime light. While it is hard to
dispute the fact that PPC is an incredible source of generating website traffic and thereby generating
massive numbers of prospects there are a number of issues that seem to get glossed over. One of the
biggest issues is the cost associated with an effective PPC campaign.

Don't get me wrong on this one. Cases where you need to generate a lot of traffic quickly, the budget is in
place to run an effective campaign, you have someone experienced enough to run an effective campaign
and you have the systems in place to handle the flood of prospects in an effective manner, I would say start
today. Unfortunately this is rarely the case.

As a society we have created this fast food or instant gratification mentality that causes everyone to expect
that everything they want in life can be obtained as easily as pulling up to your favorite fast food and
ordering a cheese-burger. While that can be done from time to time there is typically a VERY large price tag
associated with those types of accomplishments in such a short period of time. The good news is that if you
have the funding to pull off such a rapid explosive growth the payoff and a return of those funds invested
can be realized in a very short time frame.

So, by now you may be thinking that you don't have a huge budget to start a PPC campaign.
Don't worry, because speaking from experience, while it would be nice to be in the position of having a
large budget, it is not a requirement. What if I were to tell you that the facts show that 85% of the online
marketing dollars are spent on paid advertising? Furthermore paid search only represents 10-15% of the
market. To put these facts another way, 85-90% of searches result in an organic clicks and NOT paid clicks,
while approximately 85% of the marketing dollars are spent chasing the paid clicks.

Largely due to our fast food mentality the industry, as a whole, continues to focus on the least productive
piece of search marketing (PPC or Paid Search) while virtually ignoring the Organic Search Engine
Marketing. As a whole the majority of people do not what to tackle the hard work of generating Organic
Search Engine Marketing, largely because that would require a huge commitment to website content. To
further complicate matters organic traffic is VERY rarely immediate and therefore flies in the face of the
instant gratification mentality that is so common.

If you happen to be one of those individuals that truly has a desire success, but you don't have the deep
pockets to make it happen overnight, I am living proof that it can be done. While SEO or Search Engine
Optimization often requires patience and practice it doesn't necessarily require an investment of money, but
it will take time. If you'd be willing to do SEO on your own, there are a number of strategies that won't cost
you an arm and a leg to implement.

If you have followed any of my writings you will know that one of my favorites, that has been proven to
work, is article marketing. While I would recommend reading one of my articles that goes into a lot more
detail on article marketing, the process consists of writing articles and submitting them to leading article
directories. With each article you publish you have the ability to create a link back to your website. This is
very simple act is a great method of creating yourself a lot of 'one-way' backlinks. Create a habit of writing
and publishing a minimum of 2 or 3 articles every week and within a matter of months you will have tons of

If you are looking for a magic pill and instant gratification in SEO then you are looking at the wrong
strategy. SEO success requires patience and persistence, but over time the results can be huge. To Your

A professional internet marketer, trainer and mentor in the network marketing (MLM) industry. I focus on
helping Network Marketer's achieve their Goals and more importantly their Dreams.To learn more about me
visit: or

The Lowest Xbox Repair Cost
Online by Lionel Torres
The Xbox 360 has brought a new world of entertainment into the living rooms of many households around
the world, and has introduced some of history's most dazzling games. The platform does have one major
failing, though : it breaks. A lot.

The majority of these systems run into issues due to design malfunctions that ultimately cause issues.
Fortunately for you, many of these problems can easily be fixed by by yourself without the necessity to hire
a substantial repair service.
The three blinking red lights on the front of Xbox 360 mean the unit has encountered some sort of
hardware failure. Not to worry - though hardware difficulties appear intimidating, most of the Xbox issues
can be fixed at home. However , there are a great number of people dealing with the Xbox red light

Microsoft advises gamers to submit a request for a unit correct. I bet you can guess how quickly Microsoft is
going to react to your request among thousands of "red light" issues being reported. Sure, Microsoft will
correct your machine, but most likely it'll come at a hefty price.

If the console isn't under warranty, then you might be asked to pay as much as $150 of the repair,
excluding the serious shipping costs concerned which can amount to over $30. Nearly as bad as shelling out
virtually $200 for a working Xbox is the fact that it takes virtually eight weeks, if not more, to get it

If the Xbox is under warranty, then you still need to pay shipping costs. That's right - though Microsoft
messed up, you still have to pay for their mistake and pay money to have them fix it. And again, this may
take weeks, or even months. For a long time, this was the best way for gamers to solve the variety of
problems they experienced with their Xbox systems. It was exasperating, time-intensive, and expensive.

Now, technicians have compiled easy-to-follow guides that teach somebody the way to fix an Xbox from
home - even if you have any technical experience at all. I fixed my Xbox in an hour and then giggled at my
mates who have been waiting for weeks to get their consoles back.

They are typically sold at a tiny price, but are well worth the underlying stress. Most of these guides offer
professionally made video tutorials that will depict every step - even from multiple angles - to help you fix
your Xbox within hours.

These instructions work for approximately 95% of the cases from my research online. This is because most
of the hardware problems have some common perpetrators, and the solutions are eay to effect. If you do
decide to look into a repair guide, make to look into that the guide has a warranty and a solid return policy.
If the problem is something more complicated, then you will have risk ed nothing and can still send your
machine out to a service center.

The right guide will give you a cheap Xbox repair cost, and you'll have your video games back in no time.

Microsoft CRM 4.0 Integration
notes: SAP Business One, Dynamics
GP, Lotus, EDI by Andrew
As Microsoft Dynamics Technology partner, we would like to revisit popular Microsoft Dynamics CRM
integration scenarios and technologies. This publication is intended to IT professionals and Microsoft
Dynamics technical support people. Upfront we have to admit, that we are not reviewing any third party
tools and Microsoft CRM Add-ons, we are considering integration tools, available out of the box for Microsoft
CRM customer. Microsoft CRM versions: current 4.0, also historical 3.0, 1.2, 1.1

1. Microsoft CRM SDK. If you are Microsoft Visual Studio .Net C#, VB or SQL programmer and developer,
you may decide to dedicate some of your software development training time to familiarize yourself with
SDK objects and methods: Lead, Account, Address, Contact, Quote, Order, Contract, Case, Task, etc.
Microsoft CRM is pretty complex in its technology layers, and it is not recommended to populate MS CRM
tables directly via SQL scripting - recommended way is to abstract your programming through MS CRM SDK

2. Dynamics GP Great Plains integration programming. Here you have to consider Dynamics GP eConnect,
this Software Development Kit opens Microsoft Dynamics GP objects, such as customer, vendor, GL account,
employee, Sales Invoice, Purchase Order, etc. eConnect is also MS Visual Studio programmer friendly, so
you could enjoy eConnect self discovery. We recommend you to consider web integration project, where
you combine Microsoft CRM SDK and Great Plains eConnect libraries

3. SAP Business One integration coding. In SB1 you should think about combining SAP Business One SDK
libraries with Microsoft CRM SDK modules. SAP B1 and GP are both ERP and MRP applications and Microsoft
CRM integration methodic is similar on technology layer

4. Lotus Notes Domino integration. Here you have various layers. Try to review ODBC integration if you are
doing discovery. ODBC expects you to have repetitive structures in Lotus Notes, which is pretty common if
you are dealing with custom Lotus Notes database

5. Microsoft CRM EDI programming. Electronic Document Interchange is typically associated with Vendor
purchasing and order placement channel. If you have merchandise ordering logic from your Microsoft CRM
Sales Orders, then consider formatted SQL Select statement from CRM tables

Windows 98 Registry Repair - Get
The Best Registry Cleaning
Program Online by Elliot English
Why do we now have to cope with registry problems on many of the new operating systems, such as
Windows XP and Vista, when we didn't have to fret about our registries so much with Windows 95 and other
prior versions? Does it not seem to be a new, better operating system would give us less problems? In this
article, we're going to figure these things out and see if we are able to make some sense make some sense
of the irony that more recent operating systems need more attention than old ones! Hierarchical Structure A
Windows Operating System's registry is organized in a hierarchical manor precisely the same way your good
fitness routine. are prepared in your Microsoft word program. There's 1 main directory in your registry which
would be the equivalent of your MyDocuments folder. Definitely, deep down in the recesses in the lowest
directory there are heaps of files.

Now, multiply this MyDocuments format by 5 and you've something that looks much like a Windows
Registry. On many occasions, the input you give at your keyboard or mouse goes across a lot of registry
folders and needs to go running and forwards thru the registry to perform one task. When these files
become disorganised the process can become much longer.

When we add a program or anything real to the Computer , we add entries to the registry. These entries
that are known as registry corruption. There are more forms of registry corruption, but this could be a
common one. It's vital to note viruses, spyware, adware and malware are all real programs and plenty
people use spyware cleaners daily to get rid of these things from our Computers . Since these bugs are
quite a bit more common now than they were in Windows 95's hay-day, and they are often, a lot larger and
more difficult than they used to be, deleting them leaves much more corruption these days than it used to
in the past. As you use your computer more, this registry corruption makes the PC to act up. The PC will
probably slow down at first and after the corruption gets more abounding, the PC is likely going to suffer

Add to this fact newer Microsoft operating systems and their distinct programs are way larger than the
previous Windows operating systems and their genuine programs cannot see how registry corruption has
evolved into a much larger issue than it was in the past! It is easy enough to take care of registry
corruption. Merely install a quality registry cleaner on Fish and run it intermittently and your PC enough
nourishment in The best time to run a registry cleaner is after spyware and / or viruses have been removed.

If you are looking for a windows 98 registry repair program, you need to look at this website.

eCommerce Integration to
Dynamics GP Great Plains notes
by Andrew Karasev
We assume that you already have established ecommerce web application on one of the popular platforms:
ASP, ASPX, PHP/MySQL on Windows IIS or Linux. We would like to come through technology level of
ecommerce to Great Plains Dynamics GP integration programming. This is very short excurse and if you plan
for full-scale Dynamics GP integration project, you should do your further homework, take eConnect
training, contract Dynamics GP Dexterity technology partner, deploy automatic solution for Great Plains
Integration Manager module to name you few of the possible options:

1. Dynamics GP Integration and Programming tools. eConnect is GP Software Development Kit, which is
friendly and has short learning curve for Microsoft Visual Studio C#, VB .Net software developer. Ground
level of eConnect is coded in SQL stored procedures, which are encrypted, so you do not see their source
code. Dynamics GP Integration Manager - it is Great Plains end user friendly tool, however its integration
could be scheduled via Windows macro, or similar OS automation tool. IM, especially with Dynamics GP 10.0
is in large percentage rewritten in eConnect. Microsoft Dexterity, formerly known as Great Plains Dexterity -
this is the shell, written in C++, laying in the base of Great Plains architecture. Dex is "almighty" and you
can customize and program any integration you wish in Dexterity, however GP Dexterity is not so open and
requires long learning curve
2. eConnect batch posting. If you already tried eConnect integration programming, you probably are already
aware that eConnect doesn't post Dynamics GP batches out of the box, you will need to deploy Dynamics
GP Add-ons, such as Batch Posting Server

3. Third Party Dynamics GP eCommerce solutions. In the case, when you are just planning to build and
integrate ecommerce web site from scratches, consider getting demos from various Dynamics GP
ecommerce ISV partners, this publication is not intended as marketing promotion, so we do not name the
Dynamics GP VARs, who are specializing in ecommerce add-ons

4. eCommerce for Linux and PHP. As Linux is a bit restricted in calling .Net methods of eConnect, we
recommend you to consider ODBC call (ODBC/JDBC bridge, or native SQL driver from Linux) of custom
Sales Order Processing integration stored procedure, known as GP Order Connector

What is the Conficker Virus? by
Yves A Martin
What is the Conficker Virus? The Conficker virus (aka Downup virus, Downandup virus, Conflicker virus, and
Kido virus) is a worm. A worm is a type of virus that spreads itself through networks. Basically someone
starts it up and it starts looking around a network that it is connected to - including the Internet - to find
computers that are vulnerable to infection.

What computers are vulnerable to the Conficker virus? Any computer that is or has been connected to a
network (including the Internet) and running the following version of Windows:

1. Windows 2000 (very vulnerable) 2. Windows XP (very vulnerable) 3. Windows Server 2003 (very
vulnerable) 4. Windows Vista (less vulnerable) 5. Windows Server 2008 (less vulnerable)

Microsoft put out a patch to fix the vulnerability: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067 - Critical. Computers
that have had the patch applied, providing that the Conficker virus was not already on it, are not vulnerable
to attack via a network.

What is the "vulnerability"? How can the Conficker virus gain access to a computer over a network? All
computers that are able to share information over a network have programs running on as part of the
operating system that "listen" for communications from the network. For instance, if a co-worker on another
computer wants to access a folder on your computer they (through their computer) send a message to your
computer asking to access the folder. The appropriate operating system component on your computer
handles the request and gives access or denies access to the file based on whether you shared the file and
gave the requestor permission to see it. The important thing to understand is that a program on the
requesting computer makes contact with a program on the listening computer and gets the listening
program to do something for it.

If the listening program mentioned above has a bug in it that can enable the requesting program to make it
do unsavory things - like give the requesting program access to install itself on the receiving computer -
then that would be a "vulnerability". In the case of the Conficker virus that is basically what was discovered
- the program that lets you share folders and printers and other things on a Windows computer, called the
Windows Server service, had a bug in it that would allow another program to get it to do things that would
then allow a program to be installed over the network without anyone knowing about it.

What would protect me from the Conficker virus or similar viruses? If your network and computer are being
protected by a properly configured firewall then you were really never at risk. If you applied the patch
Microsoft put out for this vulnerability by running Windows updates then your Windows computer was not
vulnerable for long and is no longer vulnerable. If you are running Windows Vista and have the UAC turned
on (the thing that asks you "Confirm or Deny" whenever you try to install anything) then you are minimally
at risk.

There are many ways to make a system more secure but basic security practices would have minimized
your risk to this virus as well as similar ones:

1. Use a firewall - this will stop almost any worm attack. 2. Stay on top of updating your operating system.
3. Use an up-to-date antivirus program.

The above go a long way toward keeping you productive and safe from viruses.

The Greatest Way To Make Loads
Of ISK In Eve Online by Reinaldo
There are few main ways to make Isk in Eve Online and depending on how you do any of these techniques
you can get rich in Eve online very quickly. I am going to take you though the good points and the bad
points to each of these techniques.

OK trading in Eve Online is always about buying low and selling high and you must repeat this process loads
of times to get rich quick in Eve Online. The problem is it is not only about repeating the process that will
make you rich you need to learn how to do this process in the most effective manner this includes mainly
comparing prices of different minerals between different regions.

Another would be the fact that you need some start up Isk and the more you have the better off you will be
also the time it will take for you to learn what is good to haul is also one of the problems with this method.
This is a very simple method which anyone can do and providing you know what you are doing you can
make a ton of Isk very quickly.

You can also settle down at a decent trade hub like Jita or Rens and beginning buy items and re listing them
for a higher price the only problems will this is that it takes a lot of time, Some times you will be sitting in
the station all day modifying your order. This method can be profitable if you know what you are doing and
in some cases you will need some start up Isk to get you going.

Manufacturing in Eve Online can be a awesome way to make a lot of Isk but you can only make a good
amount of you have good industry skills and researched blueprints, In my opinion there is many better ways
to make more Isk. Of course there is pirating which can be very profitable but to be effective has to be done
in groups doing this solo carries a risk and sometimes the risk is not worth it since pirating is not a way to
make a stable income.

Missions and salvaging is a nice way to make nearly a constant amount of Isk since you can do it as many
times as you wish, You generally want to go for level four missions since they pay a lot more than level 3
and below.

A very quick way to make a lot of Isk is to camp in dead space complexes, You will be wanting to get the
named loots since they normally sell in the millions. One problem with this is there is normally also a lot of
competition for this loot and it can be hard to compete. If possible you will want to camp the last room
since you can wait for it to re spawn and clear it again the good thing about this is it can be quite easy and
their is not much risk involved.

You may already have you own methods to make Isk but I guarantee you can improve your Isk income.
Discover the most potent techniques and learn how to generate massive amounts of Isk in the Isk guide
recommended below.

Best of All PC Word Games by
Word games are generally engaged as a source of entertainment, but they have been found to serve a
very useful and progressive educational purpose as well. For instance, young children can find enjoyment
playing modestly competitive games such as Hangman, while naturally developing important language skills
like spelling. Solving crossword puzzles, which requires familiarity with a larger vocabulary, is a pastime that
mature adults have long credited with keeping their minds sharp.

Most word games require, as ingredients of success, swiftness of thought, a well-developed vocabulary,
and excellent general language skills, including comprehension and spelling. In turn, these same skills are
generally thought to become that much more heightened with continued play.

There are popular televised word games with valuable monetary prizes for the winning contestants. Many
word games enjoy international popularity across a multitude of languages, whilst some are unique to

Download and play PC Word Games at

Word Web Deluxe game In a science experiment gone terribly wrong, 10 spiders became super-intelligent.
Now they have invaded your home and they're making a huge mess! Link letters and create words to sweep
the spider webs away!

Letter Lab game Lilly has invented the first eye "spelling intelligence serum" but the evil Dr. Al Literate wan
to steal the formula! Help Lilly match words with the doctor and fail his plan to win the national youth
spelling bee.
The Great Wall of Words game Link letters to form words and rebuild the Great Wall of China in this
ancient-themed word game! For more than 1000 years the Great Wall has protected China from its
enemies. But now a new threat has emerged.

Jailbreak iPhone 3g by
Before discussing how to jailbreak iPhone 3G, remember, there's a world of difference between jailbreaking
and unlocking a cell phone. Unlocking is a process whereby you bypass the SIM lock on the iPhone 3G,
which allows the use only of SIM cards allowed by pre-approved network providers. These network
providers have a deal with Apple which bars the use of third-party SIM cards.

Jailbreaking, on the other hand, breaks into the iPhone's file system to modify the user interface so that you
can install third-party apps.

When the iPhone was launched in mid-2007, it was a watershed in the history of cellular phones. In fact, all
of Apple's 1,800 stores in the US had sold out within the first 24 hours.

But there were issues. The quad-band phone with cutting-edge touch-screen technology, media player, web
browser and wi-fi technology also unleashed an undercurrent of resentment as it locked users into network
provider AT&T and for the GSM version, Verizon and T-Mobile. Moreover, it also meant that you could use
only Apple's apps.

Some even called Apple's revolutionary baby a smartass, not a smartphone!

But hackers and software developer devised ways to bypass the lock and web forums were abuzz with every
new development. Of course both unlocking and jailbreaking were both illegal though unlocking is relatively
easy and legal today.

For many, it didn't matter that they owned what is arguably the world's sexiest cell phone. They felt that
holding a customer prisoner to Apple's apps was downright devious.

Why should customers who paid good money for the iPhone be held to ransom? How could users be
restricted to Apple's software? And the fact that Apple was the only phone company that had these
restrictions in place made people even more angry. Some even called it a violation of a phone user's
fundamental rights!

But soon, hackers came to the rescue, suggesting ways to break into and modify the user interface that
broke past software restrictions - or file system - that didn't allow you to even add your own custom

The most popular software developed to date to jailbreak the iPhone 3G is the Pwnage Tool. There are
various versions and they were developed soon after Apple released its first-generation iPhone.
But a word of caution. Many have found that jailbreaking the iPhone 3G damaged the phone. Others found
quite the opposite. These users claim that a jailbroken iPhone can be restored to factory using Apple's
iTunes. This also means that you can retrieve all your data because its backed up on iTunes.

But jailbreaking and hacking aside, the iPhone remains the most coveted smartphone to date. Imagine
downloading music and videos via a device that fits into your shirt pocket!

Just before it was launched Apple's Steve Jobs called the iPhone a magical device that was five years ahead
of its time. Many would agree that it still is.

Your CD Duplication Needs by
Matt Murren

You need a fast, inexpensive way to duplicate that all-important CD and are at a loss as to which company
you should choose. It is really easier than you think to solve your CD duplication needs and all it takes is a
little ingenuity and investigation on your part. You don’t necessarily want the cheapest deal in town, but you
do want to select a company that is affordable but yet provides excellent customer service and satisfaction.

You may not quite understand what happens when your disc is duplicated. In a nutshell, duplication of your
original CD is a simple process of copying your master file (or files) onto high-quality electronic media.
There is no loss of data in this process and almost any data can be copied. A suitable final product will be
consistent with your original CD. Your dealer will usually offer you three print options including 1-color
thermal, full color laser labels or high-quality full-color thermal. The last option is the most expensive but it
provides the best outcome. CD duplication is an excellent way for you to present your electronic information
to a large audience.

Look for a company that stands behind its service and products. Make sure that your duplication job is
guaranteed and check out any warranties that are offered. Your satisfaction should be the key ingredient of
your partnership with the company. Always inquire about turnaround time and ask if you can look at and
hear examples of their work. Watch out for hidden fees that could turn out to be an ugly surprise when your
order is completed. Look for the best quality you can get at the most reasonable price.

Your needs will mandate the type of duplication you are looking for. There are standard packaging options
available or you can go way out and look for more customized ways to package your CD. It’s up to you and
it depends on how elaborate you want your final product to be. Choose from standard cases and sleeves or
design your own with customized printing. Duplications vary from customer to customer and the company
you choose should be willing to work with you to achieve your desired end result.

Take the time to investigate your CD duplication options and look primarily for affordability and quality.
Make sure that the company sincerely cares about your satisfaction and that it will be there to support you
during the duplication process. You want to feel that they really consider you a friend and that they have
your best interests at heart. Make sure that you have that “feel good” feeling when you contact them. The
best case scenario you can ask for is excellent quality, low prices and heartfelt support from the company
you select.
Important Features of a Good
Desktop Security System by Eddie
There are many possibilities open to users of desktops to secure them against malicious software as well as
other irritants like pop-up ads that annoy the user no end. It is possible to browse the internet without
having ads or pop-ups appearing when they are least wanted. Some desktop security systems allow
integration of powerful privacy as well as security features and includes multi-site tabbed window browsing.
Most often, the maximum security is provided to critical servers and the ordinary desktop is left to fend for
itself from viruses and unwanted and malicious software.

The desktop user is exposed to a number of online threats and may become, inadvertently the entry point
of attacks to the entire network. And, within an enterprise, the desktop is perhaps the last defense against
threats already existing. Therefore, it is not uncommon for most desktop security systems to comprise of
personal firewalls and anti virus software but these only help the desktop to reserve intrusion prevention for
network connection points.

More than Just Reactive Anti-Virus Software and Personal Firewalls

The personal firewall and anti virus software leaves the desktop unprotected or is saddled with reactive
security that kicks in only after the attack has begun, which is mostly too late to prevent downtime, lost
transactions and compromising of confidential data as well as cause potential liabilities. In spite of the cost
and complexity of desktop security systems, applying preemptive intrusion prevention may be more
convenient and affordable.

Intrusion prevention technology has become a central part of desktop security systems, though it was once
reserved only for corporate gateways and network connections. Internet Security Systems (ISS) allows
RealSecure Desktop which is software that puts together personal firewalls and application controls in
tandem with ISS's unique and preemptive intrusion prevention systems. This allows RealSecure Desktop to
block attacks by bolstering the desktop security system.

Using ISS desktop protection software, management of desktop security systems across networks is no big
hassle because it can be centrally managed with SiteProtector, which is the centrally managed system that
makes it easy to scale desktop protection throughout the enterprise. Because desktops are still the
enterprise's most important Information Technology assets it should not be left to rely solely on reactive
anti virus and firewalls to protect itself but needs more advanced preemptive software to form the bulwark
of desktop security systems that will not only ward off attacks, but also help to prevent them.

Ink Cartridges: Getting It Down On
Paper by Eddie Lamb
When it comes to printing out important papers, you want to make sure that your ink cartridge has plenty of
ink. There's nothing worse than printing out an important document only to find that the ink is fading or,
worse, has run out. Having a few extra ink cartridges on hand is usually a smart thing to do, especially if
you have a lot of printing to do. Whether you're in the corporate world, own a small business or you're
merely a student, having a good supply of ink cartridges is something everyone should have.

Everyone Needs To Print At One Point Or Another

In the corporate world, the ink cartridge is a necessity. After all, there are reports to print, graphs to display
and human resources records to keep, amongst many others. There is never enough paper to print things
on and, just as that fact, there's never enough ink. The corporate world needs ink cartridges and executives
need lots of them. That's why many corporations buy their cartridges and other office supplies wholesale.
They never know when they're going to have to print something.

Small businesses, too, require lots of printing. Using flyers for marketing, for example, requires a lot of
printing, a lot of ink and, thus, lots of ink cartridges. From reports to marketing to printing menus and sales
letters, you never know when you're going to have to use your ink cartridge.

If you're a student, then you, too, are going to need plenty of ink for your printer. You never know when
you're going to have to print out an assignment, write a rough draft of a report or turn in an essay. Having
a steady supply of ink cartridges is a necessity for students just as it is for people in the working world.

So, whether you're in the corporate world, a small mom and pop business or a student, ensure that you
have plenty of ink for that printer. Usually, the manufacturers of your printer will make it easy for you to
order more ink cartridges. You can even do it online so that you can acquire new cartridges whenever yours
begins to run low. A printer without an ink cartridge is worthless and, similarly, an ink cartridge without ink
means you'd better order some more. That paper is only a blank page until you turn it into something

Finally, give some thought to recycling your cartridges after you've used them.

How to Avail the Best Protection
against Virus by Joseph John

So, your precious PC has been attacked by nasty computer viruses and you need antivirus protection. If you
are considering about availing computer repair services for the same, you must look out for kind of services,
pricing, and features you are getting along. However, if you are not well acquainted with the technical
aspects of computers, taking assistance from online virus removal support will be the best option for you.
You must be thinking to download an antivirus software program from the Internet as an alternative to
buying computer support. Well! Free antivirus programs are not always worth enough, as they are not
updated as frequently as paid services. Threats to your PCs are everywhere especially if you are a regular
Internet user. And not all antivirus programs are capable enough to deal with every kind of computer
viruses. Therefore, it's better to have expert's advice by your side to keep your PC at bay from security

Your computer support technician is aware of all the qualities that an ideal antivirus program should have.
In addition, he gets you the antivirus installation as well as its configuration done. You may even ask him to
update the program for you. There are some antivirus software which can hamper efficiency of your
computers and make them slower. Avoid selection of such antivirus programs with the help of your
computer support technician.

Antivirus installation is not the only service that you can ask from your computer support resource. There
are many such companies which offer multitude of PC repair services under a single package which is really
the icing on the cake. Next, we talk about availability of computer support companies. You just require
switching on your Internet and you will be surprised to see thousands of computer support companies
offering you the best computer repair services at the most competitive prices.

Finally you should also be meticulous enough to take precautions to keep viruses away fro your system.
Scan your computer for viruses regularly and keep your antivirus protection software up-to-date to help it
identify latest security threats and dealing with them efficiently.

Computer Tech Support Soaring in
Demand by Joseph John

With day by day improving technology, IT companies look to leverage the best benefits. The best example
is upcoming tech support companies which are no less than a boon for technology enthusiasts. They offer
cost effective services without compromising quality parameters.

Among tech support players, computer support companies have evolved in the best and the most successful
manner. These companies have IT specialists who offer experienced services to a multitude of businesses
(small or large) and home computer users. You can ask these specialists any question or problem related to
computers and the Internet. Moreover, their knowledge is not limited to this much. They can also adapt
hardware and software to the profile and preferences of their clients.

Customers who have tried availing computer support services by such technicians witness to get the best
deal money versus service. Since, the customers don't need to haul their PCs to any computer repair shop,
they save on time too. Some tech support companies also run their combo packs which include one service
free with the other. This results in dual benefits. PC maintenance, upgradation, Internet optimization and
antivirus installation etc, they can all fit within any plan. The difference between more expensive and
cheaper packages is time.
The companies which don't require regular tech support can opt for seasonal or yearly computer support
plans. On the other hand, those who want continuous support, for ex: large companies can have the
possibility of using the services of one of the IT specialists.

Generally, companies look out for personalized computer support services to cater their specific tech
requirements. And, this is only possible with computer support companies which have IT specialists as the
technicians. An efficient technician will be able to identify your needs to handle your computer tech support
necessities in a better way. Therefore, if you are in need of a cheap and efficient computer support
agreement, just do a simple search on the Internet. Try searching with keywords like computer support,
technical support, PC repair services, and online tech support. It will help you to get refined search for best

Hard Disk Failure and Recovery on
Exchange Server by Simpson

A computer system can detect and communicate hardware devices because of corresponding device driver
programs. However, if these programs find hardware in unexpected state, an error message or system's
unusual behavior results. In interest of hard disk, its physical failure is the most likely reason for such
issues. Hard disk failure can occur due to electronic or mechanical reasons. When factors like high intensity
shocks, prolong use, heat, water and torn out internals affect hard disk, it gets highly prone to physical
damages. That's the reason why hard drive recovery software experts suggest users to always backup data
so as to restore it if ultimately hard drive fails.

BIOS can not recognize a physically failed hard drive. As a practical scenario of Exchange Server, when user
attempts to mount the databases in the storage group (databases are more than one in number), it fails.
Also if a hard disk fails while all storage group daabases are mounted, they automatically get dismounted.


Exchange Server follows ACID (Atomic Consistent Isolated Durable) transaction model for storing data in its
databases. ESE (Extensible Storage Engine) keeps record of all transactions in log files to be performed.
This is to ensure that all databases must reach a consistent state. But if a hard disk fails, ESE comes to a
state when rollback can't be performed and so it dismounts all the databases.


In order to solve the issue, user can replace the failed hard disk and restore the affected database from
backup. If data backup is unavailable or corrupt (due to media defects or improper backup process), Hard
Disk Recovery service can help. It is a highly technical, yet safe, approach to recover data from physically
failed hard disks.

Hard drive recovery service is provided using advanced tools. A physically failed hard drive is first dissected
in serile surroundings of Clean Rooms. Experts take care of data integrity and so follow up safe procedures.
After determining the cause, according procedure is applied. For example, if a read/write head is crashed,
Hard Disk Recovery experts either attempt to repair it or replace it with new one. These procedures also
include disk imaging and platters moving like complicated processes.

Stellar Information Systems Limited offers safe and confidential Hard Disk Recovery service. Stellar
facilitates Class 100 Clean Rooms for safe recovery. It has a rich experience of more than 16 years in the
field. It has a range of highly technical tools and techniques to efficiently recover data. The company
provides services for SCSI, SATA and IDE hard disk interfaces.

Using the Scale Tool in Adobe
     by Joe Keny

One of the best features of Adobe Illustrator, you can create images and a large stretch without losing
resolution. But how do you resize an object without having to write an exact percentage (Yuck!) In a dialog
... Fortunately, Illustrator has a scale tool to help you get the job done right. This guide will began with the
scale tool .

Draw a figure. Be sure to use a filler and / or stroke as their form is shown on the screen Select .

form. Use the black arrow tool, if your form is not already selected .

Select the scale tool on the toolbar. The instrument resembles a rectangle scale with an arrow in it, and can
be temporarily hiding under shear or remodel .

Tools Put your mouse on the selected object and drag, keeping your left mouse button . You will see the
object more or less, depending on the direction you drag the mouse with the Experiment .

holding down the Shift key while dragging. If you hold down the Shift key and drag the corner, their
purpose of stay in proportion. If you hold down the Shift key and drag from one side, a dimension of the
object will remain constant, while the other sides change.

This article is written by Article Generator.

Discover How to Become a Better
WOW Player By Using the World of
Warcraft Armory by Cam
When you need information to help with strategy and game play, the World of Warcraft armory is the place
to look. It is a massive database of information about all aspects of the game, from characters and talents
to guilds and items.

You can locate all the resources you need to learn more about game elements that can enhance and
improve your playing skills. All the content on this site is pulled directly from the game site itself, making it
the most relevant place to see statistics and find out about recommended upgrades to character items.

The well-designed interface at the World of Warcraft armory makes it ridiculously simple to get basic stats
on any character, including their strengths, talents and in the case of the Warlocks, the types of spells they
can cast and how devastating they can be. There's never been an easier way to compare characters and

You can use the drop-down menus on the main page to get started, or enter a search term to find
something specific to your needs. Use the site when deciding on the main character you will choose for your
journey into World of Warcraft. Quickly view the talents of the different characters and how they can benefit
you in the game.

Don't miss the tips provided to help you in making your choices of character, race, and profession.

A great place to start after choosing your character is with the World Map where you can orient yourself to
the different locations within the game. Studying these now will save you time, and perhaps your
character's life, because you will know exactly where to go next.

Don't miss the dungeon tips that are provided in a drop-down menu. It reveals pertinent information that
you need to know and items you need to have before venturing into the dungeons. For instance, you will
want to take along an expert who knows the dungeons well and that you backup equipment in case your
item fails.

Another great tip you'll find with the pages of the World of Warcraft armory is to check all the talents in
your chosen class before making your decision. Look up your options in the talent calculators before
purchasing them.

The armory offers a convenient method for researching and building effective talents within your character.

From the moment you begin playing this popular game, make your first move a trip to the World of
Warcraft armory. The getting started page lays everything out so you can easily spot which information you
need, from realm types to quests to monster basics. It even includes a handy glossary to help you with the
game terminology.
Check the player to player section for details about Alterac Valley including what you need to do to win. It
also includes tips on what to do before you venture in and how to proceed through the valley.

The World of Warcraft armory offers a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Want To Be An Even Better World
Of Warcraft Player? Use These
WOW Tips To Step Up Your Game!
by Cam Donaldson
There is a wealth of World of Warcraft tips available online. They cover everything from setting up your
game, installing extensions and mods and finding a quality leveling guide to choosing your style of play.
Here are seven World of Warcraft tips that will help you get started playing the right way.

1. Read your quest journal. One mistake many players make that can hinder their game is asking directions
in the chat channels instead of reading the journal. Frequently using chat can bring insults. It also can make
it more difficult to find a group that will explore with you later. If need be, just ask the city guards for
directions. Or use your "L" key on your keyboard to open up your journal which contains everything you
need to complete your quests.

2. Study your environment early to make your game easier. There are some excellent maps to help you
orient yourself before starting any quests. Knowing where to find things before you head out will minimize
the time you spend referring to maps and asking for directions.

3. Experiment with other characters before creating your main character. Use them to find your way around
and get a handle on how to play the game. When you do build your main character, it's best to fit it to your
own personality as it will make the game far more enjoyable for you.

4. Choose a profession. This is one of the most essential World of Warcraft tips as it will determine your
style of play. Do you want to play for fun or to accumulate gold? Keep in mind that every profession has a
complementary trade skill. If you're just out for enjoyment, you'd do well choosing a secondary profession,
such as jewel crafting or blacksmithing. If you're out for gold, then a gathering profession is best as you will
then collect resources to trade at auction.

5. Go questing. Many players go straight into the hunt and kill stage, not realizing that questing will help
them to level much faster. Questing is what will take you to the end. It provides you with both experience
and gold.

6. Quest lines are not restricted to race. Many players don't know this. If you are playing a human, for
instance, you do not have to follow the human quests. This is one of many World of Warcraft tips that can
make a huge difference in how you play and proceed through the game.
7. Choose your race wisely. Alliance might have more content, but because of that, it is also the busiest
place with the most people. Choose a Horde character to play in a less populated environment. This means
there will be far more resources to go around.

You likely will still need to ask questions once you get into play, but having certain insights before you begin
will get you off on the right foot.

These are just some of the World of Warcraft tips that will improve your game and help you to avoid
problems as you venture on the numerous quests that await you.

High Performance UHF Gen 2 RFID
Reader by Perry Keller
Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. ( recommends this latest UHF Gen 2 RFID reader
(GAO216004). The UHF RFID reader is a high performance device designed for applications requiring a
large number of tags and two or more antennas. It supports remote firmware management and monitoring
and is suitable for real time status verification as well as modification.

This Gen 2 reader is equipped with an autonomous mode that allows it to activate on external triggers or
timing and enables users to regulate the parameters for timing, protocols, antenna usage and other
elements. This highly flexible system is packed with outstanding read rates without network latency. In
addition, the reader continues to accumulate data of up to 2500 records into non-volatile memory should it
not be able to connect to a network. For more information about 902.75MHz to 927.25MHz Gen2 RFID
Reader,please visit or contact

The Present and Future of WiFi
VoIP Phone Technology by A Nutt
VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, has already changed the way that many Americans communicate with
friends and loved ones. With VoIP it became possible to make seemingly regular phone calls - even long
distance phone calls that would have cost a fortune with regular phone services, for free.

In today's world, with the current state of the economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut their costs of
living and to save money in any way possible. Eliminating high phone bills all together would be a
tremendous way to save money, but there was one problem with using VoIP that severely limited its value
in its original state - the user had to be close to a computer to use it.
People today have grown accustomed to portability, almost everything that we communicate on these days
is portable - cordless phones and cell phone let us communicate with friends and loved ones no matter
where we are or what we are doing, so it was almost like taking a step backward in terms of convenience in
order to save some money.

Saving the money on all phone calls is great, but are people really willing to give up the portability of their
cordless phones and cell phones to save the money - sure the VoIP would be good for calls if you new you
were going to be just sitting and chatting for a while, but not being able to move about while conversing is
a pretty big inconvenience for saving some money.

Enter the WiFi VoIP phone

Looking to advance the technology even further and to make VoIP a serious threat as an alternative to
traditional phone service, manufacturers began to look in a similar direction to wireless modems for VoIP to
operate on. The WiFi VoIP phone will allow users the same convenience and portability that they enjoy with
a wireless internet connection in their homes. What this does is to give the user the same portability with
their VoIP service in their homes that they would have with a regular cordless phone. With a WiFi VoIP
phone, the user honestly won't even be able to notice a difference in a switch over from the phone that
they had been using to make all of their home phone calls - in fact the only difference there will be will
occur in the absence of a bill from the phone company.

The Future

As technology improves and further advancements are made, there is almost no limit to what users will be
able to accomplish with a WiFi VoIP phone. As more and more cities begin to adopt city-wide wireless
networks, which residents can pay a monthly fee to have access to, there is a strong potential that VoIP
technology will allow users to all but replace their cell phones with VoIP phones. Users would pay the
monthly fee to have access to the wireless network which would cover their regular internet access, but also
give them city wide access to the network on their portable VoIP phones.

What this would mean for end users who use their cell phones for nothing more than connecting with
friends, family and associates is that they could effectively eliminate those cell phones and the bills that
come along with them. So what we could see in the future of VoIP could conceivably be a device that would
very effectively allow end users to do away with their home phone service as well as their cell phone service
and allow them to do all of the connecting that they need to (local and long distance, day and night)
without spending a penny more than they would already be spending for a wireless internet connection.

Windows Registry, a Mystery to
Most, and Where Most Fear to
Tread by Alan Hohenbrink
I am going to show you how to edit the registry and fix some common problems. These simple fixes can be
huge to you though because it means you can avoid the computer repair shop and save some money. This
is a must read article so be ready to print, copy, or take notes!

What is the registry? I hear it most referred to as a hive. To me it is kind of like a three-dimensional spider
web. I don't want to go into too much detail about the architecture here. Just imagine that it is a complex
threadwork of pathways that your computer takes on its' search for a particular file. Over time the structure
begins to break down for various reasons.

Broken links, dead ends, missing files the list goes on. Every software program on your computer has roots
in the registry. As these paths are broken and accumulate what you have is your computer searching for
files that "no longer exist at the specified location." You are now at the point where you need to use a
registry program to regain functionality and speed up your computer. Once your registry is clean and
functioning properly you will be ready to edit it.

My first tip will optimize your internet performance. This tip is only for broadband and cable connections
running on 2000, XP, and above. Phone modem connections will not be enhanced. The default setting for
the receive buffer in windows is set too low for today's high speed internet. Windows uses the receive
buffer to temporarily store packets it receives from the internet. The faster your connection and the higher
your connection's latency, the bigger the receive buffer needs to be. To fix this we need to edit the value in
the registry. STOP! Before you proceed set a system restore point. Follow closely because incorrectly editing
the registry can cause your system to become unbootable. To avoid confusion I will list the steps line by
line. Now, let's edit. From the desktop go to:\ Start\ Run\ Type in regedit.exe and choose ok

STOP backup your registry now by clicking file then export. Name and date it and save to your hard drive.
To restore the backup go through the same process except choose import instead of export. Now let's
continue. We are going to create a new registry key. Look to the left side and find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
and select it:

System\ CurrentControlSet\ Services\ Tcpip\ Parameters\

Up top choose:\

Edit\ New\ DWORD Value\

Rename the new registry key to TcpWindowSize. To modify the registry setting double click on the new
registry key. Change the base setting to decimal and enter the value 64240 and click ok then exit regedit.
You will now need to reboot for the change to take effect.

My next tip is for those of you who have recently reinstalled the windows operating system and now have a
problem with num lock coming on as the system loads. You can have num lock set to ON in the bios and it
lights up on the keyboard only to go off as the operating system loads. To fix this we need to edit the
registry. Even for those of you reading this that don't have this problem you might want to keep this
information somewhere for future reference. We are going to enter the registry the same way as before so
follow along.

Start\ Run\ Regedit.exe\ enter registry and open the following folders:\ HKEY_USER\ Control Panel\

In the keyboard folder find the string value named "InitialKeyboardIndicators" with a value of 0, 1, or 2.
0=off after logon, 1=Disable num lock, and 2=on after logon. The value needs to be set at 2 for num lock
to be turned on as the operating system starts. Change the value just like last time if it is not.
I hope this was helpful to you. Look for more tips in my next article where I will show you how to make an
MS-DOS batchfile and give you the commands to fix issues with CD drive recognition in windows, and fix
windows update when it fails to work. Good Luck! Alan Hohenbrink

About the Author
I have been repairing computers for years and one thing I have found is that most repairs would be
unnecessary if they had been maintained properly. I write articles for the average experienced user to
enable them to perform maintenance and avoid high priced repair shops. My website provides software
assistance, tips, and has an archive with all my prior articles. Alan Hohenbrink

Windows Registry Pitfalls and
Secret Tips For You by Alan
Windows registry is the one place in the operating system most people fear to tread. It is true that the
registry is a one-way street. If you edit something incorrectly you can do irreparable damage to your
system. I will be discussing that as well as giving you some must have secret tips.

Editing the registry can sound like a daunting task not for the faint of heart. I am going to show you how
and give you some invaluable tips that you can use. A word of caution though, if you have no knowledge at
all about the registry please don't attempt to edit it. If you have basic computer skills and a general
knowledge of how the registry functions then you MUST read on.

The registry is kind of like a spider web, or like a tournament bracket in sports. Your computer will follow a
path to reach its' final "data" destination so to speak. If there are any broken paths or links along the way a
new path or link will need to be found. As you can imagine, the more broken links or links pointing to dead
ends there are, the slower your computer will perform. If you allow these to accumulate that tells me your
favorite color is blue because that is what you will get, a big blue screen. Not to mention a few crashes and
freezes thrown in for good measure.

Before you think about changing the registry it first has to be healthy. For the vast majority of people out
there that will require a program. I have five different programs on my computer and they all do something
different. Which programs you decide to use are up to you but there are many good ones out there.
Basically there are three functions that you will want programs to perform for you. 1) Basic registry
cleaning. A program will scan the registry for broken links and other clutter removing them from your
2) Registry defragmentation. Much like the hard drive defragmentation your registry needs it too from time
to time. 3) Registry repair. These programs will repair portions of the registry provided there is not too
much damage. These programs are also the most pricey to purchase but in my opinion well worth the

Now that our registry is clean and healthy we can get to the good stuff! The first thing you must do before
changing anything in your registry is to create a registry backup. This is different from your regular backup
and here is how you do it.

From your desktop click on start/ then click run. Click in the open dropdown box and type in regedit.exe
then click OK. You are now in the registry. To create a backup do this: Select File/ Export Date and name it
In the save as type option select all Save to your hard drive

To restore the saved backup simply follow the same steps as before but choose import. Now you are ready
to make some changes.

In my next article I will show you how to change the size of the receive buffer. In windows the default size
is set too low to allow optimal Internet performance for anyone with DSL or cable Internet. I will also show
you how to set num lock to on in the registry for those of you who have had to reinstall windows and had
that problem. Another common problem with windows is failure to recognize a CD drive, and failure to
receive windows updates. Both of these can be fixed by using an MS-DOS batch file which I will show you
how to create and then incorporate into the registry.

Until next time, Alan Hohenbrink

About the Author
I have been repairing computers for years and one thing I have found is that most repairs would be
unnecessary if they had been maintained properly. I write articles for the average experienced user to
enable them to perform maintenance and avoid high priced repair shops. My website provides software
assistance, tips, and has an archive with all my prior articles. Alan Hohenbrink

The Next Component To Optimizing
Your Computer, The Basics Series
by Alan Hohenbrink
So far I have written about the first steps to optimizing your computer. You must begin by removing any
computer virus, spyware, and adware from your system. Before you can begin to optimize your computer
you must first make sure it is "clean "of these threats. I highly recommend adding anti-virus, and anti-
spyware software to prevent any future malware infections to your computer. Please refer to my prior
articles for more details about these threats. Remember, I am writing these articles to enable you, the
average user, to tackle these issues on your own and save money by avoiding the high cost of a repair

Today's topic is disc defragmentation. You have probably heard the term before and you may have run the
defragmentation that is supplied with all Windows operating systems. More about that in a minute. First let's
talk about what fragmentation means and how it affects your computer.

First of all your disc, short for hard drive, is a component inside your computer that looks like a rectangular
metal box. I have heard it referred to as the memory of the computer but it is not. A hard drive is basically
a storage vessel. It contains your operating system and everything else you store on a computer and
therein lies the problem. Windows operating systems have some inherent flaws that need your periodic

The registry is a big one and that will be my next article topic. The hard drive is similar though. Over time
you will notice that your computer seams to run slower and slower. Fragmentation is one of a combination
of factors contributing to that. During normal use your computer is constantly accessing files on the hard
drive. The time that it takes your computer to access files will increase over time as fragments accumulate.
You access files all the time too. Every time you move files, add files, delete files fragments occur. It is kind
of like a ghost magnetic residue that clutters up your hard drive making it take longer for your computer to
find the file it is searching for. Fortunately there is an easy solution to this problem that even my nine year
old can execute with a few clicks of the mouse but it requires a program designed to defragment the hard
drive. Let's get back to the defragmentation program supplied with Windows. I have worked on computers
whose owners have never run any kind of defragmentation. In that respect the Windows program is better
than nothing. Now, if you are a patient person, or don't mind starting the defragmentation process before
you go to sleep at night, because it Will take all night to run and it is not very thorough, then use the
Windows program. Otherwise there are some very good programs out there. I use a full product, paid for
program but that doesn't mean that other programs aren't as good, just a personal preference. All of these
are fast, light speed fast, compared to Windows. The free ones are manual, which means you have to
initiate the program and run it, and full product programs are automatic, just set it and forget it. If you are
on a tight budget get the free one. In this day and age the first priority is good anti virus program.

Next time I will delve into the registry and I have some special tweak tips you can do yourself! An article not
to be missed!

Alan Hohenbrink

About the Author
I have been repairing computers for years and one thing I have found is that most repairs would be
unnecessary if they had been maintained properly. I write articles for the average experienced user to
enable them to perform maintenance and avoid high priced repair shops. My website provides software

Web Design in Newcastle -
Selection Guidelines For Short
Listing Experts by Emma Leighton
Online presence is almost mandatory in today's business setup and thus if for any reason you decide to
forward information or reach out to the potential customers in Newcastle or any other part of the world, the
search for an expert in web design in Newcastle must be initiated. But why just an expert and why not any
provider in the category of web design in Newcastle?

An expert is essentially needed, because there are millions of websites, all struggling to gain as much traffic
and online visibility. However while there are these many portals, only the first 15 or 20 actually manage to
gain relevant attention. And among these top rankers as well, viewer has enough choices. This essentially
implies that even if there are slight discrepancies with the web design, which inhibit easy information
search, the user will quickly move over to the next one. It is thus a domain, marked by serious competition
and if resources must be invested towards developing an online presence, the only person who can be
entrusted with the task is an expert in web design. Newcastle or let that be any other geography, the stated
is universally applicable. That is to emphasize upon the fact that online search parameters are common and
do not vary with regional searches.

Before initiating the search for a Newcastle web design expert, be clear on your requirements. That is you
should be clear on the eventual objective of the website. You must know what you expect from the web
design and thus should be able to concretely figure out the answer to questions like, how big the website
should be, what all users should pay increased attention to, would regular updates be needed, will there be
any online exchanges / sale, etc. In case you find it difficult to answer all such imperatives, spend time in
understanding the competition and thereby evaluating their online presence. Pay attention to the facets
others in your field are focusing on and thus initiate the search of a qualified veteran in web design

The search begins with search engines. Simply type 'web design Newcastle' in any of your preferred search
engines and the results in desired category would be displayed. While short listing from among the various
choices, start by looking at the portfolio section. This section should be able to provide a quick insight to the
earlier works of the company or expert in web design in Newcastle and thus answer the suitability question.
This search will also produce credentials of graphic designers, who would propose to undertake the
designing task for you. A graphic designer could be great for the visual appeal, but if you eventually intend
to ensure good rankings for any of the keywords, say 'web design Newcastle', only a web designer with
adequate knowledge of SEO and other online web promotion techniques can suffice. The same section
should also be able to generate the details of references, which you might like to check with.

As the next step, check the package offered. There will be pricing details, guarantees and list of any other
additional costs. A simple search for 'web design Newcastle' will generate quite a many names and thus you
have enough options in the category. Use this choice to the fullest, by comprehensively comparing the
various vendors for quality and price. You would not want just one time support, thus while looking at the
cost tag, and all so pay attention to the post completion website maintenance charges.

Last but not the least, check the time commitments and before getting into any contracts with any of the
vendors in category web design Newcastle, do carefully go through the agreement clauses. After all, why
leave scope for any hassles at a later date!

About the Author
Emma Leighton wrote the Article 'Web Design In Newcastle - Selection Guidelines for Short Listing Experts'
and recommends you visit for more information on web design Newcastle.

Spyware and Adware, just a
nuisance or a real threat by Alan
Spyware and adware are both problematic issues for the computer user. These are programs that can
surreptitiously transmit personal data from your computer to someone else. These programs are like a
trojan virus in that they are secretly downloaded on to your computer with another program that you are
intentionally trying to download. While most of these programs are used for advertising purposes there are
some with a more sinister intent. Your credit card numbers, or passwords, or other personal data may be
the target. Most of the time these can be in the form of cookies and believe me they can come from almost
any source.

A good example is that my nine-year-old son gets adware from the cartoon sites and I need to clean his
computer routinely with various programs. Unlike anti-virus programs you can install as many spyware and
adware removal programs you want. I use six different programs myself. I run them randomly from time to
time and which one I run depends on my mood. I have found that different programs find these problems
in a different order and priority. Most programs will also list for you the threat level of each item it finds.
Some programs will actually find computer viruses and deal with them as well. My advice to you is to run
your anti-virus program afterwards if your spyware, or adware removal program detects a virus.

Now I would like to talk about symptoms you will want to look for and the benefits of removal of these
programs. Obviously you will notice pop-ups on your computer. For example, if you did a search for
kayaking and you were infected you might notice pop ups with ads referring you to sites with outdoor
equipment or even more specialized ads referring directly to kayaking. Annoying, yes, but dangerous,
maybe not but after a while of this type of adware accumulation you will notice a slowdown in your
computer. Even without a removal program you can eliminate most of these by:
· Go to your control panel · Click on internet options · Under browsing history select delete · Select cookies,
and while you are there also delete history and temporary internet files.

I strongly recommend that you install a program to remove these threats for you. They can bury themselves
in your registry and cause all kinds of problems. You can do a search for adware removal programs and find
some good free ones that are available for download. Next time I will talk more about ways to speed up
your computer but for now you need to know this. Before you proceed in speeding up your computer you
need to rid yourself of existing threats. All threats must first be removed and then you can move on to
optimizing your computer. You can easily do this yourself. And remember, it is a very good idea to have a
backup program to recover from infections or any other system wide problems or alterations.

Good Luck! Alan Hohenbrink

About the Author
I have been repairing computers for years and one thing I have found is that most repairs would be
unnecessary if they had been maintained properly. I write articles for the average experienced user to
enable them to perform maintenance and avoid high priced repair shops. My website provides software
assistance, tips, and has an archive with all my prior articles. Alan Hohenbrink

Free Antivirus vs. Full Product
Antivirus Programs. Are they safe
to use? by Alan Hohenbrink
There are many free anti virus programs out there and many full programs ranging in price from minimal to
full suite. Do the free versions work? What is the best choice for you?

I have always been interested in trying new software for just about every application you can imagine. I
have also always been a big fan of free programs. There are a lot of free programs with various applications
but for now we will focus on only anti virus programs.

I have tried many free programs over the years and finally settled on two in particular. Have they let me
down in the past, sure. I have been through all stages of infection from a one run fix with my anti virus
program to a full wipe, reformat, and reinstall of the operating system. The latter will cost you time, effort,
the loss of your computer function, and probably a few gray hairs too! You see, if your computer becomes
infected and you don't address it right away, or maybe you didn't notice, bad things can happen. Without
getting into too much technical detail a computer virus left unchecked will wreak havoc on your computer.
The situation never gets better, only worse. The symptoms are only annoying at first but if not removed it
can cause enough damage to render your computer inoperable, and if it gets into the boot files you can't
even turn it on. So you must weigh the cost factor of buying an anti virus program against the possible
consequences you might face in the future.

You might ask what the difference is between a free version and a full version. A free anti virus program is
like a stripped down version of that company's flagship version. You don't have all the function and in many
cases you don't get the real time protection that can block a virus from getting on your computer. I know
you are thinking that the programs are getting better all the time but so are the virus programs. From
personal experience I can tell you that the percentage of computers that are brought to me to repair for
virus removal has increased dramatically. Right now it is especially bad. My best advice to those of you with
Average computer skills is to protect yourself as best you can. The money you save today could cost you
ten times as much down the road . Let me give you an example. I built my son a computer when he was
five. He just turned nine and two months ago his computer had a terrible virus. He only goes to cartoon
sites to play the games, or does a search for his favorite baseball player. I know because we keep his
computer in the dining room where we can see everything. Don't you too? Anyway, by the time he told me
it was running slow, (my fault for not checking), the registry was so damaged that I had use his backup
program to restore his computer. This is off topic but you should all have some kind of backup program.
The lesson here is that you never know when a virus can strike so you should be as protected as possible.
Alan Hohenbrink

About the Author
I have been repairing computers for years and one thing I have found is that most repairs would be
unnecessary if they had been maintained properly. I write articles for the average experienced user to
enable them to perform maintenance and avoid high priced repair shops. My website provides software
assistance, tips, and has an archive with all my prior articles. Alan Hohenbrink

The Basics For Optimizing Your
Computer by Alan Hohenbrink
Definitions *Virus: a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great
harm to files or other programs on the same computer...

*Spy-ware is computer software that is installed surreptitiously on a personal computer to intercept or take
partial control over the user's interaction with the computer, without the user's informed consent.
*Junk Files: Over the course of time, your computer accumulates unwanted and unremoved junk files that
are no longer necessary. These junk files remain unused by the operating system, but occupy much disk

The first step to optimizing your computer is removal of any virus, malware, spyware, and adware infecting
your computer. You may notice pop-ups, error messages, and difficulty navigating on the internet, a change
in home page, a slowdown in computer functions, and other undesirable behaviors. You need programs
designed to eliminate these threats. Once the threats have been neutralized and eliminated you will be
ready to take the next step in optimizing the performance of your computer. First let's look at what we are
dealing with.

A computer virus is a malicious program that can do irreparable harm to your computer. An anti virus
program is necessary to prevent, and or remove these. Ad-ware and spy-ware are also troublesome. They
can create unwanted pop ups and also track the way you surf the web. Over time, if not addressed, they
can significantly slow down the operation of your computer. An ant virus or antispyware program is
necessary to remove these from your computer. You may visit my site for recommended programs. Some
companies offer what is called a 'suite', which encompasses all this into one program and has preventative
protection as well. This makes it easy and uncomplicated for the regular user to combat and prevent these
threats. Junk Files are just that, junk. You accumulate junk files every time you surf the web, install a
program, or remove a program. Adding and removing programs also clutter up the registry with dead links
(entries pointing to a nonexistent location or to obsolete or damaged files.). Fixing the registry requires a
separate program. We will discuss this next time.

Over time the accumulation of junk can also significantly reduce the speed of your computer and in some
cases if allowed to accumulate can cause errors. Junk files from the internet can be easily removed
manually. In Windows based computers: go to the control panel, select internet options, and under
browsing history select delete. Select temporary internet files. While you are there you may as well delete
cookies and history as well.

An easier way to remove junk files is with a program that does it for you. Programs will also remove junk
left over from installation of programs and temp files that take up a lot of disk space and slowing your
computer. Most programs called utilities have other functionality, which I will go in to next time. For now
start with these basics and you will immediately see improved performance from your computer. My site
contains programs that I personally use and or have tested to be safe and effective. Next time I will discuss
disk maintenance ( Hard drive ), and the registry, both of which, when optimized, can significantly increase
the speed of your computer.

Alan Hohenbrink

Removing Win32 Adware Easily by
Ziah Jolley
<img src=""
Known by lots of different names, from spyware to malware or net bugs, surveillance applications are
installed on your system to see your net activities and exhibit your surfing patterns and purchasing habits.

More heavy implications occur when credit and bank data is taken by spyware and used for I. D theft or
crime on credit cards. Spyware also compromises the fast and efficient working of your private PC as it
builds up and uses the system's resources.

Watch out for freeware and shareware programs as they customarily install spyware as well, without the
user's information. An efficient anti-spyware program will detect and remove all probable infected files.

Modern technology has made for creation of even more lethal programs and worms which will not only have
an effect on your personal computer but also result in the abuse your sensitive information.

While this won't be extraordinarily dangerous, it can be rather annoying particularly if you are using the
Computer for work related roles.Such software offers a facility whereby continuing updating of a database
of known threats is conducted and with updated info available this spyware scan removal is able to
effectively look after your Computer against adware or spyware. Consistent protection is supplied by this
software since it runs straight away in the background at the point of beginning your PC and it also scans all
possible programs and applications so that any spyware or adware detected removed.

In the Internet world it's necessary for users to have a good spyware scan and removal tool thanks to the
multitude of different spyware, adware, Trojans and other malware repeatedly looking to attack your
system.Many spyware tools available are free and those up for purchasing generally don't transcend $30 to

Anti-spyware tools will significantly help in protecting your privacy and restoring full Computer functions that
spyware may have taken over.
By removing win32 adware spyware from your computer, you may save your private information and
browsing habits and notice the performace return to your computer.

A program that I have found to be particularly good at removing win32 adware is called Spyware Cease as
they offer great support and update their definitions regularly.
you can email the developers and they will send you an update that will get rid of the win32 adware
Removing win32 adware should not be an issue for Spyware Cease and with the one hundred percent
warranted removal, you will not get it wrong.
Ziah J is a Microsoft Certified Professional and runs a PC Utilities Website called Ziahsoft: where you can get
a free spyware scan of your personal computer system. Please stop by for a free scan to see if you are
infected with Spyware: Click Here For A Free Scan Using Spyware Cease

Corporate ERP Reporting:
Dynamics GP example - Crystal,
SSRS, FRx by Andrew Karasev
In Corporate ERP model for mid-size and large business you typically need to build two types of report:
Financial and Managerial. ERP and MRP application typically has strong selection of both, ready for
alteration and modification. Financial reports are Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, Statement of
Cash flow as well as consolidated versions of those (where you have several branches or business
subsidiaries and you are consolidating their BS, PL and CF into one report). Managerial Reporting is covers
Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Logistics, and other Business Management reports. In this small publication
we would like to highlight reports design for Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly known as Great Plains

1. FRx financial reporting. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, especially in such a conservative
discipline as Financial Reporting. In the case of Dynamics GP Great Plains FRx has established connectors to
GP General Ledger and reports design just requires the understanding of the mathematics of the specific
report, plus basic FRX skills: Row Format, Column Layout and Reporting Tree. FRx is also applicable for
Dynamics AX Axapta, Dynamics NAV Navision, Dynamics SL Solomon

2. Managerial Reporting Tools for GP. Here you have a variety. Let's begin with Great Plains ReportWriter,
where reports are already available in standard Dynamics GP workstation code: AP and AR Aging, GL Trial
Balance, Inventory Stock Count, SOP Invoice, Return, Back Order, Quotation, Packing Slip, Picking Ticket
are good example or RW reports, candidates for so-called modification in Great Plains Report Writer (where
you can add your company logo to Blank SOP Invoice form, for example)

3. Beyond GP Report Writer. Dynamics GP designers tried to fulfill commonly required reporting needs,
however the real life may dictate new business models and alternatives. If Great Plains RW doesn't give you
an option, you should consider such generic reporting tools as Crystal Reports and Microsoft SQL Server
Reporting Services. Here you should likely to abstract the report from GP user interface and call report
separately, reporting will be pulling data directly from Great Plains company database. Crystal Report, in the
most flexible scenario might be based upon SQL S Server custom stored procedure or view. SSRS is in many
ways comparable to CR Designer and you have the option to build report based on SQL Stored Procedure or
SQL view

About the Author
Andrew Karasev, Alba Spectrum LLC. 1-866-528-
0577. Web portal: We are Microsoft Dynamics GP technology partner, ERP
and software integrator, who serves you USA, Canada, Mexico and Latin America nationwide. Local service
is available in Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Houston

Win32 Adware And How To Delete
It by Ziah Jolley
<img src=""
So you are infected with a variant and need to delete win32 adware/spyware? Finding programs that are
legit that wont infect your computer and are able to delete win32 adware are tough to find. Win32 adware
comes in so many different variants. Some of these are what are known as root kits. A root kit overwrites
core operating system files and corrupts the system registry. These can be almost impossible to remove.
Spyware is an often occurring word in technology circles these days, with threatening undertones.

There is a very large list of these programs out there that are just variants of the win32 adware trojans.

While most adware programs are just a bother, there are those rare varieties that my still do harm to your
system so correct maintenance is the key to a healthy system.

Each time there's a new win32 adware or infectious program that comes out, just like with sicknesses where
you need to get a shot to stop yourself from catching it, you must update your detection programs to test
for this before your personal computer gets infected with it.|The great thing about the good anti-spyware
programs out there is that the GOOD ones keep up on top of all the infections out there. Almost everyday a
new infection or win32 adware type is release on the internet that infects millions of computers. If your
anti-spyware program isn't up to date then you could become infected.

There is a really good program I found called Spyware Cease. The makers of this software have a free scan
so you can see if you are infected by win32 adware. win32 adware trojan! I was actually quite suprised this
stuff made it through my anti-virus, but it did. Once the free scan had completed, Spyware Cease was able
to delete win32 adware

Ziah J is a Microsoft Certified Professional and runs a PC Utilities Website called Ziahsoft: where you can get
a free spyware scan of your personal computer system. Please stop by for a free scan to see if you are
infected with Spyware: Click Here For A Free Scan Using Spyware Cease

About the Author
Ziah J is a Microsoft Certified Professional and runs a PC Utilities Website called Ziahsoft: where you can get
a free spyware scan of your personal computer system. Please stop by for a free scan to see if you are
infected with Spyware: Click Here For A Free Scan

Career Paths For Comptia A+
Certified Technician by Warren
The world is your oyster. Where you decide to take your career after this is entirely up to you. There are
some things to consider depending on your geographic location. If you happen to live in or near the larger
populated cities, competition for entry-level technical positions can be fierce.
More and more IT graduates enter the workforce each day. By obtaining your A+ certification you can have
a substantial advantage over your competition in the career world, as well as having a good foundation for
adding more certifications too.

Computer repair and technical support can however be quite lucrative. Here are some of the common fields
that your A+ cert can make you a part of:

*Field service technicians *Help Desk and Customer Service *PC technicians *Computer Manufacturing
(DELL, HP, IBM etc.,)

However the opportunities for advacement and alternate fields are virtually endless. Here are some areas
where specialized training and skills are in large demand:

- Computer Forensics (Due to an increase in computer related crimes such as identity theft etc., lead to a
greater need for people to analyze data without corruption.)

- Disaster prevention and recovery (Oh-No!, I forgot to back-up my files. Now what do I do?)

- Personalized Training Teach corporate and home users how to use software applications, prevent data loss
and identity theft.)

- LSDBMS and VLSDBMS (Large Scale Database Management Systems and Very Large Scale Database
Management Systems) otherwise know as terabyte data warehousing.

Other Career Paths: Once you have gone through the IT industry right of passage, the CompTIA A+
certification. Your career path can go in any direction you decide to take it. Let's take a look at some
different paths to follow.

The Hardware Path: You can go from simple computer repair to manufacturing high-end workstations and

The Technician Path: The next step is taking the Net+ Exam and installing network cabling, supporting
corporate end users and managing the corporate desktop.

Administration: Network support, configuring routers and managing user accounts on the corporate servers.
This is also the well known Nework+/ MCSE/NOVEL CNA/Cisco CCNA track.

Development: Design and manage the companies web presence and intranet. (.NET, ASP, MsSQL, PHP,
MySQL, Oracle, ColdFusion)

As you can see from just this small list the possibilities are astounding. This is only a small percentage of the
technologies and career paths for you to choose from. The table below lists various other certifications that
you can combine with A+ to take your career in a new direction.

Also visit Comptia's Related certification page for more information on how to apply A+ towards advanced
certifications by vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft and more.

* Hardware: Server+, Manufacturing

* Technician: Net+, MCDSP, MCP/MCSA (Microsoft Track)
* Administration: Network+,CCNA/CCNP,CNA/CNE,Linux Track, MCSE

* Development: .NET, MCDBA, PHP/MySQL (Open-source Track)

Information technology is an ever changing arena. And while you may have decided on a specific career
path, the benefits of the CompTIA A+ certification will remain a solid foundation for you to build on.

Building A PC by Warren Yarnall
Many people simply go to the retail store and get sold to when it comes to computing equipment. You
would be very surprised how easily you can pick up all the core components and assemble yourself or get a
friend or family member in the know to do it for you.

All the top brand PC manufacturers such as IBM, HP and Fujitsu Siemens offer you pre built PC's, Dell on
the other hand will take your order and build to your own style. Off them all Dell will come across more
flexible with the specification, however, building your own will not only save you many dollars but make you
aware of just how much profit these guys are making.

What are the core components of a PC?

Well let's start with the basics you will need no matter how high or low spec you want the computer:

PC Case - Motherboard - Processor Chip - Fan - Power Supply - Hard Disk Drive - Memory (RAM) - Power
Cord - Keyboard & Mouse - Graphics Card (may come on the motherboard) - Sound Card (if you require
one). All these components will get you started. Remember build the PC to your own needs. Gaming PC's
generally need a good graphics card with 3d capabilities while general office PC's do not need such powerful


Intel and AMD are the key players when it comes to processors, Intel offer the Pentium chip or Celeron
while AMD have their range such as the AMD Athlon and Sempron. While both companies have their
benefits Intel's being that they are the largest selling globally but AMD seem to have the faster processing
capabilities. When looking at the processors think sensibly and ask yourself do you really need the latest
and greatest or would you notice the difference in point two of a processor e.g. 3GHz compared to 2.8GHz.

Remember keep the cost down, basic components such as the PC case comes in a number of different
styles such as Mini Tower, Desktop. Choose what suits you. RAM (memory) will depend on what you plan to
do, some games and simulators require large amounts of memory so check before you buy, and the
graphics card will also depend on your PC plans. If you are generally using the PC for home and Internet
browsing remember to purchase a modem or if you are planning broadband arrange with the installer and
get yourself on the waiting list.

Building the PC
Building a PC is not as daunting as it seems. If you have not attempted to do this before it is a good idea to
have supervision. Some of the components such as the memory need careful handling due to static
electricity. Get an anti static wrist strap to protect the components, they cost very little and could save you a
lot of money. There are plenty of cheap books out there to guide you in assembly but you will also find free
articles online with diagrams for assembly.


Hardware is one thing but you also need the software such as the operating system and anti virus software
for protection against viruses. Depending on what you want and what you are used to using before you can
get free operating system such as Linux. Most of us are used to Microsoft Windows but you will require a
licence to use this software. You may also need some office software such as Microsoft Office XP or 2003
standard or Professional edition. The anti virus software is essential and Norton's or McAfee are some of the
better known brands. There are also free downloads that will help protect your PC such as Stinger and Ad-

In Brief:

Building your very own PC gives you the flexibility that most manufacturers do not. The price is greatly
reduced if you can assemble yourself and it will give you a great insight to all the components and key
terms in computing. You will be surprised to find that not all is as technical as first seems.

Some quick notes: Do not forget the following: Modem - Make sure you also have enough USB ports for
external devices such as a printer or digital camera. Always back your files up such externally on the off
chance you have a problem with the Hard Disk Drive and your files are not transferable, something like a
usb keyring would be ideal.

About the Author
Warren Yarnall

Expanding and Extending USB by
Craig Lacey
USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a low cost interface connection. It is now the most common computer
connection with many devices such as keyboards, printers and digital cameras using it as standard. As the
number of compatible devices has grown the need to easily access them has also increased. This has meant
many users now need to expand and extend the USB connectivity of their laptop or desktop computer.
Expanding allows devices to be shared, split and accessed by more than one computer or enabling a
computer to connect to multiple USB devices at the same time. Expanding overcomes the problems of the
limited number of USB ports often supplied with modern computers, especially smaller laptops and
netbooks. Extending increases the distance USB signals can be sent so a computer doesn't have to be
closely situated to the peripheral. This combats one of USB's major limitations in that the standard
maximum recommend length for a USB cable is 5m due to performance restrictions. However, for some
applications for example interactive whiteboard installations, 5m is not always enough so signals need to be
extended. The most common method of expanding USB is through the use of simple USB hubs. Hubs allow
multiple USB peripherals to be connected to one USB port. Hubs in turn connect to a host computer
transmitting all connecting signals to it. The problem of port congestion is then solved as hubs generally
have anything from 2 to 8 ports. Hubs are commonly free standing but are also built into devices such as
monitors. USB switches expand peripheral connectivity by allowing them to be shared with multiple
computers. They are a cost effective solution especially useful for devices which need to be accessed by
more than one computer, such as printers. They eliminate the need for duplicate devices and multiple
cables. Switches alternate between computers as the users decide who has access to the equipment at that
particular time. USB sharing hubs combine the functionality of both a hub and a switch and can serve
multiple USB devices between a number of computers at the same time. Just like switches, sharing hubs are
ideal for larger, more expensive equipment that needs to be accessed by more than one person at a time,
but with the capability that allows users to do this simultaneously. As with expanding, extending USB can
also be achieved using a number of methods. A simple way of extending USB is by using extension cables.
USB extension cables are useful for extending devices over shorter distances and typically max out at
around 3m in length. The 'plug and play' capability of extension cables makes them a simple and easy to
use solution. They work with both smaller and larger devices such as card readers and printers. USB
extension cables are ideal for use with wirelss dongles or with products that have built-in USB cables.

A simple, cost effective way to extend USB over very long distances is by using Cat.5 USB Extenders. As
their name implies, these devices use standard Cat.5 Ethernet patch cable to make the long distance
connection. A transmitter is connected to a computer via its USB port while a receiver connects to the USB
peripheral at the opposite end. The two units are then connected using Cat.5 cable. Commonly used with
devices such as interactive whiteboards, extenders are a great solution for connecting devices further away
from a host computer than an extension cable would allow. Distances of up to 50m can be achieved;
however, USB 2.0 is not usually supported so devices are limited to USB 1.1 performance of up to 11Mbps.
Cat.5 USB Extenders are probably the cheapest and easiest solution for connecting a USB device and host
computer over great distances.

Perhaps the ultimate form of USB extension is USB over IP servers which allow USB devices to be connected
to a network. Equipment such as a standard USB printer can be transformed into a shared network device
as the server provides an interface between the device and a network. It simply connects the device to a
network via Ethernet so the device can be used by anyone on the network wherever they are in the world!

About the Author
Craig Lacey is a Marketing Coordinator at LINDY UK, a leading supplier of computer and AV connectivity
products including a large range of USB cables and accessories.

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